258th Knowledge Seekers Workshop – Jan 10, 2019

NOTE! Subtitles in this video are auto-generated and subject to further review and update. from the beginning of time humans have
always looked towards the sky for inspiration and guidance there has been
a fascination with birds stars gods goddesses and other entities which
seemed to exist above us and for many humans a strong yearning to travel into
space man has dreamt of flight since observing space and now it is time to
become the space traveler the future of space travel requires us to understand
from where we came to see where we are going
several thousand years ago philosophers mozi and Lou bond from China were
looking to the wind for flight they invented kites using silk and bamboo
allowing for the later development of communication measuring distances
testing the wind and lifting men the invention of the kite brought with it
the desire to fly the first known attempts at flight were typically by
leaping off towns known as tower jumping people in China India and Europe first
attempted flight this way in 1670 Francesco Ilana de Tarson published a
book that showed some interesting concepts the concept of copper foil in a
sphere with a vacuum would produce a vacuum airship this is still not
possible with today’s materials Francesco is recognized as the father of
aeronautics melding science and mathematics into aerial navigation the Chinese are believed to have
developed the first hot-air device the Chinese lantern using hot air from a
candle can take flight and was first used for signaling the hot-air balloon
achieved the first human lift and advanced to what we know of as the
Zeppelin the first attempts at flight in a heavier-than-air flying machine were
made by more than just the Wright brothers most attempts failed however
they were the stepping stones for what was to come later
the oldest airport College Park is still in operation today
airplanes evolved rapidly through the century from propeller to helicopter to
jet aircraft and most of that technology is used today during the Second World
War Germany developed rockets that could go a limited distance the basic rocket
technology used then is still used today the space race started with the Soviet
Union and the USA in 1957 and led to many developments for the next step the
moon spacecraft assigned as Apollo 11 was the first spacecraft to have landed
on the moon the space shuttle operated at tremendous cost burning the fuel
proved to be wasteful and dangerous technology the International Space
Station ISS is a habitable artificial satellite that was assembled in
low-earth orbit in 1998 with the use of the space shuttle the ISS can often be
seen with the naked eye from Earth space X as a private aerospace producer
and space transportation services company was founded in 2002 by Elon Musk
with the goal of reducing space transportation costs in enabling the
colonization of Mars SpaceX reuses the first stage of their
primary rocket falcon 9 by vertical propulsive landings although up to
present time it still uses the rocket fuel burning technology mehron cash has
always said the time for burning fuels is over but did we need to start with
that technology in the first place ancient cultures have suggested the use
of an alternative means of transportation with reference to
possible plasma technology you can go to New York from Brussels within two to
five minutes most of this five minutes is actually landing and getting up
Mehran Tavakoli Keshe was born in Iran in 1958 as the son of an x-ray engineer
he was introduced to the world of radiation and nuclear science at a very
young age in 1981 he graduated from Queen Mary the University of London as a
nuclear engineer specialized in reactor technology system control at that time
he developed a number of theoretical ideas related to more simple nuclear
concepts and their applications in 2002 he decided to finish the full design of
his ideas about nuclear technology this included the creation and control of
gravity and energy by the use of nuclear materials in a clean and safe hydrogen
reactor mehran keshe introduced the concept of
double magnetic fields to explain the magnetic and gravitational field of
Earth unknown by the existing scientific community he wrote a number of
scientific papers in 2004 and sent them for peer review such as the creation of
black holes when one of the persons performing the peer review used his
information in public he decided to draw his papers and to concentrate further on
building prototypes since the beginning of 2006 several prototypes of dynamic
reactors have been built some specifically designed to create hovering
effects similar to effect seen with magnetic levitation basic hovering
effects have been achieved 2007 brought the first flight test with radioactive
material in which the patents describe the process of the field interactions
the main patent gravitational and energy system described the initial fundamental
aspects of the plasma and uses this was followed by the Supplemental patent
micro plasma reactors where further uses and advancements were described mr. Kesh
found himself in Iran in 2008 and was provided all the resources needed to
create the first lift of a plasma reactor managed by the Iranian
government these special rotating gas reactors were used to control the plasma
to bring a deeper understanding mr. Kesh released the first book in 2009 the
universal order of creation of matters which contained many new concepts
released to the public this included the PMT IC plasma magnetic
fields initial fundamental plasma and plasma dye lucien technology used for
space reactors the plasma technology was further developed and it manifested in
weight fluctuation in a controlled environment 2010 introduced a new state
of matter called Gans an acronym for gas in nano solid-state the Gans produces
fields to be used in the operation of the spaceship advanced flight tests were
performed in Iran with the guidance of mr. Kesh and the newly designed systems
mr. Kesh tells us you can’t bring all the doctors with you in space medical
research advanced in 2010 and is still being explored daily all around the
world the cash foundation has provided knowledge for dealing with many medical
conditions a great example of plasma technology
used for peaceful process is the capturing of the USA drone over Iran in
December 2011 this drone was touted as one of the most advanced drones of its
day and was caught by Iran using plasma to disrupt the communications plasma
absorbs fields and the drone uses radio fields for piloting a natural aspect of
the plasma a barrier of fields booked to the structure of the light was released
in 2011 this book brought forward the understanding of the structure of light
as a cylindrical plasma where the light is in possession of all magnetic field
strengths book 3 the origin of the universe was published later in 2011 mr.
