260th Knowledge Seekers Workshop – Jan 24, 2019

NOTE! Subtitles in this video are auto-generated and subject to further review and update. it’s time for change to move into the
real work of the universe and it’s time to understand that we used a baton state
to reach the level of understanding of the soul of the man now you understand
maybe why the Creator has sent his messengers and that they want whatever
you have had is that they bring the ears and it can be used when the time of the
Messiah comes they can teach the soul and the messenger not to oppose but by
them understanding through those who have become messiahs to you from their
souls to these to animate the job is made easy the school is there and the
students are they wouldn’t be there then there won’t be any fight between what
they called the Muslim land demolitions the lamb and the lion will eat and sleep
in the same nest the Christians and the Muslims will receive and pray in a
mosque and the same church in the name of their souls not in the name of
religion that is used to create so much conflict for the benefit of those who
were the harbour at Children’s the time has come the time of changes
here and as I said my wish is my command there is your wish to see peace paths
are peace is a very big deal it’s the soul of the collective awareness by
giving one create a position of the change no other there is no pend in the
soul after that and I’m sure once you go into the universal community you will
never see anything written but the balance of the fields of the scholar
existence try to be humble enough not to become arrogant in the power that you
have understood and you possess otherwise you’re following the same path
of the church mosque this is what we promised but missus what
we have delivered we have to understand the operation of
the soul and we have to understand the soul of the man is a star in cosmos of
the universe if we compare the soul of the man and many of us seven billion in
one collection earth is like a galaxy with so many stars
when we look in the depth of the universe we see galaxies with hundreds
of millions of the stars in it so is the planet earth carries seven billion
beautiful stars which are the soul of the man carries with it so loved so many
trillions of animals plants and everything else so if you look when
someone who does not see the physicality of the earth and his content what do
they see they see a galaxy with so many beautiful lights charlyk each one
according to their strengths each one according to their position an infant as a beautiful soul so has all
God to those who do not see the physical punishment is planet but they see the
strength of the field we are a crustose of stars the human race every single
soul no one from a distance sees does the soul of a Fisher man versus all of
the cosmologists does the soul of the president they all shine irrespective to
its quality this is the magic this is what the new
science has to bring to man when we look to our soul we see nothing but star in
the other Souls and this is the break this is the understanding this is what
all these teachings are about coming to mature to the next level to understand
in the deep space the universe is the holy sir
or knows also sir then magnets value to us please then
money is ready to become part of the universal community which has been
promised I never promised you heaven I always promised you the variation of the
man to join the family and now you have the key
it’s you who has to open the door to understand if I can raise the soul of
these people or millions of other souls that the physical life on this planet
changes that I’m worth me to be part of the universal community to be there to
serve to expand to be there to be part that in the cycle of life of universe I
become in being part I become harder totally when now reaches that point a new
dimension in the strength of the soul of the man will appear which is beyond
imagination of understanding of the mystical I the gate to the opening of
the new life in a new dimension which is beyond imagination of what you might
call a new beginning the new cycle we start cycle carries with itself it’s the
elevation of the soul to serve become the key not after all of the physical
life the time is right the time has come for the man to go through this process you welcome everyone to the two hundred and
sixtieth knowledge seekers workshop for Thursday January 24th 2019 my name’s
Rick creme and I’ll be your host today and as usual were joined with mr. Moran
kesh of the Keshe foundation spaceship Institute and I’m sure that he will give
us some interesting information and teachings today mr. cash are you ready
to start today’s session yes good morning
I would write you whatever whenever you listen today’s knowledge seeker series
this has become actually a fixture sentence for us that we welcome all
knowledge seekers not only present about physicality but present what they saw in
the past two hundred and sixty weeks or sessions there is a discussion that how
many sessions we’ve had but in total past 95 years we have shared a lot of
knowledge and we have elevated a lot of people to start thinking in the
different way in a new way and in the process of teaching we learn a lot and
in so many ways we shared a lot what is important is to see where we can go over
this knowledge and how we can go up and we can go with this knowledge there are
couple of announcements that Keshe foundation webmasters and their doctor
Keshe foundation want to make be God in the book number two is ready it’s a lot
there that I can finish with this and at least I will teach it this also mr. cash kid maybe check your
microphone get it a little closer or something there’s no odds we by
rethinking the middlee copyright let me know is a lot there to introduce this
week we actually had happy moment and that happen and was releasing book
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do this week is something that opens the eye of some of you who are familiar with
the science well some of you might come to it somewhere down the line and it’s
so much in respect to the reality of life in the world of science and how
scientists are developing different aspects of technology in the background
and and it’s taking hold in a very what I call elite scientists in the world you
know that we had society so claimed that the black hole is the eating machine and
the rest of it which we have proven it and we know we see in reality is not
which will it the water horrid a lot of terminologies has been created and these
terminologies are very hard to get out of the system because a lot of it lacks
up to that the what we call deter lg’s like the horizon point of rise and then
the rest are just comes through the black hole that wants to get to this one
point of rising you can never come back and the gravity will take hold of you
and in so many ways these theories are still carrying on because one person one person has not asked your sharing
pictures on this can you take these pictures of these some of these sharing
pictures on the screen because I just received it histories of my son well
just for a second probably comes again for the dismount
they should be seeing the knowledge seekers workshop with stars background
there now no I’ll see the pictures it’s okay no problem
what it’s saying interesting is that these terminologies in the world of
science creation of black holes which is started with Stephen Hawking still
carries on and as I said the comparative you’ve got to change because they come
up with so many theories on it that these theories have their top is own
momentum and I was getting defended by scientists in a very aggressive way and
the new technologies are coming in that by development of these technologies we
are creating more fallacies and more unacceptable knowledge in the world of
science and one of these is called the three dimensional state of the universe
and what they call the hologram some of you might have had this terminology what
this terminology is is that the whole universe is a hologram there is no
reality to it and the reality is that the universe is flat two dimension above
and what we look at is no reality to it but we have come to accept this reality
and what is interesting is this this hundreds of millions of dollars are
getting a spent on this what you call fancy talk and it is good for the Keshe
foundation knowledge seekers to understand what this is and then you
understand how this thing has is taking all the governments are spending
billions on it and very soon some of you have all bring it to a point of
but call it reality what is her graph version of universe is this a is
considered that the universe is flat and then the reflection from this flatness
creates images inside which are not real being the galaxies and stars of
everything else and in so many ways we can redefine it this this would be
called holographic principle is getting a lot of morning spent on it it started
a few years ago and now there are actually creating things to confirm it’s
true and people because they can see things they believe in it what it is to
say there’s a they say there’s a picture two-dimensional picture of the galaxy
and then underneath of it if you look at it that way here we see a galaxy which
is actually there is no black sea is just light shining toy pixel image and
one of these normal little things is planet Earth because it’s got a game
image on a search sub to dimension this partially comes and started due to all
of what we call computer programming and then now the writing computer programs
which actually can make it and show it is but in reality no one has asked a
single question more these people are spending so much money on all of our
cases because we see this we see this in a real real life and nobody is stopping
this what I call this game of what they called the hologram picture of the
universe that if there is a galaxy here actually creates and there is a pen
across it that it holds his position so this imaginary pains but magnetic fields
is there so you see on the surface of there
what are called the two direction this is to them the reality this is actually
exist and whatever we see underneath is just hologram so the real life is in two dimension and
we see water explaining but in reality nobody astral is people that if you
stand stop it on their head my famous man you don’t have the Sun the Sun is
flat none of us sees the Sun as a photosphere
we always observe the Sun as a flat duty but in a shape so so we know the Sun is
there because when we look at the Earth from the moon we see earth digging in
flat so in reality is their throught we are
living on it but the earth is round and because we know we mined in it we
travel around it we go everywhere of it so when it comes to the new science of
holography and in in a way trying to convince you that the universe is part
yes in the eyes demand as an observer is right what in reality is not because the
man on the moon sees the earth as a flat disc the man on the earth sees the Sun
as a flat disc and the moon as a flat disc so this theory of hologram Paulo
graphy they have created divisions to it and have created to say that it is a
flat entity but what is interesting what this topic this subject brings up is now
that they have managed to create hundreds of millions of stars and they
said their hologram and they confirm that he has aphasia like the purpose
outside like very much if we have corruption inside the Sun we see it on
the surface of it because it bubbles up and we see it and they say that this
surface is right and it’s two dimension and this hologram of the universe as we
see it is a reflection of flat surface this changes in very fundamental for the
first time mankind conference that universe has a face there is an end plate the surface
exactly like the surface of the Sun Earth and in so many way in this theory
that they’re building up not in fact quite possible that the universe has a
face because as we say the universe is únicos and so as we stood here and we
watched the earth and the Sun on the bone if you stand another dimension
we’ll see the face of this universe and as is in book number three we are part
of the únicos there are many of these flat surfaces with the two dimension
pattern because actually the light through the universe shines on service
back you fish in the ocean but one fundamental question to ask from
scientific world of what I can explain me is that when you are on the sea on a
boat you’re sitting on this flat surface of the universe and it’s as transparent
of anything is this galaxy a fish swim in the ocean of universe as it does if
you were on the boat on the high seas doesn’t mean that our universe hasn’t
started opening up does it mean now that and it’s getting understand or in its
mistakes is confirming the existence of technicals huge amount of one is getting a spent in
UK not a state on this holoband the last stations 416 million dollars
just image producing computer programming originally about 10-15 years
ago this came up because people could not accept the totality of everlasting
blackboard that he covers up everything along scientists originally thought if
everything ends up to nothing what’s gonna happen to us so this is a miracle
spent a year in so anyway nuclear physicists the cosmologists and in so
any extra physicists all together ganged up to confirm there is no existence
