268th Knowledge Seekers Workshop March 21, 2019

NOTE! Subtitles in this video are auto-generated and subject to further review and update. it’s time for change to move into the
real work of the universe and it’s time to understand that we used at math and
state to reach the level of understanding of the soul of the man now you understand maybe why the Creator
has sent his messenger says that they want whatever you have had is that they
bring the ears and it can be used who in the time of the Messiah comes they can
teach the soul and the messenger not to oppose but by them understanding through
those who have become messiahs to you from their souls to these to animate the
job is made easy the school is there and the students are they wouldn’t be there
then there won’t be any fight between what they called the most luminous and
demolitions the lamb and the lion will eat and sleep in the same lest the
Christians and the Muslims will receive and pray in a mosque and the same church
in the name of this also not in the name of religion that is used to create so
much conflict for the benefit of those who were the hyperactive children’s your time has come the time of changes
here and as I said my wish is my command there is your wish to see pete’s paths
are peace is a very big reality it’s the soul of the collective awareness by
giving will create a position of the church no other thing there is no penned
in the soul of the man and I’m sure once you go into the universal community you
will never see anything written but the balance of the fields of the soul of
existence try to be humble enough not to become arrogant in the power that you
have understood and you possess otherwise you’ll fall in the same path
of the Church of mosque this is what we promised but missus what
we have delivered we have to understand the operation of the soul and we have to
understand the soul of the man is a star in cosmos of the universe if we compare
the soul of the man and many of us seven billion in one collection earth is like
a galaxy with so many stars when we look in the depth of the universe we see
galaxies with hundreds of millions of the stars in it so is the planet earth
carries 7 billion beautiful stars which are the soul of the man carries with it
so loved so many trillions of animals flights and everything else so if you
look when someone who does not see the physicality of the earth and his content
what would they see they see a galaxy with so many beautiful lights shining
each one according to their strength each one according to their position an infant as a beautiful soul so has old
man to those who do not see the physical punishment is planet but they see the
strength of the field we are across ters of stars the human race every single
soul no one from a distance sees the soul of a fisherman passes all of the
cosmologists the soul of a president they all shine irrespective to its
quality this is the magic this is what the new science has to
bring to man when we look to our soul we see nothing but restarting others also
and this is the break this is the understanding this is what all these
teachings are about coming to mature to the next level to understand in the deep
space the universe is the holy sir gross also sir then man is ready to go into a space
then man is ready to become part of the universal community which has been
promised I never promised you have it I always promised you the variation of the
man to join the family and now you are picky it’s you who has to open the door
to understand if I can raise the soul of these people or many other souls that
the physical life on this planet changes that I’m worthy to be part of the
universal community to be there to serve to expand to be there to be part that in
the cycle of life of universe I become in being part I become harder to tell me when Mao reaches that point a new
dimension in the strength of the soul of the man will appear which is the own
imagination of understanding of the mystical eye gate to the opening of the
new life in a new dimension which is beyond imagination of what you might
call a new beginning the new cycle we start cycle carries with itself the
collision of the creation of life it’s the elevation of the soul to serve
become the key not after all of the physical life the time is right the time
has come for the man to go through this process welcome welcome everyone to the 268
knowledge seekers workshop for Thursday March 21st 2019 this is a production of
the Keshe foundation spaceship Institute and is the public teaching in English my
name is Rick cram and I’ll be your host today along with the Flint mal housing
and as usual we are joined with mr. cash of the cash foundation and I believe
he’s ready to speak with today’s teaching
hello mr. Kesh yes but warning good day to you as usual whenever I whenever you
listen to these knowledge seekers series of workshops as many of you are aware
today is the first day of the spring equinox and so many ways people are
silkroad celebrate this day as a beginning of the new year and part of
the Silk Road which as a minyan nation we are I give all the Iranians and
people of the Silk Road dorms of the new year in a high ratio molarity it’s been
tradition that this day we share gifts and behaviors may be the knowledge we
share today will be one of the biggest gifts we can give each other in part of
the knowledge understanding is being able to communicate that’s what we it’s
a gift that we can talk we can understand each other and we can
communicate sometimes by sign sometimes by word sometimes by emotion
and sometimes as we enter the dimensions of the universal community to the
language of the soul of the man some people have created their new words for
what has already been here from the beginning of time zero time communication those of you who
talk about the zero time communication means you have not understood to work up
here also this soul of man has always been in working at the zero time
communication now as we understood more and more about the creation and
different aspects of the technology of life now we come to understand they have
already known about zero time communication it’s just that we could
not find out where the noise was coming who was making the noise
who was talking and who was listening and how fast it was done then it brings
us to one of the most important parts of the what we call as we become the wages
of the space as we join the universal community he worked so hard had to learn
how to make the fuel so hard to get the reactors we so hard to start moving we
have managed to get ourselves out of this village of Earth and now we come
across the being of the universe how do we communicate how do we tell them we
love you how do we tell them we are men apiece don’t understand Chinese Russian for
your English but I understand one thing the language of the soul of man if you
go back to some of the teachings of very very early time I always said that they
read your mind before you even open your mouth
because they don’t need it they read but the soul is thinking and then if you
understand he can always be on your guard that I don’t want to think nothing
bad just in case they think I think bad that they can do something with it but
it’s not my intention to do or say but my soul just want to think that way and
then he goes back to the teaching of Russia
he says kadar any of tyranny Panhellenic in means think good to put that good
speak so if you look at it they really ins as Russians they’re already men of a
space that we trained before to be ready for today when a man takes into space
but they do not even think restaurant do wrong or talk walk so we understand
different cultures have matured in different way and in so many ways many
of the new time scientists talking about the zero time communication have not
understood that their own souls has been at this work for centuries but how do we
communicate with this zero time communication machine which is the soul
of the man and how do we transfer and translate and knowledge of
other souls in the universe then as nowadays we say that the common language
is English on this planet was becoming more off then sometimes ago they said
the language of Esperanto will become part of it but never picked up because
it was too complicated we have already learned some words yes no please
and as many Chinese tell you is yes thank you
no please when in fact the English says yes please no thank you
and then you can see what I’m laughter we make our own conducts in the depth of
a space can you imagine your soul saying no thank you
when you mean yes please or you say yes thank you
no please or we don’t need that language because the other side reads we are
thankful for seeing are what we call element of humans on earth we kiss and
cuddle we shake head or we bend how do we shake hand me the soul of a stranger
in her depth of space when he tells me he loves you he respects you and he
thanks you for joining the community he has no physical dimension for you to
cuddle and he has no other mission no lips to kiss your the chicks he losted
long time ago when he matured in the dimension of the universal community
where he doesn’t kill to consume and where he doesn’t have a mount or to
robot how does my kind makes this new
nonverbal zero time commutation when it comes to another point as we know our
soul travels to the thirteen universe and sometimes someone meets the cousin
the mother friend in a spans of the universal soul dead you come to
understand what do you dream and what you remember that time of the dream is
zero time communication your physicality is in dimension of this planet but your
soul is in the presence of the soul of the speaker or the one you communicate
then we understand man leaves this double life of being in two dimension
keeping the physicality on the earth but letting the sort of lie on the wings of
freedom of his space then it comes how do we bring these two together can we
change can be exchanged can we develop systems that are Ward’s of physicality
is heard by the inner of the soul of the receiver not through the you know this
with the county then do we need to live this planet to become the mataman space
well now that we understand that the soul of the man in the zero time
communication can travel the span of universe is there a need for man to be
the religion or do we just believe because it’s nice to be tourists after
space then we come to one point that is when
we want to go somewhere we want to communicate we use our soul but if we
want to become the tourists of this place we use a spaceship
it’s very much like I want to go to the office I take my own car or I wanted to
go to office but I like chat with this on that I’d get a boss do we call the
soul of the man the private car and we call the spaceship the public
transportation because I can talk to her I like and I can see the scenery the
buildings and everything else then it comes back to the beginning of the
teachings and in many teachings I have said man uses different names for the
same purpose or for the same thing so does the single transportation of the
body of the man in physical dimension become the use of a private car and that
man he wants to travel the span of the universe that he knows of his time and
existence they become the traveler of the soul of the universe but sometimes
is good to be with the others and then sometime is good that you try to come on
a boss which doesn’t go from your house to the center to center of the village
or town but it goes through different part of this valley and in that process
you see the Chinese you see the Indians you see the Persians and then you see
them like you’re going to see the white man and then you go crossed America that
we see the Red Indians and then we come to South America and then the question comes own the new
ship the new boss will do the same for us and take us this time across
different galaxies than universes for us to see the beauty of each we just
changed the name but the purpose is the same to see more to understand more to
