31 Days of Learning English – SATURDAY 12th October – improve your English – CHIT CHAT – day 12

I don’t know about you but that music
always gets me in a happy mood hello good afternoon
it is now afternoon officially here in England and welcome to day 12 of 31 days
of learning English during October 2019 Oh hmm oh I needed that hi everybody
this is mr. Duncan in England how are you today
are you okay I hope so are you happy well are you happy I hope so hmm this is
a gorgeous cup of coffee I actually put two teaspoons of coffee in this drink so
I have plenty of caffeine going around my blood supply at the moment to keep me
going for the next 45 minutes yes it is Saturday and you know what that means
Saturday is here yes it’s the weekend so we are all here together again yes it
is Saturday the weekend is here are you feeling good do you have any special
plans for this weekend I have a very busy day not only am i doing this but
after this I’m going into town to have a lovely meal in Much Wenlock
and then we are off to see my family this afternoon so a lot of things going
on today all sorts of stuff happening in my life what about your life how is your
life today is it okay I hope so can I begin by saying hello to all of my
viewers in Japan I am thinking about you at the moment because typhoon had jeebus
or Hagee bees is now making its way across Japan so can I say a big hello
just in case you are watching at the moment maybe you are hiding in your
cellar do they have cellars in Japan I’m sure
somewhere there are sellers for keeping things dry and cool so typhoon typhoon
had Jebus or Hagee bees because i keep hearing people pronounce it in different
ways so this some people say had Jebus some people say Hagi beasts anyway it is
a super typhoon although from my point of view there is nothing super about
this coming towards your Island so typhoon had Jebus it is on its way
across Japan right now as I speak so to all my lovely viewers in Japan I hope
you stay safe and the show must go on as Andrew said yes the show will go on
whatever happens we always find a way to carry on that’s what I always say anyway
hello – ciao hello Cho guess what you are first on today’s live chat bravo Bravo well done
also to Diane Guadalupe Julie Alexandra and Jang hello all so Patrick is here as
well hello Patrick nice to see you back here on Saturday
yes I am with you every single day during October 31 days of learning
English during October Monday to Friday 2 p.m. also Saturday which is today I am
with you right now and I will be with you tomorrow as well every day during
October how am i finding the energy a lot of people are asking mr. Duncan are
you feeling tired because you are here every day well I don’t know really I
don’t feel too bad to be honest in fact can I can I tell you a little secret
right now I actually get a little bit excited in the morning when I wake up I
can’t wait to do my livestream so the answer to that question is I have lots
and lots of energy some people say I have too much energy this morning when
mr. Steve phoned the local cafe well that it’s actually a restaurant it’s
actually a very posh tea room but they do lovely meals on Saturday so normally
we will phone and we will ask what is on the menu and I always feel very excited
when I find out what the meal is going to be so this morning when Steve phoned
I was so excited I actually started clapping I was actually doing this I was and the lady at the tea room could hear
me and Steve said don’t do that she will
think that you are weird and I said don’t worry she already thinks I’m weird
she already thinks that so don’t worry okay here we go then so what’s happening
today well it’s open chit chat it’s Saturday the weekend is here and I
thought we would look at some words some interesting words something that I want
to show you first of all is this oh now this is a very interesting phrase it is
used in English however a lot of people pronounce this particular phrase
incorrectly they normally say it wrong so here is the phrase to be at someone’s
beck and call beck and call it’s a great expression by the way but what does it
mean mr. Duncan I will tell you right now to be at someone’s beck and call
means to be always available for someone’s needs you are always there
ready to help them you have to help them you have to be available you have to be
ready for that person whatever that person needs whatever that person wants
you must be there at their beck and call so there it is however a lot of people
actually mispronounce this phrase they often say beckon call beckon as in come
here come here but in fact it is beck and call beck and call and the word beck
is actually the old form of the word beckon so when we say beck we mean
asking someone to come and give us assistance so to be
at someone’s beck and call means you are always available you were always there
to help that person you have to always be on standby to make sure that you are
there to help a person maybe someone who is ill maybe they are in bed and they
can’t move you have to be there for their beck and call so that was really
quick we really started off quickly today didn’t we with those words well of
course I love the English language and I hope you do too
hello wieder or wider hello to you all so dis auntie Luis Mendez hello Luis I
missed you yesterday I haven’t seen you for a couple of days so I was asking
about you yesterday I was asking where is Luis Mendez where is he
so nice to see you back today Vitesse also Marella is here Marella gives me a
