4 Cost Effective Ways to Promote Education Institute

Are you looking to promote your Education
Institute among prospective students? Are you looking for some of the cost effective
ways to promote your process for among prospective students. Social media or even digital marketing are
the new avenues that are helping a lot to reach out to prospective students. So today I am going to share 4 techniques
that will help you to promote your Education Institute among prospectus students. . So while promoting your Education Institute
or your courses among prospective students top priority thing would be certification
like- NAAC Accreditation or ISO certification or even CRISIL rating. So all the certifications provide authenticity
for the prospective student that some of the organizations have
audited various processes various infrastructure or even campus placement activities associated
with education institution and that has provided a certain rating for the institution. It helps students to make decisions whether
they should apply for admission for your education institute or not. So, if you consider CRISIL rating, CRISIL
has come up with a new rating for the Higher education institution; where they do audit
associated with infrastructure as well as placement activities and based on those things,
they provide a certain rating for the educational institution. That can help you to improve the brand image
among the prospective students. If you consider a higher education institution,
then NAAC has also come up with their own Accreditation process. So, NAAC is a government body that provides
rating like A, A+, B, B- or something for the higher education institution, based on
various factors like Infrastructure, teaching faculty or overall support associated with
the Placement activity. So, all those things are taken into consideration
while going for the Accreditation or rating associated with Accreditation. If you are a coaching institute or training
institute, then you can opt for ISO certification that will also help you to portrait amongst
prospective students about your brand recognition. Another key aspect while promoting your education
institute would be taking into consideration the feedback from the Alumni group. So, your Alumni can act as the brand ambassador
while promoting your courses. So, you might be having a lot of alumni for
working in various industries. They might be at the management position or
they are working in research or any segment or any industry they might be working; so
you need to ensure that you are able to take their feedback in the form of text or in the
form of video as well. And those videos need to be promoted over
social media. And if you are portraying those feedbacks
on your institute’s website, then it would be better if you can link that testimonial
with the alumni profile on Facebook or Linkedin that will help you to have authenticity for
among prospective students. So if any of the prospective students are
reading those testimonials or they’re checking the feedback from the past on student and
if they would like to see the actual profile of those students, they can click on the link
provided and they can change their LinkedIn profile or your Facebook profile. And if they have mentioned that they are passed
on from XYZ institution and they are completed certain course that will help you to improve
your authenticity and that will also help you to promote your education courses among
prospective students in a cost-effective manner. Next key aspect by promoting your education
institute will be, Showcasing or portraying your faculty achievements on your website or sharing
it over social media. So while selecting or while applying for the
admission for any education institution , No 1 aspect that students take into consideration,
is, kind of teaching faculty that are available for particular course of particular education institution. So if you are going to if you are having a
star faculty or faculty, which is very famous, or they have done some kind of research
paper or they have contributed significantly for the student progress, then you should
be able to promote that thing over social media where you can take interview of that
activity whether that faculty can share their opinion among prospective students and that
will help students to understand what kind of faculty is there within the education institution. So if you are coaching organization, or if
you are in the coaching industry, like IIT-JEE entrance of if you are preparing students
for any kind of entrance exam, then faculty, plays No 1 role in the decision-making
of the prospective students for taking admission related to your coaching institution. Even Accreditation bodies like NAAC Accreditation
or ISO they also provide a lot of weightage for the teaching faculty of overall faculty
current curriculum associated with your teaching while defining certification or accreditation
level for your education institution. Another key important aspect while promoting
your Education Institute, or courses, would be portraying your industry interaction or
your industry Tie-ups. So while taking admission any prospective
students take into consideration key industry tie-ups, so if you are going to have industry
tie-ups related to internship or live projects or there are more visiting faculty who are
coming to your education Institution for having interactions or guest lectures for this prospective
students, then you can record those things, you can record testimonials of the industry
visiting faculty members and those testimonials of feedback can be shared with the prospective
students across social media. So you can make effective use of the video
in this case where you can record your guest lectures happening in your education institution
and those guest lecturers can be uploaded on your Facebook or YouTube channel and those
can be portrayed or those can be effectively used while promoting your educational courses. Even accreditation bodies also provide a lot
of weightage or industry tie-ups or industry interaction. So if you are going to have industry tie-ups
or tie-ups with particular organization related to internship work or live projects, then
that will help you to promote your education courses and number of applicants associated
with your education Institute will also increase because of such industry interaction or industry
tie-ups. So to conclude social media can play a very
key role while promoting your Education institute or courses. But you need to take into consideration some
of the key aspects like accreditations or industry tie-ups or portraying your faculty
achievement or you are your interaction with you an alumna group. If you are able to focus on those aspects,
then it will be very easy and it will be very cost-effective for you to promote your Education
Institute or courses. We are working with many higher education
institutes for promoting their courses through Innovative channels, like social media or
through video marketing activities. If you would like to understand how we are
promoting those courses are how we can help you in promoting those courses then you can
connect with us.

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