there is nothing because we were convinced that we all end up in this
black hole created by Stephen Hawking and we never come out and darvid end but
if you look at the fundamental principle of understanding of the reality about
interaction of the pattern of the fields of the universe it goes back to the same
thing is as much magnetical at its gravitational what does this mean it
means even black hole to consider it due to confirmation of
its existence as atmosphere and as we see with the interaction of the fields
of the planet as we see with the interaction of the fields of the Sun it
creates his own reports and this is what the world of science up to nor has
denied and this is why we are coming with all this what I call ridiculous
concepts because at this moment of time in the world of fantasy of the black
hole eating everything up we have never allowed the reality that
as much as its called gravitational he has a magnetic or an atmosphere to and
as we’ve seen with the earth which has any energy of certain what call it mass
enters it it creates light with it it creates dimension of existence of an
atmosphere so has happened on the surface in the boundary of the
atmosphere of the black we see this ripples of confirmation of
the existence of the atmosphere of the black hole when you look at the black
hole in the background of new musics of all the galaxies and the fields of the
universe as they cross we see shimmers you see play of games so it means for
the first time we can confirm a black hole is an entity a black hole is a
confirmation of existence very much like the Sun the earth and like any other
entity in the universe where not only has gravitational pull but a as his own
atmosphere Stephen Hawking process to this mistake that we always looked his
own gravitational field but in fact is and same as any other entity it has as
much gravitational as magnetical and in the paper which I wrote the creation of
backhoe this is what was the meaning an emphasis on that why we see lights on the what we
call magnetosphere after black hole it shows that he reflects right out as much
as it takes in as much as it pulls him in the interaction with the fields of
his magnetical field it creates and releases light the way we see what
meteorites enter the earth and they burn out and the clear light how come all
those lights get attracted inside but we still can see on the fringes of it
outside so for the first time if you understand this those of you who go into
space technology in the dimension of the travel you are understand this is one of
the biggest gift mankind has ever been given high speed faster speed
transportation using black holes from one spot to another don’t forget what
you call backhoe he is the center of intensive fields compactness nothing
else and if you came from earth to lock into one and an approach to lock into
the next one it might ask the magnetosphere of it but you can increase
your speed beyond the speed of light but billions of times man in time come to
understand the beauty of the black holes as you know in the recent past
if crane was built up that they call it dark energy dark matters dark energy in
the galaxies the cause of the movement and now this theory is totally been
abandoned by the cosmologists a nuclear physicist it doesn’t exist anybody
speaks to you about the dark matter or of the old generation have not read the
new science book because now we understand that there is no such a thing
as dark matter energy because nobody has ever seen it
yet it’s just a guess we just started with a lot of other fallacies but what
is important this part of the theoretical cosmology of physics has to
be understood by the Gates Foundation supporters who become part of the space
technology you go beyond the present understanding of the science you have to
go beyond it that you can understand the speed of light is the speed of light of
time and space you’re traveling maybe in the space of the speed of the light at
the earth gravitational magnetic field but what whatever we guessed we but if
you create another gravitational magnetic field with the same material
you might reach another speed which is the artists me in the gravitational
field attraction of the light in that mattre state could be two three ten
times faster than estimate of life on earth and this is the reason why we see
the shimmers on the magnetosphere of the black holes ask different matter
strength of the fields decides to adjust in respect the the strength of
background and then you see the shimmer see the shimmers of the gravitational magnetic field or what they call the
Macra of death black hole is one of the best clear indication of the existence
of the entity as a whole the like Sun as much as he gives ethics
it takes in this transparent condition compared to the illusion of the black
inside and it gives the same two-dimensional translucent to share
around what we see are shimmers or what we call is not interest me in so many
ways as we enter the space technology the true space project the universe non
non man-made with some rocket propulsion this will play huge game in the
dimensions of the space travel what this means if mankind understands the
creation of the black hole within the structure of the cores of the space star
formation then a new dimension in violation of the transportation appears where zero time travel across different
dimension of the universe become reality without interacting and interfering with
any object these galaxies the star or any other entity the creation of what we call these
three-dimensional programs which are working on to call it holography after
university dimensional to show that it’s just hologram and it’s no reality to it
opens up a lot for those who work around acacia to programs knowledge innovation there is an extension in the field of
unified field theory the book number eight to be released and to be written
is only and only about magnetic fields of the universal how they are created
how and what is their origin how they become to create what we call the
two-dimensional factor to lead our nation and how our body has adapted
itself for lack of what I call understanding or make it easier not to
jam the brain with walk away convert everything of a distance to a flat
surface and these scientists are using this holography as a way of the same as
cheating what more or less I stand in to us in respect to speed of light if you
think of it when the earth is flat in the eye of the man on the moon then this
ill-luck reaches inside water inside – I and the whole caboodle of stuff then there is a fundamental point in the
whole understanding of the structure of the space and that is how come that this
pack of dust on the boundary of the solar system here becomes a planet an
app so smart is do it is there a reality to the term that
there is a black hole inside every planet that is to strength that it can
create his own dimension and its own magnetosphere and furthermore there is
the point in the dimension of the soul of the man which replicates such a
planet do we have a black hole within the structure son of the brain of the
nerd which by absorbing from the totality of the universe release a song
which becomes the manifestation of culture there is nothing but the truth but what is important for mankind is to
understand the strength that this blackhawk pulls from the environment of
universe that in depth of the space they can use it to feed the physicality of
the plan and that’s gonna man to kill to sustain life in the depth of the space
where do we go now what do we do the only thing available with us is that
fields which are free within a span of unions and this black hole is called the
center of the soul of man and in so many ways if you look at it
the size of the brain of the man is a magnetosphere of this planet then you
have to decide through the emotion by the way controlling do you want this
field or do you want this field or you’re interested in this field
depending what you want to reflect yourself as to be or watch part of which
open up this physicality you want the way we open our eyes imma go to a
supermarket and we see chicken leg rest zero mistake
Tina plumato and orange and apple why do we do this because we have learned
something very simple we can take this put in our mouth and convert you to what
we need what our body needs we need vitamin C and we need become a name why
not works with the soul of the man to absorb the fields which led to creation
of this for it to be converted to this to become a deep economy in a very short
track when a man takes it to space women the gravitational field of the universe
will learn this because it’s very hard to do this in the structure of this
planet because it doesn’t allow you and secondly does not have the field
strength for you to be able to test it for you to be able to examine and see
how it’s done so what you need and what we need to
learn from understanding of the black holes for possible papers called
features of Blackboard you understand black holes are not only to absorb but
in absorb again as I said in different dimensions in
different terminology of the physics we call this in a human body the brain of
the man is magnetosphere in earth we call it the Earth’s atmosphere and in
galaxies and black holes we call it the Shivering once I mean the
size dimension of its existence so in fact the whole world of science changes
when you understand through the structure of your brain to the strength
of the structure of the brain of the man man can travel the space of universe in
no time using the condition of the structure of his own existence to the
search operator what we call the solar now
do we need to accept luckily all that science is strong in us just because
from a distance the body of a man is not too will not look at you from a distance
I see pencil but you know in that this heart is long and is hearing but what is
important for us is half of an recall to see through this central point the soul
of the man in the center we don’t fall back all of resistance of the right of
math literacy in the human brain we have found places
before we this is emotional subtle some whatever but where does in so many ways the secret is very
simple if this is the black hole and the black hole in the galaxy summer
existence can the Marigny so much that they can’t help not only to the black
hole itself to its spirit and give it a strength as it means now feed itself in
spaces that we always looks at absorbing energy from
the origin world what absorbing energy from that the universe is reality with
Salaam now you understand that knowledge
changes the game of knowledge but to understand this creation of the fields
and direction of motion and in a way the feedback of it that it can become part
of what you need needs a little bit more understanding about the truths about
America I prepared you for this last week in a
very simple way but I prepared a little bit longer the detail that you come to
understand something very new if you look at it the magnetic field for
like that most are more magnet ordnance but we know by a condition of the
existence that will come back on its own but we know in reality there is a field
flaw in the opposite direction in the whole process too because when we put to
North Pole the guess teacher increases base and as we are in plasmatic
condition this numerous amount of north and south poles in the past mobility then you will understand as this needs
to travel this way from the point of observer up here this is mechanical
and this is gravitation but from the point of observation here this is
gravity and the suspended but what is important to understand is this
that this thing itself as a field and this field in the interaction with its
environment it creates very much a magnetosphere of itself and at the same
time the same happens and applies to this that this creates is all
magnetosphere now what will be interesting to see is the interaction of
the two magnetic fields floating in the direction but by the compactness of the
material inside the matter States will create a light in this region which
creates a very effective line of interaction but the speed that if the
man understands become a trajectory for a specified travel depending on what the
strength of light is traveling so what this means it’s very simple that
is every field we see which floats every dimension we see and we understand is
that as you have the gravitational field in respect to here you have magnetic on
the same which is in this direction and in being dynamic they create a cortex of
life a light which Mackenzie in so many ways if you look at it what
is a stronger and one is weaker and as the meteor comes to treat the stronger
decrease or tricks that the interaction of the field of the water excretes light
or what we call visible but at the same time the interaction of these two fields
create nodes or sound or images of some we know the images of
sound very well but we have never understood how we know the images of a
sound of what light in the perfect motion and we have learned how to
convert it but when they sit and think literally understand disposes this will
become a painful barrier for many of my kind in the depth of space many many men
or human beings will return from space totally totally mentally disoriented what is the reason man knows this effect