appreciate the beauty of and to live the life that he has no burden on others then he comes the reality that what
happened unto ourselves as a man on this planet
what was the purpose of all this killing and destruction why don’t we put aside
all this and become men of peace and together we know the journey on this
planet and this is what is about to happen in a coming time with this arm
all the arms incoming times I will make arrows out of fabric on it’s very easy
as knowledge seekers we have learned the transmutation of the elements to the
transmutation of energy the root of the flower disturb the flower sitting under
bullet the energy source were to exist will not shoot a bullet or the draw
there was a peace fortunately I’m very fortunately the Keshe
foundation through operation with the nations of the world is on the verge of
this children very soon you will understand sooner than you think then we all make the bus and we all
decide which bus on what road which city and which continent which galaxy maybe play spaceship we’ll still make the same
stops because it’s too much to go to planet zoos without taking the others
who are waiting in Washington or in Tehran or imaging and all want to go to
the same but the spaceship stop at every stop international route to Universal
route and then when we learn together on planet earth they ask you where are you
from you don’t say I’m Chinese I’m Iranian
what I’m America you say we are from right there and this is the ultimate
goal of the work of the cash machine and sitting where I said today and being the
Iranian New Year this is the gift I bring the leaders of the world have
decided to call the path of the Keshe foundation and in due course we all
become the passengers of these ships a bit asked to keep quiet and to not talk
till they are ready but the preparation for this journey has started it’s not
more than knowledge seekers on this chatroom or on this teaching or those
who listen to these teachings now is that the voice of our work over the
years has been heard but the needs of this planet and we have seen the
response the work of becoming the travels of the space is not just to get
on the spaceship now is to learn the zero time complication of the soul of
man if I could share with you what I have in my head and what we have in the
progress of the mankind towards world peace
most of you will say I was there when he said it and we deliver what we have said the leaders of this planet have decided
to take the path of peace and we have seen the first signs and we have become
part of it it has been our wish it’s been our destiny to be at this time but
the process of disarmament the process of world peace is a gift now we can give
you today as Iranian music it’s not a dream even in past few seconds before
the teaching starts I received the pictures which confirms more the
commitment of mankind agrees to is morally this we another three minutes we
have worked so hard to achieve it this another wish anymore now has become the
reality fact which is not X time very short time to become part of the
structure of the humanity in the coming months those who are very close around us they
know the situation in so many ways we want to shout but in so many ways we
have to let those who organized it to do the shouting this tell victory in
understanding the peace is ultimate all of the human race not us we are the
facility to escape our nation but the whole thing goes back on one thing that
if I learn to speak in a zero time communication with the man on planet
Earth why don’t I do it on this planet and
then if I can understand the zero time language communication of the man on the
planet Zeus anywhere else in the universe these are all entities which I
have no understanding of their living but they as creatures they respond to me
us behind a smile that most probably I say hello through my soul on the answer
hello yes say I love you meeting you and I get the same feeling back it means
they love me too then it comes to me on this planet if I can read the soul of
all these things in the universe would I be the soul of the land or without read
the soul of the chicken and he says do not eat me I know you have the right to
live then would we take that a step to kill to survive or three changes to
understand this zero time communication allows us to develop new tools to be
able to understand new resources life don’t life becomes very hard on this
planet because even the grain of rice as a salt we know it has her accustomed we send a
grain of rice or wheat to the lab the lab send us a report fifteen percent
protein it means he carries many many lives inside it protein is not only
solve it’s a cycle of life with your muscle tissue protein or your eye then
you have to consider cannot talk and then with the man take the new path zero
time communication is over time supply of energy from the universe then then
we’ll be fine away to zero the energies which are not yet in the universe become
the source of life for mankind to me we are not philosophically
this is what many of you are going to face very very soon this is just opening
up a little gap between the door and the frame and the light shines from outside physical starts was where are we going
to open our eyes to the facts and the reality of what is behind light and what
is shining problems in a commie time will be for
mankind to understand the language of the soul of those who are the permanent
travelers sightseers to lists of the universe if you thought there are only
Chinese nowadays travel to see the hole on it you do not know how many from
other planets are travelers of the suspense I have a beautiful saying Farsi
so they’d be saying it casually as well I’m Randy Tom I don’t want to be seen
become part of the scenery the group caring and you don’t stand out so we
become intelligent you now have to travel to plan assumes we cannot walk
with two legs and two hours where these people have no legs and no arms and they
float me funny so how do you get rid of the legs and the arms and your
self-loathing that they don’t know you’re from planet earth you need so
much energy to get two legs moving where you can tune there’s the soul of the guy
down the road and he pulls you there and you’re on the next hole down the road
and you get where you want to go don’t you understand we truly have a start
becoming the travelers of the series because now we have become aware of the
things we have to do and the things we can do and the things we cannot we
become aware of Chinese when we start learning how to choose the chopsticks
and how to sit and talk then we have become a tourist now
how do we learn about how to hold the tool of the soul after manner in Planet
Zeus don’t forget he is mature to the level that he doesn’t need like some
orcs to eat he takes from the space of the universe but he needs our mothers
made available if you think of it universe a striking mother you remember
on your child mom takes this moment you wait that you go faster than she enjoys
you now my kind has come to become that child of the users and many mothers who
have the spoon ready to let the child mature and this child which is the
makind has to become very kind to himself to allow it to understand the
law of the mother but how to meet you and what are the traditions and what are
the yeses and noes in the dimension many of you think this is not for me it won’t
happen of my time when it comes on that I have a very bad news extremely bad
news the time is now at the place is this as we all know time has come for us
to become part of the universal community and in a short time many of
you will take living surprising you will learn all the tricks of somersaulting in
the space without anything and saying I haven’t eaten for
three years and I’m not hungry because I’ve learned how to tap into well nobody
else needs as energy you see there is secret in the work of the universe now
that you understand the work of the counts now that you understand and
you’ve seen and you have transferred energy of the gallons into the water and
you drunk it and engage you to taste up the orange many of you were wondering
what on the stands for that’s exactly what down for dad for windings of the
energy without the man to kill the stars are filling stations but those souls
will travel the space of the universe that they do not need to kill their fuel
stations of the unions but unfortunately man has missed one thing that he weighs
for these fields to come back to the matter that he can use it he says he
received energy but when you become the passengers of the universe your fuel
stations are all those billions of stars in the space you just need to learn how
to tank and don’t forget when you want to thank a car there is a fuel tank it’s
got a cap and it’s got the key you have to put the key inside to open the cap to
be able to fill it now it’s for my kind to find a key that he can tap in to
these energies we shall release but all day what do you call the sons of the
seniors now you know why there are so many stars they’re not there for the
beauty they are there for nourishment of your
souls then mankind shall not kill then you take the same as there takes body
needs from the Sun you become another planet planet of the soul of the
universe then you understand that we have already been the passengers the
spaceship we just forgot to look outside to see we are inside one we always
waited to see if there is another one that we can see in so many ways when you
travel the depth of the universe you don’t look for food you don’t look for
energy because the buildings of stars you know stations big small strong weak
many planets and the rest it’s very much what you are used to you have different
life and different sources of fuel stations our Shell BP whatever you want
to call it but one of the best service stations you never attacked in this
local because nobody has told you how beautiful they work but he always looked
in one direction and that is to consume he never looked for you to be able to
receive the ray of the sun’s that you can use to exist you have to give back
my stress no don’t open it then you understand only stars can exchange
energy with the Stars then you understand soul of the man this is star
galaxy you cannot receive if you cannot give you cannot fill in if you have an
empty to space then you understand what has been said even in the beginning of
this teaching today Earth has seven billion stars then comes the question
that if the so many stars on this planet which are see during physicality
why don’t I become the feeder of their souls and now receive what they don’t
need for me but in that respects I adopt solo physicality to fit in with the
environment of the existence then we’ll find out Matt will need no food to it
because it’s given to what it means recognition of existence and a
composition of the fields of the universe to confirm that when a piece
not there comes a question and that is have you understood what is zero time
communication is or you’re still in the maze of lack of knowledge according to
your own intelligence but how do we make this zero time
communication to work now that we know our soul is the tool of our
communication how do we tap into it we need against of co2 or communication
money we need some gas of zinc which could be connection to the soul we don’t
need any cancer some copper plus one is account but we need to communicate with
the soul of another being on this planet could it be the protein or the amino
acid after magnesium we never touch our council then if you go back to part of
the teaching I always had oxygen is the magnetic field not iron in the life of
the creatures of this planet then as you have seen that only magnets are you gets
attracted by another environment made of iron then now that you have created a
soul of the man with the fields of it how do you match up or you catch up with
other Souls it’s getting very complicated I can’t
feed my son and at the same time he can feed me and the wife is next door she’s
feeding both of us through her soul but the awaiting for the cuddles of
physicality to compare she loves us then the question comes do I need you
