2_KeyNOTE 31st International Conference 2011 Dr. Gerald Nosich

to you Socrates all he did was ask question but his good morning for those of you have seen me before a Furby before knowing difficulty standing in one place my car and I also move my hand but I thought so I can't use this because whenever I move my arms you will not be able to hear so I would talk to you a little bit about my my personal story in relation to critical thinking just some just some pieces I and we I started in critical thinking because in relation to my teaching they discovered early on that I was not teaching my students to think I was not teaching my students think much at all I came up got a philosophy department and I'm talking about the apartment and you may not know this but philosophers are people in velocity repent and to be kind of dirty many problems to think of course but we kind of think of it as outwards for shooting thinking is power and so I just discovered went about four or five years that I was not appreciably teaching my students to think well at all it was long this was my little Italian trench in philosophical discourse one juice is one of the fathers of critic of fathers of informal logic one thing that is coming to this conference nobody Richard was using my textbook as one of the textbook to news courses and so he invited me to the conference and that was the first time actually her in the term critical thinking I'm not aware of ever having heard before that like all these new ideas of the conference many one came from from Richard there's a language it's hard for me to describe that both the impact and the lack of impact they have on me for instance he said he an assignee of the intellectual trades seem to like to aversion way back then early nineteen eighties and their traits like intellectual courage intellectual humility intellectual perseverance pair mind is mind what's it mean is it true what follows and so I did what you know when you find these things that don't fit in the law to the scene of the model you have and um Richard with Richard a lot less of us over time but because I became convinced that critical thinking couldn't be just its own they its own horse quick even a series of horses devoted and critically it certainly couldn't be the kind of model I'm adjusting that I had been addressing and the item for me they're one of them me not exaggerating but one of the key items to me there was coming in contact with nurses oh I work so several times with schools of Nursing and and I would use my thumb so think about nursing program there's just a very close union between critical thinking and nurse if there's anything you want a nurse to be it it's an informed reasonable decision maker right so the reasonable is an essential part of Nursing one of the problems are a lot of weights nursing carries as I said enormous body of information well it's not is that what you want a student nurse to learn to do is ask what does it mean is it true so what the centerpiece of all fields and very much to the power of the elements of reasons of thinking all our fields nursing as well as philosophy as well as Natural Sciences and Social Sciences with competitiveness and office how I do with my family and all of those I have a purpose it as I make assumptions there are inclusions of drawing of using concepts the outlines of reasoning in the standards of reasoning would be influences judging me over to a way of doing critical leading across the region one that encompasses what happens model I had before but is eminently larger and more flexible and that's the model you're going to be working with over the next few days and I think that's a little bit history

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