lovely big heart oh thank you very much it might be love who knows Francis I am
sending something in live hello everybody I hope so
hello Francis nice to see you here is it your first time on the Live Chat
hello Guadalupe Oh quite a loop is very happy today because it’s my day off and
I’m happy enjoying the 12th day of the livestreams yes day 12 it is today we
are doing yet another live stream and I will be with you tomorrow as well from 2
p.m. UK time tomorrow Patrick says I have become addicted to the live streams
of mr. Duncan really so I think a lot of people out there are actually beginning
to enjoy my daily live streams it will be very strange
when I’m not doing this anymore when I stopped my my daily live streams it will
be very strange when I finished this sharara says hi teacher and hello to
everyone yesterday I lost the lesson because I had some guests learning
English is fun and amazing I’m glad you think that very glad to hear that Rosa
hello mr. Duncan and everybody the CERN is here oh are you having a nice time
where you are let’s have a look outside where I am let’s have a look shall we
oh so there is the view out of my window looking across to one of the well-known
landmarks here in Shropshire so that is actually now live from the window you
can see that the Sun is out we have had quite a lot of sunshine this morning and
another view looking into the distance you can see a lovely field that has been
recently harvested I have a feeling vit over the next few days I think that
particular feel is going to be harvested and turned over so it’s already been
harvested so the crop has already been gathered but I think over the next few
days I think the ground will be turned over
it will be plowed so I think that’s going to happen very soon something else
exciting yes if you were watching yesterday you will already know that the
sheep are back they are the sheep are back behind the house and there they are
so that was filmed yesterday afternoon after my livestream ended and you can
see there are lots of sheep now at the back of the house I was trying to count
them but every time I counted them I fell asleep I don’t know why but I think
there are around 50 around 50 sheep back of the house at the moment and
there they are so that was yesterday afternoon with them wandering around at
the back of the garden and there are quite a few of them the one thing I have
noticed is that most of them don’t have their fleece so most of them are missing
their lovely woolly fleece of course the fleece is the wool it is their coat that
keeps them warm during the winter months so I was surprised yesterday to see that
many of them still don’t have their lovely warm winter coat their fleece so
I was quite excited about that as you can imagine yes I did I clapped as soon
as I saw the Sheep in the field yesterday morning I was actually
clapping I got so excited I must try to calm down because sometimes I get too
excited about things I don’t know why we’re up to date with the live chat if
you want to say something say it now Guadalupe is here as well as I just
mentioned Palmyra mr. Duncan are you tired or exhausted with the live stream
marathon you will deserve a big trip in November I can tell you now that I’m
going nowhere in November I have no trips I have no holiday in fact I think
I will be working until spring next year so I don’t have any break I don’t have
any holidays planned I will be doing this probably until springtime however I
will be with you every day during October but this is something a few
people have already asked they’ve asked if I can carry on doing live streams
every day after October has finished I don’t know I’m not sure about that
Lewis says hello to Guadalupe isn’t it nice I love it here on the live stream
when you say hello to each other I have noticed over the past few days that this
particular live stream has become very social very friendly and dare I say it
polite did anyone see the new Netflix film Elka Mero
the sequel to Breaking Bad I watched it last night with mr. Steve I couldn’t
resist actually I couldn’t resist showing my happiness at seeing El Camino
the actual sequel to Breaking Bad a lot of people have been looking forward to
this now don’t worry I won’t tell you what happens I won’t spoil your
enjoyment of the program so here is an interesting word spoilers so we will
often use this word when we talk about giving away the plot or the story of
maybe a film or a TV program so when we talk about spoilers we are actually
saying the things that give away the plot or the things that happen in a TV
program or in a movie so don’t worry I did watch the sequel to Breaking Bad
last night Elka Miro brilliant very good not what I
expected it to be like to be honest I thought it was going to be lots of
violence lots of gang-related stuff but in fact I was surprised to find that it
went in other directions as well some very interesting directions dare I say
so Elka Miro is now available on Netflix don’t worry I’m not being paid to
advertise this but I am a very big fan of Breaking
Bad so I was very excited to see this last night and I watched it mr. Steve
thought it was good as well which is amazing because Steve doesn’t really
enjoy watching TV shows very much so if mr. Steve likes it it must be good so
don’t worry I won’t tell you what happens there will be no spoilers so
when we say spoilers it means the things that give away the
story the things that give away what happens in the movie or the TV show
there will be no spoilers here Francis says would it be possible to talk about