Kesh explained the further operation and interaction of different strengths of
the same fields which then leads to the creation of the universe these three
books bring forward a much deeper understanding of the plasma science that
is applied worldwide by knowledge seekers and scientists in spaceship
research and development there were two conferences to release the space
technology to government’s in 2012 the first International presentation in
April Keshe Foundation invited representatives of every country to the
first presentation of the plasma technology the second International
presentation in September Keshe Foundation invited the nations of the
world through their ambassadors and their leaders to attend a gathering at
the Keshe foundation center in an of Belgium space travel requires peace the
implementation of the plasma technology brings greater responsibility in 2013
mr. Kesh brought forward the world peace treaty signing of the peace treaty is a
confirmation from yourself to your soul to act correctly in a peaceful manner
in 2014 knowledge seekers came together from around the world to learn from mr.
Kesh and many different experiments with reactors were performed including
improving the previously developed reactors to fit with the new knowledge
introduction of nano coated reactors multi-core Gans systems the spaceship
Institute lab experiments were streamed live on the internet for all to see SSI
lab tests with reactors showed strong magnetic field pulses up to 129 Tesla
and showed significant weight fluctuations in December an experiment
was performed using reactors built by knowledge seekers from around the world
Italy Germany and Canada were involved in field communication tests the tests
showed that fields can interact with each other no matter the distance or
time resulting in instant communication in 2015 developments for space continued
with different aspects of the plasma technology such as in health energy and
decontamination in October of 2015 mr. Kesh taught a popular week-long course
called The Blueprint teachings about how to build the maghreb power units people
from all over the world participated with building their own maghreb units
and teaching others with the demand of the Keshe foundation products from all
over the world a new Research Center and manufacturing opened in Arizona USA many
developments of the technology happened in different parts of the world and
Keshe foundation USA is no exception John and the team started performing
experiments using different sensing tools these tools allowed the team to
visualize the maghreb fields and to show others their interactions with reactor
formations showing positive results partaking in the knowledge together is
easier and more joyful than ever the fun has just begun
says MT cash mr. Kesh publicly teaches the space
technology through the weekly knowledge seekers workshops plasma enthusiasts
from around the world participate in gathering the knowledge and putting the
puzzle together in the space race all people irrespective of race national
religion are invited to participate in the exchange of knowledge thus assisting
humanity to live within the ethos of the universe it is recognized that
international cooperation and peace is a prerequisite for mankind to journey into
deep space individuals and nations are invited to come together in the spirit
of collaboration and unity to enable peaceful application and the use of
plasma technology for space travel food agriculture energy transportation health
and more we’re excited to release the Keshe foundation spaceship repent to
humanity welcome everyone to the 250 eighth
knowledge seekers workshop for Thursday January 10th 2019 I enter Kremlin I’ll
be your host today and as usual or joined with mr. Kesh of the Keshe
foundation who will elucidate today’s teaching and also the latest news and
information from Keshe foundation and I believe he’s eagerly awaiting in the
background here mr. Kesh are you there that’s good morning good day to you
wherever and whenever you listen to these series of knowledge seekers
programs we’re just reaching our completion of the fifth year by next
week or so and I think the fifth year anniversary is going to be a very good
day beginning of the sixth year will be the very good time for all of us we have
achieved a lot we have moved a lot we have shared a lot and in a coming time
we’ve been fortunate enough to be able to share this knowledge with many many
different cultures nations and many backgrounds of science and technology
and in many ways different school of thoughts each one finds their way or an
angle into how to interpret this technology in their way one of the ways
which we spread this knowledge and the took root was through the writing of the
books as many of you know we used to be able to supply and sell the books and
through distributors in Belgium and we paid for some quarter million euros of
books sales price and they were all blocked and in a way stolen from the
foundation by the water where we have there but for past
two-three is we tried in every way to make the books available back on and as
of today all the clinician books number one number two and three are back on
sale on the website of the foundation you can buy the books back again but
this time every language we have now that the distribution and work on this
year that publication is in our hand and we control everything the book in
English number one two and three is released today you can go to the website
and buy them again with a beautiful gift the first book in Farsi is released
today too so you can buy the book click and order hard copy of it
book number one two and three in Chinese is release today too so it means in
three languages you can buy the book number one and number two and three in
English in Chinese in a hard copy and in coming time in another moment maybe as
we speak you can go to Kendall on Amazon and buy what we call soft copy on the
Internet in the next week’s coming time jumbo number one hopefully to entry will
be released again and we have books in different languages which has been done
now we are releasing all the books if you have translated any of the books and