all you need me to teach each other how to make the Gans of the soul and the
system which are motors that the soul can recognize or we start understanding
the operation of the brain of the man that becomes that dynamic core done in
translating the information of the soul to become the motion of the arm and hand
but becomes the language of the manner soul of the man and its cavity of the
existence I do apologize I have already but I think I’ve been enjoying too much
of the New Year but it comes to a point now that you know you have been carrying
this zero time communication and a lot of you still have a problem in defining
it no you have to communicate with it when
it comes to the point do you want to travel alone or would you like to be
part of the passenger list of the spaceship then would you like to be
prejudiced and only travel with the Chinese and no Englishman or you become
very modern and chic and you want to have everybody on board it’s good to be
seen that you are with the others then now that you’re on this ship sorry you
cannot eat me or the others but I have plenty of energy from the resources of
my soul and I don’t need if you’re hungry
would you like to tap into it and that take some of the things you’d only mama
needed but if I needed is there but if I use it when you come back you got what I
gave you and I keep what he gave me but be
sharing it I gave you examples in a very soft way but in the coming time will you
remember many of the things told will dictate your life on this one now I will come to one point and that is
you have any question about your own zero time complication or you want to be
still in the life of the Nile just wait to see that I’m not the first fool to
make a fool of it’s very simple teaching today this is real-time communication
the soul of the man and the confirmation that I exist to interact on the solo and
now for the first time I’ve found a free energy fuel tank a station called the
Sun I don’t need to wait for the earth to convert it into the meat and flatten
wheat and then I take some of it and I have to get rid of the rest of the
physicality of it this time I take what I need when I need I tuned to the tastes
which I like and at the same time as I’m not wasting so much energy to digest the
physicality I become myself the source of life to the others and then I take
what they don’t need and I give them what they need and I become a new
Jewish businessman just put some profit on it 100% is not too bad but what am I
going to do with it there are no backs and no factories to buy a stereo system
and you go and see children you bring them a gift of the university an
understanding more and not another iPad and iPhone any questions ask yourself one March how
many of you in the last two or three nights had a dream and you remember that
dream so you already have been the passenger of zero time communication but
you lost your mobile phone and the strangest thing is you think you can
find this mobile phone only when it’s talk because it grows and you can’t find
it but this with you 24 hours a day why don’t you tune into it all the time
so how many of you remember your dream of past days and then you know you’re
already achieved zero time communication because that dream was at the time when
it took place in the presence through the sole interaction then would you like
to speak to mama which were speaking to during your dream she’s there in the
same place was it was the time of the dream is you who had understood how to
use the line of communication it’s like being scared if anybody sees it
did they see me I’m talking to my mom but I know she’s not in the physical
life but how come I can talk to her in my dream now I found out I can do it
with my life they did I then when we become somewhat shippers
and stand outside with the hands and arms open to absorb as much as but we
forgot one thing the converter part to convert it to the energy of the soul we
left it in the house on the table how they gonna so I do you start eating the
dance or you have learned a trick you can tap into at the lower level till you
get home and you can’t be wrong in it mr. Dreier Thank You mr. Kesh and that
was exactly my question actually I had it in me a few days ago yeah my mom not
my physical mother no but my about the mother about the mother I don’t know if
you call it mother’s father about the principal might essentially the dream I
had was of being able to I was he’s sort of a semi dream state I guess you might
say just before going to sleep and suddenly I was with my eyes closed I was
seeing a light off to one side very intense light but it it developed as I
relaxed and allowed it to and it became intense and I realized there was a
blockage in you I couldn’t allow that to just flood into my whole being there was
a resistance this something wouldn’t allow me to
fully confront that might accept that light and one you know do you know what
would have happen if it would have confronted that night well it may have
dissolved me in that moment time that might have been the end of my
physicality life or something like that possibly that’s the Impressionist was
your honest own right so in a way that light is the you might say the greatest
predator of the physicality of man no it’s the freedom of tomorrow well yes
exactly it’s one in the same in a way because it depends on what perspective
one is looking at if you look at it from the if you if we adopt the perspective
of the physicality well it has you know yes sir outcome the physicality always
has the same outcome it’s eventually going to die that’s the bottom line this
is all it the wrong way you don’t die you just take a new dimension deadly
physical separation is not that the true death comes when your soul gives only is
longing all its assets to the other Souls and even then you still
flourishing inside those souls it’s got your name on it I’m here it’s very much
like when you make it cancel co2 you have a car and you know oxygen the two
are inside each other even if they came from different dimensions this is the
wrong image man has about his souls and the existence in the universe once
created once were collected and never finishes it’s something which is written
in the books and because we don’t have that access to see that light then we
have called it also some names they say when you when your soul becomes
pure you become aware of his existence and then you see the light it’s very
much when many many conversions and diverse shoes when you reach near the
time of death especially if you have certain color of eyes your eye tends to
a very light blue a bluish grey blue this is the point because the soul is
leaving the body creates that color the same as you have a red shift and the
white shift you have this you have a soul shift many
people observe it but they don’t understand what it means you are
observer to the motion of the transportation of the soul from the body
of me sometime takes time sometimes very rapid you see with the eye of the man in
a way the light which is the white light they call it of the light that it means
it carries all the good things is not taking anything with it is going with
the giving and that’s why we say the soul is white when the troubles because
it’s coming to you to give to the direction of the soul now forget in the
dimensional understanding of the cosmetic field the strongest always
gives to raise slow Rikka one two it’s almost like if you
are the one who is leaving the body of the man so you are receiving higher
strength from outside so that the strength to use the light this is why we
see the light and if somebody is observing that you are leaving the
physicality it’s like in the physical madman strength we see the redshift
but in the derivation of observation of the soul of man leaving the mascara TV
series specific gray bluish color then one day I explained to you what you see
that man is not Thank You mr. Kesh I’ll remind the
attendees that they can put their hand up and then we can allow you to speak I
mean I’m careless here I would like to thank the Iranian community my gratitude
and thanks may be in it so many ways to be called the father of Iran Sammy is
that not we learn more and with it we share more and that’s all I thought I
can do together to separate on appearing a cool so yes there’s a question from Wolfgang
in the livestream please explain more about the soul and its function in the
network of souls so called soul of the man what happens to the soul for example
a soul of rice in the body of man how does this affect the universe nothing we
are just bunch of souls forever going from one to another we are passengers of
the universe without physical dimension we call it the slope so what would
happen to that soul of the grain of rice when it enters into our still is our
lovely mr. Robert yawe one of the very first ones Oh part of the first ones who
mix again sirs and I put them in the ball and you rotate to them did they mix
and totally disappear or each one kept his countenance on me in the interaction
of the fields new colors but this still is a to say we just become a collector’s
I miss watch them we call the bone collectors the soul of the man that we
saw is country of the man is soul collector but it’s very very little ones
but as we collect we give ourselves to so we need to refill to be able to give
so if you look at it we are a fuel station ourselves enemy just if you read
the end of one of the books it says I think in so many words I remember
correctly God is the creator and man the converter of something so our soul and
office company is a small converting machine
it’s a fertilizer of souls if you want to call it
gathers recycles and gifts but you got to understand what does he give to who’s
using all these fields which we come where to we call it aura but where does
it end it’s not only 2-centimeter next to your body it spans the span of
universe so have you become soul energy collected and become a soul feeder
because now you convert it that’s all we are a conversion machine now you
understand what’s at the end of the book it wasn’t mean that you take the coal
and you burn it and it converted it means the work of the soul out okay so
if we look at our body as a conversion machine then if we are don’t if it well
it’s just taking taking that perspective I totally agree that’s a it’s a lovely
way to put it where does the discernment come in as to what we actually eat and
put in our mouths like what’s the difference between that the soul of the
screen of rice or the the soul of a lamb or the soul of an elephant or whatever
what about you what about those physicalities that eat other humans and
you get cannibalism as it’s called and the Desert Fathers adjust amount would
like to see his superiority cannot beat and what happens do you when you die but
be pizza to you what’s the dilemma what is the problem you have a control to the
time there’s a connection between the soul and this or
physicality will happen the minute nothing can you shed between amongst
others the ones to cut the top and everything else could pass by or we put
in the coffin and we just caught it is there safe but that after day it
disappears if you’re in a coffin and there is
nothing there was it going to be animal service in your embassy we are forever
in the process of commercial never ends as I said pawns to a scientist touch the
wall which is in the flesh of the man and and then track his digestion system
and then a see how much wins the man is it not in the DNA but then they feel
distracted it’s part bad things of himself too much is too important okay it brings another question to me is
is there something we can do when we’re on this planet to practice the best
habit in terms of eating in front of the universal community or in the presence
of that is possible can you repeat can repeat okay what what is there something
we can do while we’re on this planet to ensure that we are accepted in the
universal community with our eating habits our habit are ingesting Souls
let’s say so we we can’t just go out in space and start ingesting any soul we