Halloween well I will be talking about Halloween as we get nearer to the date
so Halloween always occurs on the last day of October in fact the final day of
October is always very busy because that is also the anniversary of my YouTube
channel and that’s the reason why I’m here so the reason why I am here doing
this is simple I will be celebrating my 13th anniversary at the end of this
month did you enjoy that hello to Katra can you say it again please
can I say what again Elka Miro is that what you want me to say
Elka Miro it is the sequel to a very popular TV show called Breaking Bad and
now it is available on Netflix and I watched it last night and it’s really
good I enjoyed it hello also to Luis again mr. Duncan yesterday I was there
but in the last half-hour it was YouTube’s fault yes we did have a
few problems yesterday on the live chat and also the live stream because
YouTube had made some changes to the way it gives you the stream so they made a
lot of changes to their to their actual system but they didn’t tell me which is
rather annoying so because of that there were some problems
I think mr. Steve doesn’t enjoy watching TV shows because he likes to do a lot of
things like me and we think it is a waste of time Wow quite a loop you are
so right mr. Steve sometimes gets very restless Restless if a person is
restless it means they can’t stop moving they always have to have something to do
they always have to be moving around or doing something they always have to have
something to occupy their mind so yes I think you are right there however there
are some TV programs that we both enjoy watching
there are many TV shows that we enjoy watching however there are some TV shows
that I like but mr. Steve doesn’t like for example Rick and Morty I love Rick
and Morty mr. Steve hates it he doesn’t like Rick and Morty I love it and guess
what season four is coming soon so I’m really excited by that to be honest I
can’t wait to see the new season of Rick and Morty even though there are only
five episodes is that true there are only five episodes or ten
episodes of Rick and Morty in the next season
still I’m really looking forward to it I can’t wait I love myself a little bit
of Rick and Morty I do dude doo-doo-doo-doo hello mr. Duncan good
evening nice to see you after a long time where are you lost mr.
Duncan Rakesh can I just tell you something I have been here every day in
October so every day I am here on YouTube to be honest and this is
something I’ve noticed over the past couple of years a lot of people seem
unaware that I’m still doing this people think I’ve gone
some people think I’ve died I haven’t died well not yet anyway hello 10 Chang
nice to see you here Palmeiras says many people are obsessed with the HBO film
Chernobyl oh yes I haven’t seen that I haven’t seen that at all but I did not
see it because I remember these events for real and I do not want to
participate in all of that fuss again well I have mixed feelings about dramatizing a disaster so if something
bad happens or something occurs in the past or maybe recently the recent past
that I don’t know has killed many people or has been seen as a disaster
something horrible a terrible event but then they turn it into a TV show
sometimes I think that it seems a little disrespectful
sometimes hello Andrew hopefully we will never have any
problems with live viewers I don’t think so I think everyone here likes to have a
good time and of course you can it’s possible Francis says great thank you to
you mr. Duncan for your reply I will follow you I am enjoying washing
watching not washing watching your show it is better than Netflix off thank you
very much who knows one day I might have my own show on Netflix
imagine that mr. Duncan’s own English teaching program on Netflix that would
be nice Diane my brother went out to spend the
weekend with my dad in Jakarta but I didn’t go because the
way is so long and boring so how long does it take to get from where you live
to Jakarta is it a long way I imagine it is because Indonesia is actually a huge
country it’s hard to appreciate just how large Indonesia is it spreads for such a
long distance and yes Diane I also have that problem I don’t like long journeys
one of the worst journeys I ever took was during my time in China and the
president of my school wanted to take me to his hometown what I didn’t realize is
that his hometown was a very long way from where we were where the school was
and it would have taken three days to get there in the car so on the first
part of the journey from where I was working to Beijing it took over 14 hours
in the car so by the time I reached Beijing I said
to my boss I said look I’m very sorry I can’t continue with this journey this
journey is going to drive me insane so I didn’t go any further I actually ended
up staying in Beijing I didn’t go to my president’s hometown because it would
have been another two days before we got there in the car and the worst thing was
there were five people in the car plus one dog there is no way that I was
going to continue that journey so I am very similar to you Byun I don’t like
long journeys especially in the car I don’t mind going on a long journey if I
can relax but there’s nothing relaxing about being in a car with five people
and a crazy dog there isn’t hello from majora hello to you hello also –
Giovanni do you have any pets in your house I don’t I don’t have pets although
I do have mr. Steve so I suppose mr. Steve is a little bit
