31 Days of Learning English – 4th October – Road, Street, Using ‘would’ – improve your English

everybody take a deep breath because
it’s Friday welcome to another day another day of October day four of 31
days of English hi everybody this is mr. Duncan in
England how are you today are you ok I hope so are you happy I hope you are
happy because today is world smile day did you know that so I want to see you
all giving me your best smiles I want to see your smiles go for miles so today is
world smile day so there is no excuse for being sad or unhappy because we are
all here today sharing our smiles together so here we go then oh my
goodness it’s day 4 already we’ve made it all the way to day 4 of 31 days of
English in October can you believe it I have another 27 days to go the big
question is will I make it all the way to the end of October I don’t know I
have no idea so here we go Friday is here of course I’m sure many of you are
feeling very excited because the weekend is just around the corner but for some
people there is no weekend because I have to appear here again tomorrow
because I’m here every day during October and there you can see now on the
screen all of the day’s 31 days of live English during October 2019 Monday to
Friday 2 p.m. UK time and tomorrow I will be with you at 12 p.m. so it is
always a different time on Saturday because mr. Steve and myself we always
like to go into town to have our lunch so Saturday tomorrow 12 p.m.
midday UK time and then on Sunday 2 p.m. UK time and then back into the week
Monday to Friday 2 p.m. UK time I am with you
every single day during October and the reason why I’m
doing this is something quite simple really
I am celebrating my 13th year on YouTube making English lessons yes it only seems
like yesterday when I was first on YouTube teaching English and did you
know did you know this do you know that I was the first English English man to
teach English on YouTube in fact there was only me and there was a lady who had
very large hmm that’s all I’m saying and she used to teach English as well
who remembers hotforwords so there was me and there was a lady who was very
sexy called hotforwords and we were the first people on YouTube to teach English
so you had a choice between me and the semi naked lady some things haven’t
changed here on YouTube have you noticed so here we go again
it is Friday what is it it’s the fourth of October day 4 of 31 days of English
in October so let’s have a look I wonder who is on the live chat are you on the
live chat at the moment if it is your first time here don’t forget to say
hello say mr. Duncan it is my first time on the live chat and I might give you
something special talking of special things who is first
on the live chat today oh hello – Andrew and drew Malloy chick off who says hello
again on this sunny Friday well unfortunately outside at the moment look
there is a live view outside it isn’t sunny here unfortunately
it is overcast it is gloomy it has been raining all morning so it isn’t a very
cheerful day even though it is world smile day so I’m still smiling even
though the weather outside is a little bit grim but here in the studio
everything is fun and exciting so congratulations to Andrew you are first
on today’s live chat congratulations to Andrew you are first
also to Alamgir hello Alamgir nice to see you back here today Alamgir says hi
Yoga is here as well hello Yoga welcome to Friday’s live English stream at 8
minutes past two o’clock I am with you for one hour between Monday and Friday
also I am with you on Saturday and Sunday as well
incredible Connell is here hello Connell nice to see you back here
again Alamgir says hello also pappi watching in Honduras Louie
Louie mr. Duncan I like the melody do you mean
the piece of music that I play at the start of the live stream a lot of people
seem to like this piece of music the name of the music is elevator that’s
what it’s called and it is actually available on YouTube so that piece of
music is the music I play at the start of all of my live streams and I’m glad
to hear that you like listening to it very nice hello from Egypt as well hello
Tamika hello Mika watching in Japan of course
Mika is one of the moderators on the live chat so behave yourself if you are
saying something if you are writing on the live chat keep it nice we try to be
friendly on this channel Alexandra is here
amra Wadi also kim hee-jung hello Kim I don’t recognize your name is it your
first time here on the live chat is it your first time if so please tell me can
I say a big thank you to a couple of people right now I received a couple of
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through paypal now the other day if you remember the other day I was in the
kitchen and by the way I will be in the kitchen next Wednesday
again I did talk about words relating to food and also the feeling of needing
food for example being hungry and there is one word that I forgot to show you so