wish because we might ingest something that we don’t like eventually it might
not digest so well maybe the end of our soul if he do that perhaps so in the
presence of the universal community what what is the best way to present oneself
to I just I’m caught up between two worlds here and perhaps we won’t have
those issues when we meet on the soul level and with the universal community
because we won’t be worrying about what we’re eating so much I’m just thinking
we’re invited to a banquet in the universal community and maybe
the things in front of us we we shouldn’t be eating or we shouldn’t
think about eating because that’s wouldn’t be considered kosher let’s say
at that meeting it might be their friends that they’re actually sitting at
the table and we think it’s food for example and because of our habit just to
put food into our physicality would we tend to have that habit with the
universal community and if so that might not you could have it to have in that
instance is that a problem or am I just making this all up in my mind ok maybe
we should go back to confronting that light ok we have a couple of other
questions so Wolfgang then says then but then eating is no problem because the
rice just changes position like a black hole or the center of a galaxy why will
the soul shut down the body if we eat well he’s saying that the rice just
changes position it’s like changes is maybe like a plant a Sun or a star
changing its position in the galaxy they still have the black hole or the center
of the galaxy and if the souls basically is that hole or center of the galaxy and
if a star changes position it’s not a big deal to the center of the galaxy
that’s the way I understand the question and
not totally clear and that they’re messy cash I have a question good morning has there been a time you
don’t have a question Oz yeah that was the answer to the question actually no
sir thank you it’s go time communication Mexican what’s the point of my breath
he’ll mind be fresh what’s the what’s the point of all these things like
creation of the planet what’s the point what’s the point
I mean all these things we’ve done on the Creator has done we existed then the
planet is exist and we cling it brother and all these things I mean what why why
creator is doing this I mean what’s the point of all this so the Creator is
doing it it’s us we think we’re so you know we have nothing to do we start with
the God I’m said let’s play something see what we make and solar system was
something nice to do and then making other things wash nicer
and then it came to see if they can think and then we thought if they can
play and then we created man amongst many
things not just or does everything have to have a
purpose or is a busy thing and it does his thing this is the problem we have created them
we have to have an excuse on the purpose for everything anything else I’m reminded that the saying you were
speaking about from the book the universal order of creation of matter
Eva suggests the saying was God has been the creator of all and man the creator
of some and you’ve also said from the structure of the light the man has come
from he exists operates through and he shall return to the light thank you Eva
for those quotes you trying to have an explanation for everything you just
can’t let it be everything for it what it is that’s the problem
we can just be like a flower it’s them you see you are a flower and the only
ones got to appreciate that you’re beautiful and you’re a flower and your
soul is beautiful is you UNICEF yes completely
so what’s the problem we don’t need to wait we confront who we
are you gotta understand who we are ourselves the problem is that we don’t we have
lost trust in ourselves this is the problem Johanna can you check your let’s just please if you’re listening we have our know at this hand up now if you
can take a question mr. cash I can take any questions as well I’m gonna so it
does usually you don’t have time I just want to when I close my eyes it’s
brighter than I asked my eyes open for eight nine months now and before I
thought this was like a class we stopped being here but when you let it come for
you use it’s not 100 percent to leave your body because I have had like any
now for eight months day and night when I close my eyes the light is brighter
than me with open eyes it’s different light but it’s very bright and all weeks
ago I could see it with my eyes open something of myself what I really like you so in order to to be with this light do
we need to essentially convert to light to be with light we are the light are
you waiting to come wear it I guess as a convertor I want to convert everything
oh just that we don’t believe in what we do that’s a problem or what we achieve
honestly give us a degree for it now maybe we become because a degree we can
see our own soul is there a PhD to see more of it other back side of it no the
soul is dynamic it rotates but I don’t see the other side of it so you have a
degree for a front so lonely or do you need to confirmed we don’t even trust
our own shadow if it’s ours it been brought up Wolfgang replies again that
the mr. Kesh had said the soul will shut down the body if we eat because the
eating creates too much suffering for other souls and that was part of his
question from before why well the soul shut down the body if we eat I think
there was I guess there was a quote from from you at one particular point or one
particular point you wanted to make let’s say is there something you’d like to say
about that idea that the eating creates too much suffering for other Souls perhaps they are elevated by our our
consumption like them I don’t know we soon land if you were a rice soul what journey
would you like to have rice so I was just thinking if if one was a soul of a
grain of rice what journey would one want to have
would one want to just fall off the stock of rice and onto the ground and
rot in the ground and become part of the earth again or what if this being came
along and swallowed you up and the chicken your soul became part of that
soul and maybe hmm it might be human could be a bird a bird okay then you get
to fly your Ashley who says who says my dear bear but she doesn’t fire all it
could be a snake or something but at least your your mobile your you’re
traveling you’re doing something other than the normal life of a rice that
falls off the star who sounds about right
it could be a really good life for that so I’m saying it’s hiding between a lot
and then fall behind that table nobody sees you for years it’s just who knows here the money when
I used to be in as part of the fun is what I used to be working
I remembers and a colleague of mine lost one carat flawless D flawless diamond
and he forever spoke about it every time I met him I had that one character you
know I lost $7,000 it was too much 10,000 almost oh my god he could not get
their eyes through her head that he lost his tone and I said listen you Dalton so much stones
why do just this one do you know it stays in your head he said because I
couldn’t make money out of it I said that’s why you’re a Jew you can never
let anything go and then there’s a habit they don’t
allow any cleaners in diamond was usually themselves clean everything up
even the boss was cleaned along just in case there’s a stone on that rock and
that’s the quite a long time he moved the bin and the stone was hiding behind
the bin a fella in the back and then he was so happy and then one day I asked
him and he sold out the stones Trisha stone oh the one you know if found
behind the bin you wouldn’t like me for months and months he said oh that was
another one I said this is a story of life we we never want to remember and
when it’s done it’s over this next one the man’s memories less than a fish
goldfish is five seconds I think man’s memories instantaneous you want to
forget you forget things example of it is very simple I put a plate of food in
front of you and I’ll bet you eat spoon baseball and then summer while you’re eating a
say stop and tell you what was on in a spoon to spoon before you don’t remember
but the time you enjoy enjoying it you enjoyed the taste of it the texture of
it it could have been nicest meet you ever chewed but the most delicious turn
on your mum’s go you don’t remember that’s the truth of our existence we we choose to ignore otherwise every spoon we take we
remember the texture let me say a small number 20 was more deliciousness for
number two and why so we become habitual uses that is
therefore the time and it’s gonna next one but we go to a movie because we
chose to put terminate with about that movie 20 years down the line
Jeremy that scene how come you don’t remember two seconds about what was in
this pony children game part of you we have become selective
I may become so selective that we become ignorant the true to the essence of true
meaning of life this is this is what we choose we’ve chosen to be selective this way anything else but then we have to ask our question
single question have you actually met the passengers of the universe and we
can’t remember because they told us or we have as part of memory back we only
remember the human how many of you have had a green aura
sleep I should say that mr. strange creature was he a stranger was it from
another dimension of the universe they fitted in some shape into what you know
in the physical my the dimension of my hair that you have the brain you got to realize the purpose of part
of these teachings is to intrigue into cajole you trying to understand
also is to entice you to move you might have never jumped the river but you get
to the river and friends are not says come on jump jump jump jump
I’m not jumping I never jumped I’m afraid of my fall in but one instance
you decide to jump because everybody’s jumped at the last one at behind I have
$2.00 I’ve become embarrassed and you jump and you nod and then you follow
next second I will remember your germs it was just you or it your soul I am
capable and that’s what’s the man’s problem is
moving towards yourself that’s one having trust in the life of the
existence after leaving the physical life or
choosing when to leave the physical life or part on you vacate it would every
night why can’t you do it during the day you no need to go to sleep you just
gotta find a path for the soul freezes up on it allows more emotionally remember the last picture of last
teaching last week Flatliner the body of the man is the
vertical horizontal all you need is to extend their tent you you can have a question from Ruthie’s I
had her hand up here oh yeah I just want to share something about a tall peak off
the rise soul or whatever cuz I remember I read a book that people said like if
you eat the whole plants a whole grin like or even a whole food and then that
you get lift the the soul of the whole like a fruit arise and then they get a
chance to be elevated so you to experience thousands of meanings
ears and then next time you can join as a part of a soul of a human and then
they are and they speed up their processes to mature their self what is
interesting yes yes can you do something please now you you talk about if you eat
the grain of the rice or the whole of the rice what about when you get today
all of the rice the grain that all that rice was created out of is at the bottom
of it if you eat that with it what’s the collection
was dancer you so what what we have to understand is if
we ate the mother green and the rest of the grain which was created by it and
somebody ate one of the grains I mean eat the whole out on the grain which
created it what is the position of the soul on earth do we get the sword of one
grain or do we get the sort of totality because we had the mother you sorry about that but then brings this
question there which part are we carrying the sole of the totality or are
we carrying the sole of the mother has that single seed which gave life to the
totality of the new seed has become the son it’s it’s very very interesting when you
look at the structure of life on this planet or across the universe
