#303 When you want to WOW'em…Learn about EXCLUSIVE New Flippin' Fun Stamps, Dies & Sequins!

hey everyone it's me Stacy here at scrapbooking me it's simple and it's time for Saturday with Stacy YouTube number 303 and I am back I am so glad to be back don't get me wrong I love to travel I do but there's nothing better than your own pillow there just isn't there's nothing better than your own pillow and your own bed in your own home it just ha and I think I am done traveling for this year I think I have finished everything I need to do and now I just get to enjoy the rest of the year being here at home at the shop wahoo kachou I'm very happy now I also just finished taping the YouTube about the shop that did not hop event the 2019 shop that did not hop event where scrap booking made simple will become frozen and I will be Queen Elsa now this event is in store and online it is a warehouse sale that rivals any other warehouse sale you will ever see I don't think anybody comes close to the pricing that we do for you because really our goal with this sale is to keep crafting affordable and this sale offers you an opportunity to get items that sometimes you only dream you could afford really and so that YouTube is going to be placed in our online store we're gonna load the category that says the shop that did not hop sale you'll be able to click that category and inside will be the YouTube for you to watch all the terms and conditions the dues the don'ts the ends the outs and the whys we ask that you please watch the YouTube before you place your order because this is an extraordinarily different type of sale I guess that's an interesting way of putting it it's definitely different than anything any other retailer the terms and conditions are completely different than anything you've probably ever heard of and some of you already know the terms and conditions and you are okay josè with them then there's some of you who are going on here she is she kidding is she serious I'm serious with those terms and conditions and you'd be like nope not for me and that's okay too but you want to know ahead of time don't you so we give you all the information in advance so you can make an informed decision so look for the youtubes for the shop that did not hop 2019 on our website and on our YouTube channel today today I have got such fun product for you it is really just it's just happy you can't help but smile when you play with this stuff and as much as I want to say it was my idea I really want to say it was my idea it was so not my idea this concept came from my friend my girl Jackie hey girl hey inky antics and she proposed this concept and then I kind of proposed the dies and the stamps that were using and we work together so that we have a Cobra exclusive product just for us and I think that you're just gonna smile it's so cute and it's so outside the box and I so wish I had thought of it but I gotta give props where props are due and Jackie girlfriend this is all you and I mean really much love to you cuz you you came up with a great idea I really wished it was mine but if it couldn't be mine I'm glad it was yours so I've got stamps I've got dyes I've got this this fun stuff to play with and I think when you see it you're going to say oh that's just stinkin cute because it is it's just stinkin cute now we also have winner winner chicken dinner to talk about from the last few youtubes cuz I had to take the other one early I didn't get to live chat with you last week but I'm back hopefully you're here at 8 a.m. Saturday morning and we're live chatting away hello everybody and if you're watching it after 8 a.m. Saturday morning sorry live chats over you'll have to come back next week but I've got winner winner chicken dinner from the last few YouTube's are you ready to hear if it is you alright cuz we always pull – winner winner chicken dinners except for the 300th anniversary the 300th YouTube then we pulled six and I Justin just in time doctor email got your note woohoo could you I'm very lucky alright you guys so for YouTube number 301 which was the American crafts the embossing folders and the hero arts ombre inks are you ready to hear if you've won some of that if you are oh I think I know this name – Colleen Colleen cricket Colleen is that you Colleen cricket hello there how are you doing hello Colleen cricket wahoo could you for you but you're not allowed I'm going to save all the winner winners til the end you have a friend who's also won some American crafts embossing folder and stamps and hero arts ombre inks in Sarah Sarah Bates hello Sarah how are you doing Sarah Bates congratulations to you okay so for YouTube number 301 we've got Colleen Cricut love the name girlfriend and Sarah Bates so let's do our you're a winner chicken dinner you're a winner chicken dinner wahoo cut two for you okay that takes care of our first two but we have two more to get through or two more winners to discuss from YouTube number three Oh – oh that was my product was simply to find the Kaleidoscope dyes I hope you liked them I loved them they were so pretty I thought they were so pretty but I'm biased it's my product but can I say I could say that I liked him all right Robin Robin Pollard – lard pulp lard Pollard Robin is this you doesn't really know where the other it's all good Robin is that you cuz if it is you're a winner chicken dinner but wait wait wait you've got friend Melissa Melissa Oliver look at Melissa Oliver you also have won some of them simply define kaleidoscope collection from June woohoo there's our two winners congratulations and that's the simply defined product from YouTube number 302 so Melissa and Robin you're a winner chicken dinner you're a banner chicken dinner wahoo cut two for you that means we had four of you four of you so Sarah Bates Coleen cricket Melissa Oliver or Robyn Pollard Pollard either way whatever makes your heart happy how are you going to claim your prizes so super easy go to scrapbooking made simple calm look for the link that says winner winner chicken dinner click it follow the directions will confirm that you are indeed our winner winner and then we'll get your price right out to you you only have 30 days from the date of the original date airdate of this youtube to claim your prize don't let it go into the land of misfit prizes those are the prizes we use for our anniversary sell when we give a 100 brises away don't let it be yours