3 Marker Challenge Revealing Game Master Suspects!! (Carter Sharer, Rebecca Zamolo, Morgz, $10,000)

whoa come on sheriff we'll go back to my channel if you came from Stevens Channel smashes you rock and you didn't you're part of it what this secretive note is well it was dropped off at our mailbox we don't know who dropped off but it's a list of potential suspects of who the gamemaster is yes you saw on my blog that the spy wagon got hacked and grace and I ended up following this top-secret person into the woods where they called my phone and said something was in the mailbox well we got the list and on the list for potential suspects but I guess the best way to figure out who these suspects are and by doing the three marker challenge and show them at any time any of the suspects come up that you think is the gamemaster comment down below all right grace you ready to grab the first suspect yeah let's do it hey the first suspect is harder harder share our brothers whoa our brother okay well here's your's that's the first suspect shirt do you think Carter's hair is 15 Master what I was not expecting that so it couldn't make sense yeah it is the possibility okay well let's think about it as we drop them out here yes close your eyes and pick three markers okay here we go ready okay Somerset black and it's great team so that recorded space I've been doing in orange he's on California now if the baby has a very good tan yeah that's the work or at least we think about in California maybe he's just spying on us in the woods yeah maybe not new Star Wars like favorite he got is like a five guys that he's been using on that laser device yeah you're right it's a super powerful laser yeah maybe like transport ins everywhere it could maybe like makes code maybe that's how this is my bike and got hacked and how we got stuck in the mud I couldn't get anywhere because quarterly hack the computer system that way I'm gonna finish coloring the face all in with orange oh and I can do blue for blue eyes he has blue eyes too oh yeah Cheetos what harder like snack and at the beginning the gamemaster really like to snack wait you're right like when we were exploring that bandit cave with Rebecca's omalo yeah there was snacks in the ground like Jolly Ranchers and candy snacks yeah and at the world biggest inflatables fly that gatorade bottle that was left where it was like in the water oh maybe Carter had been there before the plant evidence yeah well we know it's been there before many years ago that's true so I don't know he knows exactly where the location is so maybe he knew he knew be coming there yeah that all makes that Oh and I'm done with the face so now I'm going to do the eyes and blue nice bright blue eyes one like this one just like this okay and then yeah I got pink so I'll go ahead and do a pink drinking shirt I really wish I had green because that would really match his shirt his real life merch but I guess I'll just do pink instead I'm doing what is it pink or purple this is uh this is a fruit punch and it smells like fruit punch to this little bit what's my smelling me cotton candy yeah okay well I'm done with this shirt okay so does this shirt what color hair do I get Carter purple hair pink hair maybe maybe both maybe like rainbow hair okay started with purple hair alright I'm done with the t-shirt now watch I'm gonna fill the t-shirt in with some blue because I love blue is such a good color maybe I'll do pink hair this is sure since you wouldn't looked at with purple hair and pink hair and they had a house which one looks better where I could use blue hair actually blue hair marker yeah this one is called fresh air smells like fresh air definitely can smell that okay what car lips they look black there we go coloring into wood alright I'm finishing up the dream team hi I did blue okay so I'm almost telling Carter now I'm just gonna fill in the hair for the hair I'm going to do blue hair blue hair can be like really good oh yeah there we go blue hair how cool is that that looks really cool I'm never close to skin color blue hair looks so good oh yeah check that out blue hair this is perfect and burgers I am John Smith Carter oh yeah looking good oh we make this a $10,000 challenge oh and whoever wins this challenge can get more money to with or $10,000 salad oh yeah the winner of this challenge will get $500 throughout all the chances to win 10,000 spurts is the overall winner yes so I won on my channel I won oh yeah oh yeah okay you ready to reveal oh yeah let me close up my markers put that in the bucket okay the boat is gonna begin is up to you to comment to one half text even or hashtag great oh yeah all right you ready great okay in 3 2 1 Oh check out mine and the voting begins now mine they like the orange cheeto oh yeah alright you might want the car to share around but uh we gotta move on to the next game master suspect so let's see who that I could see this one grace I could definitely see Rebecca being the game master yeah either that or Rebecca called twin both ours beats pin perfect win okay the big game master well this is even got Rebecca's sprinkles okay wait wait second what is this the arsy squid or Rebecca Samoa oh we don't know Henry no comment down below if you know how to tell them apart yeah okay you know okay you