you sent it to us can you resend it that we can collect it put it together and we
published port in electronic book college so and the hard copy
all the books are printed in Italy and they’ll be distributed to each other for
time being and in next few weeks the Chinese version or hard which will be
done and distributed other of Italy and this is a big achievement for the Keshe
foundation team the management team been working and everybody else in the
background to get these true especially the Chinese team and dr. Paris for the
Persian translation and cash Malaysian team into heart was been relentlessly
working in the background to translate these books hopefully we get all the
documents translated to out of Tehran and in that way we are back on track we
can buy the books and read the books legally those of you who thought it was
free and you took it off the internet and you think is too expensive I’ll take
it free remember your saw will answer for it somewhere this is the principle
we work on but I so many ways didn’t want to get the books release for a long
time because I thought it’s alright we paid for it too what we call these
criminals in the state of Belgium and now we we have managed to print it
outside we have thousands of books printed paid for and sitting in Belgium
for nearly three four years and it was to describe you that spot in a way this
greatly goes back to the people who have no insight of the knowledge on a back of
this publication of today the books and sharing of the knowledge we have other
news for you and that is the Keshe foundation technology as a whole in one
maybe two day conference supported by the Chinese government will be what we
call explain shown and brought into line as a new development of space technology
in June of this year the rage has been agreed and we as we
speak today everything is getting fine lunch has been fine must be no
understand their organisation and the conference is a joint organized by the
Chinese organisation government organisation and the Keshe foundation
running a space conference a spaceship conference with all the other scientists
from the countries which will be there this is a major breakthrough especially
in all aspects of the technology a government like Chinese government does
not get involved unless they had the proof of the concept and the totality of
the technology and this is thanks to all of you this is not a public conference
this is my imitation of the government of China to a specific scientist and
officials ambassadors and many other definitely from different government
this is to show that China has internal spaceship technology in conjunction with
one of the major works of their his Excellency President Xi of China which
is one Road out and voided the scientists of the Keshe foundation will
be invited officially by the Chinese government to present the technology in
his conference so in next four months five months any achievement by any of
cash foundation supporters which can show the advancement of the space
technology will be presented in this conference you got to realize ward
ambassadors will be present and in so many ways this is the opening of the
space technology in a special program and it’s fantastic to be there I think
the observations the presence of China and members of their organizations who
have supported us to be here for their support
we need and we will present a full space program in its presentation how we
produce food our producing energy how it produces lift and motion how we produce
medical application without any need all the systems developed will be thrown
into Beijing all the systems which we use on the edge of the science of the
Keshe foundation till June will be flown into a gene for demonstration to show
the totality of their new technology as a whole for more readers to see we have
to be correct and in so many ways whatever collective recognition
worldwide achieves on to that they will be presented worldwide it is the
presentation of the new space technology is representation of thousands of years
of man’s development and achievement and this is the what we call and up one and
the beginning of a new space earth scientists from their world space
agencies will be present and collectively will be decide on how which
access basin to the next next level this is what it’s been Morris our work and so
every one of us doesn’t matter what position we hold and where we are with
the foundation you we see the development of the technology to the
last minute as we are a progressive developments of the science will be
presented you present your own technology to the world leaders to the
world our masters whatever developed on edge of technology would in space
technology will be demonstrated more part you have coverage from every what
we call television radio every media international the technology
will be fully open to public and this is a major breakthrough for all of us the
agreed agreement has been reached in past few hours and any of you who will
be invited you’re not invited by the Keshe foundation you’re invited by the
Chinese government officials in that path so you receive an official letter
with the least name of the scientists of the Keshe foundation who present their
cases in this conference as an international scientist who you are what
you are in the background doesn’t count you are a science man of understanding
and this technology as I said it’s opened for business for changing the
man’s life even in his conference we have ambassadors from every corner of
this planet I was going through the list of the ambassadors and officials invited
out to be invited and it’s impressive many many ministers many ambassadors is
one of the most prestigious conferences of 2019 and we were hoping that will be
a speaker in this conference but we have been given parallel conference with the
main conference and half a day we one would say main conference that then is
decided how and who was to attend which part but in general hopefully by the
second day the scientists presence from the different governments which are
invited by the Keshe foundation and the Chinese government will decide the
future of the space technology on this planet it is a great achievement and it’s the
