4 reasons why Nigeria hasn’t achieved increased computer literacy level

the world is today at the brink of the technology revolution that we fundamentally changed the way we live the way we work and the way we relate to one another and the reason is because of the growing needs and growing importance of tech of computer education Nigeria has the computer literacy policy national policy on computer literacy unfortunately this computer policy has not been well implemented and the reason some of the reasons why it has not be well implemented is because of lack of adequate computer laboratories I mean adequate qualified computer science teachers and then of course the lack of sufficient power supply and lack of proper internet or slow connectivity mr. president in the last World Economic Forum the first one of the first for skilled stop we need to that those looking for jobs need to develop by the year 2020 is technology design and programming and if we as a nation are not healing to this new concept of developing skills in our country then it means that our children by the by the year 2020 probably not have the skills to gain employment proper good employment especially given the fact that Nigeria today is trying to have common markets with other African countries and other European countries so the world is constantly becoming a global village and for us to participate properly in this global village we have to have a generation of Nigerian children who will be able to become compete with the skills needed to survive in the years already

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  1. This is not only for children alone! !technical ĶNOW ledge and is for all ages
    The schools must first be loaded with computers and such modern technology for now and ťhe future.

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