34 thoughts on “3 Ways to Express Your Thoughts So That Everyone Will Understand You | Alan Alda”

  1. isn’t that 9 – 3 things, 3 ways, 3 times(each). its all all all so so so confusing confusing confusing

  2. I just f**** realized that this guy is the doctor from Mash I've seen him in things recently as an old man but had no idea he was the doctor from Mash

  3. Why do I need to be concerned with being understood by everybody? This seems like it should be an easy answer…

  4. How about do what you want and don’t follow the advice of an old fart on YouTube trying to steal your money

  5. The military has a concept knows as "tell me three times" which means when you give an order, you say it three different ways; maybe once in active voice, once in passive voice, etc. Some other people say to, "tell me what you're going to say, then say it, then tell me what you just said." All excellent advice for making sure your message gets through to different types of people with different thought processes and listening styles. Unfortunately, I tried listening to this video, but this guy just rambled on without actually saying anything.

  6. It's very odd. I mean I recognize him for sure and I know exactly who he is but this is the first time I have actually studied his face and now all of a sudden his familiar face is gone and he seems like a stranger. WTF is wrong with me. Am I going through the mandella effect?

  7. I can’t connect with the average person probably because I don’t have patience to repeat something 3 different ways. you don’t understand it the first time I get annoyed lol. I speak precise and to the point.

  8. This is what YouTube is for. Getting great advice from people with the experience to know what is effective.

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