no you took the time to post the comment now take the time to claim your prize woo alright so today today we have scrapbooking made simple and inky antics we've got some tombow for you we're gonna start off super easy because I want you to see how you can use the stamps without having to use the dyes but then we're gonna use the dyes and we're gonna use the special special sequins stuff that we got in that you just want to pet it you really do is that wrong should I not say that yes I don't know but you just want to go like this and pet it because it's just it's almost like it one of those fidget gadget fidget things that people had for me going up and down those sequins making them change color it's soothing I don't know why but it like dresses me okay we're gonna down we're gonna get started for today it is me Stacy scrapbooking made simple and it is good to be home good to see all of you and can't wait to chat with you down we go bye everyone okay are we down we look pretty good I think we look pretty good look good zoom on in just a little bit Zoom Zoom Zoom Zoom Zoom Zoom okay alright so this is the make and take that's going on downstairs right now look you see the sequins can you see them so this is a die cut and stamps and dies but are you ready wait for it is that the cutest thing ever wait for it wait for it see I could do this all day I was such a little kid when it comes things like this they make even the simplest things make my heart just go so happy mmm how fun is that yes we're gonna be playing with I don't know what the reversible sequins I don't know flipping they're they're flipping darling I don't even know where the flipping flipping fun collection okay that works for me Jackie I was gonna say flipping something so this is the make and take that they're doing downstairs right now and it just is so stinkin cute I just could be flipping these all day long makes my heart happy alright but we're gonna start simple we're not gonna start with this one right now we're gonna start a little simple we have four new Diane stamp sets and we're gonna be doing the stamp sets separately so if you just want to buy the stamp sets you can just buy the stamp sets or you can buy the stamp and die set we're not gonna be selling the die stamp the die set without the stamps but we'll sell the stamp set without the die because there's really no reason this is the die set there's not much to do with it unless you have the stamp set but if you don't do die cutting I want to show you how to these without having to die-cut so I'm gonna take and I'm gonna color these and we're gonna start I want to show you the difference because we had questions between the difference between colored pencils and the tombow markers so I'm just gonna do a quick side-by-side stamp of both of them and color with both of them so you can see the difference then we're gonna progress on to actually die-cutting and playing with the sequins but I want to give everybody just a quick little heads-up reminder cuz we had some questions after was that the last YouTube I think it was where maybe it was the YouTube before that between the colored pencils and the tombow markers so I've got my clear block because this is a stamp set and we pull it off and it clings to a clear block it will cling clear blocks are important to have because if you're doing any kind of stamping with cling meaning red rubber that sticks on or clear stamps once you buy your block so you never throw them away and if for some reason your stamp stops sticking to it all you have to do is take a baby wipe and wipe down your stamp chances are you've got some maybe some oils from your fingers or some embossing powder or some glitter on it you wipe down your block and then once everything dries all of a sudden it will all start to stick again which is nice because storage space is important and when you don't have a lot of storage space having dyes that are on wood blocks gets to be very chunky so if you've got a cling stamp which may be red rubber or gray rubber or a clear stamp you would like to get yourself a nice set of blocks if you don't have blocks don't worry do you have I don't know if it'll cling to this one this one's pretty pretty beat-up do you have a cutting pad from one of your die-cutting machines because it's also going to cling to that now it's not going to work with this one because it's warped I wouldn't be able to me and I could do it on this side and it would stamp it's gonna cling to that so if you have to choose choose between the stamp set and a set of blocks but you have cutting plates will forego the blocks for now get the stamp sets and use what you already have as a as a as a block if you have to but we do have some blocks of the do crafts blocks are at a crazy great price now not a criminal move this one up just a little bit I'm gonna do the boat super quick and you can see the boat comes in two parts so you've got the boat you've got the sail um you've got gosh what is it I'm a happy birthday and I forget what the other sentiment is set sail for Oh set sail for a happy birthday there you go okay and I'm gonna take the boat and I'm gonna put the boat right at the bottom so I've made instead of sucking them and stamping them separately which you can do I've just put them all on one block then I'm going to bring over some white paper and I'm gonna stamp twice because I want to show you two different ways of coloring this now because this is a clear stamp you don't want to push down so hard that the stamp gushes you want to give it a nice pressure you want to abc123 all over and pull up this is a gush pad it is a stamp pad that allows your paper and your stamp to have better contact because they sink into each other you want that better contact if you're stamping onto a hard surface well you've got no place for that stamp to sink into and make better contact with that paper so if you have some holes chances are you're stamping on a hard surface just get yourself a gush pad this is half of one it's actually twice the size and it's I think a dollar ninety-nine so relatively inexpensive but will make your stamping a whole lot better today we have two two Binx I've got my memento II and I've got my hero Hughes Inc and this is my India ink two different inks this is a dye based ink this is a dye based ink that is more of a permanent ink both of these will not move with water that's the lovely thing