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I was brought up to believe there's a high correlation between money stars power title and being happy I was trained that way all the popular press reinforces that everybody's smiling on the cover of magazines that's what that's what I want what I've learned instead is I've seen a lot of people have attained those things are very frustrated and not happy and the reason is when you get to what they have real passion for either they never thought about it or they never took a stab at it or there was never time and they wish they had where they'd still like to and they don't know how so that that's what I'd suggest write down the three or four things that are that you have a passion for and the impact you think you would like to make and take a stab at it so I've seen people all over the map who are who seem the illest everybody's got their frustrations I'd like to do more but seem pleased with what they've done because they were able to get out of the fray a bit get out of the peer pressure a little bit just a bit and focus on two or three things they strongly believed in and actually tried and they may not have made a lot of money they may not and famous but they can see the impact they made on the world and that meant a lot to them what I'm trying to teach people is really two parallel tracks I'm trying to teach them what a leader does because I think most people don't know what a leader does it it got to be charming you gotta have a lot of personality I actually don't think that's what leadership is leadership to me is about vision priorities and a whole series of things you need to do to align your organization to achieving your vision that's one stream second stream I teach is what's holding you back why can't I do those things why can't I confront people why can't I delegate why why am I able to do certain things why am i no good at this that or the other thing and how do I deal with that do you have some big failure in there going on in your head right when you're trying to make an important decision it will affect your decision be aware of it if you can sabotage yourself and we're all sabotaging ourselves every day and we know it or we're not even aware of it I'm trying to get people to be aware of it and I think it's almost a relief to people to know oh so that's part of leadership too huh yeah it is and Moz will face it and so I try to say to people let's not beat around the bush let's just face it

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