why if it’s just a female cannot do much when he’s a man cannot do much money for
the female and a male gain they can do a lot to create what does that bring is
the female the gravitational and the male the magnetical that he gives and
the totality of the balance creates a cycle of life a cycle of existence of a
soul theology of the soul is the essence of
the creation so community the manual is the work sheet there’s an interesting question then
thinking about the grain when we now come into the business of genetic
modification of the grain do we play with the soul of the physicality of the
grain or do we play with the soul of the grave I know the answer and it’s very easy to
go back and we went back to the sole of the green that the change in the
physicality does not count and this is the beauty of the new knowledge and cash
foundation’s Facebook it was not could not be understood but
we’re trying to make a decision in if and when we release the African pics one
flew by African Swan through paper where we know that we can change as I said
before DNA by Commission of the help of the answers to RNA and then influencing
the DNA of the new dimensions and then collectively reducing her to normal DNA
we can do the same thing now with the seat if you understand how the system
works genetic modification is you can genetically unless you wanted we
can genetically reverse back to original RNA and then our religion RNA dictates
the presence of the existed DNA we seen it in what I call the pig
crew African so true and it’s in that paper so
we can give from the solar physicality to the solar cell we done that with a
peak and then we change it to another ideally we can convert it to our own then can be with transport technology
directly interfere with RNA that no DNA changes can come into play and the
answer is yes depends how you know to link up the energies India ah mr. Kesh as what you mentioned the
change the the seeds with your soul Oh in China we know there’s famous people
she has done a lot for research and it’s like a badge of shame for a lot of
people so even like the frying things she can just make it recover to a fresh
one make it to grow brought like a little tree in front of people so is
that she understand the power of the soul and link to the soul of the beings
so that make the things totally change the physic it’s what you want to be seen
do you see the growth through the eye after man or to the eye of the
physicality of the man or through the solar tonight this is the first thing
you got to answer this is one of the main questions what she makes you to see
is do you see with the eye a physicality or do you see with the eye of the soul
does she reach you to the reso Lata do you understand it’s what beats that
before I can make you to see a shooting star because I let you to have the joy
through the soul not through the dimension of his Kalki the same as the
dream you had the mother mother totally this and that and it became reality
because you dreamt about it if you’re familiar with the work of the
soul of the man and how to do it it’s very easy to do you know then the
father’s poor you play magic game with your children you could have coin in
your hand and then it’s not there you put in the sleep next time it’s in the
pocket because you know where you can hide it an innocent child doesn’t see at
the moment the mankind is in that stage of innocence even though he thinks he’s
the head of the creatures on this planet and this is what we said we’ll never do
any magic because the magic is that you see the solar because I satisfy what your soul wants
to miss Kosh is that means if the people
don’t believe and he cannot see it it’s not a belief it’s just that you tuned to
a different frequency is that your soul cease your soul is aware of happening it’s
just if you are open and truthful to yourself to accept and appreciate and accept legit this is
why a lot of people in professors and consultants who come which come across
cash validation technology inside themselves to accept outside they have
to say no because the PhD is down the chute so I could I say when I accept
this but some people go to the extent I accept it is but this is where I’ve made
my life out of how can I add to my knowledge we were witness to one really recently
doctor specializing brain growth whatever and what did he say said in such a such a position but in
front of this knowledge I know nothing I know very little these are the so
which table that we have tried to add to now I know there is more than I know I
try to add to mine that I cannot notice any other question in a coming time very soon you’ll be
able to measure these fields the fields of the solar very well sungha analyses are working that
direction or they be shown how to work in that direction then you can see this
is the strength of the happiness this is the strength of the sadness and then for
those who need quantification you can show this is the thing you could present
there you see it if it’s happy or sad because now we can measure this the work
the core we have a tool to measure the strength of the happiness visit
we can now make a diagram for it I was witnessed one yesterday
it’s amazing what you see but don’t forget we show this in this asana for
five years going to 2014 when I sat just skelton in front of the
detector I knew is a murderer and the other guy who was with you because the system was set in a way that
when I’ll show you how I saw the murderer it was there but I but you know
it’s like what he said you’re here to do a job you have to do that job because he
is he is the reason in the computer camcorder justice conquest to the
veterans see ye when this is Jonathan he had he did not understand he had the
system that is not really exactly how I got him and he was he had his own system
which was made by himself so when I asked him to give and he was pretending
don’t forget this is connected to screen here and this is connected to another
screen here I see full floor but then when asked this stupid to give he was
thinking when I asked take he was giving and then I put him in
a question that he got confused and then he got himself in the wrap-up and the
other guy was with him only two and this when the taking is a stronger
this shows a murder as a threshold I know that treasure and it was the same
guy who came with him oh my the European I see you he made him to join he didn’t know he
didn’t come that way but he can’t murder John the scalpel
beginning was brought into but he didn’t know his the key to
bringing down a cube we got enough you know peon Court justices ready so we
know we see the work of the field of the soul it’s very simple but what you give can be measured this
is happiness this is whatever all the good things about you this is what you learned from the work
of the Solothurn I developed this machine and now a very simple version of
the sophisticated one I was looking and yesterday all you need to do is to put
the head of the man in there and then you ask the question you look at the
other things but I look at what I want to see and I see what is the plan there
is a line in the character or there is a truth in the character and then when
somebody tells you this and that you know the point of reference of the
behavior and then you say feel happy what does the happiness means is that
happiness and your strength is a sadness and some of the answers in two minutes
yesterday I could see the truth about confirmation of physicality in lying or
cheating or telling the truth or trying to this day the same system is amazing
my detector but this one measures the soul taking a lie today I met mr. Kesh are you okay there
I’m I had trouble it couldn’t unmute for the last ten minutes or so and I had to
restart my zoom okay okay we are in the process of understanding how little we
know any other question good day mr. Kesh why are Mubarak with
the cash last week you you said I will teach you about the dream and you’re
done but what is the difference between the sleeping and that’s a position of
sleeping and the position of vertical is that it’s the difference between the
horizontal and the vertical is the difference between the horse won’t run
away but it’s the same creature mmm because the physical activities are law
so the sole activity looked to be high but it’s actually the same all the time the work of the soul of the man is like
a background noise is always there it’s just man when he adds his work office
Kali to it so it just burdens it it’s for me you mentioning this if you
remember we talked about the man this is the man and we make a fat you
look at the man front front of you is eating too many souls of rice so all the
chakras you have there whatever now we have this one man this way and the
chakras are here but you have to understand here you have this here you
have this subjective the soul of the man is free much more freedom this
interactive I can see how it works so this is a
great product this is the secret so there is no secret all it is disguise
free here you can expand any damage yeah because there the other day occupied
with that different things yeah but when you’re asleep even it can be awakened
lie down this has different interaction if you take image of the or after man
vertical and horizontal is very very different how would we be in the spaceship because
the earth may not be nearby and it would be the fields that exist in
the universe plus the fields of the ship so would it matter if we lie down or
stand up you gonna be like this but forget man you’re in the spaceship
now you have another problem you’re close to these little guys you’re a star
for me shirt is lopsided so would the the man of space lie down in relation to
the the star formation reactor at the core of the ship let’s say what do you
go when you go to sleep Claudia please thank you you got to realize that when
you become a long-term passenger of a space number of your central energies
move quite differently and in a way some amalgamates with others especially those
which are more connected to physicality so you become more centralized and the soul of the man has bigger
influence and the other question you have a Mira
Nair’s there and up you want to go ahead – yes please thank you very much have a
new year the first day of France of the stream I wish you a very very good Happy New Year everybody and so I would
show my need you can I show it what is in it
how some of this in it is there a music with it ah you want music no we can
other music it’s parson speaking like music what is it it’s mine it’s me
I know me showing the magnetic magnetic strong points in the body of human
beings my great magnetical gravitational parts in my body not showing us I mean
naughty pictures I really have you seen it can you have a
look at it before we go on I know I haven’t seen it how how would you
present it – now it’s me and it’s him making it in a ball no I mean in three
parts of my body and you see how it turns and in fact first time I wanted to
ask you weeks ago was huh come in – in the lower parts intense gravitational my
magnetic infer from my body and the upper parts in turns trap o’clock
counterclockwise it was it’s interesting it means we are magnetical plasma teach
absolutely.i it comes from the Chou’s idea of being a young it comes from I
see me in the young and she in it’s the cheap arts I should it’s our local okay
and then I explain its just show it right yeah you gotta share the screen
share it share where is this share I have it’s green box with the arrow on it
first of all you have to have what you want to show up fully on your screen
that you don’t see anything else once okay I see that make sure is only what
you want to show right when you’re on the screen
exactly it’s on the screen and then share I just feel a video do you see the
green share button there mmm I only see Q&A given our live embarrassing you don’t see the share button in the
zoom I promoted her oh okay you know that’s the problem
thank you plant just be a minute for her to come through here bear with this we see a video there now – if you want
the audio to play you would have to click on the options for play your