about them they will not move with water which means if you want to go in there and paint or watercolor use watercolor pencils use gamsol neither of these is going to move however they are different your momento momento works wonderful and you ink it up let's sink my stamp okay that looks pretty good and I'm going to put it down and give a nice pressure it's a slightly bigger stamp so you need to make sure you get pressure all over but you don't want to do this I don't want my stamp to gush I just want to make sure that I get it all over ready and let's pull oh good awesome so there's my first stamp now I can go with my baby wipe and just take the extra momento that's left right off and my stamp cleans up beautiful you can wash your stamp in a mild dishwashing detergent like Palmolive or dawn and then let's dry it now the other ink I have is the hero hues India ink and I like that ink equally as much it's a slightly different ink in that the black is a little bit stronger so let's ink up make sure I've got it that looks pretty good and I'm gonna stamp right next door and one two three ABC I want to give nice all-over pressure cuz my stamp is slightly larger I don't want to press so hard that I'm gushing it if you have a stamp platform well then this is gonna be easy-peasy for you there we go I didn't quite get all the back but that's okay okay so I don't know if you can see it on camera or not and I'm gonna mark which is which this is I'm into and this is Hiro India so I don't know if you can tell on camera or not but your mementos a slightly lighter black your India is a slightly darker black this is like a soft black mascara your memento and this is like a black black mascara also when you're doing your India ink when you go to wipe your stamp it will not wipe off it will stain your stamp now some people like that because then they can see when there's damping they can easily see through and they have the the the image coming through their clear block because it has been stamped with India ink I won't be able to get that off does it harm the stamp no not at all it's perfectly fine you just have to know that if you use the India ink from hero hues it will stain your stamp and again some people like that because then you can see it otherwise it's harder because it's completely clear memento will not memento is a slightly softer black kind of a soft black mascara hero hues is more of a black black it's a bit more intense bit more hmm well black so it just depends upon which one you'd prefer to have if you already have one over the other do you need both only if you want them both you don't necessarily I really need them both I don't know that um that I would run out I mean I'd rather see you get a stamp set than another ink if you've got one that's already working for you but neither of these will move with water and that's the important thing so I've got two boats here and I have got my right there I have got my tombow colored pencils colored pencils and I have got my tombow dual tip brush markers and we're gonna be using both of them and I'm gonna do them side-by-side so you can see the difference and then we're gonna start die-cutting and using the sequence but maybe you don't do any die-cutting at all but my gosh you sure do love that you sure do love that little stamp set isn't that darling it has the birds it has a little wife raft stamp isn't that so cute so I want to show you how to use it without having to use a die-cut or sequins okay so I've got my I've got my colored pencil this is not a watercolor pencil this is a straight colored pencil there by tombow they're a wonderful wonderful quality easy peasy to use but you have to leave yourself negative space when you're coloring most people do not leave themselves any negative space meaning they go ahead and they color the whole thing okay and I might even do this one so I'm just taking my colored pencil and I'm going down the outline of the boat and the sail some okay I think that's pretty good can you see how much white I've left both on the plank of the boat and in the sail I need to leave that white space because when I add gamsol to this that pencil is gonna stop looking like a pencil and start looking like paint so that's typically what a pencil looks like that's what we all know colored pencils to do but with this magic little potion called gamsol and also known a KA mineral spirits and a cute little stubby paper stub it's going to transform this into a paint now the inky antics gamsol has this little this little foamy on top and that's because the stub is made out of paper it is a hundred percent paper if I were to put my stub into my gamsol if I were to dip it all the way into my gamsol this stub because it's so porous it it would just suck up all that gamsol and you can't wring it out you can never get that gamsol back out again so they put a little foamy on the top of it so that when you put your stub in there it gets wet but it doesn't get so wet or absorb so much of the gam soul that you're just wasting it and again this is just a paper stub and you should be able to get them in gosh almost any art store but when we sell the kit they come in the kit too so I put a little gamsol on my colored pencil then you can go in and you can move it and I want you to see the difference so I'm only gonna do half okay see the difference colored pencil colored pencil with gaps all over it it smoothes it it it dissolves it it makes it into a paint it softens it it gets rid of all of those lines that a colored pencil leaves behind that almost looks like you were coloring with a crayon so when you're working with it on your on your stamped image you need to leave yourself whitespace because you need that paint to move somewhere so that you have a shadow and a mid-tone and a highlight almost like using an alcohol marker so if I come in here and I start pulling this out in about a hop skip and a jump I have dissolved my dissolve my pencil and poof shadow mid-tone highlight that's it it was that simple honestly it really was it was that easy peasy and because it's not a watercolor pencil you could go back if you wanted and even add more color right over the top of it you couldn't do this with a watercolor pencil you'd need to wait until it was completely dry so I added another line of pencil that I'm gonna even move out even less because I want that to even have more of a shadow so I've started to move it