I’m going to show the word to you now the word is parched parched the word
parched is very interesting we often use the word parched when we want to express
feeling thirsty parched so if you feel thirsty if you feel is if you need to
drink some water for example we can say that you feel parched parched so there
is an interesting word used quite often in English to feel parched to feel
thirsty also we can use this to describe land or
the ground when it is very dry we can say that the land or the ground is
parched but a person can also say they feel parched when they are thirsty so if
you have thirst you can say that you feel parched I am so thirsty I am
parched I hope that helps you hello to mate mathroom Mathurin hello
Mathurin watching but where where are you watching Alamgir says hello to
everyone else Silvio hello Silvio is it your first time
please let me know Mika is also saying hello to everyone what a friendly group
of people have you noticed a lot of the people here on my channel when you are
all talking together you want so friendly just proving that not
everyone in the world is mean and horrible some people are quite nice in
fact I would go as far as to say that most people are nice but unfortunately
nice things don’t sell newspapers Alexandra says where is mr. Duncan I’m
here I’m on the screen right now can you see me Patrick hello mr. Duncan how are
you today I am French but I am now living in Thailand hello to Patrick
Patrick originally from France but now living in Thailand Louis is here hello
Luis thank you once again for your lovely photographs that I showed
yesterday nasiha hello mr. Duncan how are you I’m okay
today I had a nice sleep even though can I share something with
you you know I love sharing these little moments of my life with you last night I
had a terrible nightmare I might tell you about it later but I woke up feeling
very upset very emotional that’s the word I’m looking for emotional I felt
very emotional after waking up from my nightmare last night I might tell you
about it later but it really did upset me hello Rosa who says hello mr. Duncan
and everyone else Sylvio is here I think I’ve already said hello to you
Belarus see ya hello Belarusian can i first of all say something about
yesterday now yesterday I was talking about dentist day because Belarusian was
actually celebrating dentist day yesterday because that’s her job now I
don’t want to seem as if I was was being unkind to dentists you see because I was
quite surprised that there was a dentist day but I wasn’t being
fair or cruel but I was surprised that there is a dentist day because a lot of
people don’t like going to the dentist including me so I really I don’t like
going to the dentist in fact for the past two years I have been going to the
dentist on a regular basis so I’ve been going to the dentist around every four
or five months however this year I’ve only been to the dentist one time so I
don’t know why but for some strange reason suddenly I have become very
nervous about going to the dentist very nervous indeed I don’t know why so a lot
of people don’t really like they don’t really like going to the dentist now I
don’t hate dentists I think dentists are fantastic they save
so many smiles every day Zeus Zeus escazu seeker
I might get your name right one day hi mr. Duncan how do you do I’m doing okay
thanks a lot I’m not too bad it’s a pleasure to be here learning
English every day with such a good teacher thank you very much it’s kind of
you to say Alan Gere says if we have a smile we
might have to have mr. Duncan day as well I don’t think that’s ever going to
happen to be honest I don’t think there will ever be a mr. Duncan day I mean why
why would you have it why indeed palmira says mr. Duncan as always you look very
stylish oh thank you very much that’s very kind of you it’s just something I
threw on just some clothing lying in my wardrobe
it’s nothing special Svetlana is here nice to see you again on smiling day yes
it is world smile day today so I want to see everyone on the live chat smiling
with your best biggest smile go on show us your teeth it is my first
time to be live with you says Mungo hello Mungo I remember many years ago
there was a TV show in fact it was made a long time ago originally it was shown
in the movies in the cinemas but it was a TV show called Flash Gordon and it was
made I think in the 1930s or 1940s a long time ago and there was a planet
that they would always go to called Mongo and that’s what happened then you
see what my brain was started working then you made me think of something else
so hello to Mongo 9 2 3 it is my first time to be live with you well guess what
I am now going to give you a round of applause to say welcome welcome Mongo
where are you watching I’m curious to find out where you are in the world here
in Rome it is an amazing sunny day hi my best teacher says far doh far Doh so
nice to see you here as well hello to you an O UN Zhao hello you ang ow