on this planet but has never stood still to understand it because now when a
space will face this and he has to solve this problem for itself not no one else let me explain it this way we had the
soul we explained last week that in time of sleep or even weakness I is the
doorway for the soul but as as much information goes out of it more comes
ended the unite does not matter if we close this or not continuously absorbs
the vision of seeing what is happening and the soul uses the eye in the cavity
of the fire or the whole of time to be able to penetrate and break into open
spans of the universe in a much easier without the battle but with a very very big butt and at his we
go to sleep and the vision of the soul of the man does not matter if the
physicality of the eye of the man is close comes across the mother he can see
any return recognizes this soul to his image of the mother but since when since
which time we listen to our eyes when you dream does the voice of the mother
goes through the ear hole that you hear the conversation or on return of it is
converted to the noise of the mother the voice of the mother then returns
batteries then is the reason that man considers
that he hears the voice of the mother and what she says truth here in the soul
or is the information is actually transformed to the knowledge of the
words we understand and it reached ultimate and not would you hear God if he speaks to you
or if you put your fingers in your ears you will not hear him because you block
to hear part from there what we call the physicality of better now you understand
how the soul of the man through that mention of itself not only sees but he
is through the same fields and shares through the same does not need our mana
back to feed itself but through the span of us see what has seen enhance can take
for the monks by Anna strange enough when it comes to the depth of the space
you see the soul of a creator for the soul of the creation and it’s for you to
understand what it says through the light of the eye of the man as the guy
does not make a noise that he can come through the ear of so what we understand
is when we dream about her mother and she speaks do we hear the noise through
our ear or do we convert the voice in the eye of the man indirection of the
solid so if you are deaf should not be able to hear the mother and if you are
blind you should not be able to dream of the mother and see how she does or when
you speak and close your eyes you cannot hear or see the mother but you remember
everything about what she said how she looked what she was wearing now you understand how simple the truth
about creation of God is and how much we have misinformed ourselves and now we
are creating new dimensions to fool ourselves and convince the others that
what we say is a new science then if you understand this the soul of the man is
flat and there is no brain and it’ll occur is any unsaved razor now we understand how far we have to
become open-minded turn the standard to touch and not when they’re near space to
think there is somebody in my head playing with my head somebody is talking
to because if you change the strength of the fields of your soul or the back wall
of your soul then you can hear but not necessarily liking what you have I hope y’all understood it is not easy if man chooses to close his eyes and
intellect two fallacies are present solaced because you’re gonna have a hard
time in a space you do not see with your own eyes but your soul sees the
dimension of existence you cannot hear nothing with your ears but you
communicate and converse with bodies in front of you without actually using any
voice then it comes back to what you always how do the babies talk and
communicate with each other and how the small animals know their ranking when it
comes to me they have no numbers on their back and they are not very good
mathematicians with numbers how do they wreck themselves and they appreciate
that right if you are a farmer and you have a herd of cows when they come back
in from milking always number nine calls first before number 10 and if number 10
is taken now to be done something to number 11 knows this point you will not
touch so what it comes to us as human being is
how do we see in the depth of the space and how we can connect and connect to
culture the knowledge we have with the real science of understanding of our own
creation how we are created and if we are time how we are created then we can
create any creation because we know how and where and what needs to be done to
create that condition then it comes to the point of do we need the made on a
female to have a reproduction of the sounds of life or in the dimension of
the existence of the universe in realizing the demise of our lives that
we cannot absorb more from the universe to be able to give more we decide to
split that the interaction of the two gives the total entity of man and then
we decide how we share the field this is not an easy job because sooner
or later we have to face it they have to understand the strength of our soul we
have to understand how far we can extend the planets of this soul that it can
hear what’s going on on planets this or that or you buy yourself something they
could comfort our another 20 centimetres of it is better any questions Thank You mr. Kesh and I’ll remind the
attendees that they can put their hand up and we can patch you through to be
able to speak unless you should be able to speak if you wish we have a question
in the live stream from freed he says printed Holograms can be cut up and have
the whole picture in them is that a better understanding of holography as in
the parts comprise the whole or is fractals a better approach repeat the
question on your financier just read it again that is it’s in it that okay so the question from freed is
printed Holograms can be cut up and have the whole picture in them is that a
better understanding of holography as in the parts comprise the whole or as
fractals a better approach so you’re saying mr. cash that the
answer is contained within the question as in it’s the same idea that the parts
of the picture contained the whole picture at the same time in the way yes
so what is macro is in Michel but now the plasma field has a full spectrum is
not like a telephone it actually is the dust smaller than just we have to look into the reality of the
time and space we have to look into dimension travel of entity towards us
and then we have to consider we are 246 but in three dimension that’s very simple extremely any of it I’m just looking here mr. Kesh and
waiting patiently through one of our panelists or attendees to venture a
question see here it’s nothing in facebook or YouTube there are a couple
of questions but I didn’t not sure if they’re relevant to to our current
conversation here so I’m waiting for something relevant and profound or maybe
you see the one of the most important things which man will come to understand
as he says that the black hole’s absorb everything and when in the center of the
body of the mountain there’s a black hole to call itself or the brain then
there is a very fundamental question to ask when do we get to play with all or to a pigeon holler and ignore a lot
of it to fit some of the formulas we want these things cannot be taught and just
crossed spice to another subject this thing is the needs to be listened to
this this we talk about it needs a full comprehension of the totality and then it comes back to one thing if
everything in the universe gets absorbed inside the black hole and when we look
in the depth of the universe we only this black are we ourselves trapped in a
black hole and then as they say the information in the back home gets all
muddled up and on the line of horizon it loses everything there is no information
but does that actually happen I was oh go ahead sir
do we leave the imprint of the knowledge we gathered on the surface of that black
hole as is the fear it’s all science is talking about or do we carry it with us
within and then it’s part of us and then when we come out of this black hole in
any shape or form according to the president scientists do we carry that
knowledge back with us out of the black hole and is that black hole the soul of
the man would listen to it which is so compact that he has the fooled spectrum
or to feel the strength of the universe even of the creator the the understanding of the new
philosophies in cosmology because you have to understand from the time in 2004
Stephen Hawking confirmed that he’s made a mistake the scientists had true for
something else to spend their money and time on and they came up with this
holographic universe because now what they were to confirm the boss is gone
he’s turned up to be a liar so a new lie has established but we are the
passengers of this flat surface and according to what they want us to
believe in there is nothing underneath of us we are just floating but as we see
the magnetic field strength as it slows down it compacts one of the biggest
fallacy in the world of tech cosmology and it’s the creator of most of the
understanding of the problem in the cosmos physics and astrophysics and in
the present physics that even ancient again auto visitability emphasizes on is
that they use the terminology of the cooling of the universe not the
reduction in the magnetic field strength of the fields of the universe universe
never cooled down but in the attraction of the fields it has lost its strength
and in the reduction in the field strength that it leads to creation of
the new matter in the new dimension and strength this is another fallacy this is
something that as nuclear physicists as understanding of the total structured
cosmology we cannot get this thing out there was never a heat in the creation
of the universe if step-down reduction in magnetic field
strength which leads to the creation of new matters but the strength of their
vision not in totality of it otherwise would have been one solid block of
universe because there’s all matter all the time we see matter in different
strength in our line of vision and confirmation of existence not in cooling
of the fields is not a cooking pot is the interaction of the fields that in
reduction we see the creation this is what I say bunch of bookkeepers suddenly
took hold of everything and they became normality it’s like today’s politic
bunch of pundits have a start running the universe to cut the world and
criminality I’m bombing and killing come the norm so when you speak about the
truths about the fields of the universe and somebody tells you it cooled down
and life was created I don’t see any cooling down when a neutron splits into
electron and a proton I see reduction of fields and according
to the package and the size of the fields and the strength of them they
create a new dimension what we call electron interpreter we have heat in what we call nuclear
reactors because the fields interact with a matter state of the liquid and
they lose their heat to it but inside the plasma of the neutron there is no
heat as its reduction in the field strength in my teachings few weeks ago I
referred to this that is the center of the Sun billions of degrees they tell us
or is just the reduction in the field strength and in touched like a nuclear
reactor when we touch the water of it different matter state with the fields
of the radiation of the what we call nuclear material in their motion we
create heat and this is what happens on the surface of the Sun this is what
happened on the surface of the earth due to the interaction of the fields of the
universe with the inertia of matter state of the planet we create heat not
due to the interaction of the gravitational magnetic field from the
center of the planet the whole world of physics is totally upside down so much
with nonsense that not to get it right is God’s job because no man can change
the whole situation when you read the paper about unified field theory you
understand where you sit in respect to yourself and then you don’t come up with
all these nonsense of the extension breaking gravity is different than
magnetical and the magnetical is totally something else than gravity it’s just a
point of reference and in the field to get to you it reduces in the strength of
the crests closer to you because it has to interact with so many other fields
and in that process it heats up because it loses so much of his energy if this was so that by the interaction
of the fields we create heat and the heat reduction leads to creation of
universe then when you put two magnets together nor some thought you should see
creation of a lot of universes because there should be a lot of heat in there
and you can cook on it it doesn’t happen fallacies in the physics and in the
world of people who do not understand has taken hold of the science and he has
to be corrected this terminology of the cooling of the universe led to the
creation of the Stars is as much as mr. Hawking’s black hole and Aston’s the
speed of light made by a bunch of people who never understood the science of
creation the fields from the central line of the
universe as the strata they interact and they’re in the interaction leads to
reduction of fields that in respect to that position in the universe leads to
compactness of what we call observational master state in the eye of
the man not in that position we call it a galaxy or a star but if you are from