computer audio when you go to share you may have to reshare if you want to share
the audio part you have to reshare and then select the audio option if you want
to share the audio so we can’t hear any of the audio right now so either you will have to speak or well
just if you can restart your sharing do you have a frozen Victor I have a
frozen picture yes if you can send a video to a webmaster next week we can show it then we have control over it can she hear us I don’t know her
microphone is not showing any more on the zoom sometimes this is a problem
when people come in as panelists they lose their microphone and there’s not
pictures just like she’s gone yeah nothing we were to get that – something
– eunbi this is why it’s best for people to send
their videos or images beforehand so we can check them out she’s going to start
again here apparently okay are you gonna try again their nests we don’t have your
microphone so but if you have selected the audio option in the you might be
able to share we don’t see your video though I think we were to get this done
the other way around for the next baby so sounds good thank you
what’s next okay well we do have just a second here I don’t have the chatting
work we have a presentation from Mario I believe that’s been arranged by Mario
and I think you know about that mr. Kesh which one is that one no I don’t know I
was told that that you already know about that
no I’m something there is anaconda member they sat down with pit together
the presentation of the paper on the periodic table by Mario that was
published in March plasma scientific journal okay so what
how long does it take we always advise the speakers to keep it
to 20 minutes so how could he no longer than three minutes okay go um hello I guess that’s me here right
yeah hello mr. Kesh and everybody hello Rick actually compared to the teachers today
I feel like this is sort of so small and almost petty compared to it but I really
really appreciate the fact that I was able to publish my research you know in
the plasma journals so I kind of feel I guess it’s an obligation to do this you
know so okay um should I share my screen I guess so I have I actually have a PDF
of the of my version of it that was published so I can just work off of that
and maybe try to just go through it very quickly okay that sounds good you should
be able to – sure okay there I think if we can keep it to under 20 minutes as
suggested by Pete that would probably be a good idea yeah okay can you see yeah
can you see this yes yes we see that well thank you okay this is actually my
PDF that was published so okay there’s a need to replace the thinking about the
periodic table from counting protons neutrons and electrons to understanding
it is if I got this right mr. Kesh said I could say a few months ago that the
numbers represent comparative energy levels so the the not the numbers the
isotopes or whatever are actually relative energy levels where the energy
is well there’s not energy equals motion so we’re talking about relative motion
but there’s some there’s few workshops that are the older
workshops I I put links to them the 56th and 60th knowledge seekers workshop the
seventh health workshop and a couple of the kids workshops that are directly
pertinent to this there’s a couple of quotes that I could not find the the
actual couldn’t find the links to them I couldn’t find them so there’s a few
quotes I have here that I could not actually get the links to however excuse
me Mario I think the microphones rubbing on something there on your clothes or
something is creating a muffle sound in the background maybe if you can liberate
it a bit there thank you okay how’s that is that better no it was still still
here a bunch of novels okay well I’m just using the mic on my computer here
so I’m not sure okay maybe happen you can do then it’s just
something in the background okay go ahead sorry maybe it’s my ear con I
can’t turn it off that could be yes I’m humming or something okay I these these
teachings of mr. Kesh the seventh health workshop is specifically about the
periodic table and the fifty-six and sixtieth not knowledge seekers workshops
have information in them that most of the knowledge seekers they really not
aware of so it really can’t emphasize enough for people to go back to these
there’s links in the bottom of the page of the of the plasma times that will
take you directly to the to the the pertinent parts of this if you go back
and look at those teachings it’s not that much not like you have to go
through hundreds of hours it’s several hours of mr. Kaiser’s teachings that are
really important and make it easier to understand what I’m trying to show here
and I wanted to say that I’ve tried my best to avoid my own hypothesis and my
own ideas about this is stick as closely as I can
directly to the teachings of mr. Kesh of course they have to go through me and so
you know sorry about that but can’t be helped I guess under the circumstances
but these teachings it’s not very much except the 56 knowledge seekers workshop
the entire workshop is devoted to this to this subject so that’s about three
hours so but the rest of it it’s not that much and it’s so much information
and I know most of the knowledge seekers have never seen these because they’re
back at 2014 and the early part of 2015 so I I I can emphasize and emphasize
enough to know the importance of those teachings anyway but um okay Mario still
getting a lot of microphone noise can you maybe just change the angle of your
system is there wind bowing on it or something perhaps that helped ah so much
better thank you thank you thank you and blowing on it like that has an
interaction okay all right according to mr. Kesh well the the basis of this is
mostly from the 56 knowledge seekers workshop there was a fellow named
Nicholas chewer who did the presentation was called The Flower of Life in seven
musical tones his work is based on Walter Russell’s work and he recognized
the correlation between Walter Russell this diagrams that you can make from the
Flower of Life and and mr. katsas teachings so though there’s a real
importance to it mr. Kesh said that this was given to man at the beginning man
never understood where we get the 12-hour clock from our calendars come
from this and that very interesting you have the 12-hour clock but you also have
the years divided into seven days of the week so you have seven days of the week
seven colours of the rainbow seven musical tones there’s a
significance to this number of cycles of seven and then repeating with the first
day of the week again an octave so to speak which is a an infinity loop which
is so there’s a there’s so much to this I
couldn’t possibly go through in 20 minutes so I really again suggest going
back to those those workshops and seeing what mr. Kesh thought about that in the
60th knowledge seekers workshop I did a presentation and mr. Kesh opened up the
knowledge and said in a hundred years people will watch this video and still
learn from what’s being taught here today so again I can’t put the emphasis
enough on seeing what mr. Kesh said that was four years ago or more so there’s a
lot of knowledge there that it couldn’t possibly go through here so I’m just
gonna go through this very quickly and of course it’s my understanding of it
okay according to my understanding of mr. Cash’s teachings the fields divided
into twelve segments in book number one mr. Kesh goes through it very detailed
on how this manifests and such but this diagram here is just one of the versions
of the Flower of Life so you have flow lines lines of energy flow rivers of
energy arteries if you will radiate hail from a central chord the very center
when these fields rivers of energy curve they curve back around on its on
themselves and cross at where I put the little black dots now my understanding
of this mr. Kesh said where those lines crossed one of them going out and coming
back in the other one going out so in opposite directions they drill a hole
into the dimension another world of the universe or not rudolf steiner maybe
call the higher worlds whatever you want to call it it’s a very strange actually
understanding but these portals so you drill so you have these few lines going
in and out mr. Kisker think of water coming out the shower head pouring into
the drain most of the water is gonna go directly in the drain but some of it
splash something pools around so where these black dots are
we’re the few lines are crossing in and they there’s distinct layers of where
they cross and the backsplash of them would give you something that looks like
this you have one of these on each layer I’ve only put what on the third layer in
this case so that’s the backsplash and it’s basically what mr. Fisher said
repeatedly again and again in the macros the same as in the micro or what the
ancients said as above so as below or fractal geometry in the jargon of
science it’s the same patterns repeating again and again and again and again so
you when the field splashback they create these structures that replicate
the totality of the whole structure is made up of miniature versions of of the
totality so in this case you have these twelve fields so if you look at it it’s
just one layer the fields radiate out from a central core like the yolk and
they go around and where they cross it’s the essence of creation they go in and
out of us portal and they spray back or backsplash and create this layer of more
dense energy so you have at the centre where everything is coming in and out of
and then this layer of less dense energy that the transition or like the egg
white and then this layer of more dense energy and it’s all made of the same
living energy of these rivers of energy crossing so this would be the equivalent
this is a Coulomb barrier so you have a Coulomb barrier inside a Coulomb barrier
inside a Coulomb barrier or an egg inside an egg inside an egg and the
thing about it is there’s its energy which means it’s in motion now everything’s rotating if that central
core is rotating it’s tethered to those those central cores of these the babies
if you will creating this denser layers around it so if the centre is rotating
it’s gonna create rotation in all of these and I believe that’s really the
simple simple explanation it’s like McCann
it’ll have an effect of pulling the fields in as it goes around as it comes
back around on itself it opens back up but at any rate whatever is causing it
there’s a heartbeat so so in other words all these layers are pulsing there’s a
contraction and expansion so you not only have these rivers of energy with
Chinese it’ll call the function but you also have a pulsing of contraction and
an expansion of each of these layers and as the fields go out they when they come
in and out of these portals they divert some of the energy to create these
Coulomb barriers so each layer has a the Coulomb barrier itself is made up of a a
fraction of the totality of the mass coming out of the central core as that
feeds back into the central core creates a higher energy level in the form of I
think it’s what it is is simply just increased velocity of the flow which
means as the feedback loop comes back out the fields literally go faster and
go have a larger diameter something like that is happening to create these layers
and you have multiple layers of the structural plasma field and it’s the
same for an atom as it is for a universe or you know cause you have this
structure with potentially infinite numbers of layers so just looking at the
structure of of a plasma this would be what a hydrogen atom would look like but
it’s also the same thing as an oxygen atom would look like it’s not there’s no
such thing as electrons protons and neutrons it’s the the image that they
show on the you know Atomic Energy Commission with the protons and neutrons
and electrons that is not correct it’s more like this with cooling barriers
around each layer with so you have these flows his heart erease that are all part
of the body of the central core of the soul of the totality and it beats as in
