28 States of India with map – General Knowledge for kids

35 thoughts on “28 States of India with map – General Knowledge for kids”

  1. Please dissolve India. Let states become countries. It is a shame to be called Indian. Bangali, Punjabi, Bihari, Gujarati.
    Republic of Kerala.

  2. Bsdk jamu and kashmir tere baap ka hein kiya agr pakistan se gand chlati to hy wo na inda na pak . Its a free independent state.

  3. I'm from odisha.my grandparents are from Telugu and my. Great father is from West Bengal but lives in north east bengal cadrama Pradesh beng

  4. Jammu And Kashmir is Pakistan
    Arunachal Pradesh and Ladak is China
    Sikkim is Sikkim
    N.E is NE
    Khalistan is Khalistan
    S.india is S.india


  6. Salaa gandu west bengal last kiu kalkata is india capital west bengal fast next video fast west bengal manthaal

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