another dimension you don’t see anything it’s non existence to us galaxies exist
according to us to point of observation of us but if you are from another
universe if you are of the highest order of the strength in creation of the
structure of your soul the galaxies is just like walking through the cloud does
not exist because it’s not at the strength of my strength is below so to
me has no matter state but then I see other galaxies in the position and a
different dimension and times according to my point of observation
we see there’s a lot of emptiness between the galaxies we see a lot of
pepperiness between the stars there is never ever emptiness is not
that that is because our vision our point of vision magnetic field strength
or the protein of the man does not see the entities which are sitting in these
captured areas we are galaxies within the galaxies but we don’t see the outer
layers and in fact there is more structures within the galaxies that are
not visible to us because our amino acid at 43 proton electron whatever you want
to call it only can’t create in it other give the strength and not beyond it and
then we say nothing exists because we don’t see it can a blind man say the Sun doesn’t
exist because he doesn’t have the eye to see the brightness of the day has men
become that is stupid as you become manifest space you have to
open your mind you have to understand the totality because somewhere you make
a mistake and you end up in the center of a stone not necessarily a stone in
the strength of the field of the man but in a stone in this strength of the field
are the dimensions of the universe now get yourself out of that today I open up specially dimensions of
the theoretical physics because we doubt it we will lead we will move into more
problems and then we still stick to the fallacies of the path and we cannot see
the new way head theoretical physics has to be opened up that with the theory of
understanding we can understand the totality of the reality of the size of
the creation many terminologies in the present
physics has to be restructured that is understood step-by-step and why the
reason I bring these two reticle physics on the discussion table different groups
of the Keshe foundation start training teachers of the new universities
different countries it is the response of the Institute teachers to teach the
correct physics from the beginning and not to be a camel bird or an ostrich in
understanding in totality you can bring an explained but if our teachers of the
new cycle which are going into universities to teach the teachers of
the future that they teach the children of the future and we start with the same
fallacies of the past will end them up with the same thing then somebody else
when he explains it truth the totality then they have to fight it because
they’ve been taught different in a coming weeks as we go approaching March
and starting teaching the teachers of the universities for different countries
I start to open up the theoretical physics like today because the theory
has to be understood in its totality is not just making a course on the reactors
and the matter most wrongly some of you when you make these things never
understood the theoretical physics you still working as a camera where you make
something but you cannot see so it doesn’t exist the fundamental theory of the creation
is the origin of transportation reduction and interaction of the fields
and the rest is accident of the University and by order of the magnitude
in packages how you gather together will come to be and man has given it
differently when you get stopped on the motorway bottoms of the colors in the
what we call inner ring and outer ring in half a city do we call them a new
galaxy because there are so many stars will be called the cars with the lights
stopped in it some of them going away in some of them coming I have man become
now the creator of new galaxies on the flatland of the surface of this planet we have to understand the true physics
not made of physics and man has a happy to jump from one thing to another when
the one goes they find another leader to be one day this and then that guy calls
now it detects something else to confirm our existence but if you understand that
you exist you did nothing to attach result life is life as long as is within the
framework of the time and a position which that life was created be the
planet with the galaxy be the universe then you have to understand is is the
interaction of the field which leads to creation of packages and depending on a
position and their strength and and most of all the motion of the fields how
they’re allowed to interact with each other leads to creation of life in that
position leads to creation of kree creating entities not necessarily just
life we call our body as a living thing with
arms and legs but we look into the galaxies and we see these things
rotating and recording galaxies it’s another life this is another form of
existence a galaxy has a magnitude sphere a galaxy has a heartbeat a
galaxy’s a living entity he has arms he has legs
he have a moves it replicates itself and in a dimension of the existence creates
an image of itself and in that process we create one we call it a child but
that galaxy has nothing to do does the interaction of the two galaxies creates
a new cycle of life in the universe like egg and a sperm and does the
magnetosphere of this entity leads to creation of fields from the dimensions
of universe to confirm for it to exist for billions of years just because we call it as made of iron
and that one’s got more gas on it has it changed the truth about the existence we
have a kidney a bone and a finger and a toe on the liver we exist but that
doesn’t man has to understand the truth are the creation and not be limited to
his all equal of being just a man and a king of the creation in Farsi we said at
math what it means to complete the head of all that created things the less you
are the more arrogant the whole world of political physics has
to be understood rewritten to the actual point of bavette a dream of a man on the
back of accounting and not to the writing of a man who has nothing to do
sits in the name of itself with bunch of rubbish the position of the interaction of what
we call matter state there is no resemblance in the position of magnetic
field strength Newton’s law does not apply in a dimension of physics a plasma
no way the laws of thermodynamics cannot fit into the position and understanding
of the work of the plasma and interaction of the fields of the plasma
the equations of blood relative T has no meaning in the dimension of no matter
state of the fields where it needs matter to confirm its existence then you
understand man needs to create a new dimension a new book of understanding of
the creation in true essence of it not in the fantasy and fantasy of many I started today’s teaching with the new
what are called beautiful girl in town which is taking root in the world of
science and it’s called holography of the universe and now that Stephen
Hawking thanks God has come and has committed all his rubbish with all the
stealing now that Einstein is not that more
rubbish to the standing of an old German now new cycler people trying to make
named world themselves to create more barriers for scientists for Humanity to
step further with more rubbish on the back of their rubbish when this has to
stop when in the space you come in the face
something new in front of you is it hologram or is it real if I hit it
would he hit me back most probably will and that is not a hologram anymore
is it if I push the field on one side of it I get pushed on the other side by the
field it’s like a spongebob we are losing as I said many times man
is looking for a prophet man is looking for new gurus and this is what I have a
stopped in the structure of the Keshe foundation that we all have a say we all
share knowledge share all knowledge seekers that we stop this habit because
in the universe we should be able when we come across something to explain it
to be able to live with it within it and survive to be able to carry on to the
next time it’s our intelligence and understanding
of the true structure of the creation of the universe which allows the man to
live in its space not the dimension of the physicality if this route is read I
better don’t touch he’ll kill me there is no fruit in the universe for
you to pick but there are plenty of truths that he can dilute yourself to
nothingness or do we create a Central Station that this guy disappeared in the
field because he entered a orange green light somewhere in the universe sorry
he didn’t have enough time to transmit that it looked like an apple and it was
in the handoff if we have to understand that we understand the totality of the
science of physics and now that becoming international in teaching we cannot
teach wrong from the beginning then the next teachers have to come and correct
you because you’re all plasma teacher from cash relations said this so we
accepted it that’s correct as we say in Farsi we are above and walk on bring the
tongue to get it loaded donkey is gone or how do you wanna get the Lord kaan
again the whole structure of the new teachers
of the Keshe foundation the whole teaching which goes in the background
and Kev SSI and now going into universities and round the world we see
many publications coming out in publications in journals carry the name
of cash condition underneath of it many many are appearing again and again we
are quoted for our correctness we are quoted for delivering a new knowledge
and is in the hand of our teachers to understand themselves before they teach
last himself mr. Cassius that if he was here how would he explain this know
going looking for mr. Kesh his dad is gone then we get into all the fallacies
of the lies and cheats trying to confirm and conform and miss face be lost now we are entering a massive teaching
ground you will see in the coming time in a coming weeks and months cash our
nation will blow in such explosion in science and technology and all the
economy that we have to be correct and not to sit and rely on the fallacies of
the past if it doesn’t happen why do not mix thermodynamic with the
others we see people coming up we have mixed Tesla Sears and cash to build
something testa I accept but Tesla is in the matter state sees beyond just a
little bit but is still in the matter state we are in a plasma state when you
explain the beautiful work of Tesla understand test our work in a matter
state condition do not mix it with what you learn as a dynamic plasma with no
dimension in the world of Keshe foundation and teach your students the
same spend the first hours explain the difference between Tesla’s work vacation
Dacian work and the lines of Newton and the fever not Stephen home you have to understand how the structure
works you have to understand yourself to be able to pass the knowledge why do you
get a nun or a year and what is the function of a nun or a year
is it just a field or itself is an entity which can maneuver to accommodate
then you have to understand inside these beliefs there is interaction there is
life this repetition of energy absorption the theoretical plasma
physics the theoretical plasma which leads to the creation of life in the
universe has to be understood in essence as I said in number eight are right and
somewhere in it if you are wise enough the book will be written the same as
blessed his name Muhammad if you read from beginning to the end somewhere
there is hundred names of the Creator which is us the beauty of our own soul
but ninety nine is Richard the hundred is the totality of the total of 99 which
makes you the Creator so in the science of plasma when you start teaching in a
new cycle try to make clear with your students with special ink fssi
especially in the universities which now we start teaching training the teachers
to teach the students to teach the students of the future clarify the state
of the matter in the eye of the man the state of plasma in the work of the
universe and in understanding how you go from one
to the other and you come from one back to where you started or where you want
to go to is for the first time in the cycle of the understanding of a man that
we have managed to go from matter to energy and from energy back to matter
you start with a copper you put it back in as a Gans and with the interaction of
the Gans you make gold its transmutation of the fields of the universe not matter
state of the US because you matter state consider as matter for the stick is in
fact another dimension of the plasma but in a more compact state matter state in
reality is a mirage it doesn’t exist is it you well strangely enough I think we’ve lost
mr. Kesh t’adore back where you were saying about being a mirage and yes
everything disappeared and that oh yeah somebody was in the background the truth so what we understand is we have to
become aware the next few weeks till we build up to the time as our new teachers
going to universities to teach them what I call the teachers to become in
September the teachers of the universities and the other dimensions
are all teachers I try to cover more of the theoretical physics unfortunately I
don’t have much time to sit down and write but it’s time for you to write
what I teach and then as it’s manual scripted to be able to be reached I have