first time nations without any contractual writing shared knowledge it’s not going to be easy this
conference will be followed rapidly with conferences in different nations of the
members are what we call zero China Iran Brazil Russia India and the United
States at the beginning of the difficulties in trusting but I’m sure
many many of the world governments understand that there is nothing to hide
with the new technology as I said it has not been easy and in next six months
five months is not gonna be any easier we got to the Keshe foundation
management team and all the teams in the background have to be able to present a
full presentation of the technology even as what they call commercialization to
be able to demonstrate the work of it in the conference very much we allow a
space exhibition by the Keshe foundation is space technology because is not to
talk is to show and once we show will change the course so those are here who
are achieved points of the development which we see appropriate to be in a
conference you receive official invitation by the Chinese government
offices to attend and present technology in the space conference this is important for all of us and in
so many ways the time is set now is we say ticking towards the International
opening Education Foundation worldwide to all the nations at the same time in
every corner of this planet and at the same time we have to be
correct and we have to deliver a fool aspects all aspects of the space
technology our the ask the Chinese a space group to start and complete the
process that we can show the spaceship program in China by the Chinese
we hope organizations like Keshe Foundation in Arizona and in Austria and
Italy will come with their systems developed what it is applications of it
and what it does in every aspect is not just to show a flight is to show every
aspects of the technology which we have developed I guess something between 10
to 30 people from the Keshe foundation worldwide will be invited to this
conference because is what we can show it’s not we are not inviting others to
give a talk about space program we’re talking about the plasma and no one
needs this technology nor does the future of the space program is to be
laid out and to be shared freely that understood by the governments and
officials present in the conference that we reach a consensus of understanding
there is a new beginning and in so many ways this hasn’t been easy but I think
we had a very easy right compared to when we look at the other
technologies and other Sciences which second one by law being a medical
application being medicine being forward being agriculture or energy this time we
hope to put the whole package together and when we do this we show a mature
technology and this is all personal just presentation in Hong Kong and in so many
ways when I was listening to Chinese colleagues in in the meetings in past
few months who can we invite to explain about our
technology from other different parts and aspects of the world science we have
to be not arrogant but we have to be as I always say humble you know to show
that there are part of our technology we could not be not be where we are without
them without their share of knowledge and development advanced of it so in
this progress in June of this year whoever is invited by Chinese officials
to attend the conference and Keshe foundation spaceship it’s a privilege
for all of us we try to be given access to the recordings of their presentation
of their meetings and a conference in their one two days and in that process
we try to see if we can negotiate that the whole conference to go live as a
spaceship full day and if we can reach that with the permission of the Chinese
officials then we all be in the conference presented by the scientists
but being away we participate with our souls this has not been easy many educational
issue supporters in China have work to rigorously especially especially need
people like David and so people like charging and Max and others in the
background Nathan have been blessed with working over in order to achieve this
not me achieve all we came here for and as I said my times close to the
observation of citizen G and Chinese government officials that they have seen
a breakthrough with the science and are sharing it with the world
like other governments do not want a part of it and knock it out but in that
process this become the Chinese venture and we become part of collaboration part
of the Wonder formula pathology in not just delivering their what we call
sharing of circled and what goes with it but sharing the knowledge deficit road it is interesting how we will go and how
we present ourselves you know I have set up a group in the background that will
meet now that we have received officially there they go ahead for the
conference – how to lay out the today’s our conference in next seven days and
make sure scientists from different organizations are there heads up it’s
basically uses are there will meet with a diplomatic course to over eyes it to
be not discussion of new technology but celebration of the new understanding and
this will carry on the what I call disclosure so openly and so broadly is a
major breakthrough no patent no limitation and I think as a new
scientist of the new generation we put the science of the whole generation to
shame how they misinformed and hid their technologies in patterns and everything
else where we come and share freely and we teach it really another hand as we
said the Chinese organizations are sitting in the background and we have as
usually as you seen nothing is be released from our own pictures from the
archives of the Keshe foundation and I’ve send the pictures to Rick that is
to do with a book as we now release the books for the first time in hardcopy
after some two or three years because of the problems to be handed our books been
stolen by a nation now the book is released
and what you will see is the picture of the first book ever published
this is the very first book as I came off the print and I do a sister as it
was to be available as a friend Rick are you there
can you release the picture please yeah yeah it should be showing there now mr.