out even more with just my paper stub so easy and you just go back into your gamsol and soften everything out and truly it looks like you were playing with a alcohol ink marker but you weren't I did down here too I did the boat so I can just start pulling that color pulling that color and really if you have no coloring talent this is coloring for you because I am I love coloring but I'm not the best at it and this is almost like foolproof you really can't if you leave yourself the white space look at how cute is that and it took no time at all easy to do and again it looks like you colored with an alcohol marker and nobody needs to know any different oh my gosh super cute and then I could go in with the red so these are different than a watercolor pencil because you're not adding water at all so now I'm just putting the red right down along the next part of my boat right along that stamped image and you say oh but you have blue on there Stacy well it does have two ends but this is the sharpener for those of you who have never seen it it's just a thing of sandpaper and all you do is because this is paper you just sharpen until you've got all of that blue off and now I'm good to go so let's put a little bit of jam so can you see it got right on there but it didn't drip now you don't want to accidentally don't want to turn it upside down and push you do that it just pours right out and again you can't get it back in and see if I sit it in there can you see it's just absorbing it because the pencil is porous now it's it just that would be like if you put it straight in there it would just suck it all the way up oh I've got lots of gamsol now paper towels so I get that all over it's also known as mineral spirits so you may already have this in a stash from time gone by now I'm just gonna grab that red and I'm gonna do the same thing with the red as I did with the blue and I'm gonna have that gamsol just melt that pencil just melt it so that you've got a highlight and a mid-tone and a shadow love love love so when you look at it it's like oh wow but nobody needs to know that it just took you literally would that take me 30 seconds and I can just keep smoothing it out until I'm happy easy to do this is using colored pencils not watercolor pencils just plain colored pencils and taking them from what looks like a pencil into what looks like a paint very easy to do but it's not the only easy way to color if you're not a strong color we also can use our tombow panther Merkers now the markers if you use them just as a marker that's what they look like and they're just a marker and and that's perfectly fine you can color with them and just have it as a marker but the idea of the tombos is that they work well with water they work beautifully with water and you can palette paint or you can use their blender pin their blender pin is not a traditional blender pin it isn't like you can take two colors and then take your blender pin and think that you'll be able to blend them together no not how they work and look at it didn't go through my paper I wanted to show you that but that doesn't work the blender pen is used differently most often people use the tombow markers either for lettering or for pallet painting and there's a couple different ways to palette paint so if I wanted to I could just very easily put some of my marker right down on my craft mat then I could get a paintbrush and expensive paintbrush put a little water on it and put that water into there and make a paint now the more water I use the lighter this tone is going to become so right now that's the color I've made but if I were to blend more color into it can you see the difference in the strength or if I add a lot of water let's really dilute this down so the nice thing about the tombow markers is you're able to take one marker and make a lot of colors and have the the the saturation of it change based off of how much water you use so if I was to come in here and let's say I wanted it a little bit heavier a little bit not as light I can come in here and then I can just paint literally just paint my color right in and then depending upon what I want to do I can come back just a little bit darker and add some definition so it's not just one color and start adding my definition in so that you can start to see that there's a shadow here I could even go darker than that by just layering the color on top a little bit of water less water you use the more saturated that colors going to be and just keep layering that color until you have the depth perception that you're looking for I could also take and instead of using a paint brush I could pick my color up with my blender pin so I go in there and I just pick my color up with my blender pin and if you do that the blender pin lets you do an ombre effect so while it didn't blend these two colors together it did give me that beautiful ombre effect which then I could go in and I could start coloring over here and as I get towards the center it's going to lighten and lighten and lighten and let's do the other side so darker and then as I get towards the center it's going to lighten and lighten and lightnin until I have my darker ends and lighter in the center and that's just using their blender pin pick it up and I could go back in and add darker color on the outside and darker color here so it has more shadow and more shading until you're happy so you have options when coloring you may already have tombow markers you may already have Marvy markers Marvy markers will do the same you may have colored pencils that you've had for years and years and years might have been one of the first things you've ever bought when you were crafting not knowing that when you just add the gamsol it takes your colored pencil and makes it into this beautiful paint so two different ways of coloring without having to be an expert color er er because truly I know a lot of you think that I'm really really good and I really am NOT I'm just I'm just good at using simple tools if you gave me three Copic markers that we're supposed to do your blends I would not be able to use them I can't use copics I'm not good with them I tried alcohol markers and I I personally failed miserably you may be a pro at them but I'm much better with things that are a little bit more forgiving and colored pencils with the gamsol much more forgiving tombow markers much more forgiving and again I could if I had