given instruction to accomplish that from now on every University students
which is taught in the dimension of cash foundation technology as a free access
to all the knowledge education foundation accepted special subjects
like help all our knowledge is freely available
with the students of the University and its application of the permission to set
up structures that all students ride across the world will work together
today I’ve been in touch with the officials on tipeee common of Sierra
Leone that we reopened the South solonian
University as an leading agriculture University in Africa because then we can
support the same way and all our teachings to the University students are
free then each be given their own email access that they can come in and to
educate in talk about the Fisher library in universities education structure the
same thing will apply up top in to the government there that we start teaching
the right way does not matter which country I search you you’re working the
background with number of governments in the background number countries for
education in this process we can teach correct in
this process we can step further in the whole understanding but teach the
students the right way the right theory the way it is not the way somebody
fancied or somebody talking through the ignorance Newton laws are sacrosanct in
the matter state compact plasma energy not in open plasma energy because it
doesn’t work because the fields of the magnetic field are unload themselves and
they interact with each other and at the same time they have magnetical I have
occasional Newton laws under no circumstances apply laws of
thermodynamics in the dimension of the plasma does not apply but still the
interaction of the field in a gravitational magnetic field creates a
solution light and creates what we call universal heat which has no formula does not obey any rules as always say if
God had a formula then Allah says 200 kilogram of zinc and 300 kilogram of
this and 20 gram of that will create an inert creation of this planet is the
accident of universe in the interaction of its fields of different strengths and
different position and it’s the same with everything in New York this is the
habit of the man because now he has then to make him mold and make a cup and
because I can make a cup is the same but the court doesn’t exist
unfortunately god never created the factory and never knew what the molds
are ask yourself look into the depth of the universe and see why are there so
many galaxies and why there’s so many stars within these galaxies how did they
come about to be and why all more or less follow the same system and
sometimes is like one going faster than the other or one being a little bit
going to the left like the cars on the street
crashing to each other and what is the outcome there is no repair carriage of
galaxies in the universe the new fields create new dimensions new a strength new
life cycle if we were supposed to have a carriers in the universe to repair all
these galaxies I thought part without giving up there’s too many accidents we have to understand the true essence
of the creation we have to understand the true essence of the motion of the
fields of the universe and there is strength and in so many ways the
reduction in their strength or gain lustrum is not always reduced it’s
gained is other tool as well there’s only one thing true as we say
conservation of energy the same is in the fields of the universe but the
conservation belongs to unit costs not to universe the same as the Sun was so much energy
at the given point we cannot hold to his dimension the same happens with galaxies
and same happen with the universes the girl has much energy out as they absorb
from the universe in a future time when man comes understand the totality will
understand that the soul of the Creator reflects the size the dimension of the
soul of the man because somewhere down the line it has a common denominator
strength because it was created from it that he can manifest itself to it we can explain a lot of things but in
the world of physics in the world of understanding true physics a lot needs
to be redefined can you take a question mr. Kesh from
Christian said his hand up for a while you should be able to talk there now
Christian unmute your microphone thank you very much and Christian from Germany
I would like to ask last knowledge seekers teach a workshop you asked us to
understand the way our soul works and I would like to know when I create a wish
I can feel what happens now thanks to you actually but I do not understand
what really happens within my soul how does it create the vision send it out in
form of fields of maybe a gravitational field or something can you tell us more
about it yeah it’s very simple how do you wish to have a cup of tea or a glass
of water and you go physically and get it and you satisfy the thirst soul has
the same function it goes and creates fuels to reach what was the desire or to
give what was the desire how many times you passed on street and you saw someone
but you couldn’t help says I wish I could oh I wish I could help do you need
or to put your hand out to help or by giving from your soul you have already
attached given through the hand of the soul – that is all but is that so happy to receive what you
give or is satisfied with what he has maybe not content but because in nose is
limitation we can take what is there without limit within that limitation and
be joyful period and make the best out of it you look as the giving as you put money
in the pocket or in the pocket or in the Hat of someone but does that person need
to receive it or is it a mirage you have then is that you’ve got used to
physicality of the art give but you have no trust in the arm of your own soul
mate man in the image of myself if the body of mana have a man has a hand saw
as its own and then you say I made a wish and he happens because you now you
understand there is more to life than physicality I saw as I had to very
recently I had to his past part of what we were involved in trying to help
what was many animals life we were there to help you were there to save you were
there to find a solution but I stood and watched them some debts I’m dying some
going through the process of separation of the soul from physicality and then it
touches you I came from my soul to it to them
but have I elevated their soul to enemy to soul of a man or have i freed them
from the dimension of physicality that this soul did not have to be confined to
his position and diverged then you understand how worthless physical life
is there are certain events in life of a man in which opens man’s eyes to a lot
of things and in so many ways I watched many animals just kicking the
last life out of them not understanding is it the soul of physicality or is the
soul of the animal but I’m there not as a man of science just to give the water
not as a man of science just to give an injection not as a man of science to
give a physical hand not as a man of science just to be there to see what can
be done but I’m there as a soul of the creation to give to the soul that the
separation of the soul of reality is a smooth this is what we have to understand this
is when you are in the space and you have no dimension of is a cavity but you
see something needs help something needs feed a string to move it’s like you
going out of the car and you give it a push but this time the push is not going
out and putting hands on it but you do it with the hand of the solo then you
get confidence that my physicality has no dimension compared to what I can do
with my soul which created them it’s County and then you say I wished it
means now you’re learning about how to use the soul and don’t forget when you
wish to give someone a hand and it doesn’t happen you’re not aware you
haven’t become wise enough to see that they keep their distance from the field
so they increase the strength because they don’t need we have to gain trust
and understand man has a true function one two assault and one two and now that the knowledge of the man is
rapidly developing to understand the creation understand that the creation of
life is from the interaction of the fields of the universe then we
understand we can live in both dimensions we can give with the strength
with the hand out what are called the soul or we can give with the handle
physicality which are the witches or do we become a master in it like
hybrid car sometimes we run on diesel and sometimes you know the electric these are in these a physical fuel
electric is a passage of magnetic field we are not different than a hybrid car
it’s just everything we created it but it’s actually the image of our own
physicality not obvious that understanding the operation of the soul
anakata we always forgot they’ll be carrying the
master with us we always were pushed to see the servant and believed servant and
not the rapper the master because the severn fooled us that he could use it to
serve his own master so when you wish and you say it happened it means now you
have burned I had a tool in your head and you were damaged because then in
this space when you have no physicality and you wish to communicate with others
so here’s mr. cash that ties in with Wolfgang’s question that’s been in the
live stream for quite a while here he he says in space there’s just the soul so
not the eyes but the strength of the soul and the ability to feel and create
and receive stronger emotions is the key more or less
maybe we carry motion maybe motion that leads you to somewhere many time in the
space you will pick up the wipers of the need it’s very much I explain this
like a whales when they make his just noise from thousands of kilometres
everyone comes to see all the other whales in the universe
most of the time we don’t see the entity we pick up to us all the wives of
speeding it’s three-dimensional and understanding
it direct us directly to the position and strange enough sometimes you come
across it and you give me a soul to it that it stands and stop it’s the loss of
its entity or what we call the water from that suffering but you find out
that in giving to stop you might lead to demise of yourself but it doesn’t matter
because the need to give is much more than the need to take and hold on it’s
not sacrifice is understanding the process of creation what we are doing
we’re training math to gain trust and so in understanding the strength of his own and that’s all it is nothing else Thank You mr. Kesh and yet okay um just trying to there is a
question from Hassan in the Q&A and it goes like this mr. Kesh I tried the
formula I love you my soul I live you and I love you sorry let me give you
that again I love you my soul I love you and I love with you and I adore you
which is one of your quotes and what I received from it is a deep breath which
helps me eat less what what means this breath
thank you blessings from Assam is the fields of life and that’s what you
receive from yourself in so many dimensions in a coming time
as you said I wish any happen in a coming time motions were taught this but
we never got to the end of it for them to understand and that is now that you
say I wish she happened because I gave my soul to it now start if you
understand the process in full give to them I’m part of your physicality from
you so I would like my arms to be fed take whatever it needs I never ask me to
what time I went aware you create a field for it that is there to take and
then you see how much less would you eat because one is not taking more and when
you gain the confidence not just an image of doing it and then do it with an
arm nothing will change you feel the change in dimension but you feel the
total understanding and in so many ways it just builds up to the point that you
consume less matter state but in fact you feed yourself with the fields of
your own soul which it takes from the universe and this builds up you cannot
see at all it from tomorrow I’m fasting but you can start training step by step
to be able to support your existence through the dimension of the soul it’s
very easy you create a gravitational magnetic field through your soul
within the atmosphere of your body and you feed it in a recent experiment last
September we had a huge complaint from farmers and this complaint defeated this
of so it could not be coincidental and what happened I don’t know in some of
the teachings I have referred to it is that in the part where the farm was a
news the Gans material suddenly out of nowhere birds appear and ate the crop assay we don’t know how much but there
was so much that they saw so often in that period that the farmers were
complaining beyond and I said to myself my god these guys don’t understand and I
said to knowledge seekers that the birds came to take their share because the
plant was happy that he has produced so much he wanted to share but the farmers
were not happy the complaint and complain that we don’t know we never
seen so much bird but strange have a look this is the field this is the field
and we only water this this part created 1790 over this part
created two hundred forty nine point five kilo the same seed the same it’s
just the material I chose to do to feed create in this country but the strange
is the farmers complained that they’d eaten so we must have produced five
hundred kilogram here that the birds have eaten half of it they didn’t eat