cash I do not see yet any check on that do is anybody else obviously good
there’s not much here okay can you check on the virus tree yep it’s
working on it’s working on live streaming yep let me just you sum up
maybe have a delay there on the on the image Brent okay I don’t see it what do
you see on your screen now see Rick Hammond sharing the screen subject I
started sharing the screen maybe we have a store screen in any case this is there
the picture of the first book as it came off the print and we were eagerly
waiting for it and what was interesting is I remember as I held the book in my
hand and we were walking to the car with Derek he said you know I said I said how
many of these books do you think we sell he said you know books like this you
might sell one or two one a friends with my buy one or two he won’t sell more
than four or five pieces and I said I write my numbers on it and
I hold it you can see are all 10 million and in so many ways with what downloads
has been done be past that again and it’s very interesting how we have come
to share this knowledge so freely very interesting is how we we can develop a
structure to share knowledge and it’s been made so easy to share knowledge I
remember when we start selling the first electronic version there was a lot of
problem but the point some people could not see half of the book and the rest of
it and in past what I call eight nine years the technology has gone by talk to
a different direction much easier to access and read books and achieve
sharing knowledge so what you see which I consider my skew know what reason is
there what I call the first picture literally as the first book came off the
press and this is very interesting for us because this is how is he has become
to share and to understand new technology you don’t need to be as I say
rocket scientist to understand how science of rockets is to come up sleep
throughout reading this book on the other hand that the whole structure is
that if you are and you can translate the books into other languages now that
the technology is over the worldwide for your language or the language people not
to fall behind please do and share with us and we put it up on there
what we call the book that on the shelf that can be read and understood it’s
important for all of us to go through this process and finally understand how
we could share this knowledge and how we could easily let others of any
background to understand the technology today what we have is in addition to our
now that we have open technology worldwide as part of our work is to
support and bring all the products of other case violations around the world
onto the banner of the Keshe foundation what you will see on the website as of
today a system which has been tested by number of organizations and petroleum
groups in Africa and certified to be working and reducing power and in a way
is what if you go back to the blueprint name we explain this and this was that a
cascading system will create a power generation system and the system
produced in Accra cash foundation Accra you sorry I’m back again I dropped off oh I
see my picture that’s good one so what we have now we
start showing the other case one you and little mr. Kesh you drop down again
there okay i’ll bear with us a minute while we reconnect with mr. Kesh or vice
versa I’m back again sir vada it reduces their
power by 30 to 40 percent and as you use it further debt reduction increases to
higher percentage and what is interesting is that you can purchase and
upwards directly on the line through the cash foundation if you’re from other
countries and abide you have to set it by the product is shipped to you if you
want to buy it and test it or to use it but this has gone en standard for
certification governmental certification is being
tested this is certified goods and actually our certifications renew it
again very recently so it means the product is available and can be poured
directly on occasional Edition website do you have it there please Rick can you
go to the website to show it or does allow it see oh
I think Stanley has that under control mr. Kesh that page up so well anyone can
go to store cash foundation the park and you will see that there is a lot of new
products that we have added and plasma power units which is produced and
certified in Ghana is among them and this is what we see on the screen now
doing a black strips like strips coming across it’s hard to read ooh yeah it’s a
new plasma power unit will be shipped out of Ghana and it’s been tested by the
in other countries that we all see reductions and this is the first time
we’re using a cascade system when you purchase these we should go back to the
teaching of past couple of weeks we explain about the Transformers but the
government would receive the reduction with this system what is recommended is
to put one in the furthest point of your our Christie point in the house now what
in the closest to the inlet of the house we don’t need to add anything else to it
it’s just plug something in it that you always use like your feet or whatever
