3.8 General Principles on Liability in Education

Hi, welcome to the Education Law Virtual Classroom. The aim of this lecture is to equip students with basic knowledge
about tort and liability in the educational process. The student should apply the general principles governing
the regulation of responsibility in the field of education. Liability can arise in the educational
sphere, based on: civil torts law, such as failure of the educational institution to fulfill the terms of contracts administrative law including offences
committed by officials of educational institutions such as a violation of financial and tax laws criminal law such as bribes requested by teachers, disciplinary regulations such as failure of students to comply
with the requirements of the school discipline. Educational liability differs from other kinds
of legal liability in the following ways: it can be applied only in the educational sphere, it is a consequence of the failure
to perform pedagogical standards. The legal liability of educators is one of the fundamental
and essential elements of the system in the performance of their duties and,
thus, part of their legal status.

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