3 Reasons why traveling is important for education of kids

Namaste! Now we are at Pondicherry. and this is Matri Mandir which is situated in Auroville. This is a very beautiful place. Surrounded with greenery. You can see how Havisha and Anay are playing here. A very important element of education is travelling. Kids’ get to learn a lot from this. Out of how much ever we have travelled till now I will tell you the three most important lessons kids’ can learn by travelling. The first element is nature. When kids’ travel around either go to a part or stroll in the forest, at a seashore or river bank. So, everywhere we can hear the birds chirping. Different colours of trees, ,leaves, plants, flowers, fruits we get to see all these. All these elements of nature help kids’ brain development. They get to see new things. They can understand them and feel them. This increase their creativity. This was the first element. The second element is speaking with others and seeking their help. Sometimes we need to put an effort. We can send kids’ to go and ask others when will the next bus arrive. Or else ask the security when will our flight depart. If you visit a restaurant you can teach them how to interact with the waiter. By this kids’ will learn to interact with others, seek their help and to mingle with them. This is a very important second element. And the third most important element is the responsibility. While travelling we will be unable to completely concentrate on our kids’. At that time kids’ will learn to take care of themselves. what should we do such that our bag is not left behind? Let’s carry it while travelling. Or else let’s remind mummy, papa that our bag is left behind. We need to reach the bus on time or we need to vacant the room on time. Kids’ can understand all these things And eventually, they will start adapting it in their lives as well. So, the three elements are nature, responsibility, to speak with others and seek their help. These three elements are very important in life ahead. At young age kids’ can learn by travelling. Next time whenever you travel, let it be a 1-day picnic or a long tour that time you can observe how your kids’ will learn and follow these things. Thank you!

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