watching in China a big knee how to you now of course my youtube channel started
almost 13 years ago in China I was actually living in China when I started
my youtube channel in 2006 so yes I you still live I used to work and live in
China ts hello TS it is fascinating it is a fascinating 8 p.m. for me because
of you oh thank you very much that’s very kind of you
thanks a lot I read something in the news papers the other day that really
did shock me in fact it was not in the newspaper because I don’t buy newspapers
anymore it was actually on the internet and this is a story that I saw on the
internet and on television but not in the newspaper because I don’t buy
newspapers anymore I refuse to read the newspapers so
apparently the latest scare and there are always new scares when we say scare
we mean something that causes people to become afraid or worried and the latest
scare concerns this particular thing it looks very innocent
it looks very harmless so simple and yet apparently this is the latest thing that
is causing a big scare apparently some tea bags
contain particles of plastic so apparently that’s the latest thing
during the manufacturing process apparently lots of tiny tiny particles
of plastic are actually making their way into the tea bags so I don’t know how
it’s happening I haven’t discovered that but apparently
the latest thing that is contaminated with plastic apparently is tea bags is
anything safe nowadays is anything safe to eat or drink maybe everything is bad
for you maybe everything in the world is now bad for you who knows
mr. Duncan you are really good at hip-hop dancing Thank You Alan here I’m
not sure about that even though during my teenage years I used to enjoy having
a little dance to the music princess says hello from London oh hello princess
nice to see you here watching in the capital of the UK from London in London
voilá says hello to mr. Duncan that’s me by the way hello – Vladislav
hello mr. Duncan what do you mean plastic what do you mean for the plastic
thank you well when I say plastic it’s things that are made from well most
plastic is actually derived from oil and nowadays people are becoming more and
more concerned about the use of plastic because many things now use plastic as
as a means of being contained bottles containers so plastic has become a big
issue in the world and apparently they are finding very small particles very
small fragments of plastic all over the place hello to Anna hello Anna
also to cooker sauce hello curse us watching in Brazil we are
now up to date with the live chat oh my goodness I drink tea because it’s
supposed to be healthy now can I first of all say that it isn’t all tea so it
is only some tea apparently some tea bags contain tiny
pieces of plastic now I’m not actually sure even if if they are harmful because
if they are in the tea bag then that means they stay inside the tea bag but
apparently some people are worried about plastic being in all sorts of things so
organic tea bags and that’s actually what this is so this particular tea bag
is actually organic and even on the box it says guaranteed no plastic so you can
actually buy safety bags but we live in very strange times where many things
apparently are considered dangerous or unsafe call us
hello mr. Duncan from Chile in South America I started to speak English with
you thank you very much you are welcome it’s very kind of you to say
apparently today also it is World Animal Day and if you are a regular viewer you
will know that I love animals very much so I thought it would be nice to have a
little clip a video clip just to show how much I love animals so this is a
short video filmed in my garden and what you will see you will actually see a lot
of young hungry animals as a way of celebrating
World Animal Day yes I know what you’re going to say you
are going to say mr. Duncan they’re so cute and I would agree with you I hope
you enjoyed that something that I filmed in my garden last year some animals
feeding in one particular area and there were all sorts of animals did you see
the mouse there was also a Robin one of my favorite birds there was also a vole
vole which looks very similar to a mouse except it has a very long nose and a
short tail hello to the live chat thank you for joining me today on this Friday
as we we is it really four days wow I can’t believe it so four days into 31
days of learning English Aleksandra mr. Duncan you really work
very hard to have such a nice garden congratulations you deserve your own
applause thank you very much it would appear that I’ve really stirred
up a discussion about plastic I have heard about plastic rice and also eggs
but I have not seen it yet so are you saying that there is plastic inside eggs
I haven’t I haven’t heard of that one I must be honest
Louie Mendez says well mr. Duncan I have to tell my wife about the tea bags
fortunately I don’t drink tea so Louis doesn’t drink tea however his wife does