that the cascading allowance gradually the power to be generated inside the
house and all by one unit and the second unit becomes a transformer professor and
vice versa so you start seeing reduction in your what I call it in the power
consumption where the plasma replaces it this is the beginning of the second
stage of the power generators and then it will be added on in the coming time
these are ready to be shipped if you have honor you can buy directly or they
can show efficient delivery is immediate and they has all the certification
such vicodin called the unit standard certifications it’s more or less like
American Standard very high started got our certification
especially with FDA understand oh god this power is in power and very much
control to be be : Power to that making a standard so what you will see is a
very simple structure they tell you what you can do and if you are in Ghana in
the coming weeks you can buy these in petrol stations some 217 and two
hundreds over 200 fueling stations run of Ghana he can’t walk in and purchase
it at the oil company was tested it they have certified that the system creates
reduction and thetacb mourn their loss always been certified by the one command
what made your company so we run this for a few months in Ghana now and end to
negotiations with the oil company we moved other West African nations through
the same organization to the same operation this is a great achievements
for Africa and it’s been tested strangely enough in other part of the
world and we all see the reduction the performance this is on the back of a lot
of work done to support Africa and will be done the payments out of Africa goes
through there what we call the Australian Research Center to the
African system on proxy will be sort of it in coming weeks that can be done as
interval captain the other product which we are very
proud of and is a breakthrough for our Chinese colleagues is the new plasma
what we call decorative and energy systems and I would you like to start
sharing these with us these are all produced these are handmade by our
Chinese condition team it’s beautiful when you hold them you feel the energy
when you place them you can feel the essence of the image in there but I call
the environment is used and it’s a very decorative very very decorative items
would you like to go through one by one of them that we can see these yes these
are all Chinese pate and none of them is sold on certification complete only
certifications are all decorative things to be used would you like to go through
one by one or two armies though these are handmade by our Chinese colleagues its mr. president in the next few weeks
you see more product in this range and it’s amazing what they have developed
would you like to go to a picture one by one please I will go I will go through
them one by one and wear I do not cover everything
just please please complete thank you under the store top cash donation total
we have the category handmade and in the category handmade we have published the
first products which are made by the Chinese team the Keshe foundation
manufacturing China as the first product there is the decorative handmade three
coils and spheres which is a system that very much looks as a maghreb unit it can
be used for educational purposes it can be used in
in schools when you would like to teach about the structure of the devices
plasma applications how we learned from the beginning until more advanced
systems let’s say it can be used to show to the kids at home it can be used to
simply have it on the shelf and enjoy it how to say knowing that this product has
actually brought with it the advancement of a new technology and it was just step
into going further in the human evolution so this is the decorative
handmade recordin spheres we have also decorative handmade cups this come in
four in four types four variations we have two variants which are transparent
cups one is with ch3 guns and one is with co2 gas the same variation we have
ozone metallic the same with ch3 and co2 and this can be used as decorative
objects which you can put in any different place in the house and then
they can be used to explain the technology and they can be used to
analyze the or study the interaction of plasmatic fields depending on how
they’re positioned where their position when you would like to choose the option
you simply want to go to the problem variant and select the option that you
are interested under the decorative hand maybe there is a mistake terrific
incorrect you please the the metallic one and is 199 not $49.99 metallic is
199 transparent $49.99 okay because there it says you have to correct it
because people think it’s 149 it’s starting from it’s according to the
variant and when they choose then the price change thank you we have also the decorative
handmade gas-based and again it can have different purposes you can use it as
display you can use it as maybe a table mat for different objects that you keep