wanted to I could have come in and I just could have colored the whole thing with a just a tombow marker and had it the regular color and because it's got that beautiful brush tip you can get in there and do those super fine lines you do you absolutely have options so I wanted to show you that before we move on to playing with the sequence because maybe you're not a die cutter but you love the stamps but you don't know how to color the stamps and the stamps are very open the stamps are open for a very specific reason to use the sequence we had to come up with designs that were open enough to give you enough opportunity for the sequence to go front and back you can't have a little tiny area and it can't be too angled because the sequins have to move up and back so I'm gonna pull I'm gonna take this off and put this back let me put this away okay that wasn't anywhere close to where it's supposed to be but that's okay okay so I'm gonna put this one away and I'm gonna put these away super-cute we'll finish them right I love them both and I'm gonna bring over my shell and again these are scrub they're co-branded so they're produced by inky antics for scrapbooking made simple and that's why you see our name at the top the only place you're gonna be able to find these is here with us I've got the dyes and I've got the sheet of stamps that's got a sequin attached to it okay so this time I'm gonna be stamping and die-cutting my shell out but before we get there I want to show you kind of how we need to put the card together or the layout or the altered art or how well whatever you're gonna make so that you can see how it needs to be put together I'm gonna put these over to the side for just a moment and I'm just gonna grab two pieces of paper oh hell I don't know what that was holy smokes artichokes um let's go ahead and we'll use a blue and let's go in here and let's see something super dark let's use a brown cuz I like that combination then I'm gonna bring over my card base so I've got a card base right here this is a simply defined card base this is an a6 card size the weight is 200 pounds it feels like there's two stuck together but there really isn't and forgive me I'm going to freehand and hopefully this time I don't freehand so much I hear people talking out there okay so I'm just gonna I'm gonna make a couple maths okay so I'm gonna chop this one down just a little bit more and lastly chop it down a little bit more on this side oh that looks pretty good okay are we good with that I think we're good with that now let me do the other map so I need the blue one to be slightly smaller so I'm gonna cut yeah and I'm gonna cut here now normally matting is the last thing we do we usually die cut and we've colored and we've glittered and we've done whatever we're going to do this time I need to do my mats ahead of time a little bit more just a little bit by the hair of my chinny-chin-chin I always say if I had a hair on my chinny-chin-chin I would hope somebody out there would say I'm Stacy hello okay and then we'll do the bottom and again I'm free handing you will probably be using a trimmer of course enough my dad used to say close enough only counts in horseshoes I never played horseshoes but okay I'm gonna let it go I say that but I never do you all know that already all right so I've got my map tada I know that was fascinating TV right kind of like watching paint dry but I'm going to tape these together now I'm going to put them together now and there's a reason why usually you don't even see me ever matte anything right but this time there's a reason so I'm using some Stacey tape I'm gonna peel it off Stacey tapes just a super strong very inexpensive well-made double-sided adhesive and I'm gonna lay my mat down and center it as best as I can without standing up okay Matt done wha who could chew now I can bring a nut would fit right there wha who could you now I can bring over my stamp in my die cut so I need to die cut out the center of this I need to die cut out the center of this and if you wanted to you could use the stamp to stamp on top and then line up your die and die cut but I don't think it's really necessary I think that you can just put your die down and figure out where you want it on your page and go ahead and die cut so that's what I'm going to do I'm gonna put my dies on my gotcha tool put my stamps right put my stamps right there move that over and I'm gonna bring over my Big Shot machine so Sizzix Big Shot machine this is where having a magnetic platform is very handy now your machines are either gonna come with an extended multi-purpose platform or the new machines are coming with a basic platform and a shim that goes over the top so that's how the new machines are coming they're not coming with a hinged platform anymore this is a standard sized platform and those will still be available but they are sold separately then we also have a magnetic platform which is sold separately now the magnetic platform is helpful because when you put your paper down and you put your die down you can put it exactly where you want it and it doesn't move because the die is magnetized to the platform if I were to do that on my basic platform well everything slides around because this platform is not magnetized can you use your regular standard or extended platform without using a magnetic platform yes this is a very nice one it's a necessary want for some people but it is a want it's not a need meaning you can still use your machine we find without having this does this make life a whole lot easier when you're using dyes and stamps together or you want to be specific and where the placement of your diet is so that it doesn't move yes but if you have this already you've already got your multi-purpose platform and it's a choice between stamps and dies or a magnetic platform I would get the stamps and dies first because those you can use all the time the magnetic platform again you've already got something that's able to do that job now I'm going to send this through and this is an open frame die so I do not need a precision base plate this is just an open frame die not intricate at all and I'm using a wafer die so I need to keep my platform completely closed tab number will keep it all close you want it totally closed you don't want it open at all and then I'm just going to send it on through I have to think how I want my my card maybe I want it that way send