3 Crucial Lessons from Lee Chong Wei

Leitrim way is one of the best badminton players to have ever graced the sport as the eternal rival and fierce competitor to linden the two took the sport to a level that had never previously been seen before and after an illustrious career spanning over 19 years he announced his bittersweet retirement earlier this month so in this video we're going to take a look at three things lee chanhui does that are responsible for his legendary status because these are things that you can very easily start implementing into your own badminton game to separate yourself from the competition no matter what your current skill level is now the first thing that lee chanhui does is to constantly push himself that may sound obvious but there's more to it than first appears after all every top player trains at an intensity that you would not believe yet alongside with linden the two players have clearly proven that they are at a distinct level above the competition this is because of region Way's ability to get to a level that most players would consider to be a limit and then somehow find a way to go that extra bit further this is something he developed due to an incident at the start of his career I'll always remember that incident I was supposed to make my debut Eddie all-england but I didn't go in 2002 liam way was set to make his professional debut at the prestigious all england tournament as a young and starry-eyed badminton player he was incredibly excited the plan was to have a morning track training session in malaysia and then fly off to England later that day but Leaton way noticed a pain in his leg and told his coach miss Minh silic that he was reluctant to train without batting an eyelid Misbah turned to him and said in that case you're not traveling with us tonight stay on the sidelines and watch the rest of the team train I thought he was joking with me so I continued to run with the team anyway he stopped me from running and taught me I will not be getting on the plane I started crying and pleaded with him because I wanted to participate in the All England later that night the rest of the team flew off to England leaving Li Shan way behind in what must have felt like a cruel twist of fate in the span of a single day he went from being on of the world only to have it crash and burn in front of him but being left devastated like that may have been one of the best things to happen in his career it lit a fire of determination that has then burned throughout the rest of his career from that day on he's pushed himself further in training than he'd ever otherwise be able to if it wasn't for such a bad memory everything I do in Bebbington hey Jim yogi I got the desire within him became hungrier than ever and he would do anything to avoid being put in that situation again now the next thing that's responsible for Lee Chong Wei success is to always take things one step at a time that means when he has a big goal or target he always breaks it down into a set of smaller attainable steps so many of us tend to seek out the huge results immediately but when we overstep and fail to achieve them we start to feel angry at ourselves this negative emotion leads to throwing in the towel and giving up lead somewhere on the other hand doesn't fall into this trap after returning to the professional scene from an eight-month hiatus in 2015 his world ranking had dropped from number one all the way to number 183 first he looked at his ranking in utter disbelief he couldn't fathom the idea of climbing back to the top ten it seemed like an impossible mountain to climb but his coach advised him to not think about getting back to the top ten instead to only take it one step at a time by focusing on the competition at hand as a result Lee Chong Wei was able to regain a top five ranking in a mere six months something that blew even his own expectations out of the water as he had originally predicted it would take a lot longer this shows that more it can be good to set yourself big ambitious goals if you don't break those girls down into smaller intermediate steps you could actually be doing yourself more harm than good if you've ever felt overwhelmed at the idea of reaching your own Babbington goals whether that's playing at the same level as a player you look up to or winning a certain tournament then you already know what this feels like a great way to implement this mindset of taking things one step at a time is to take out a piece of paper and physically write down what your goal is then from there work backwards and write down each of the intermediate steps needed to make that large goal a reality it's important to actually get this down on paper and not overlook it as just a mental exercise this creates a physical roadmap that's incredibly easy to follow and it allows you to take things one step at a time without other thoughts overwhelming you now that's not the only reason we're Leitrim weights ability to take things one step at a time came to his advantage in the 2006 Malaysian Open Lee Chong Wei clash in the finals with Linden something that would later become one of the greatest rivalries in sports history in the third set Linden held tournament point at 2013 up and it seemed like he would inevitably break the heart of the Malaysian home crowned most players in this situation would be mentally broken the idea of winning seven straight points against Lin Dan of all players seems absolutely unfathomable but Lee Chong Wei was unfazed he knew that all he has to do was win one point certainly something he could do then all he had to do was win the next point and repeat this see he never focused on the score instead he just took it one rowdy at a time and only thought about what he had to do in that very moment by some miracle this enabled Lee Chong Wei to pull off an incredible upset coming back to win the match 23 21 and take home the trophy in front of his adoring home crowd in what must have felt