from here did the fields created the emotion that we have so much you better
come and take the plant is happy the animal life is happy but the fun was
unhappy but the silver this creature for this harvest now which part we don’t understand or now the way is described we
understand the totality because we considered that the plant is like a man
is generous he has purchases come I have too much and the boots feels it I stood watching as I said very recently
a large number of animals dying we couldn’t do anything is part of a bigger
but what was a strange pretty touches the soul of the man was very strange
when the animal was underground and he was taking his last breath
daga animals come up bullshit we feel it when the soul leaves they
shout and cry then noise is deafening they hear the departure of the soul of
their one and us we just watch are we less than these animals have you seen when man dies of the shout
and cry from the time the soul lives what do we cry for on us they have no
loss but why do they cry so much why do they go so much crying to feel does
their soul such as their soul that they feed it can become less than animals or
we have covered ourselves not to have no feelings because then we have to use our
soul to confirm the existing one into disposition as a man and I came out of
that position as different because in the dimension of physicality
we are very much blocking the truth the reality because
this is the only way we can handle it but do we become can we feel the soul of
an anymore when he dies or can be elevated that it becomes a pleasure and
loss to it if it needs you can take I walked up and down the building and I
said to all take as you need I’ll come here to give you if you need the part
everyone you stay as long as you’re happy with this day I could see animals
shaking their head in unusual way because the pain of the physical loss
and the way they were going through it was beyond the strength of humanity and then you change you understand why
love do I’d love to be here to watch this or am I loved to be here to be able
to give or you cannot register that’s not mine I’ve got nothing to do with me
I’m here just enough lever I cannot be an observer there’s a matter how I Drive because I know the truth I know what it
means to exist and what it means for the dimension of this understanding which makes it easier
ignorance can carry on and we cannot stick to it any other question Wolfgang and freed both say thank you in
the livestream for your answers free says thank you for the enlightening
answer and I Simon has made a comment a couple of times maybe I could read that
as he says just brainstorming if science wants to move toward metaphysics than it
shall have to stop understanding phenomenons using obsolete instruments
although facing the holographic topic we shall deal with a four dimensional space
then by sectioning and seek aiding by using 50 different kinds of tomography
instruments the images that you see will only be a consequence of planar thought
this does not mean that the universe is flat but simply says that the mirror you
were using is still the consequence of the use of a knife or a surgical scalpel
subtle vision whenever one reaches transparents this spiritual vision shall
allow him to unite rather than to cut in half things that and see what is inside
planar reconstruction is still limited to two dimensions applied to the third
bulk perception is still within the layers placed one upon the other all
this apparently misses true curvature and even holography is still based upon
interference patterns that are a consequence of linear thought so that
was his thoughts on the matter yes you see
the holography what we have we we see in the world of you and our
commercialization of pictures is different than the way they Astro on
Cosmo physicists are trying now to elevate it so it’s a lot of
understanding that is not that it cannot be done it’s not that it’s something
wrong with it it’s wrong in hijacking a science and bringing other fallacies to
it to confirm that nothing exists this all the result Amy Roscher we we create not dimension a three
dimension of manifestation through the field interactions what we call it the
portals what was are nothing but what you call holography but in the in the
plasma damage nothing a method evasion but in a dimension where the entity has
control over its existence is not making an image is allowing the
soul to manifest itself in the image it wants to be shown not us forcing
condition of its manifestation it’s a big difference it’s not that report
fields on another field to create a third dimension to give it a motion and
as we see in some presidential presentation now they’re making their
image that they can transfer there’s a big difference between this and what we
call portals and holography if you take the mad or the energy from the camera
which creates that hologram it has no soul even the image itself does not feel
it if you touch it but in a port all the way you create a condition arouse the
soul to manifest itself not the matter state there is a lot of moving creating
through holography matter state condition that he can touch the picture
but can you create the soul of the picture the soul of the man which you
touch in the picture that it besides is your energy fields that it decides
what the hologram is going to me but in the portals the way we create dynamic
plasma is the soul she decides how its invested so it’s a big difference and
now some mathematicians and some Astro whizzes in conjunction with magicians
are hijacking this to confirm that nothing in life is real there are fields
but there are tangible according to the strength of us same as our skin our skin
is not real but the interaction of the field gives the visibility and
tangibility of existence and this is a secret this is the
separation this is the understanding of the totality this is to understand the
difference between the matter stage and the fields of the motion of the
universes we call the plasma but still the matter state is part of this
structure of the motion but in a lower strength because he has done all these
interactions in nuclear physics we call it nuclear decay why does it decay if it
still has the same energy it decays to be able to sustain the next life by
splitting certain knowledge initiatives new practices of the field difference
that is splits itself to Neutron and proton what happens in the cycle of an
electron electron a king divides into sub electrons man has not gone before to
be able to see it yet life does not end as electron as a package of energy limit we did have a question regarding the
electron just now in the before you brought that up from alien in Romania
who is asking he says Rick please ask this question the electron is powered by
proton energy inside the neutron environment so is the soul physically
energized by the central Seoul in the universe
we all are energized at different levels was the structure is complete when the soul of a man is created he has
a full spectrum and different part of the soul of the man interacts and takes
shape and function from different strengths of the universe what does this
mean it’s very simple explain this in one of the teachings sometimes you know you have the soul of the man we try to
show it as a plasma the soul of the man at this point manifests itself as a
physical team at this point here is at the strength of the soul of the Creator
because it has dictated his position the soul of the man in part of itself is
dictated by the soul of the universe the soul of the man in another part is
dictated the strength by the soul of his galaxy and the soul of man is dictated
by strength upon the soul of his soul assists and the soul of the man is
dictated in the strength by the soul of the planet which has created them so in
essence man carries all the strength of the creation but it’s not aware of it
because the only thing he sees is at least one so we can in a full dimension
because without pestis would not have been here with our business would not
have been here I’m the same and the same their life did not start this way the
light started from the strength of the creation so the size of an atom on this galaxy on
this universe is dictated by the central line of mechanics in the universe but
the size of the other union of the universe has a different strength and
it’s different size which means has a different package energy it’s like
another virus can man exist anymore from one universe to another understanding
the difference or does it prepare itself to mutate to higher strength but in
essence this still itself has the same strength of the soul of the creating now what you call the vector is certain
around the packages of energies which the condition of the central gravitation
of four of the galaxies dictates the same is the soul of the Creator dis
decides on it and the galaxies and the solar system and but in essence has to
have the given science which dictates but essence of the soul or the field of
the central point otherwise it would not take his position from it in that it
dictates it takes position with respect to this fact I explained it in the
teaching sometimes go if you look at it this is the solar or we call it as a
soul of the creator then you have the soul of the galaxy or the universe then
you have the soul of the galaxy of the soul of the solar system yeah the soul
of the planet and you have this awesome and each one of them has a say and
dictates the position and each one of them moves the same so is the same with
the electrons the same as the planets the position of the gravitational
magnetic field of the earth is not dictated only by son it’s dictated by
magna positioning of all these in respect to each other and to earth so is
the same with the soul of the man and a dimension of the soul we are part of the
totality even though we are made as part of it by the felis but the interaction
of the fields as the soul of the Creator shines out
released the creation of the soul of the man drew dimension on the strength to be
created so that the Sun in creating all the planets in solar system there is no
difference it’s just man who also make the difference for him to be more
looking more Saturn would not exist it would not be
in this position if there wasn’t Jupiter and here you take the earth out of the
equation Saturn will be there so is the same with the son of the man and the
creator there is no soul of the man if there is no soul of the creator and in
the conditional where it is in the strength in essence in the center
carried the same strength because he came from it it dictates by his fields
he has to have part of me in it and then the galaxy that is part to it so it has
part of me into it sir and the soul of the creator in creation
of a solar system and in creation of the man are exactly the same function but in
different damage what is in the Sun based his creation of the Sun the earth
the more Saturn and everything else so is the essence of the soul of man leads
to creation of everything else and soul which came from the dimension of
tangibility of the security of itself then what what is the dimension of life well we have a further question from
Wolfgang in the livestream he says if I’m stuck in a stone in the universe the
trick is to the trick to go out of the stone is to change my field strength and
field speed to get a different field than the stone
you gotta find what is that field of the stone first okay and you can work oh
okay well he goes on to say and so on earth
to get out of a quote unwished situation like war and force and so on what would
be the the trick to that if we look at the same analogy of the stone you have
to get to know the situation first perhaps he continues what they call
collective consciousness dr. Powys refers to it a lot through his
knowledge to his work but in in the structure of the life of the man you say
to stop wars and other things there is a collective consciousness by those who
look at creation of war as confirmation of existence and power it just need one to show them what what
they do does that stops the war Brussels I saw
Bob you know he said to me he is spokes on a spokes and he spent all the money
on the smoking I said to Fabio you don’t understand what you do do you
he says no I just smoke for pleasure I worked out about a 50 euro note and
not rolled it I didn’t send I said how much do you pay for this pack of
cigarettes if it’s s550 so I said now can you burn this 50 euro he said I
don’t burn it I said you burn it in the steps in tap
packs you burn is why didn’t you burn it in one go and it’s gone then you don’t
have to worry to burn it in the steps and arm yourself when you burn it you
don’t have the money to buy the cigarette we have been put in a position
that wars we would like to stop but we stopped the wars we have tied us of so
much to it that what are we going to do with all these jobs we have created listen to the talk of President Trump
past few months and journalists was killed in a given position they know the
man was behind it as they say one man has a spy or whatever of Russian
descent Stuart Lee was killed but his own nation they have put the biggest
sanctions on Russia because of this man another body which is a reporter is
killed the same body the same soul by the same position whatever it is and the
