are you guys what is up my name is Haley welcome to my youtube channel if you did not know now you do hello everyone a quick warning before I start this video yes my nose is running everything is stuff sorry if I sound funny etc etc we're just gonna get started and loose I get asked so much on how to learn German what are your tips what are you tricks what is your advice how can I learn it fast I want to learn German overnight sir everything is asking me question and I made a video a long time ago I actually don't know how long it was maybe a year on my advice my tips on learning German I put a few of them on there but this video is going to be a quick will not quick a summarized version of everything on the three tips tricks and advice that I think will help you learn German the fastest you're not going to learn German overnight you guys I'm sorry it's just not going to happen if you want to be a German prophy it takes time like everything else consistency patience and practice are like the three main points of life of everything that you have to do in life these three things you have to have I have these three points for you guys I hope they work for you I don't know if they will or they won't for me I can only give you guys my personal experience and opinion in the matter and I'm not a teacher so let's get going the first one is to speak German you guys I don't know how many times I have to ask people or tell them when I ask people and they say well I really want to learn German too my Germans not coming along that fast and I say oh well do you speak German everyday or at least try no I'm really shy I don't really want to speak German I don't really like it my grandma is really bad I understand I totally understand you guys I really I do because I am very shy when it comes to speaking German myself but every day I speak German one good thing about being in Germany and learning German is that the German speakers are usually very nice and helpful when it comes to asking and speaking to them second point is going to be reading and watching TV I'm trying to make this fun for you guys I'm seriously I'm not like one of those people that says go home write these words on a piece of paper 50 times each and then write sentences no no no this helps you as well but I feel like the fastest way to learn something is to immerse yourself watch German TV shows even if you don't understand them you guys watch your favorite TV show your favorite movie in German read your books read the German newspaper you guys read German magazines then you at least have an understanding even if you're sitting there and you have to translate every third word that's still better than nothing and you're getting wrapped into the culture then then you can actually have a conversation with a German person like oh did you see in the suit do I decide on that that happened or if you are reading a book German people are talking hey I read this book and you're like oh my gosh me too and you can actually hold a conversation in German with them that's really cool you guys it's all you have to go out of your way to do these things you're not going out of your way to read a book if you're already reading something you're not going out of your way to watch TV if you already watch TV it's just something that you have to get used to maybe you won't understand everything maybe you only stand 30 percent that 30 percent will then increase to 40% at 40 percent will increase to 45 that is just how it goes it's a slow process now going on to point three you guys is to practice and this is where everyone falls off I think because then you go to who knew by a book and you sit there with the same alf goblin for like three minutes you're writing the sentence and it's just boring and you're like I really hate this it really is like school you're like how can I make this fun how can this be a little bit more entertaining I understand you guys I've been here I found an app that does this for me that makes learning and practicing more fun for me and it does everything that I need beaking reading it listening watching it takes all this stuff and puts it into one app to make learning and language easier for me the app is called flash Academy I'll link it below so you can check it out but I'm just going to tell you my personal problem with German and everything everyone has different problems there's people with sentence structure there's people with Grammatik there's people with pronunciation but my struggle and German is the the dust the articles and the buzz this is so hard for me you guys and I think this is one of the hardest things that a lot of people that are learning German come into contact with this is something that really people struggle with and then they give up because of how hard it is and that's where I have thinned I'm not really improving in my German I'm just at a plateau and then I found the app my articles have gotten a lot better when I first started the app I would just hope for the best when I said an article I didn't know if it was daddy dust I just guessed hopefully it's the hopefully it's that hopefully it's dust I don't know what it is just hope it is after using flash Academy you guys I've gotten so much better like I didn't know it was there cafe I didn't know it was that's foosh took and you're thinking okay well you should know these things yeah I should but this is something that is um only learned by repetition and by practice what did I say that you need the three points you need consistency patience and practice and this app puts everything together and combines it in a fun way it actually gives you sentences of how the words are used and then ask you is this true or false then it gives you games that you play then it gives you puzzles that you do it just gives you so much stuff and basically the goal of this is to graduate from learning the language you aren't going to be a professional German after this but it's going to make your German learning experience so much easier and so much more fun and you're going to learn a lot more with this app then you would I think trying to do it by yourself or trying to learn it out of a book I think that a lot of people their problem is is that they give up after let's say two months of learning German they give up and they're not doing any good they come to a wall and it's because there's no fun you guys sitting in a class or looking at a book all day is no fun but if you have something like Flash Academy that sits you down and you're like oh let's play a game and it's a game that you can interact with and it's actually a fun game that you can play you're like wow and you're learning at the same time it's seriously one of the easiest methods to learn the language you guys I honestly I don't I can't give you any more tips I really I honestly can't these three things are seriously the easiest ways to learn German it's going to be the fastest it's going to be everything just wrapped into one you guys I promise you and my personal testimony on how to learn German fast is to read to speak and to practice which means getting a fun app like Flash Academy hopefully you liked this video if you do not sorry but I know that you're German you're learning German and it's a lot of fun don't get discouraged guys I promise you it'll get better I don't know what else to tell you guys I like my blog post about learning German my the same blog post that goes to this video down below and hopefully you guys enjoy reading it and I hope you guys have a wonderful day ok thank you so much for watching and

