4 Important Lessons from the Apollo 11 Moon Landing

welcome to scishow space news I'm Hank green and I am psyched because July 19th marks the 45th anniversary of the lunar landing of Apollo 11 you might have heard about this one it was you know the giant leap for mankind not only was it the first adventure our species ever took to another world but it also taught us a lot in just over four hours Neil Armstrong and Buzz Aldrin traveled hundreds of meters in the dusty lunar soil collected more than 20 kilograms of samples and installed equipment that we are still using today so in honor of that day we bring you just four of the most important discoveries made by Apollo 11 discovery number one there is no life on the moon remember this is 1969 we're talking about we'd never been anywhere else but earth so we truly had no idea of what awaited us and we didn't even know for sometime after the Apollo crew returned home when Armstrong Aldrin and their pilot Michael Collins splashed back down in the Pacific Ocean NASA made sure that didn't bring back any tiny hitchhikers with them they were bathed in a solution of sodium hypochlorite and then warrantied for 21 days their command module was sanitized in the raft with all the cleanup supplies was intentionally sunk to the bottom of the ocean but after extensive testing of the soil and rock samples the astronauts brought back it turned out that there was no sign of life materials were totally inorganic and at the time it seemed like there was not even any water actually though there was water scientists assumed that the traces of water they detected in the samples were the result of contamination because there was so little of it and because they didn't find any minerals that form in the presence of water well we now know that there is a trace amount of water we remain fairly sure that there's no life on the moon number two the moon is more like Earth than we thought before Apollo 11 we had no idea what the moon even was was it a chunk of space rock that had been captured by Earth's gravity like Mars's moons are or was it a piece of the earth that had broken off we're still not totally sure but we've learned how to read the clues thanks to Buzz and Neil among the equipment they planted on the moon was a seismometer which measured in transmitted data back to earth about moon quakes by studying the seismic waves from these quakes at various depths we found out that the moon has layers much like earth there was a crust a mantle and a core composed of materials much like Earth's only depleted in iron and the rocks and dirt that Apollo crew brought back also told us about the moon's geologic history namely the samples showed that moon rocks share the same distinct ratios of oxygen isotopes as Earth rocks suggesting they have a common origin so thanks to Apollo 11 we now have the giant impact theory a model that suggests 4.5 billion years ago a giant body collided with earth and broke off the chunk that became the moon and it's hard not to love number three Einstein as he so often is was right early in the twentieth century Albert Einstein proposed the strong equivalence principle is posited in very basic terms that all forms of matter accelerated at the same rate in response to gravity so by extension even though they're very different sizes and compositions both earth and the moon would be drawn toward the Sun at the same rate to prove this Einstein calculated the exact orbit of the moon but from Earth we weren't able to measure it precisely enough then Apollo 11 installed the lunar laser ranging array a panel of 100 small mirrors by aiming a laser from Earth at this array and recording the time it took to reflect back astronomers were able to measure for the first time the exact distance between the Earth and the moon it turned out the moon's orbit was the same shape and size predicted by Einstein to within one millimeter and to this day we still use that array to study the moon's orbit and finally maybe the most inspiring thing that Apollo 11 taught us was just we can do it and a technological since we were never sure that we could send humans to another planetary body until we just did it to do it we have to invent things like the first computer to use large scale integrated circuits or chips we had to develop a renewable efficient fuel source known as the fuel cell and I'm not even talking about heat shields and dehydrated foods and cordless tools and any of the other countless patentable inventions that went into that historic mission so if you're as excited about the landings anniversary as we are and say so Buzz Aldrin himself is celebrating the occasion here on YouTube and asking you to share your memories thoughts and inspirations concerning the landing so if you'd like to take part watch this or upload a video and include the hashtag Paulo 45 in the title or description thanks as always for watching scishow space news if you want to keep exploring the universe with us check out subbable.com/scishow to 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24 thoughts on “4 Important Lessons from the Apollo 11 Moon Landing”

  1. I can't believe how brain dead most humans are. The moon is part of our system, which also includes the sun, and some stars. The moon is self illuminating and lights up as required. The moon is electrically charges by the sun. Now, if you look at the blinding light from the moon at midnight , which is as intended, to bathe our earth and give us gentle light at night, some of you may be able to understand that there is NO SUN, anywhere. the shining moon is NOT reflecting sunlight. It is NOT a mirror. The moon also has other duties…

  2. Why did they erase the telemetry data tapes….. 200,000 of them. Seem like this event was important so why delete everything.

  3. Most of the NASA space program is a hoax. The Achilles Heel of the NASA hoax is the NASA spacesuit with ice sublimator cooling system because it could be scientifically verified on Earth today. NASA must publicly demonstrate before independent witnesses the operation of a NASA spacesuit with ice sublimator cooling system in a vacuum chamber on Earth duplicating environmental conditions of orbit. NASA refuses to verify and has always refused to verify its spacesuits with sublimators because they can't verify them because they've been committing fraud against the Citizens of the United States for more than 50 years. Plenty of NASA videos of spacesuits in swimming pools exist but there are none of spacesuits with sublimators in vacuum chambers although there is one video from 1966 of a NASA spacesuit without sublimator failing in a vacuum chamber causing a near fatality. If NASA regularly uses the spacesuits with sublimators on spacewalks from the ISS as they allege and regularly tests the spacesuits with sublimators in vacuum chambers at NASA's Johnson Space Center as they also allege then it should cost nothing extra and create no unacceptable inconvenience to allow a few witnesses to observe the next test.
    The NASA space program is a faith-based thing and that is totally unnecessary. Unless, of course, they have a scam to protect.

  4. The moon is more like earth than they thought, gezzzz, that's because the whole thing was staged on the EArTH. Another Stanly Kubrick production for the masses to relish on, in their quest for adventure. Which just happens to be in there own back yard.

  5. But,Apollo flight director Gene Kranz tells us himself that the original telemetry and data is missing.. If the film and telemetry data were real, the money grubbers at NASA would've Auctioned them off for $Tens of Millions before "destroying or reusing" them. Same goes for the Machines that play the film and produce the data.
    Human behavior is not anomalous. Especially when Money is involved.

  6. how can they get in the suit? who helped the second astronaut to get in the suit? how they can keep the body temperatur under control? you need a lot of energy for that. better you make a video in wich you show me two man who help each other to get in a suit!!!! and third,you dont need a refletor for the laser,the moon reflect the laser by itself!!! or how you mean we can measure the distanc between rooms with laser without reflector??

  7. The most important lesson is that IT IS EXTREMELY EASY TU DUPE MANKIND http://nasascam.atspace.co.uk/

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