presences we cannot put any sanctions because 200 billion armed devil is too
big too many jobs for us to sacrifice Mohammed 17 20 million walk away with
nothing just because they can buy and support the American armed industry and
170 million in Russia suffer because it wasn’t even done but the process of a stopping-off is not
fighting the arms is to introduce a new technology to make them obsolete nobody
buys we seen this we’ve seen this in 1990s Russians where the most advanced
Eastern Bloc the most advanced button technology that the Americas bit more
and more nuclear weapons to stop that if they attack and when the Eastern Bloc
gates opened up nobody wanted to buy a single gun from Eastham dr. Basu
obsolete there were eight then what will be afraid of obsolete date guns and they
cannot sell it so we had hundreds of thousands of people working in the our
factories of the Eastern Bloc without it work we had to they have to send money
the same with the miners which are taking the calls out in Russia
four billion was eight billion was taken direct most on the next morning nine
o’clock he also was run in the private economy suspend arms are selling we
cannot fight on selling only stops when we introduce such a advanced technology
that it becomes obsolete nobody wants to buy then that 200
billion has no meaning unless those in the country buying it have already
banked the money in there against the man’s maturity has to come out by
selling arms is by developing new technologies that make killing and arms
irrelevant so when we wish for end of the war is
not staying that I’m wishing it’s getting down and developing technologies
that makes these things obsolete that’s all if you’re a man of peace and
you do what I do trying to put all my effort into peace and we are getting
there we see it beautifully coming up I could spend time in the factories making
mattress to do this making this go in the financial direction but this is not
what I came here I’ve been come here to build up the technology to open
factories in this yes we do because through it we create something hobbies
for the future but we came to introduce a new technology that through it we
create peace even beat that what each the question came out therefore I wish
and he happened I wish there such as such a person in
such a position understands what is doing to his soul and the soul of his
journey I reach out with the hand of my soul to give to him he’s getting a very
good money from Lockheed Martin to make you up and strike and then he says if I
leave this job where I’m gonna go with my children no private education no
health care nothing I make on doesn’t matter what my soul pays for it among
children papers in the region this is this is this is what we have to
learn and this is what we have to understand we can change the soul of the
man to walk away from arms but then as long as we are here when we switch the
Machine off the one goes back a minute unless the man understands that is
counting does not get involved just create suffering it’s very very interesting very
interesting in many religious groups you just name it there are armies why do the
man of God need armies we are here to conquer the soul of the man not the
pocket of the man we see the head of the Vatican Church
he’s a highest-ranking military man it does not fit a man who says I give life
I’m here to save in name of Christ then he has army that he killed we see the
same in Islamic world you see the same with the jewels how can in the name of
God we have miracle unlesss business in so many ways they’re
soldiers of what I call what you call creator or you call the prophets of
messengers of whatever should be very much like eight hours of very much like
Buddhist chosen to peaceful manner you conquered the soul after that
no you kill the man in the present Pope is general is the head of the military
arms of Moloch Christianity how many people has he killed as ordered
to be and it still stands there hypocrisy doesn’t fit does it’s the same as we have to sell arms
200 billion this will jobs I knew it was mr. Kesh good morning I got a question
there has been wish released last week with the knowledge seekers that what you
just explained is what we know today but we cannot go back in the understanding
where the demand started this part of killing in so many different ways and
forms because we have no way to go back and access that information and that
which has been created for that to be brought forward and I think you’re the
best person in position to maybe to open this up for us to understand where at
what point in time we have diverted from that part and why because maybe if you
open it up and the understanding comes on to that level
maybe the whole of humanity will be able through this understanding as you always
request from all of us to go and elevate to start making that change thank you
very much what you see in the history of the man did not start with the man when
he came out of the water and it’s the same way
what is connected weight in many ways I mean acid which is connected to the
dimension of the life which took shape and place in the kwid substance of this
planet trees what we call vertical people mainly understood and relied on
the path of the field and that’s how they go it’s not something we cannot do
plants to grab so play after my son what Sun gives them they don’t wanna steal
you don’t want to take another package and even if he means to to come to the
end of their lives they shall not steal they die in the place they are we don’t
see them catching armies and fighting doctors in some occasions we see
aggressive whatever they need to whatever they don’t see or they’ve been
burned up but in general we don’t see any kind of killing the position with
the condition of creation of life which leads to the dimension of amino acid
when it interacts with iron in the Church of the cases it creates a
condition of need for dimension of the faster absorption of energy and that has
come to the point to take from the others
faster packages of energy and then it comes to eating up bigger packages
bigger and bigger packages because I can doesn’t matter if ish eats literal
Plankton’s or a fish eats another fish or a man each other anymore
because now is so normal a kid a pig accurate how so I kill another man it’s
another form of life is finished so the structure of the killing has come from
the outset of need to survive to do and what has happened what we have seen and
we hope will never happen in the world of creation again is this disbalance of
the nitrogen carbon and oxygen and one hydrogen in certain ways when there is a
miss balance this creates a very fast flow and a huge reduction in energy but
still needs to sustain is structure but when you have billions of these put
together you can take some from the environment but they cannot take forever
and the problem with mainly what I call animals in the animal kingdom is that
they layer each other so much that this is the top of skin mature skin that the
skin and then then then then that this part in the middle cannot receive
because they take home so now for his existence
it needs external injury fast combustion that I survive to and don’t forget is connected to the
soul of its structure to the solar soul of the man could not give to do so has
physicality has taken over to be and now it is taking so much hold that if you
are and you are a man you’re a cow a fish they all take packages is the easy
way is gone into the mainstream RNA of the life with a call in horizontal
vertical people have solvable but adding one element to the structure that it
takes fields from the universe but universal and environmental condition
dictate his value and he’s accepted it I do not kill forests and the summer and
the winters I lose my leaves that time because then I live in harmony with my
but horizontal people have bypasses we need to add something to the structure
of the environment that this adding up brings man to this but
movement physical movement of vertical and physical movements of horizontal is
totally different and that means a different package of energy and that’s
why if you know many many horizontal people have picked up on a certain
things especially that they don’t need to worry things that I specialize in and
I get my thalamus and tyrants in my body to do the conversion of what I need from
one thing if you understand the man eats variety of vegetables meat
and everything to get a full spectrum of the energies in needs work
total structure but animals certain animals only eat one thing only
always the same fruit the same flower but their toughness and timers have in
conjunction to each other creates a condition that it converts again it’s
the same monkey but it’s only one but it still has the bone still has their liver
a still has a kidneys and everything else
how come everything comes out of one food because they have found the
efficient way to come in a way guarantee their existence because nobody else eats
what they eat their chosen to it because they have created a condition their feed
that can convert this to anything they like the arms or legs doesn’t fall off
by eating the same food and the same fruit all the time one of the richest
men in the world eat every night burnt a steak with nothing they in there
literally a steak which is burned to the skin burned totally pent a deadly trick
you solid piece of meat it’s like a wood it’s one of the top three four richest
men in the world with all the wealth this is the only thing in it but still
is the Bridgette run he still thinks same he still have the same visibility
and he’s done this for years and years but his body has learned to convert and
this is what this is part of the structure of the day new technology to
substitute that in the structure of this planet now gradually we walk mad to live
to understand that he can take from the fields of the new borrowed but what you’re gonna do here a fish
you’re in the ocean you don’t eat and you’re given everything you travel run
ocean it’s all around the planet you’re a man you don’t need a clothing
now you know how to eat how to warm up this is the process this is what we have
to understand this is what is missing mmm
it doesn’t go with man how we can change man is there far as I said many times is
that deficiency in the structure of the RNA which is affected the DNA and in
that a structure stays the same this is part of as I said many many times in the
world of science we hear this quite often a mouse has similarity 95% 99%
whatever percentage to man of course it does we all came from the space of them
mr. Cohan so our base is the same and this is 99% how it stirred itself is the
part so we have to change something here with man with with with body call horizontally to make them to become like you but
really that’s always missing and that sits in the structure of the soul of
this this amino acid which has linked itself unfortunately to I there is part
of the technology which I don’t teach on there my teacher and it’s known as
carbon-14 carbon-14 has a lot to do with the
behavior and if one day we understand this we can change the matter I’ll tell
you why covered in a vertical people we have a magnet in horizontal people we always suffer
with this this one where is from 42 to 44 energy balance of
the fields this one where is from 55 to 58 now you see where carbon-14 caused it is this cap which makes horizontal
people dangerous it’s stupid I needs to be fed for this to exist the closest we get to this is ch3 this
is one of the reasons in my work I introduce ch3 is not for you to be this
for to cross this gap this is part of the problem ch3 is between 13 and a half depends on the energy balance with
carbon and hydrogen you see the construction of life is very
simple you have a see history then you have a amino acid 14 12 16 or you have 1
1 1 12 you can see very balanced based with a very long
very slow balanced base with very high in fact when you lock it in it becomes
very much balanced listen he gives him near enough to this is the reason our uch tree in
diabetic it’s the reason I use es reading a lot of things but you put a
ch3 in a specific condition you kill you see if you redesign it redefine it it’s
very simple you have one – OH 14:16 you have one one one now we shall see the pattern but if you had a real structure this fritz with this and this which with
that and in the process they create a balance field
roundabout and then when he thinks up doesn’t need to link up with iron or does it behave and mimics the balance
of it because there is a secret in the whole creation of CHD the way we’ve
reduce it I’ve said that before its end in the
middle allies annoyed materials on the side zinc nickel whatever this is alloy
because they feel the strength in it can create a binding so when you put your
cup here nano-coat it to make your chance of see history the carbon energy
release confirmation from interaction from the environment these the zinc
mixture with a copper that gives you your carbon then you have a problem then your
problem sits with iron 56 57 59 60 but it’s the field which has created it so
what it does your ch3 is the gravitational magnetic field orientation
of mine so when you put it with an amino acid you have already have a common
denominator in the field strength that when is created the fields here in this
interaction you have I mean no acid which is balanced with the iron and in