like a pet although he’s not very well trained Rakesh is here mr. Duncan can
you teach me about our stress when you say stress do you mean pressure do you
mean the pressure that we all have to endure and tolerate in our lives I
suppose most people these days suffer from some sort of stress I think it’s
very common these days what is the difference between journey trip or
travel well travel is the generic word for any journey that you take so any
trip or any journey you go on holiday you go on
a journey you travel somewhere so you travel to another town you travel to
another city or maybe you travel all the way to the other side of the world and
we can use journey as well to mean a pretty similar thing so the journey is
actually the action of doing what you are doing you are trying to get from one
place to another trip is also similar to travel so you will travel you will go on
a trip or we can say that you go on your travels so it’s very strange that we use
that almost as if it’s plural so you can go on your travels which means you go to
explore somewhere you travel around somewhere
so journey and trip are pretty much the same thing you can go on a trip you can
take a journey you can travel somewhere I hope that helps hello also – Anna
hello how did you come back from Beijing to the school
I stayed in Beijing for around three days because it was during the national
holiday in October so it was during the first week of October because at the
start of October there are big celebrations every year in China to
celebrate the formation of the People’s Republic of China and I was there at the
time and I spent about three days there but it was so crowded there were so many
people can I just say if you are not prepared for being pushed around and mugged a lot of people were robbed
during my time in Beijing so apparently people are often robbed or
maybe a person will pick another person’s pocket or maybe the back of
their bag so a lot of people would wear banks on the back of their shoulders
behind their shoulders and what people would do they would walk behind and they
would slowly open the person’s backpack and they would go inside and quite often
they would find some jewelry or maybe a mobile phone or perhaps a wallet and
they would steal it so we call that pickpocketing if you pickpocket it means
you steal from a person’s belongings maybe their bag or perhaps from their
jacket something like that so yes so that was very common in fact I
saw someone doing it I actually caught two children trying to steal from a
tourists backpack hello quite a loop hello also – Demetri hello mr. Duncan
you are very helpful good look thank you very much
I always need good look I do hello mr. Duncan Huang says can you help me to
pronounce can and can’t can’t can’t can’t can’t can’t he can he can’t he
can’t come out to play he can come out to play I hope that helps you hello – 10
Chang again where were you watching at the moment by the way where are you
watching apparently Huang is a big fan of Justin Bieber what ever happened to
Justin Bieber you never hear anything about Justin Bieber anymore and I can
see that on your your little icon your little icon next to your name there
is a little picture of Justin Bieber how old is Justin Bieber now he must be
about 60 tan Chang yes it is very normal for Chinese students to take several
hours to go to school and also back home well I remember this because during the
spring break so during the spring break and also the summer break so many of the
students would go for many miles back to where they came from during the school
holidays and some of them would travel for two or three days by train without
any break so they would get on the train and then they would spend three days on
the train I can’t even imagine what that must be like although when I first
arrived in China I did have to travel by train from Beijing to the place where I
was going to work and that took 13 hours by train 13 hours on a train
fortunately the train journey was at night so I was actually able to sleep in
a little bed on the train but it was pretty good pretty good
hello to Andrew who says picking pockets it sounds like something from Oliver
Twist yes Charles Dickens wrote all about Oliver Twist and he and also the
gang that he belonged to used to go around picking people’s pockets you’ve
got to pick a pocket or two yes you’ve got to pick a pocket or two although please don’t pick pockets
please don’t especially mine although you won’t find anything in there
Huang says Justin Bieber is now 24 years old and he had a wedding 13 days ago oh
I see so Justin Justin Bieber is now married I didn’t know that can you
please put the subtitles yes you can have subtitles all you have to do is
press that on your computer so you can have live captions all you have to do is
press that button on your keyboard so yes did you know that there are actually
live captions on this live stream yes it’s true I will be going in around
about 10 minutes from now so if you have a question please feel free to ask the
question right now yes there are captions you can have subtitles on this
live stream and there you can see how you get them you have to press that
button there it’s gone hello to Mohamed Al beat Al deep hello to Mohamed Al deep
thanks a lot your language is so clear and we can understand very well thank
you very much Luis says there are pickpockets everywhere in all of the
cities oh yes of course because I remember earlier this year
when I was in Paris and apparently pickpocketing is very common in Paris