it on through all right let's send it on through my cut plate down my do not cut plate over the top you always want one plate that is as flat as possible if all of your plates are seriously warped it means you kind of have to dig underneath to get your platforms in your cutting plates in before you can roll your die now I am going through two pieces of card stock with a wafer die so that means I might want to go forward and back I don't think I'm going to rotate we're just gonna go forward and back and see what happens because I am going through two pieces of paper with a wafer die being that is a wafer died it has no let's see yeah looks yeah being that it's a wafer die it has no cutting blade what's cutting it with cutting the paper is the pressure and this little edge right here this little edge that's into the die it is amazing that that little piece of edge will cut through your paper I know I didn't tape the whole thing down together but they sure did sandwich themselves well okay well oh there we go what they did take part of it so two pieces kid-friendly senior friendly new crafter friendly because you can't cut yourself very nice okay that leaves me this which then would fit on here but we're not done where's the magic sequins that go back and forth all right sequins in can't expect six colors and you get a whole big sheet hello so one color until you do that it's a different color I really I could sit here and do this and because they've got the different colors okay well here's this one whole big sheet which means you can cut it to whatever you need oh that's so cute the blue to the pink can you see how I could say I could sit here and do this all day long it's like a gadget of fidget spinner thing and then they have and then I get mesmerised by it this could keep me entertained for hours I don't know what that says about me but that's okay I love it okay now I've got sequins everywhere but that's alright so I've got sequins everywhere that I'm just gonna dust right off so I need to cut me a piece I need to cut me a piece and I need it to be big enough to go to go that way so you have to orientate your sequins do you want your sequins to flip up so here's my shell if I wanted my sequins to flip up then my sequins need to be pointing towards you so that they flip up to a different color do I want my sequins to go side to side so when you lay your card over the top you're opening you've got to decide how do you want what do you want your sequins to look like do you want them to go side by side do you want them to go top to bottom do you want them to go bottom to top it's up to you you have options you just have to decide so then you're gonna cut to what you need okay so I'm gonna cut to what I need that maybe a little bit more than I need but we'll see I got sequins flying cuz I had to cut them in half and now I can bring my card over and I can see my sequins are just a little bit hanging off the side so if I need to I can just trim down a little bit off the side you'll have sequins little pieces of sequins flying here and there let's lay it down again and see how I feel about that a little bit more off the side well a sequined floor is a happy floor oh yeah I'm good okay I'm good I've got it exactly where I want it to be now I can tape it down so the reason why the dyes have to be opened eyes and bigger dies and the stamps had to remember I said it has a lot of open space because the sequins have to have room to move if you're trying to make the sequins move in a small little circle or a small little square there's not enough opportunity for them to go up and down to change the color or if your dye has too many angles if they won't they won't flip at an angle if there's a if you're using something that's got like a heart shape might be a little more difficult to get into the lobes of the heart to get them to go up because it's curved more so you want something that's big enough to give you the the real estate for your sequins to shine okay so I'm just gonna tape this on down I'm going to put some Stacey tape at the top and some Stacey tape at the bottom and you can see now hopefully why I had to cut the two mats together could I have cut the mats separately yes I could have but then to make sure that I have centered my-my-my die that is where you would want to stamp if you were gonna cut your mat separately and die cut your your mats separately as opposed to sticking them together and running it through once you want to make sure that you would then stamp on both in the exact same place so use your stamp positioner because then if you cut them separately and then you bring them over and one with slightly askew slightly tweaked your mats would not line up it's easier to just tape them together and then die-cut so you're sure both of them cut exactly the same let's throw some Stacey tape here some taste desi tape down there hopefully that's enough to get the job done and then let's put my alright and even I didn't go high enough with my Stacey tape a little more Stasi tape down here because I didn't go high enough okay and then we can put it down to our card I'm going to put a little bit more over at the top here then we can go to our card base peel off our Stacy tape peel off our Stacy tape and then lay it down without standing up then I can go isn't it so cute for your things okay that's cute but then what to do with the rest of the card oh that's so easy peasy okay so where are the stamps they give you in this set where's my block and my stamp mat easy peasy what to do and it looks like we used India ink cuz it's stained which is perfectly fine it gives you a darker black gives you a black black and I can go one two three ABC do you think that's good that one was not as good as the other one but that's okay let's give this one a little more pressure abc123 and hypo better okay so now I've stamped myself some I'm gonna put this to the side I'm gonna take a limb now if you had your stamp positioner you would just go right back over that I know I'm gonna take maybe a little of my well I don't know maybe a little of my blue how about some blue my blue and I can just put it right in there do we want it on everyone yeah sure put it right in there so I've got some blue going on in there and maybe a little brown and you can see I'm just kind of scribbling it in and leaving some white space I think we're gonna start with that and I'm gonna grab one of