being a balance I am freed itself does not need to kill the cons don’t forget
your carbon has a gravitational magnetic field the strength of the copper in
conjunction gravitational-magnetic field of zinc so it’s directly connected to
your muscles and your nerve and now you produce a condition that it connects to
the iron is complete you have every connection you need it
touched the soul of the man you touch the physicality of the man you bring
your balance in energy transfer between them and what we call matter state
plasma and a freak the state of the matter cop
it is so complete but none of you have understood this yet man doesn’t need to
give but this operators still needs a few bits to be added to it that the man
or the animal stops altogether this see history elevates the soul of the animal
this CHT elevates the physicality of the energy the ch3 connects to the blood of
the man through his eye yes everything are given the biggest gift to mankind to
walk away from killing I will show you all made CHC but never understand
what gift you have in your hand you connect the ch3 with the amino acid of
it my god do you need to kill I just need under the six 12 months I’ll
enforce peace through the technology mom will never know what has happened with
there’s a lot more here missing but as I said they start teaching the basic
foundation now you understand why I introduce different ways of things you’re after the magrav after the soul
of the man change it that this starts feeding is encouraging not just by
energy and the other question it’s nearly three hours or something I
have a question the deuterium and C which is a space for fuel and ch3 are
very close cousin of each other so in are going to space what deuterium
and ch3 material materials how can the Tyrian be close to see history the
process in which it is made is our variable ch3 process so it’s not very
close let me understand the science behind it why you say that the process
is the same do you know why the reason I’m saying
that if you if you carry on with the process of ch3 and you lose your coating
or what we call carbonized because that’s what it is you are left only and
only with one thing you have a zinc of a plate with iron in between so magnesium
and you have a copper nano-coated yeah 56 sorry
69 59 60 57 to 58 sometimes yeah
here yeah just about one different and not all of it become so what you’re left
with is gravitational magnetic field of one atom of hydrogen it’s not the same
is exactly what it is when you finish producing you have no more copper zinc
left on yours you only have the gravitational magnetic field images of
the zinc which you had but you only have now a imaginary cover of the zinc fields
but in reality the strength magnetic field of the iron so some of the field
because this is not homogeneous is suspect not the field some of them are
energy of one things and then in conversion it becomes because it cannot
be oxidized itself is a complete it will come in nanoa kansas state capital is
not similar it’s because of two different things and when you stop creating or you cannot
create anymore conditions it does not stop if you go through process of
producing deuterium and ch3 you produce tons of the tell you and you produce
very little of CHD coming comparison to each other if you have made the cancers and use the
right system you see suddenly you making the orange products history and then it
suddenly becomes black and it becomes more and more of it because now you have
no more zinc left on your coating now you’re producing pure detail it happens
in the factories where reproduce must produce sometimes they forget to change
the plates and we hit instantaneously everything goes black because at that
point even some of the h3 come West to the Tyrian three times and the carbon
bases as gas we see it I created this technology I know it
inside out from in the structure of the form of the fields it creates not just
by accident and I can play with it entity you should be able to define why
it’s similar no it’s not totally dependent with Darwinism but strange
enough is if you put irony with copper you don’t get this you need that false
fields of zinc which created the original co2 because that tree the
city-state’s allows the release of charge this hydrogen ch3 you are one
proton one electron the Tyrian because of the condition that creates it has its
neutral regions complete that if you can push yourself to the boundary of
limitation open and you can get this to this man doesn’t understand because this too will behave as one
proton one Neutron and then in totality they turn over this one but with the gap
distance and this cap distance creates a new dimension of energy resources
because you have three spare plasmas but it’s in a field condition not in a
matter condition so it creates a ventilation very much a star formation
of itself and very very active extremely mankind cannot roughly some millions of
times more powerful than any hydrogen bomb miners are at least but this is a
technique in space technology you can use it and it’s so active that in a
condition it becomes radioactive behavior but it’s not very active mr. Kesh when I said they’re related
what I was trying to get to is zinc and iron connection and copper connection
that it has how does it how can we relate to this deuterium in that sense I
just explained you never understood I just explained
listen to past five minutes of teaching giving you the time of the recording in
coppa canvas I just explained it all so you haven’t understood I just explained
it out related because there are related are created because up you can produce the theorem in a very
fast way and if you are clever enough to play you can create one of the biggest
energy sources of the universe part of part of part of energy which leads to
the creation and the startup of what we talked to the beginning black hole is
this process unbalanced – proton neutral you know in
a way to proton have to behave as neutral one but this one is slightly out
so the spin starts and you know right in a way a three proton Center becomes a
massive game and strange enough the electron pull the energy inside part of
the creation of black hole comes from this and if you know how to use it how
to create it you can use it for transportation in the reactors but at
the moment man’s knowledge is not you see it’s it’s a very easy combination so
tell you I’m a nuclear physicist I know this knowledge inside out when you have
three protons and three electrons and you can release the carbon of the CH 3
as a gas you have a strange situation this has a polarity and this has to
match with this at the same time as to match with this this one has to do the
same and this chap has to do the same it’s a massive dynamism that these
electrons cannot follow the position so they create a massive environment this
is the original creation of black holes there is something in the world of
cosmology that we go back to and you might understand what the carbon the
strength magnetic field has a specific characteristics that’s why we see carbon
across the universe more or less or carbon and structure energy fields the
difference between the gravitational and magnetic field of any entity balance
free because these are Mac wraps these are not mines is eco to balance of the
strength of the carbon plasma this is the mystery of the creation of the
universe when you see a light light has to
dimension he has a gravity which turns back on itself to come but does not mix
that strength McGrath positioning between the two is the strength of the
carbon plasma field that’s why everything in universe
poreless has such a combination of the six electrons explode it’s a balanced
field shape as a diamond it creates separation between the two
it’s the insulator of the field that’s how magnetical and gravitational
field in the same path never interact because through the dynamic system they
create time on a structure in solution but through plasma condition which is a
car this is the first time I released its knowledge man in the future understands this is
one of the cornerstones of the creation of the universe separation between the gravitational
magnetic field you’ve seen me many many times I draw
this and I say one is gravitational and one is magnetical what does it separate
these two nothing nothing but the same thought the car will talk but in the
plasma condition because it turns into the diamond it creates separation
between the fields carbon is not the only insulator in the multiple state but
in splat state plays the same game that’s why we see so much carbon in the
universe is the residual of when the fields open up and then it becomes a
corner of creation because then it creates in what we see what we don’t see
as conductivity or resistivity of the transfer field flaw in what we call
dimensions of the thermal structure of the plasma these are all the knowledge
which released in the book of their magnetic with the book number 8 you always wondered how we can have the
fields passing each other and we have gravity and magnetic field at the same
time now you understand the situation the totally two different fields and
they need to be isolated from each other and in fact if you look at it it’s not
very far from each tree it’s two histories if you look you got your six electrons but you have
six protons which at the same time through the dynamism mimic carbon
without any neutral means they don’t have central gravity
but they have a dynamism dynamical structure which true dares they can
transfer fields it create isolation in plasma man let’s cut the lock today that must mean he’ll have to carry on
four years of knowledge seekers workshop spur haps mr. Kesh I want to leave this
life of physicality I thought you might say that man’s up talk rules he’s alive
a lot of suffering why do I need it I accepted the wrong mission next time he
sends me somewhere I said Kwon Do It Yourself didn’t there done that
you know thanks no oh let’s you’d suffer me
I’ve suffered too much in the hand of man I think Christ chose the right path
short and sweet it is Japanese laughing he’s applied for
it well I know that we getting on here and three hours is what Flint wants I’m
not sure if if we still want to go ahead with that or not or wait or okay well if
Flint do you have that ready or shall we wait till next time another time I’m not
sure plants still with us might these yeah yeah okay well we can
give that a go would you like to say what it is I don’t
know what it is bloody hell well thank you want to explain maybe you’re busy
getting it ready yeah it’s just a little video I put together for the 260th more
celebrating five years yeah technically there’s some people are gonna say and it
wasn’t really five years and so on but it’s five times 52 in that sense it’s
just that the knowledge seekers workshops I actually started in March of
2014 and there was several in a row that were named by number by day from day to
day rather than week tweak and that kind of threw off the number system but we’re
celebrating five years of workshops in one way or another and there is also the
public teaching workshops which came just before the knowledge seekers
workshops and were sort of the formation name on one to another yes right and so
in any case this is a celebration of a happy five years of knowledge seekers
chops and our acknowledgement of gratitude to mr. cash and the cash
foundation and everyone involved with the the creation of all all of that so I
think Clint has it ready to go here yes okay you sound like god yes yeah sorry about
that go thank you very much
we called the day we’ve been here long enough and hopefully next week
we learn more and with each one after next week we are Indian Chinese New Year
and the whole process of the celebrating the Chinese New Year that’s already
started hopefully we have many of our Chinese friends with us till next week
and then into the Chinese New Year thank you very much for everyone and
everything and hopefully we’ll learn a little bit more in the coming time a
little more today we set a new pattern of teaching more in the depth of the
theoretical physics because it needs to be done but at the same time you know
other secrets in the line of creation quarters we listen to these things in
yes to come to understand more often because and the moment is very wrong you
don’t see connection but there is a lot of knowledge there that will bring a lot
of things forward and allows the work of the beast to take shape thank you very
much for today I only meet you next time last week all right most excellent thank you mr.
Kesh once again for yet another amazing knowledge seekers workshop this one has
been the two hundred and sixtieth knowledge seekers workshop for Thursday
January 24 2019 and special thanks to plant for going double triple overtime
to produce that video for us and we look forward to next week’s teaching at the
same time same place okay thank you and I think we’re ready
to go out there final video hello we are the cash Foundation our
mission is to bring peace on earth and join humanity with the universal
community we wish and work to bring man as equal to all beings in the universe
by teaching plasma science and technology equally to everyone no one is
left out and no one is abused due to lack of knowledge by donate us you can
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