so I will have to tell my wife not say my wife I will have to tell my wife so
if you tell something it means you pass information on to someone else so you
tell them about it you tell them something you give them
some information or something that you feel that they need to know hello to
Palmyra I do not know how to call someone in my native I don’t know what
that means I’m not sure what you mean there do you mean your native language
nice video mr. Duncan did you film it yes I did I do all of the filming so
everything you see on my youtube channel was created by myself I don’t have any
help from anyone else I do everything 100% by myself some
people think that there are lots of people behind the scenes helping me
there isn’t there’s there’s no one just me I love to learn in this cute way
excellent teacher thank you quite a loop it’s very kind of
you to say the magpie is very greedy well they are I must be honest one of my
least favourite birds is the magpie for many reasons they are quite greedy and
also Magpies have a horrible habit they will often raid the nest of some small
chicks so there might be some chicks or some eggs in a nest and the magpie will
often raid the nest so they will take the eggs or they will eat the chicks so
yes one of my least favourite birds is the magpie
hello also to Cesar hello Cesar where is mr. Lomax I miss him very much
well mr. Lomax is still alive and well he’s not here though at the moment I
would love to have him here maybe next week he might make a surprise appearance
who knows oh don’t forget I’m back tomorrow and also on Sunday as well 12
p.m. tomorrow and Sunday 2 p.m. how – Korey I think the music is very poetic
so the animals eating and also the beautiful music is very poetic thank you
very much that’s very kind of you to say here are two words that I’m going to
show you now on the screen and they are spilt and split you will notice that
they look very similar in appearance however they are completely different
when it comes to their definition so you have first of all spilt split I will say
it again spilt split so first of all the word
spilt is actually the past tense of spill so if you spill something maybe
you spill some water or maybe you spill some milk you spill the past tense is
spilt so you spilt your milk you spilt your water and then we have split you
can see that there is a slight difference only a slight difference
between these two words so the word split means to cut in half
to divide something exactly so you split something you might have fifty pounds
and you want to share it with your friend so you will split the money you
split you divide it 50/50 so each person will get 25 pounds so spilt is the past
tense of spill and split is the action of dividing something you divide
something you split something you open up something you
split it split hello to Palmyra split is a very ancient and stunning city in
Croatia oh yes I have heard of it yes you’re right split it’s a very unusual
name for a place hello Anna don’t cry over spilt milk
ah I like that one that is a very good proverb in fact the proverb itself means
don’t regret something or don’t get upset over something that has already
happened so if something has occurred if something has happened and maybe there
is nothing you can do about it maybe you can’t change it maybe the thing that has
happened can not be altered we might say there is no use crying over spilled milk very good I like that one
quite a loop when people have deep meditation they will feed themselves
from the universe well some people do go into meditation quite quite deeply so
they have a lot of beliefs that surround the action of meditating Silvio
hello I’m Silvio from Argentina nice to see you here today you can actually see
at the moment that winter is on the way it is autumn now by the way but I think
it really does feel as if what winter is on the way now I looked at my window
this morning and this is what I saw look at that already you can see condensation
on the window so the glass is covered with condensation and that means that
the temperature side is starting to drop so inside the
house it is nice and warm however outside the house
it is not so warm so we might say that the signs of winter approaching are very
evident so you can see there that there is a lot of steam on the window there is
a lot of condensation on the window mm-hmm so I think now it is safe to say
that winter is definitely on the way in fact last night it was freezing
I was freezing cold in bed not only that I also had a bad dream as well mica says
I think it is possible to have plastic inside the body so we often eat plastic
without noticing it or without realizing that we’re doing it I think this is the
thing that many people are worried about now so people are actually concerned by
the fact that a lot of the plastic is very small so it is a big problem and I
don’t think my personal opinion I don’t think that the problem is going to go