like a moment straight out of a movie [Applause] and that leads me nicely to my final point little white has learned to enjoy the game instead of only playing to win when most of us go into a match where the stakes are high we are consumed by a desire to win counter-intuitively this can actually be detrimental because you place yourself under a huge amount of pressure to win which can negatively impact your performance it's often been said that lesion way tends to underperform at the big events he would perform solely all season but for the really major events like the World Championships or the Olympics he would crumble under the pressure Linden almost always came out on top in these high-stakes situations and this is something that leisure await acknowledges himself he says that part of the reason Linden is able to consistently triumph in these high-stake situations is because Linden is under less pressure than he is if Linden loses China still have strong contenders in all four of the other disciplines who can still take home a gold medal Leitrim way on the other hand has to carry the whole weight of Malaysia on his shoulders he's often the only Malaysian player who makes it to the finals in major events so he feels like the entire country is relying on him the pressure of having an entire country watching you is so intensely huge and this affects the Achon weights game so when you step on call even if it's at a tournament in that you really want to win don't get overly obsessed about the results especially if you're a player who tends to crumble under pressure think of the match as a game not a competition because when you're enjoying yourself you unlock the ability to perform at your maximum potential something that can often be suppressed when there's too much pressure on you since adopting this mindset liter away started to perform extremely well by playing to win for himself and enjoying the sport the weight of Malaysia's hopes were lifted from his shoulders and he won multiple Super Series events but it was only later that year at the 2016 Rio Olympics where he would be fully tested at this point he had already lost a linden in back-to-back Olympic finals and was mostly written off as a player who chokes under pressure but this time he was entering the tournament with a fresh perspective the two players clash in the semi finals in the third and deciding game it looked like history was about to repeat itself Lee Chong Wei had a lead but after Linden a mini comeback and clutched out an absolutely crucial rally it looked likely tramway was about to choke again but unlike all the previous occasions where he crumbled under the pressure this time Li tramway was able to persevere in stomachs Lee Chong Wei of Malaysia as his nemesis in the finals Lee Chong Wei then faced off against another top Chinese badminton player Chen LAN this was his last Olympic appearance and unfortunately he was not able to pull off a win Li Chen white had hoped to compete in the 2020 Tokyo Olympics as one final chance to secure a gold medal but a fate appeared to have different plans Li Chen Wei was afflicted with health issues and even though he won a battle with cancer he was forced to hang up his shoes and retire from the sport it certainly wasn't an easy decision li chen weighed has had such an illustrious career spanning over 19 years and yet he still never achieved his life's dream but even though an Olympic gold medal always eluded him it's clear that he cemented his legacy as one of the greatest athletes to ever grace the sport he gave us a decade of unforgettable showdowns with Lin Dan he was ranked well number one for an incredible 199 week straight and walks away from the sport with 69 titles to his name but most importantly he inspired a generation of badminton players with his work ethic positive attitude and fighter spirit so the next time you step on call let these lessons from Li Chen Wei be passed down to you and use them to honor his legacy also guys I've spent a lot of time analyzing Li Chen always smash and I use that to put together a free smash training guide for you so if you want to smash more likely turn away and the pro players then you'll definitely want to check this out as it will have a huge impact on your badminton smash to get access click on the link in the description below and you'll be taken to a page where you can get instant access also if you want to see more badminton content like this subscribe to the channel and turn on notifications my upload schedule has been rocky at best recently and when you're not uploading regularly the YouTube algorithm punishes you by not recommending your videos even to subscribers so if you want to make sure that you don't miss out on these new uploads make sure to hit the bell icon below and you'll get a notification each time a video goes live thanks for watching guys congratulations the lead wrong way for having such an amazing badminton career and I'll see all of you in the next video

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  1. Awesome video Jonathan! Definitely the "one step at a time" was a very important lesson for me. I remember entering one of my first local tournaments at the highest division which was "A". My level at the time was the lowest "D". But I was stubborn and didn't care, I thought I was already the best and that i didn't have to start at the lowest! Hahahaha😂😂😂 Now I have worked myself up to "A". After that it will be Future series, international series, international challenge, then moving up to bigger tournaments!

  2. This video couldn't have come at a better time. I've been dealing with temper issues after getting mad at myself when I make errors during crucial matches but this video really showed me a new perspective on how to deal with it. Thanks alot!

  3. Love the content this channel produces!!! Keep up the amazing work!!

    – From a fellow UK badminton player 🙂

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