each layers beating with a slightly higher mass than the next layer out
with a slightly slower beat great but at the same time the flow rate is the
inversion of that so each layer that goes out farther has a faster flow rate
so you have the ratios of the the the the less mass and the slower beat rates
is also the inverted inversion of the flow rates with the same ratios so we
can measure the flow rates of the structure of any plasma layer the layer
also the pulse rates and the relative mass rates of them so instead of
thinking in terms of numbers of protons neutrons and electrons we can measure
relative pulse rates and that includes the gradient flow rates and the relative
mass rates of any two entities including atoms so I go through this here I think
I explain most of it already the heartbeat rate now Ferrier various
spectral analysis from the eighteen hundreds he came up with a way to
measure the harmonic overtone series which starting from the outer layer the
outermost layer the outermost container it’s a one-to-one ratio and then the
second layer in is two two one three two one four two one five two one and so on
I think the standard measurement value is 128 layers but at a time but at least
at the very least from one to one hundred twenty eight layers of different
pulse rates is is more than the spectrum of all of the elements and what happened
with the Ferrier spectral analysis is the scientists about a hundred years ago
figure out a way to calculate what they call the frequency vitamin which is not
correct but a frequency that they were able to then extrapolate the energy
signatures of the other elements based on hydrogen as a fundamental they think
they’re counting numbers of protons and neutrons but they’re really measuring
relative pulse rates and these freak these
ratios and I believe are the correct ratios of the elements so for example
well go down here for example are here here’s what a fairly spectral analysis
it’s just showing multiple core reactors but it’s just a slice of it and it’s
measuring the frequencies of each of the layers relative to the fundamental at
the outer level relative or relative to the central core so if you just take
arbitrarily because in principle there’d be infinite numbers of layers but I have
a good reason to think that’s probably hundred and twenty eight in groups 128
square that would be an optimal octaves and you can at walk the talk when those
octaves and so on the diameters of these layers are also directly correlated to
their pulse rates the slower the pulse rate the larger the diameter and so the
the amplitude or the the relative distance of the layers is measured by
amplitudes so that would be the vertical measurements and the frequencies and
they’re directly correlated to each other and again the gradient flow so
from layer 128 127 the mass is 127 to 128 mass and it has a flow rate of 127
to 128 where 1 to 128 as a flow rate of 128 times faster with a diameter it’s
not hundred 28 times it but relatively 128 layers relatively relatively
speaking outwards so it’s a measure of the diameter of the field the pulse rate
of the fields and the flow rate of the fields with the same ratios this simple
like this so as you go down here see ok so if we take an oxygen which they call
it 16 protons and neutrons but if it’s really just a pulse rate of plasma
that’s pulsing 16 times faster at its fundamental level than the hydrogen then
the first layer it’s like any of the multiple core reactors we have if you
load a reactor that triple-core after two typical reactors
against number one two and three and one and the other one three two and one
then we know that the ch3 is gonna link to the ch3 and the co2 is gonna link to
the co2 and they all actually have layers that will link but in this case
so if oxygen is 16 it’s fundamental layer is going to link to the hydrogen
16 player and then the second layer of oxygen which is a two to one ratio but
relative to hydrogen is going to link to the 16th layer of hydrogen and there’s
gaps in the layers the relative position of the layer will be 16 times closer and
then layer 1 and then we gaps there but it will link to that layer and so you
have an energy signature that’s built up see if I can show it here where each of
the layers are linking to each of the layers and where they cross at the
center you get only where the fields which layers are linking are actually
drilling a hole in the center and I’m I guess well here would be the spectral
announce of it not is another one but if I go down here I have it easier to see
here even though the sides differential if you look at the blue is hydrogen and
the green is the oxygen then when they link they link only the layers that link
are going to link at the center in between the two and that drills a hole
and then the backsplash is equal to the distinct layering of the two linked
together so you get one I’m saying this really badly I’m trying to go fast okay
so let’s say the blue one is oxygen that’s pulsing at 16 times relative to
hydrogen just one at the green the difference between those fields
strengths is going to actually be a pulse rate of 1 so because 1 minus 15 is
16 is 15 1 minus 15 is 14 and so on so what’s gonna happen is that the outer
layer where there’s an envelope painting the – you have what we call a
water molecule so you have one energy pulsing at 16 another one pulsing at 1
and then the totality of those fields pulsing one time because it’s the
difference of these fields so that when the scientists look at that they see a
pulse of 16 they say that means a 16 protons and neutrons that’s oxygen they
see one they say that’s one hydrogen then they
see another pulse of one and they assume that that must mean there’s another
hydrogen atom so you get two little Mickey Mouse drawing with the oxygen
that little 2 hydrogen’s but reality looks more like this it’s really the
hydrogen is not an absolute value entity its energy pulse relative to what we
measure is hydrogen based on our amino acid not a 1 proton 1 John 1 electron
which has to be a certain size this larger molecule is pulsing at one time
you can when they look out at the universe and they see something pulsing
and what they perceive as a 16 x they think oh it’s optional or or the saint’s
pulse rate of hydrogen they think that’s a hydrogen atom or hydrogen atoms or
whatever but it really could be a galaxy size pulse just happens to be the energy
pulse of hydrogen so wow there’s so many things here I I need to go into more
detail on sand very badly so I really highly suggest people go back to mr.
Cash’s teachings on that and maybe I should just finish up here I know it’s a
long day today so I want to thank everybody again so much for allowing me
to to publish this work so thank you okay Mariana I didn’t feel like your
pressure did end prematurely here I’m really nervous I don’t know why I
play in front of people for a living but some yeah I thought you did quite well
and you’ve done this kind of presentation quite a few times actually
and you can private teachings with it and the UK fssi and you’ve done many
presentations in the cash plasma reactor group and originally back you were
interacting back with mr. Kesh and others previous liens on so you’ve got a
quite a history on this I thought you laid it out quite well
today and despite of maybe the pressure actually helped to keep it more succinct
in a way but yeah so perhaps we can open it up to questions for a couple of
minutes here and see if anybody would like some clarification or perhaps
perhaps mr. cash would like to interact also about this okay are there any
questions from anyone you
okay well people are a little shy for questions right now mr. Kesh do you have
anything you’d like to say about this I think you’ve left everyone speechless
Mario a lot I get that a lot I get that a lot when I talk to people – okay well perhaps we’re okay with it the
way it is and drove mr. Kesh away today I’m not sure what happened there he’s
not respond we’re not hearing you mr. Kesh so i’m not sure if you’re still
there and awake or what’s happening question there from somewhere sorry
Flint Facebook okay yeah that I’ve seen oh there we go
a question from Banting she’sshe’s just wondering is she I don’t think the
universe is act so beautifully exact and really I think this type of drawings and
numbers is the human beings urge to measure what do you think about that
Mary oh well okay yeah that’s that’s a really good point and okay like what as
our brought up earlier about the measurement and how how mankind tends
someone to measure everything is that part about how do we how do you
integrate that well we first of all we do measure things because we have to
measure the gas materials so we know what we’re doing so it’s just that doing
this way we think of not by counting numbers of protons and neutrons and just
adding them and a general statement of a gradient from the strongest of the
weakest we can actually look at the interactions of every single layer to
every other single layer and get a lot more control over what we’re doing with
our gas materials yeah if we realize that is this structure and not protons
and joins electrons are not fixed they are malleable and they do they do behave
with certain set of rules so it’s just about having more control but as far as
yes being too clean see everything in the universe this is what I call the
standard default this was given to man in the very beginning by mister but not
others by the man for space mr. Kesh said so this goes right back to the very
beginning but everything in the universe nothing is standard default everything
is from the unicast down or out how look at it everything is filtered everything
has got its own adaptions its own variations this is the
basic theme but if everything in the universe is filter this is not standard
then how do you measure how do you know what if the deviation from how far is it
deviated that’s what this is for this is a standard default measuring tool missus
yes literally call that a tool amount of space use of a navigation write at least
one of the drawings with numerical values in a place in a certain way so it
is a way to measure what is it’s the measuring tool that you measure the
variations from everything in the universe is a variation and and
multiplied multiple times so this is just looking at the fractal geometric
pattern that’s the basic theme nothing is the theme everything is variations
right so again it’s nothing more than a standard measuring tool it’s like a
yardstick doesn’t mean everything in the universe is one yard long it’s just some
way to get some kind of bearings so that you can tune into the frequency the
right way you can tune to the layering and so on so yes you’re right it is to
clean nothing in the universe is like that everything is filtered everything
has even the hydrogen doesn’t have every layer none of the elements have every
layer they’re all the result of the difference of the the fields interacting
that generate them so there’s nothing that standard default said that answer
I think it’s pretty good okay this I’ll have to get the bent day I’ll probably
have another question because she has lots of questions but that’s okay we’ll
let her ponder that for now I’ve got something I’d like to demonstrate that
shows your image that we see here and I’m just realizing that I discovered
something in the last week has actually I discovered it with flint accidentally
when we were having a conversation and I’d like to present it right now because
it seems appropriate just seems to explain partly your diagram here so let
me see that mean yeah I’m just going to start my video okay let me get that down
and over here all right so you should be able see that video I think correct yeah
okay so we could look at these two circular images here as a similar to
what was shown with Mario’s image correct with it and we can look at these
in a way we could look at these as what traditional science is called atoms or
these you know separate entities like the hydrogen’s and the oxygens and
supposedly they combine and certain ways and so on but with Mario’s presentation