away I think it’s going to take many years to solve that problem Jolla Hal
Jolla from Corey hello Corey nice to see you here mica is very lucky you are
lucky because apparently in Japan it is still 30 degrees 30 that’s it
I’ve just decided I’m going to get a plane ticket to Japan I think so I’m
going to stay there because apparently it’s nice and warm still here in the UK
it is becoming very cold shall we have a look outside because we haven’t had a
look in the garden let’s see what the birds are doing shall we
oh yes there are some birds so this is a live view outside you can see there are
lots of birds flying around oh I can see a goldfinch so in the middle you can see
a goldfinch with a red face also blue tits and maybe great tips as well but
there you can see in the middle there is a goldfinch
I think gold finches are lovely and they make the most gorgeous sound it’s like a
little sweet whistle so there is a live view yes that is actually live some
people think that it isn’t but all of my shots are live and happening right now
we will have another look in a little while outside what’s up mr. Duncan it’s
nice to see you and your lessons thank you very much and a big greeting to
Vietnam hello to you Alexandra asks mr. Duncan
do you like winter now I like the appearance of winter however I don’t
like cold weather I’m not a big fan of cold weather so with me my emotions are
very mixed when it comes to winter so because of winter being quite nice to
look at I love watching the snow fall I love being out in the snow however I
don’t like the cold weather hello Cristina
oh hello Cristina nice to see you here and welcome back it’s nice to see you
here today don’t forget I am with you every day
during October so everything everything that happens during October you will see
because I will be here every day and I’m back tomorrow as well Connell says I
have been teaching since 2001 and today is teachers day don’t I deserve a round
of applause mr. Duncan okay Connell to celebrate
Connells special day because it’s teachers day where Connell is how about
a round of applause well-deserved well-deserved RHS says if
I were a bird your house would be a paradise
well I always welcome the animals however big they are or however small
they are except flies I don’t like flies
unfortunately I find flies very annoying because they they do you know what flies
do when they land on your food they actually take some of the food and then
they spit the food out again they actually vomit on your food so
that’s the reason why I don’t like flies I find flies very annoying in fact out
of all the animals that exist on the planet
I think flies are my least favorite to be honest Colonel says thank you for
your applause you are welcome no problem it’s time now to take a look at a couple
of English words well in fact we’re going to look at a word and also some
descriptions of things that you will see around you every day so first of all we
are going to take a look at the word wood wood and you will notice
straightaway there is some information on the screen so the word wood is a
modal verb what is a modal verb mr. Duncan a mobile Vord verb expresses
necessity so a modal verb expresses necessity or possibility and there are
many modal verbs for example must shall will should can could may might and of
course would we can also say the pest of will is
would he would it would not so the past tense of will used as a modal verb is
would and don’t forget will is also a modal verb conditional mood something
that is imagined or something that might be imagined as a consequence so the
outcome of something when we talk about consequence we actually refer to the
outcome how something ends he would lose his job if they found out so you can see
there we are imagining the consequence of something happening he would lose his
job if they found out to give advice I would I would not so we might say I
would or I would not and of course as a contraction we can say wouldn’t I
wouldn’t go in there if I were you to express desire or inclination
something you would like to do I would love to work in England I would love to
work in England in that sentence you are expressing desire or for need to do
something you feel like doing something you have inclination inclination I like
that word to express a polite request would you pour the tea please would you
pour the tea please to express willingness so something you want to do
something that you would like to do who would live here who would live here
you are asking that as a question so in that question you are asking who would
be willing to live here who would live here so we can use it to express
willingness to express conjecture oh so if you consider something if you think
about something maybe you come to some sort of conclusion through thinking
conjecture opinion or hope we can use the word would I would imagine that they
are home now I would imagine that they are home now so I am thinking that that
