4 Free Software which I use to Create Online Courses

In this video I will show you for free software
which I use to create my online courses. So let’s get started. Hello, and welcome to my channel, my name
is Tahir and I make videos about online courses later control systems, celeb and some other
subjects and technology tools which I teach. If this is your first time, please hit the
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new video on this YouTube channel every Tuesday and Friday. So let’s talk about what are these for free
software. I am a big fan of open source software. And if we are willing to spend some time on
learning the software, I think that we don’t have to buy any software at all, because for
every commercial software, there is an open source solution available to us. There are a few problems with open source
software. The first is that there is a learning curve,
because only few people use some of those sort but if you spend a little bit Time and
with YouTube videos you can do this very easily. The first software is about screen capturing
it’s called OBS Studio and screen capturing is very important when you are creating lectures
because most of the time you have to show something on your screen to students and what
you are doing. For example, if you are teaching any software
or technology tool, so you have to demonstrate and this OBS Studio is absolutely free to
get this software you go to OBS project.com you have options for Windows, Mac or Linux
operating systems, you can not only record the screen you can also live stream if you
want for example, if you are playing a game and would like live stream on any of the platforms
you can do that in this software, you create scenes then you add your video and audio sources
and then tell OBS what to show or not to show OBS offers you a huge number of settings which
you can use. And this is because of this that it takes
some time to learn this Software because there is so much to learn. However, the good news is you don’t have to
learn it all in order to use it. In fact, in the beginning I created hundreds
of videos without learning OBS. So what I did is I watched one or two YouTube
videos and then I made the settings of my software and then I just always use the same
settings so this software has all the functionalities and functions which you can expect for any
commercial software second software is about audio recording. This is called Audacity. This is also an open source software and most
people don’t realize that the audio quality in your video is more important than the video
quality itself. You can compromise on the video quality but
not on the audio quality because our ears are more sensitive than the is imagine you
have a video in which the sound is not proper. So you will immediately close that video but
if the video quality is not good, you might still watch that video but I use Audacity
not for Recording, but only for Noise Removal out to normalize my song. So what happens is that I record using the
external mic and what happens that the sound level are sometimes very low. So I increase those sound levels using audacity
software. So this software is also completely free. The third software which I use is called HitFilm. And there are two flavors of HitFilm. The first is HitFilm Pro, which is a pro version
or paid version of the software. And the second is HitFilm Express, which is
free. So this software is for video editing. Because sometimes when you are talking, you
know, say something wrong and you have to cut that part of the video. So this is called video editing. And you have to do this in the software. And there are many commercial solutions available
for video editing, but this trick thing has all the functions and it’s completely free. So then why there is the pro version. So there are a few different For example,
sometimes you need to add some 3d objects, simulated objects. So this you cannot do in this software but
only rarely you will need that for creating online courses or for creating lectures you
normally don’t need to add any 3d effects or visual effects you can do almost everything
else in this software just for free the paid version of this software will cost you about
300 US dollars and if you don’t want to buy it complete and you only want to add some
visual effects to you can also add some add ons. And you can pay like $20 or $30 dollar to
buy an add on. I’m still using this software for free for
more than one year I have created I think 11 courses on different platforms and I have
no problem using it free now the last software is called handbrake and handbrake is a software
which you use to compress your videos to reduce the file size of your video and I have made
a detailed video on handbrake, I will put a link on the left side of this video here
at this place, you can watch that video and I use this software because I have to store
my courses on these platforms when I send those courses and for that, if my video size
is very large, it will take a longer amount of time and sometimes it’s not very convenient,
so therefore you compress the video and then upload and the second reason I use handbrake
is because I also want to store my videos on my Google Drive and Google Drive offers
you 15 GB of free storage if the video size is low, of course you can add more videos. So this is the fourth software which I use
on a daily basis when I am creating online courses. So I hope that you will get some idea that
creating online courses is very easy. You just if you know something if you know
the scale, you can just start using these software and start creating your courses and
and make some digital assets these days. digital assets will pay you over the time
over the coming years. When you get some audience some people who
are interested in your work, they will buy your courses and it will be a source of passive
income for you. Thanks for watching. See you next time.

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  1. Sir please tell me that. Any software for paid pendrive classes software .they charge high amnt from students for this please tell me

  2. Highly valuable. Very thanks for your honest and friendly tips you shared with us. Got my solution. Best wishes for you!

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