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  1. And you are absolutely right about reading books and magazines and watching TV and things like that to immerse yourself in whatever language for studying. I found that to be really really true. I just found a German novel here in Texas at the Goodwill store the other day for $2 and it doesn't even look like it's been read. Also as I think about different things in German and listen to other people's YouTube videos of conversations in German and visit Facebook groups or people type things in German and English and do other activities such as those, it just helps me learn improve on my German. And it's a whole lot easier to remember things I learn than just using a textbook pen and paper and just memorizing things.

  2. I LOVE the games in that app you suggested! I have been paying $30 a year to use memrise, and it's pretty good, but this one is free. And their game section is so much better than the timed stuff you do in memrise. And the timed section in your app is fun and the games are all different which is not only enjoyable but it causes you to think about the language you are learning whether it's German, Norwegian, or something else. You can learn lots of different languages, including even ones I've never even heard of, in that FREE app. Thank you!

  3. For all languages, watch TV with subtitles, Audio in the language you want to learn, Subtitle in either the language you want to learn, you can match Sound and Writing; or in your own language, this brings you the meaning.
    All the little countries, that don't do dubbing, and watch Englisch movies with subtitles, learn english this way.

  4. Do you think there’s someone in this world that can speak English (for example) and has learned every other language there is ?

  5. The tip with Die, Das, Der tends to be what sounds natural as well as fits the gender of the word. Der Mann, Der Junge, Die Frau, etc. Similar to El and La with Spanish. Just a tip to the others. Or just memorise which goes with which. But that has… Boring.

  6. I‘m German and my English has really improved since I’ve been watching American Tv-series (or movies). I also read lots of books in English and I often speak English with my family. I‘ve been learning English in school for four years but our English teacher is not that good. English became so much easier for me and I know that I still make mistakes and maybe there are even some in this text but I take the advancement so I won’t make the same mistake again.
    I don‘t know why I watch this video because I am German but I really have to say that German is a difficult language. Till I was 6 years old I lived in a part from Germany where they speak Schwäbisch (an accent) and then I moved to Bavaria so I can speak normal German, Schäbisch and Bayrisch. There are some many differences between these parts of the German language.

  7. Very helpful video. Thank you..I cannot help myself but say that your opening comments sum up exactly what is wrong with the world,in this generation.too many people think they can just learn/master something/anything quickly.

  8. Hi, I'm from Germany, but I also speak English.
    It isn't because I've learned it in school, no.
    When I was little, my parents made me watch English TV.
    I never had a problem with that, since I loved it.
    I also had a few Englisch books.
    And in the holidays we always went to England.
    So, I learned English.
    Now, we don't always go to England, we went to Italy last year, and we are going there again, this year.
    It's very good that we speak English, because many people do that, and you can communicate.

    Now, I know that many people wanted German YouTubers, so here you go:

    Concrafter / LUCA

    Bibi's Beauty Palace

    Julien Bam


    I hope I could help you a little bit. 🙂

  9. I talk to my Dogs in German when no one is around then I’m always checking to see if what I said was accurate or not.

  10. I really like german language idk why i really like to learn it

    Btw im from Philippines and im only 14 years old who like'd to lear german language 😍😍😍😍

  11. There is a trick to learning der die and das that will change the game overnight for you. Associate der die and das with colors: die = pink, der = blue, das = red. Eg: das Auto is a red Ferari…das Haus is that red house, ..the office is all red painted: das Büro, and I love blue cheese der Käse, milk from a pink cow die Milch, blue der Salat etc…THIS accelerated my learning of der die and das 100 fold! Now gone over 2000 words and hardly have to repeat them because they are already associated…Hope this helps you!! I also struggled with der die das…but now it is my strength …try it!!

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