3 Minute Teaching With Technology Tutorial – Open Educational Resources

in this 3-minute teaching with technology tutorial we're gonna take a look at open educational resources so open educational resources should be free open meaning that you can typically edit them and they're often licensed under Creative Commons licensing Creative Commons has defined six different types of licensing that allows creative people to share their work and indicate that they're willing to allow others to reshare their work and depending upon the type of license that they choose and tagged work with it also indicates whether it's okay for people to edit the work to be shared for commercial or non-commercial purposes and so on and this concept is at the heart of open educational resources today's open educational resources include textbooks lessons and lesson plans of videos course modules entire courses and many other resources so how do you get your hands on some of these fantastic free resources hopefully someday we'll have a central place or a methodology which will allow you to search across all open educational resources at once but we're not there yet but here's some of the best places you can go to look for things so if you're in higher ed you need to check out open Stax College to me they're kind of like the poster child for oh we are they've done such a good job they have what they did is they've identified the most commonly used books in college and they've recreated them under the oer model there are excellent resources highly rated and they're so easy to use you go out you click on the book you click through and you can download it as a PDF or in some other formats and it's just brilliant simple and highly effective so next let's take a look at Merlot Merlot is kind of a pioneer I don't even think the term open educational resources was coined back when they started cataloging digital learning resources in 1997 but there are a ton of great open educational resources available through them so if you go to Merlot org and find the search Merlot window and click on that it'll change to this menu option if you click on something like search materials for example now you get to a screen so here I'm going to go in and I'm gonna say I'm looking for social sciences specifically anthropology textbooks open textbooks in English here I get a bunch of op if I click through to them I can then see some information about them click on this link to go to the material here's my material that I can then download in a PDF or as an ePub so they have catalog resources available from all across the web and made them available through this search engine and just a fantastic resource to check out next let's look at all your comments so here we have an organization that has been put together to try and be the central repository and there's certainly an outstanding place to go and search for open educational resources when you land on their front screen you're gonna see these options that come up right here so I'm gonna go ahead and grab some I've chosen life science in middle school and click search and now I get a bunch of results returned and I can come out here and I can use various filters to drill down further so here I've selected four downloadable documents for middle school textbooks specific to life sciences when I go and click out to one of the links I found I find information about them notice the conditions of use in the Creative Commons Attribution and then as I drill out to it here I see I can download it as a PDF MLB format or an ePub format so creativecommons.org is a fantastic resource for open educational resources so before we look this next resource forgive me you're going over three minutes it looks like this is going to be more of a four minute teaching with tech tutorial but I want to share the OE consortium now fed out of California that has been collecting resources for years and if you click on the resources menu here I'm going to click on open textbooks but please realize there are lots of other types of open educational resources lessons lessons plans videos courses course modules available through these search engines so look at the search engine options closely but here just showing you real quick I'm drilling down choosing art art history and finding a great open online text from Oh a consortium org the last thing I'm going to mention is don't hesitate to google it and here you'll see I put oarn quotes which says it's required to have we are in the you know whatever's returned from these results is required to have that as part of the search frankly would have been smarter if I spelled out open educational resources so that's really the best way to do it but google it get creative and you can probably find lots of other resources of fantastic open educational resources so get out there find those free resources and put them to use

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