on the table and so on they come in different body variants as well it comes
in the transparent variant as you see in the picture now and it also comes in the
textile variant currently we offer dimensions of 20 centimeters per 30
centimeters patches but they can be also customized according to the to the
demand and request of the market so currently we have a set of 2 pieces from
the textile version for $29.99 and a set of 6 pieces in the transparent version
for $49.99 when you are ordering as well at the point of checkout you have the
option to specify which which types you would like in the set so you can specify
how many pieces of each type you would like in a very nice product as well is
the decorative handmade plasma coaster a coaster is
glass support is an object that protects your furniture for example from getting
different stain spills from a cup of tea a cup of coffee or a drink that we have
on the table now we actually brought the functionality of plasma Energy’s plasma
fields interactions inside a cup coaster of course the picture is symbolic it
will be decided the combination of Ganz’s that will be in the coaster so it
will be a very nice addition on everybody’s desk while maybe reading the
books you will also have a nice cup of tea putana
Gans coaster in this product we have two pieces so you have two pieces for $49.99 another range of products are the plasma
cubes and there is a variation of plasmatic cubes they come in single
gases so the one option is one cube with one single Gans type inside these are
the standard Gans is the zinc oxide the co2 the ch3 and the copper oxide they
can as well be used to to be placed in different parts in the house in the
rooms they have the correct purpose and as well you can study the field
interaction according to how they they are placed in different areas and as
mixture of Afghans is in the cubes we have the six six by six centimeter cube
in which we have incorporated a variation of up Ganz’s and that
configuration is it’s actually interesting to study as well the four by
four centimeters yes but we can’t change them in
matt’ll state who knows what happens in the plasma field interaction what we
don’t see actually the 4×4 cube we call it the refrigerator cube it’s a very
nice decoration for for your fridge inside outside as you wish it and this
this product we offer for example in variations the single Gans cubes we
offered them by piece or in a set of four the refrigerator qo for it in a set
of four four four nine $49.99 and the six by six we offer it in single piece
for $49.99 so once again you can choose your preferred product and the price
again updates whenever you choose the selection of the option next we have the
decorative handmade plasma cylinder and it’s a very nice product knowing how it
reflects the the variety of Ganz’s currently what we see is the copper
oxide the co2 and the ch3 it is again a very nice device not vise a very nice
decorative object that you can use and place in different areas around the
house or or inside the rooms and we have the mix of gases inside the mix is
decided by the factory according to what research they have made on it and it is
a hundred and forty nine ninety nine per piece and one of the popular products
that we we have brought in are the plasma pyramids there are two versions
one of the version is with Gans poles against spheres again in a in a certain
ratio and a certain configuration of ganses and the second
variation is the what we know is or bonide which has incorporated as well
the the guns inside this can be placed anywhere on your desk on the work desk
where you have a lot of electronic devices and so on in any place in the
house it’s a very nice decorative product which has also strong plasmatic
field that can be experimented with so one permit is $99.99 regardless the
version you choose orgonite for the simple gas plasma pyramid it’s a very fun product the the power
pyramid and very popular and last but not the
least we have the decorative handmade plasmasphere it can be distressing
sphere everybody can simply play with it when they’re working when they’re
talking and they can be as well use the decorative objects you can put them in
your stands you can explain maybe through them educate the people that are
familiar about the plasma interactions how the fields might flow and they are
good training material or educational material as well to explain how fields
can interact and to demonstrate on on a material state we offer one piece for 20
euros or three pieces for $99.99 for this product as well and this is just
the beginning we are expecting a lot of a lot more ideas and a lot more product
coming out of the research from various manufacturing teams so always let’s keep
post-it with store dog cage foundation.org because here we are
publishing the the newest releases also for the books mr. Kesh if I can say when
when you go on the store documentation the torque in the category of books you
can see the we offer we have book 1 book 2 and book
3 independent and we also have the book pack for book 1 as you said before mr.