however I think it’s the same in all of the big cities around the world I think
there is always a problem with crime including London I’m not saying that
London is completely safe in fact sometimes it’s the opposite zoo Zika is
here oh sorry today I am cycling I will see you later
thank you very much it sounds as if sue Zika enjoy cycling are you a
professional cyclist you take part in cycling races maybe
maybe you like racing on your bike when I was young when I was a boy I used to
ride around on a bicycle all the time hello to Patrick oh if you want to get
the subtitles if you want to get the captions on your smartphone you have to
go up here so on your phone you will have some settings up here so if you go
on your phone and you click up there like that you will find some settings
and there you can activate the captions you can find the captions up there
thank you gentle professor I love you from the bottom of my heart thank you
very much isn’t that lovely thank you very much during the week I
introduced a couple of words onto the live stream and I thought before I leave
you I would like to explain them to you so here they are so this word is skive
skive it’s an interesting word perhaps you’ve heard it before maybe you’ve
never heard it before ever so here it is the word skive skive means to avoid
doing any work you stay away from your job you shirk your work so you avoid
doing any work or you try to stay away from work you skive you are skiving or
skiving off you bunk off bunk so if you bunk off it means you avoid doing work
or maybe going to school some people skive from school they don’t go to class
because they have something more fun to do
you shouldn’t do that by the way skiving is not good so skive if you skive it
means you avoid doing work to avoid doing any work you stay away from your
job you shirk your work another word we can use and I love this word very much
it doesn’t sound like a real word but it is malinga Malinga so the word malinga
means pretend to be ill so as to escape duty or avoid work the person doing this
can be called a malingerer so if a person pretends to be sick or pretends
to be unwell so they can avoid going to work or maybe going to school we can
call them a malingerer a person who pretends to be ill so as to escape duty
or avoid work the person doing this can be called a malingerer have you ever
skived from work have you ever milling good Aslam desi
says mr. Duncan I’m an Arabic follower and I’m watching you in Algeria how to
study and speak the English language that is a very big question however the
answer is very simple you must make English a part of your life it must
become a part of your daily routine so maybe you can listen to English every
day you can read English every day and the hardest part is speaking English but
there are many ways of learning English all types of English
so maybe spoken English which is the hardest reading and of course listening
so all of these things have to be improved and I would always
say that you should do it every day try to make English part of your life try to
create an English environment around you Andrew says skive that’s what I was
looking for for so long we have a slightly dirty word for it so but there
was no translation well now you know so you can say skive a person who skive
‘he’s a Sciver a person who avoids going to work they
want to do something else instead hello – hi who is watching in Vietnam hello to
you thank you honey hello honey honey da who says I am new
here and I like your method of teaching you are welcome and guess what I am back
tomorrow so not only today but also tomorrow in
fact every day during October I will be with you
Monday to Friday from 2 p.m. Saturday today of course and tomorrow I will be
back again from 2 p.m. UK time so I will see you tomorrow I will be back here
live on YouTube from 2 p.m. UK time we are now approaching 12:45 and I am going
to leave you because we are going into town to have something lovely to eat
today we have stew and dumplings oh I am so excited by that mr. Duncan what does
run to rule out mean I found it when I was reading one of my self-help books
run to rule out I’m not sure it sounds like some sort of phrase that might be
used for I don’t know making your mind clearer
run to rule out I’m not sure I’m not sure is it a phrase is it something
you’ve read in a book is it something you’ve heard so it’s in your book but
I’ve never heard of that particular phrase run to run to rule out maybe you
mean run to so if you run to something it means you head towards it you go
towards it you run towards something rule out means cancel or you remove
something you rule out quite often that refers to a possibility so something
that is possible and you you think it is impossible you will rule it out I am
going now I am going into town to have some stew stew is like casserole so it
is meat and vegetables and gravy and it is all cooked together hmm and can I
just say it is very delicious Thank You pal Mira Thank You Julie thank you very
much for your company today I am now going I will be back with you tomorrow
as I said tomorrow you can catch me there is the time unday 2 p.m. UK time I
will see you tomorrow have a great weekend enjoy the day enjoy your off
time if you are off great weekend this is mr. Duncan in the
birthplace of English saying thanks for watching me see you tomorrow
2:00 p.m. UK time and of course you know what’s coming next
get ready to have a little dance ta ta for now 😎

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