it’s a different scenario these aren’t hard-shelled things anymore they’re
multi-layered plasmas and if we look at this if we expand this out and allow it
to become its true shape which is a toroid the jump off here
which is another part I wanted to show Sophie look at these as to toroid x’ and
you can see the field lines that Mario was describing in his image if you look
at it more like this way perhaps but I’ll do it this way to have more desktop
use so what I discovered when I was playing with these these are called Toro
fluxes one of the names but it’s basically a toroidal the toy you can use
to play with and so on and what I noticed was when both of these are
rotating in the same direction as they are right now say and they come close
together they just bounce off they do not merge they bounce sometimes they
bounce quite violently and go all over the place so ok if we think of these as
rotating atoms then of course they’re not going to just merge very easily but
when they are counter rotating strangely enough they can merge and these fields
actually interact and they become like a gear and these two entities can coexist
with each other and yet they’re intimately connected with each other I
thought well that’s quite interesting that’s like an atom or sorry more like a
molecule let’s say or the h2 hydrogen and molecule two hydrogen’s or even the
oxygen and hydrogen or whatever and then I thought well what happens when when we
try to combine these when they’re both rotating in the same direction you can’t
combine them and they just bounce off when they’re counter rotating 1 1 1
clockwise and one counterclockwise then they merge and I thought well what
happens when what can we achieve fusion this way
them both merging together and you notice on Mario’s drawing when one’s
above the other there’s the total circle that includes a different dimension a
Coulomb barrier around both I was thinking what what happens when they’re
combined well here’s here’s what happens when these two toroid combine it’s very
simple to combine them you just combine them and what it does is it forms a
perfect sphere so let’s look at that again slow motion and this spear has the
counter rotating a counter and it’s got the angle of the fields like Mario has
suggested and you could see all the interacting places on those fields so we
have to your cambrian whoops what happened oh it’s back again yeah I’m
kind of straddling the camera and got all excited here I guess but I find this
fascinating that these two entities come simply if they’re if they’re spinning at
the same speed if we can get them to be at the same level then they simply merge
together to form a spherical entity that’s combines the both and yeah if you
add to that Rick that the both of those pulses they that they’re collapsing and
expanding themselves so now you add the motion of it collapsing in and then
expanding and collapsing expanding plus will be right that’s really each one of
those individual are expanding and tracting is fanning attractive once
every grand solar cycle yeah so sometimes they fall
down and they perhaps become this to me is more like the RNA compared to the DNA
this is the folded down the basic information is still there and it only
Falls later and becomes the three-dimensional thing that we know as
the atoms or DNA or other structures that seem to have a physicality
dimension to them but they can all be just folded down into their component
parts as well if I can just enter but it these plasmids
this one can only contract dimensionally so to speak in other words you still
have the full diameter but if you imagine that the whole thing contracts
into a single dot and then it expands out but it keeps the lattice structure
right so it’s always this and is contracting in and expanding contracting
and rotating and if you have one that’s two times faster or 16 times faster then
you’re gonna get a different behavior relatively speaking then if they’re both
the same so you have a deuterium with two pulses at the same or you have a
water molecule where you have yes like that only it would be the whole thing
would be collapsing into a single point but that’s the idea so this also looks
like your two images of the and as they come together they there’s that
interacting place in between I also noticed that if you look at this you see
a core that core which is the same as the the spaceship sort of image you know
in a way and that core when it compresses is tight but it when this
outer shell compresses the core actually expands when the other two shell expands
the core compresses and that’s to me the expansion and contraction at the same
time going on and it’s interesting with this shape
that it can accommodate and it travels it’s the most natural shape in the
universe it’s able to adapt to any any entity I can take a stick put it on a
stick and it performs the same function you can do with a piece of wire piece of
rope or a large tube it doesn’t matter the inner diameter is gaps to it and
completely happy functioning that way so this seems like a universal shape and I
think it’s associated with the with the images that was put forth by Mario so I
just wanted to show this this little revelation of hope being able to combine
two toroid and it forms a sphere and this is like is the sphere the earth the
combination of tutorials that have come together perhaps in the in the in that
dimension and the dimension of energy perhaps that’s what forms the the
spheres anyway something to think about creak hello hello Rick you just helped
me visualize how a portal can work no put the stick inside the the middle of
the if you can do it or your hand see so you have one one side of the stick and
if you pull that together see imagine you keep the rolling well what oops
in summary new numbers and you just fold it on one side then it gets too into the
another because now the data rate it’s moving
its position but if it were in the same position but the stick comes from aside
and gets out from yes that’s right thank you okay
thank you that’s what I wanted to present here and that’s it for now thank you Mary oh that was a great
presentation there so I think we’re done with that part now and perhaps we should
think about closing down for today there’s been a lot of information and a
lot of deep teaching from mr. cash mr. Kesh are you there yes sounds good as
earth thank you yes my good okay I’m going to start that rush
I saw the odd method told and needed of the rich copper that was moody ganas and
enemy card that was champion others reduced where they finished the who the
only business in amigos status there’s to the coast and Casey Cuomo
aliphatic as another that which Casey of the hotel major – polo have an
Englishman that which Casey own I just knock on rosh hashanah kiss you of the
hot Rodino maharaj cohen nyota’s that which kiss your the hotel shall hold on
but they saw as we saw Bish’s in home well touched an electoral shankar raja
lollipop agility of your baby me chillin sonya both Olynyk and Olynyk
karoli ADA says I mean Ikuo she was ruled by Oh Scotty gourami made on it
have a coolie a cash for just about each column is kilometer his nor mishali
status in norm Valeria shamone of him the more after
Holly in the beta he talks tomorrow fidelia’s the mini con una Iran Banali
del hallelujah mother lambs caddy the English Channel as we master the carom
hot nummy gondya sorry balloon Ashland the yam sepilok
Adam that is show motion on Ashley women are multi Gotama with you on your table
on he just in age pen sighs I mean totally not a lot the ball hotel should
it come true I’m sure mall on all shams Fahad was taught the gloomy in board
destined mulatto as well looky here now smoochy does it all at the dirty in
judo should have another do state under him alpha one banner ID – am almost of
Anamika but hikmah closer mommy don’t eat the motel interested the model just
a Giuliani come on I’m always ooze Vienna bullshit the suppose was all
interested do stolen want moister Hornady drama will help on
your the cash they even Aziz thank you thank you very much the teaching of
today is very much as part of the structure of the total teaching it is
important to understand and collectively in parts putting everything together to
achieve the final destiny of my kind in the space a lot of people come around
and welcome to foundation to expecting different things but not many grasp the
totality of the knowledge in the coming weeks we will look in the depth of them
knowledge how to connect and to connect all this knowledge that become
beneficial to mankind occasionally ssin is part of the structure of the soul of
Makai which means we try to find our own soul yeah we are no guiding line to no
one here no profit or whatever to others is understanding the totality that in
space we become mature enough to not to behave and have the childish behavior
but to be the man and to be proud to be proud to be a man from the planet Earth
but in the process many people have many expectations many people understand that
the knowledge of man is unique for the man and Mak few weeks we try to go more in depth to
an put it understanding of the totality I very soon we will announce the opening
of the first International Space Center spaceship Center in the world in the
majestic place and it will be the first position to test the space flight I’ve
been there very recently and it’s beautiful to see it and in so many way
mankind has entered on his entering in a final phase in the frontiers of there
moving into a space as a one-race bird needs to understand more of the the
knowledge is complete it’s just understanding recording it and being
able to be a useful entity in the structure of the universe that’s all it
is we are not trying to teach man to how to
fly but you’re trying to teach man to be perfect once he appears as part of
universal community not to be shorter or not to be below but to be equal and it’s
a it’s a lot of work because when one member of her family in meeting the
other has a say no different collar it shows very clearly when you are
inside with others we’re trying to take my kind into society without the state
but with beauty of misunderstanding of totality it becomes heavier but those
who prefer not to be there but it becomes easier for those who understand
and want to be part this is not the responsibility or obligation to take man
into universal community but it’s a pleasure and this is what mankind has to
have to understand the universal community will carry on with or without
the man is the man who misses the beauty of the family has been after them I wish
you all the cool type and buy this today 20 her
salons beginning of the spring this brings a spring for Humanity in their
new opening after reading of the universal community to Greek mud to join
the universal family in peace in understanding of totality and a path to
the Creator thank you very much for today
sorry I have a very rough time inbreeding very bad cold but this the
knowledge which counts another voice thank you very much ham we
hopefully see you next week and a few more weeks to accomplish the education
of the man forever to set for exams to enter the universal community through
the examination of understanding peace and equality through the soul of the man
and nothing else thank you very much very good thank you
mr. Kesh once again for yet another knowledge seekers workshop this one
being the 268 for Thursday March 21st 2019 first is there any other things we
need to announce or say before we end the workshop anything ok thank you
everybody we’ll see you here next week same time
same place for another Noli secrets workshop thank you everyone for
attending hello we are the cash Foundation our
mission is to bring peace on earth and join humanity with the universal
community we wish and work to bring man as equal to all beings in the universe
by teaching plasma science and technology equally to everyone no one is
left out and no one is abused due to lack of knowledge by donating to us you
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