thing has happened I guess some people would consider it mean
so again would means to think or to have an opinion or to express an opinion finally on this list I would have to
agree so again if you have to agree you are making a conjecture you are
concluding that you would have to agree so I hope they are useful and finally to
use would ironically as a way of making a comment about behavior that is typical
or expected they would say that wouldn’t they hmm they would say that wouldn’t
they so it is something that is expected however you are using the actual
sentence in an ironic way in literature to express a wish or regret now this is
an old-fashioned way of expressing the word wood wood that he had lived to
finish it so in that sense we are using it in a way that might appear in a story
or in any type of literature so I hope that helps you there I have been asked
to explain the uses of the word wood and there are some of them so I hope that
has helped you the live chat is very busy today
Wow so many people are here thank you for joining me
Palmyra I am from Lithuania and it is a Baltic state my granddaughter is a
musician and she plays the oboe now the oboe is very similar it is
something you blow is that right the oboe isn’t it like a big thing you
blow or is it that big thing that looks like a cello the oboe it’s a very
strange word by the way oboe I’m only joking
Kristina do you use wood when you look back on the past remembering things that
often happen yes I suppose if you are talking about things you used to do when
I was a child I would walk for miles and miles
so yes you are reflecting on the past you are talking about something that you
participated in or Soren activity from your past you would do it so I would
walk for miles and miles when I was a child arts be can I answer you I’m not
sure what that means so I will move on Palmyra and Rahul is here thank you very
much also I would like to speak like you says michurin well you’ve come to the
right place because my English is very clear
I hope you can understand me and of course don’t forget if you want to see
the captions you can actually see them live so if you want to watch the
captions press that button on your keyboard and you will get captions as if
by magic so when I say captions I mean subtitles Alamgir is now talking
to Connell your job is great what if my favorite habits is to learn new
languages I would say that these lessons help you a lot
you are right Alamgir yes one of the things about teaching and this is
something I used to talk about to parents when I was in China they used to
send me to visit schools and quite often I would give speeches to the parents and
also to teachers as well so not only students but also people who were
teaching English and the parents of those who were learning English but I
would often tell the parents that one of the greatest things about teaching is
that you learn as you do the job so as you do it you also learn things as well
so one of the great joys of teaching as far as I’m concerned is the fact that I
can learn things as well a teacher doesn’t know everything so quite often
teaching is a good way of expanding your own knowledge and I’m sure many teachers
would agree with that hello to F Fred ox hello to you
where are you watching at the moment I will be going soon but first of all I
have something else to show you before I leave you and this is something I wanted
to quickly show you before I go I’ve been asked to explain the different
is between Street Road and Avenue so very quickly before I leave you here are
the exclamations right now the explanations are as follows first of all
Street the word Street can refer to a public road in a town city or village
typically with houses or buildings on one or both sides a street will often
have access for people both on foot and in vehicles so normally you can walk up
the street or down the street and you can drive up the street and down the
street there are phrases as well connected to this word streets ahead if
you are streets ahead it means you have an advantage over someone you are ahead
of everyone else you are streets ahead so that is a phrase that you can use and
also on the streets when we talk about being on the streets
normally we refer to a person being homeless
a person who has nowhere to live Road a wide way leading from one place
to another especially one with a specially prepared surface which
vehicles can use so Road there is a difference between streets and Road so
Road is more specific there are some phrases connected to Road you can have
one for the road which means the final thing that you do
maybe you are in the bar and you are having a drink and you have one final
drink you can say this is one for the road one for the road so the thing that
you do before or leaving or departing hit the road if
you hit the road it means you start your journey you
start to leave you hit the road you depart you leave you hit the road and if
