30 LEGO DINOSAURS for Kids! Wrong Heads Dinosaurs! Learn Dinosaur Names

hello all dinosaurs and then today I have a huge box of fake booty like maybe dinosaur figures let's pour them all out turn up to let's do it are you Dennis on yet subscribe to become one gone ok let's begin by fixing up this brand Dominus racks this is a pretty unique in dumbness racks as you guys can see it is different from the original it is actually thrown and call it let's place it over here and let's start to assemble in another one next up some glow-in-the-dark dinosaur figures check this out guys lights off you guys see no yep pretty cool right let's fix this up oops wrong side this it's Velociraptor blue I suppose let me place this right under the lights and arm now let me switch it off as you guys can see beautiful glow it's very off really fast next up let's fix up dis looks like we have and Dodger Velociraptor I think this should be echo what do you guys think you put it what the load of lights lights off you guys see it beautiful glow alright so you have two more right over here oh the exam book dinosaurs will be placed here here's another one Dilophosaurus which is a ready assemble we need to pick a film off to assemble all right here's a few more what do we have over here is this a Styracosaurus what do you guys think you are stating the obvious Dan that is clearly a triceratops check the result a huge press add hops this is my one and only gigantic Triceratops I got it from Aliexpress really happy with it it is pretty good and here it's a brute like Edgar Raptor which is pretty well made if you guys can see it it actually looks like the original one yep you can't really tell the difference yep boot Lake indoor Raptor seems very nice move the arms can move the legs and retention pad protect the tail beautiful next up we have this unique and really special t-rex yep these two x's hmm wrong side den wrong side this t-rex has a very unique print like this patterns on its body it has a beautiful beautiful soft and rubbery – all right let's move on to more dinosaurs back over there okay what is this Dilophosaurus rex this is pretty cute let's find the missing fruit can you guys please help me to find the missing fries girls I'm not able to find it there's a huge pile of like dinosaurs but I can't find this missing free come on guys please help me to locate it Oh Garrett it is looking good let's fix this pop oh how do we even do this got it so this adds a Dilophosaurus racks okay lets me place this over here next up what is this this looks like a triceratops with a missing head let's fix this up no then this is definitely not the head on this Triceratops cross this is semi-translucent which means you're able to see you right through it looks like we have a choice an tops head over here but does it match I don't think so I don't think so let's see maybe this will match with distress at house not exactly as well so we need to find the right of body Oh result we have eight golden Triceratops but this Triceratops needs to find its body there is it I think I have finally found it this definitely matches its body okay let's proceed to our next figure shall we alright let's try to find the head of this of Triceratops let's try to find it I can't really find it hmm we need a pop OH Triceratops head I think it is hidden right over here either I then just bought it what successor there you go we have another Triceratops okay next up let's take a look at this we have a baby and dumbness Rex let's fix this up this is pretty cute so you guys can see the plenty of different patterns on its body and this one right here is super cool okay this is actually sculpted then reference to the moon 2018 mutant renaissance rex it is looking very good create pretty high quality good Lake but this one right here it's not so good this it's another indominus rex fix this up the quality of this it's pretty bad let's compare to the rest the lakes take it where it's the otter missing all right here this came off very very easily there you go another indominus rex its picks up a few more like here we have a black indominus rex which is painted like an indoor Raptor this is definitely not a good quality in director this portion right here is hot that's compared to the rest the rest of rubbery tears okay let's fix up more Lego figures right over here here's a few more figures to fix up your Rexy right here we need to choose right here let's fix this up this is a pretty good buidling maxi pretty well made this it's even lost their Raptor which is decent not the best but pretty good old this one unlike it the crystal Velociraptor it is very nicely made indominus rex the original bootlick hidden dominance rex yep this is the actual color indominus rex to show what this is is this a o connell raptor I suppose I need to fix this with a glow-in-the-dark Rexy looks like we have a head of a Dilophosaurus which I can just grab over there missing this connector here it's an another glow-in-the-dark figure let's fix up more figures right at the back the too many missing parts okay let's fix them up this one right here the morph asuras is fixed we have another one the exact same one this is fixed if he's Pteranodon need to fix up the ways okay this is done oh this is a different one so we need another slide of the wing which is right of a better suppose for too many of them so let's see which one is it when we need one without this boss right here let's fix this later on it let's fix this up yeah there you go a Pteranodon so this is done this is done you need a few more okay this it's a crystal clear done office sorry so this is fixed I have found the other wing for us to actually connect it it's right here oops I don't think so okay this is the one so you fix it but it is missing a beak so we'll fix that later on okay here is not a wand to fix crystal clear baby indominus rex i think this is pretty cool pretty rare as well it's quite difficult to find this this is the original bootleg blue yep the original version of importantly this one it's a pretty new a good late blue what is this is this um a stagger sad tops not exactly I think this is an ankylosaurus with a missing tail if I can find it I'll show you guys it actually looks pretty cool right here we have a original baby and dumbness Rex which has the glow-in-the-dark ability we need the body of this literacy oh and what is this they've found the head of a respite house so the plenty of missing dinosaur pieces this is another version off to time officers just push this in this is stuck actually okay there you go and this is a color torus with a wrong arm because they actually sent me this sticker with a missing arm or rather the he wrote off fixed is it has a missing head too many missing pieces here and there let's fix up a few more and we aren't done what is a crystal blue t-rex this is looking pretty good it's like we have a stack of Sarrus this one right here is definitely in pieces hold up this arm is wrong I actually need to disassemble this otherwise it is actually very difficult to fit them into the box so Danny go as you guys can see a tas to in a mass plenty of damage still needs to be a sample so please let me know which one is a most favourite boot like figure ok I am going with this one right here I think it is very well made follow byte by the indoor Raptor for this unique really unique dueling figure I would have to go with this and Thomas Rex that's very cool it's pretty unique and of course this huge it has sad humps alright but you guys have enjoyed this video and if it did do give it a thumbs up share it and drop me a comment now try my best to reply to you as soon as possible and if the new here my name is Dan and I often look Denisov videos every make sure you're subscribed if like dinosaurs in Jurassic bull don't forget to press it little bell icon right below to receive notifications whatever I upload a video my name is Dan and I'll see you guys tomorrow in the next video but before you go and usual check out our previous video right here if you have missed it and all the auto related videos I'll see you guys tomorrow tomorrow I'll be uploading and very very cool vids yeah so stay tuned for that Devine

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  2. Where are you getting all these Lego dinosaurs from you should put them in the link of the description plz

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