my stubs and my gamsol and I'm gonna get messed up wet got a wet stub and then I'm just gonna come in here and kind of color that on out super cute and I could come over here and just give this one a little bit of color super cute super easy you can see the difference from when I drew it on so when I drew it on to when I used my gamsol to kind of melt it away and make it into that soft beautiful almost alcohol ink look then they give you the dice and again this is where having that magnetic platform sure does come in handy cuz if I bring these over now that I've colored them and I've stamped them if I bring them over and I line up my dyes and I want to be sure that they don't move I need to tape them down with some some washi tape I need to do something to keep them in place otherwise they tend to move so washi tape a post you know whatever makes your heart happy but if you have on your wish list and you've got a birthday and anniversary ax just because date coming up you may want to ask for a magnetic platform because then I'm able to decide I'm able to put them where they need to be and just leave them and they'll just stay where they need to be and then I can easily die-cut sandwich down and you go and again it's an open frame die so it's not gonna require you going back and forth I'm only going through one piece of cardstock so really one roll should be enough if you really want to make your heart happy you can absolutely go back isn't gonna make any difference and then I can start to decorate I can start to decorate my cards I even have a sentiment they think well let's just finish I'm here already hung 90% done so you want to make sure that you don't put the stasi tape on top of your sequins gosh I could have popped these with foam and then I've got my little sentiment up here a little bit chop that on down Joop Joop I could pop that and now I'm ready for somebody to play with it it just makes my heart happy look at that look at that so again it's not gonna go this all the sequins aren't gonna turn all the way up in the highest angles so from the gold to the copper and you just want to do that that's it's just so fun and so easy and the cards put themselves together for you because you've got the dyes you've got the stamps everything and then the sequins and all the fun colors and then you decide how you want to color your paper do you want to use the colored pencils with gamsol to make it super easy do you just want to palette paint with your tombow markers to make it super easy or are you uber talented and bless your pee-pee and heart all of you alcohol ink marker people out there that have that that oh they have it's that that talent that raw talent to be able to use the alcohol inks because I the markers I'm just not good with them so I stayed what I know and I can do colored pencils they're very forgiving and I can do tombow markers they're very forgiving I'm good with I I'm good with the forgiving tada I made a card that never happens so fun so easy and so cute and then it will bother me so when we're all done I will go back and finish this because it will absolutely bother me that this is not done so I'm coloring it which will then force me to go back in and add the gamsol and you're like what do you mean you can do it after the fact oh heavens yes this is just gamsol it's not gonna hurt anything firetruck must be an SMS YouTube sure the gamsol is not gonna hurt anything so when I said later I actually meant like now damn salt mineral spirits whatever you want to call it yeah see now I feel a little bit better super cute all right so what did we do today well the first thing we did is we talked about how just to use the stamps that we have today the exclusive stamps and we talked about memento ink versus hero arts India ink and how memento is a soft black and a hero India ant's ink is a black or black but they both will not move with water we colored this one here with gamsol and colored pencil just easy peasy and here we went in with our tombow markers and palette painted easy peasy it's a matter of which way makes your heart happy and if you happen to be awesome with the alcohol ink markers well then you can do that too but this is too foolproof ways of coloring and remember it's just white paper and I have to tell you I don't know there was a there was wasn't a card or an email no I think it was a was a card or an email it was left on my desk about a customer sent us an email about how she was working on something and she wasn't liking it but she heard me say just finish it just finish it so she did and it turned out she liked it better than she thought she would but she was ready to scrap it until she heard me in her head which is a little scary but she heard me in her head saying you can do this just finish it finish what you've started and then once it's all done then if you don't like it then you can chuck it but chances are when you finish it and you give it a chance to be you're going to love it more than you thought and whoever you give it to they're absolutely going to love it so she sent an email and she told us she finished it and it turned out better than she thought so we worked with with tombow markers and with tombow colored pencils not water colored pencils we worked with inky antics gamsol and their paper stubs and we sell them in a kit and the kit even has their own little instruction book which is very thoughtful of Jackie then we have four different dyeing stamp sets and five different five or six different things of your sequence so let's do the dot well let's do the sequins first so this is the one I played with today which is gold to a copper and they're 595 595 for the whole piece and then you cut it to what you need and remember if you want to try this using dyes and stamps of your own it has to be something that has enough usable surface it can't be something smaller cute like lawn fawn those are too small and cute you need to have something that's got some usable surface which is why we did the dies and the stamps the way we did look at that that looks amazing so that's one of the colors then we did the pink and the blue which is another oh my gosh it's so much fun pink in the blue for teal then we had the rainbow that goes from rainbow to silver to rainbow to silver I think I may take this on the next business trip then I can just decompress will okay and then we have and we have I think this one got cut in