3 YEAR OLD SHAWN, MASTER of FORTNITE! (FGTEEV Trollin' – haha Big Baby)

oh oh it's gonna be so much what how good are you do you want to get revenge on Michael Roy Michael ready up okay ready up guys uncle beat you up are you a good weapon right you have a weapon what yeah don't you want to get a pew pew oh my god bill to towers jump oh no chief Shawn's gonna get a gun before uh-oh you guys better watch out Shawn's gonna destroy you like straight up my god noise you know shots okay let's go oh I'm getting my bench because you hurt my friend I don't cheer down they just pull up your house Shawn welcome I'm coming in your house Johnny Johnny I'm gonna get you you just exploded yourself actually gimme market did you walk it kill your walk it chase we got high from China because he don't get us a shopping cart you go shoppin look four-wheeler sorry you died yeah shy I'm flattered point shots weren't on airplane go up to address each go flashlight II took airplane no heat Pressey ww1 join you okay you gonna get up I want to see you try five tion director jörg a gun and go get him don't break it wait wait sure you want to land on Michael don't land on him let's go get airplane ready guys come to Shawnee is gonna do target practice okay I need you guys to run around in circles around Sean and see if Sean can shoot you just keep running around the circle I shot you ready and go try to get him try to get him guys keep running two people yeah you're good at that Sean who's bad at that like strawberry balloon press eat ready he oh you got all that shine go get that gun get that gun Bushkill you got weird yeah I'll take am a pineapple sandwich with a side of horseradish sauce and oh sorry and just go easy on the mustard because maybe go another one yeah yeah break the plane oh is that play that out oh oh no voice is taking your stuff shoot him hmm well show you want to get your stuff wait Shawn don't get your stuff they're spikes they're gonna get you shot oh wait Oreo take it wah wah [Applause] like that okay [Laughter] yes you're gonna get you're gonna get him shot don't get me don't get me piece no yes that's it now I'm going gay I'm sorry Sean I love you I'm just glad to get you one day revenge guys right now in the name of shot hey hmm okay who else want some yeah thank you so much for watching I was trying know he's dancing yeah it's doing away what is that the only thing I would like to know what exactly

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  1. "Instead of chase playing fortnite, there is something like fortnite that is called cyberhunter and also there is fortnite on roblox. I like your videos a lot " Pradhyum, 6 year old

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