you come to a crossroads now here is a very interesting phrase come to a
crossroads means that you have come to a point in your life where you have to
make a decision you have to decide on which choice you are going to make which
direction you are going to go in your life so if you come to a crossroads
it means you come to a place where you have more than one choice you have to
make a choice then there is Avenue Avenue I will pronounce that again
Avenue a broad Road in a town or city typically having trees at regular
intervals along its sides a tree-lined approach to a large property can also be
an avenue in North America the name given to a thoroughfare that intersects
with a street that is laid out in a grid pattern and I can show you what an
Avenue looks like using this map and there you can see two avenues so the
streets are all going off from the Main Avenue so the avenues are the main roads
and all of the smaller streets will divide off in their own direction so the
word Avenue has a lot of lot of uses you can say 7th Avenue or 6th Avenue or 3rd
Avenue quite often you will hear these used
in North America especially the United States we can also use Avenue to say
explore explore so maybe if you pursue something or follow something you might
pursue an avenue it is the thing that you are going to look at you are
exploring something you are going into deeper detail about something and
finally here is one especially for those living in France this is a real word
that we use in English cul de sac cul de sac a street or passage that is closed
at one end a road that cannot be passed through a road or street with a dead end
so it means you can’t drive through it so when we say cul-de-sac it means a
road that you can’t pass through and the word itself comes from French and
originally was used in anatomy which is the study of the body the translation
literally means bottom of the sack so for those watching in France yes we do
use a lot we use a lot of your phrases I’m not joking we do oh no it’s almost
time to go I can’t believe it already bottom of the sack yes it’s very unusual
that isn’t it and also the phrase or the word itself originally was used in
anatomy so Anatomy is the study of the workings of the human body thank you
very much for your company I will be going in a moment because now we are
coming up to three o’clock I will be back tomorrow
here are the live times you can catch me Monday to Friday 2 p.m. Saturday 12 p.m.
tomorrow I’m with you from 12 p.m. midday UK time and on Sunday I am back
with you at 2 p.m. and then next week yes
Monday to Friday we will do it all over again can you believe it but it is true
and for those who want to make a donation I will put that on the screen
now thank you very much to those who have made donations that’s lovely
it will allow my work to continue forever and ever thank you to pachu
thank you – yes organs the things in your body the study of the human body
all of the parts all of the organs and the things that you use to live and
survive for example your heart your lungs your stomach and other things maybe a brain
maybe thank you Christina Thank You grace
see you tomorrow yes I am back tomorrow am I crazy
am I crazy I don’t know but I’m doing this every day during October I will see
you tomorrow Thank You Mika Thank You Louis for being
today’s moderators very kind of you and also Belarusian as well thank you for
keeping order on my live chat Frederika also arts be see you tomorrow don’t
forget I’m on tomorrow earlier so tomorrow is Saturday I’m with you from
12 p.m. so earlier tomorrow and then on Sunday it’s 2 p.m. so I will see you
tomorrow on Saturday no rest for me not at all this is mr. Duncan saying thanks
for watching today I hope this has been useful and
of course until tomorrow 12:00 p.m. that is just after lunchtime UK time
this is mr. Duncan in England saying thanks a lot for watching me today I
really do appreciate it and of course you know what’s coming
next yes you do where’s the music where’s the music where is it? ta ta for now 😎

16 thoughts on “31 Days of Learning English – 4th October – Road, Street, Using ‘would’ – improve your English”

  1. TIME CODES – click on the blue time codes to skip forward to…

  2. hello mr duncan, as always live stream was amazing specially hungry creatures made me smile on world smile day. bye from karachi, Pakistan

  3. Perhaps you are worried because you have too much work ahead of you till the day 31 and that caused a nightmare. Or perhaps your teeth are asking for a visit to the dentist? Who knows? Take it easy my dear teacher!

  4. Oh! l Mr Duncan ,you had a tough competition with Ms Too Hot for Words,back then…πŸ˜‚. You are a romantic teacher.πŸ’“

  5. There are so many choices on Eng lessons on youtube, at a certain point I was at the crossroads wondering which one to take ,finally zeroed in on Mr Duncan 's Full English.

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