two then we have pink to silver right I have ideas for this stuff and then we have kind of an iridescent really really pretty iridescent is that what they're calling it what are they calling it iridescent copper to a royal blue this color is fabulous to a matte blue look at how dramatic is that right oh my gosh is that beautiful this matte blue is fabulous and then on the other side you've got this super iridescent love the matte blue so pretty and then the last one oh my gosh mr. SMS good good now you have this iridescent matte blue and an iridescent matte pink oh look at that these matte colors they just are gorgeous I almost think I like the matte colors more than I like the shiny colors but then I see the shiny colors and it makes my heart happy so the pink both sides are matte beautiful matte pink to a gorgeous it's almost a navy the color is so incredibly rich alright those are the six colors of the sequence and yes we have an I want it all and yes they're on sale they're $5.99 less 20% and then the I wan at all and if you just wanted to get one of everything it's kind of hard not to want one of everything but if you have to choose I couldn't tell you I love them all they're beautiful because I think the one that I use today is so rich from the goal to the copper I just think it's elegant and regal and rich so those are the colors we have for the sequins and then okay so here's the make and take that they were doing and downstairs they're using the rainbow they're using the rainbow this goes with the die in stamp set that I'm using today remember the stamp set is sold by itself so you can buy just the stamp set but if you want the die you have to buy the die with the stamp set we won't sell the die open stock it has to be in combination of two so here's our first sample then we have where we have made the background we stamped the background with the shells to make our own background and then with the blue with the blue up and down and up and down so pretty and using the shells to actually stamp to make our background and then we have the pink and teal and we just tore brown paper to make it look like sand and then you've got your pink and your teal get that one over and then back and then over and then back so pretty and then we have here now they're going up hello beautiful cute these are just cute they just make you smile you can't help but smile so again the ones at the very top aren't gonna flip because there's no room for them to flip that's why you need to have something more open then something small so the dies were designed to do this and then the same colors I use today the gold in the the gold and the kind of bronze II would help if I did it and it says see you soon and again we use the stamps to do the background and then how about a shaker card with sand in it no sequins at all so stamped the image so you see the black outline and then die-cut so super cute see you soon and then last but not least another I think this is the make and taken and it just hit the rainbow just hit happen to be in the place where it's a lot of blues and greens so that's this set here our next set is our darling little sand pail and starfish and little hermit crab and the dies to go with it so you can buy the stamps by themselves or you can buy the stamps and the dies together and here we've got our sample and you just flip them on up and flip them on down how cute is that and hair off the Sandhills tilt it over and little hermit crab is is um crawling out the mat blue with the matte pink super cute again another shaker card using it as a window here we've got our rainbow pale how cute is this and then it's got the it's got the silver and then the rainbow how cute is that just makes my heart happy you just want to sit there and play with them okay then another pail zoop zoop zoop sound effects required you and then the Matt pale with the really deep beautiful blues it's that deep beautiful blue into a pink so pretty and fun and easy and doable everybody will have a great time playing with these everybody will have a great time making these and just our basic one with our goal to copper and then one that's a little bit more elaborate with are iridescent to our striking blue okay then we have the sailboat and I colored the sailboat for you a little earlier so there's the stamp there's the dye sailboat sailboat sail boat as a shaker sailboat now we fussy cut this piece out there's no dye for that but we stamped and fussy cut that on out we stamped him fussy cut that on out sailboat this piece you get the die for this one you're going to fussy cut on out sailboat with the pink and then the last one we have for you is the fish oh my gosh there's the stamp there are the dies oh he's so cute ha now adorable is he fish just keep swimming just keep swimming just keep swimming so now our fish is a beautiful beautiful majestic blue and then he's iridescent and then he's blue I want to get into there my nails were catching on he's blue and then he's iridescent and then a shaker easy-peasy and look at how cute is he Zuzu look at how cute is he there now he's half-and-half alright you guys let me tilt on up let me scroll back all right you guys we're both thinking shoot super fun super easy super clever way to go Jackie oh my gosh so smart so smart just so proud of you I mean really that was clever very clever it's not always easy to be clever so where are you gonna find all of these great products you're gonna find them either in our retail store here in the Taco Bell shopping center on Soledad Canyon Road in Canyon Country California or you're gonna shop with us at scrapbooking meets infocomm scrapbooking mid-tempo calm they'll all be on a youtube yummy sale the dyes well the Dyna Stamp combinations the stamps the pencils the the sequin is the the markers they'll all be there for you on a youtube yummy sale and remember though one the only shop that did not hop starts on July 12th both in store and online look for the YouTube to give you the do's and the don'ts the ins and the outs and the the what for yes and so you know before you place your order that this is a sale that you want to be a part of of course that those kind of prices it's very hard to resist anyway is me I will see you again next week wahoo kachou we have got exclusive product next week – oh very excited but until then I will see you bye everybody

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