ready here we go three two one yeah I'm gonna do Rebecca in purple definitely the blue eyes purple face for sure maybe Rebecca is wearing light purple type of makeup okay and oh definitely pink lips because she's wears that pink bright lipstick purple looks good oh it smells like great group punch oh that smells really good smell it like fruit punch I think this one's really good okay all right purple makeup right now warrant eyebrows orange eyebrows okay and then orange hair I guess Oh what I can't say right now hmm all right what's her face and I gotta do care and other stuff like that she might but I'm gonna make her eyes blue right now let's see wait a second what I thought she had blue eyes tube and then I realized they were brown maybe the arsy twin has the blue eyes and the rail Rebecca's Volvo has a brown eyes that could be I don't know I don't know Cher's comment below what you think I actually don't know grace that's a good question and I'm gonna do her shirt with green I think her hair you have to stay tuned to see what I do with that maybe like highlights or something maybe you have to watch hmm gettin tired drawing this big picture while dogs my shirt now I'm just going to color in her cupcake would be really good step up my game a little bit we're both loyal thinks you need to have blue hair to share it let's draw some blue hair on Rebecca just like this oh yes whoa blue hair hey blue hair don't care this is looking good color on the sprinkle sparkle things it's really hard alright grab the blue shirt them now that's it other than the cupcake I'm going to do turbo speed on the cupcakes icing I'm gonna put my finish I'm ready for the next round all right buddy process with the bow to begin in three two one go alright comment who you think has the better Rebekah's them all of drawing twin RZ twin yeah okay one again okay I got a big bear harvest this time and I gotta step it up grace who is the next potential game master subject okay I got the next suspect okay let's reveal it you ready yeah three two one go Oh more more what I haven't seen more post many game master videos his opposed wait a second what he's from London you're right and when we were in London there was a lot of game master stuff I on huh okay it was Bing this took a twist good more be the game master I don't know Steve but quick okay right now so that works sweet let's get drawing yeah okay looks like the orange is gonna go for the skin so orange face maybe he has a nice hand right now I'm gonna do yellow hair but thank you yellow hair is like black hair – black up there hip walking his hair I think I don't know might be reversed like a yelling them black or black and yellow I'm not sure interesting I never noticed that this is actually really tough cuz like what color is his skin not that not that not that yellow this hair yellow oh no you got to make the best use I mean three markers or do grit oh dude why do gray gray yeah great works alright got the horns done on then – the arms – just like this alright skin is done now I got to do a t-shirt and I'll do the t-shirt in purple I think that was gonna be the best color for the exclusive morgg's merch current suspects of the gamemaster they're pretty sneaky because I would have never guessed more but now let's think about it I really kind of get now he always says that $10,000 challenges – so maybe that has something to do with that yeah both him and corners that yeah you're right maybe they're working together maybe and all the positive that you started maybe that has to do something yeah I don't know because the remote has special powers yeah I'm the one that started the pause channel and stuff what's up how are ya and then Carter's laser remote they have powers too so maybe they've been like sharing top-secret spy information back and forth to each other whoa okay yeah I'm really starting to think something shares comment down below something like this could be possible I'm just gonna fill the rest of the merch and with purple just like this I'm going to do it yellow shirt ooh perfect purple shirt just like that I'm almost done and then I think I got a do hair and I think the best part for the hair is gonna be pink hair oh yeah let's see what morphs oh let's say with pinkish red hair body hair color yeah well it's a three marker challenge you'll have every color to choose from I am done I'm done – okay markers Ingrid you're truly done all markers go in and time for the share is two votes okay final reveal and three two one go oh yeah here's my boards three marker drawing and here's my thing the shares are definitely like a mine oh yeah oh yeah I find it 1-1 that's one point to me and two points pretty cool well wait what that looks like all of them so far but ways like a chairs go over this demons channel and look at the guy in the woods and see it with any of these people yeah cuz the person that grace never following in our backyard he Rebecca's omalo Carter or morgg's comment down below if that person looked like any of them yeah sure make sure you go over to see my channel click right here and smash like button so we can work together figure out who the game master is so until next time you know what to do stay awesome and share the love peace

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