30 Slick Defensive Boxing Skills & Moves!

34 thoughts on “30 Slick Defensive Boxing Skills & Moves!”

  1. Floyd: "I came into this sport to run around. The name of the game is to hit, so I did exactly just that. I hit-and-run every single time. Boxing is sweet science. Your fast hands are of no use against my fast legs"

  2. 11:19 BRUH 🤦🏾‍♂️imagine Mike chasing you down with that psycho head bob and smile trying to knock your head off it’s stump 😱💀

  3. Defence in boxing is not running. The only people who call the art of defence running are the people who don’t have the skill 2 avoid punches so have no option but 2 attack all the time or armchair experts who never stepped in the ring an never learnt how much harder it is 2 avoid punches instead of throwing punches. You can beat a man an take his heart without ever throwing a punch then when u see him in front of u with all his confidence drained an second guessing himself u can hit him at will!

  4. When I saw that this black bitch cunt speaking I quit to watch because I hate that asshole little pussy who pay judges more then everyone in history of boxing Im sick of his face a fucking reach bitch fuck u …. u r shit and u always be just shit in this sport nothing else….!!!

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