case we have the Farsi the Chinese and the English versions ready so whenever
you are choosing your new book simply select the language you would like to
have it in and add it to the cart and for the book 2 and 3 as well we have
English and Chinese the price is the same it’s $29.99 and it will be a color
hard copy that will be shipped yes and in the book pack we have made it easier
for you to buy the book pack for one single shipping fee which allows you to
buy all three Chinese books or all three English books in a pack and they are as
well delivered paperback color to you so simply choose the quantity of the set
that you want so in this case for the book pack 122 minutes you receive all
three books in a pack so similar to the cart the amount of books you wish and
not that we will be starting the new school year we encourage all the new
students to to get the books as the educational material and try to study
and very interesting thing that is happening to all of us read it now and
then read it a little bit later after you are after you understand more about
plasma you’ll notice that there are so many things which one string differently
in in the books it’s quite interesting experience there is something I’ve
noticed there you have a mixture of book first edition and second edition what
has been done there because I noticed when you go to the books these books the
cover is their first edition there is a second edition there is a difference
between the first edition second first edition is more or less
written the way I wrote is broken English they say there is a lot of
mistaking it and but how many mistakes Nazzaro people enjoyed reading it the
we brought the knowledge the second edition is the polish on the book or the
call editor is going through the book so there are two versions of the book the
first edition and second edition the first edition is a raw the way he was
routed second edition is a Polish one and there’s some interference by their
editors they couldn’t understand what it is so how we put the port on or is it
just the first edition no we have put currently just the second edition in the
paperback version so the printed versions will be just second editions in
the beginning in the beginning but on Amazon we will publish whole 7 y 7 2012
three books and second edition 2011 three books our first edition and then
mr. Keshav started with the book number one in 2009 and this one is called
collector’s edition thank you very much we used to sign some books this time
there is no sign books so whatever comes from now on we know we have a German
Edition first book and secondary book is done we try to get what we call the
translator to release them I know how I did a Spanish one book number one and
there are others who have published what he called it translated please if you
send them to the door get in touch with a peb pastor we bring all these books
into publication and these are books ISBN number so he cannot be published
anywhere else and if you go on a website won’t buy solemn unless your property
and that’s what you see now we are back in with a full presentation of the box
maybe very soon we will write the book the very least book number four and five
inches Richard maybe we have to add a little
bit to it but as I said to Ella when I retire in my retired time I’ll finish
the books and everybody knows where I’m not to retire – would you like to show
us other products in the shop please we under the ksi wellness category one very
popular product for the countries that are currently having winter because the
air is very dry from the from the heating devices so we are currently even
running the humidifiers and it’s helping us a lot for the ease of breathing with
the water vapors in the air so we have the Gans bulb humidifier which can be
purchased as well from the store for $24.99 we have the guns water dispenser
and the guns reserved for the water dispenser in a variation of combinations
of Kansas and there is a lot of choices from where you can experience explain
something soon this has got different herbs there like we have a good
selection like lavender and other things all right
the Chinese herbs will be tricked into this range in next couple of weeks songs
there are a lot of Chinese herbs which can mate with cancers will become part
of this bottle comes through the Chinese Keshe foundation or will be done through
with the same Austria Research Center so now you can buy different everything we
extend this range because a lot of people like to have different aspects of
eight different products of it this will be added to this range in the coming
weeks and Chinese help in conjunction with acacia collagen plasma knowledge
seems to be very favorable and it will be added to so I can’t buy any
experience what China’s understand of the work of this material what it does
and it’s a very interesting how will be published us others used unlicensed what
is a certified carry on please thank you we launched at the beginning of the year
also the cosmetics brand of the Keshe foundation and that is a plasma care
under it we have put the retail packs which are 20 pieces of each product we
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Rama argon and the liquid hand soap in aroma of sandal sandal wood of course
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shipping costs as well we have a pool and shower gel two in one with argan
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due to the plasma ballantine promotion one of our veteran products the paint
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household the magrav energizer and alkalizer it’s for 85 euros and it is a
product that is very long lasting as long as the maintenance is respected you
can have it in the in the house for the entire family for many years to last the
one sole plasmic t-shirt it’s a very popular t-shirt which has a special
structure it has the chakra points made out of the research and study on how to
be placed on each size and dimension which interacts with the with the Gans
in the paint used on the front and on the back of the t-shirt creating a multitude of starship formation
interactions in between so it’s efficient that once you wear it you feel
much better and much more positive we have the plasma in my green mask which
is relieving the stress in the eye area we offer them as well in the single pack
and retail packs of 5 and 15 pieces and the plasma in solace which come in
single pack and retail pack 5 and 15 pieces one of the new products which we
introduced in the pain relief range is the plasma knee pad and the Topher’s a
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be used while you do physical activities while you take a walk in the forest to
take a run or simply when you stay at home and and you feel the need to use
the plasma liquid hand soap than we had before the launch of the cosmetic it’s
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recipient version the plasma neck is in in the range of the pain relief
products as well as the plasma seat pad the neck pad does what it says it suits
the pain in the neck area the stress in the in the shoulder muscles and it keeps
the warmth and it transmits the plasmatic fields to to the point of pain
to release it the plasma seat pad is a very good product which we have
currently it’s under free shipping so the only the price is 199.99 plus taxes
only and it can be used by anyone who is having many hours having the need to sit
many hours on the seat beat by driving beat by sitting in the office it’s a
very good product to relieve the pain and stress from sitting in in one
position for many hours under plasma Valentine promotion we said we have the
cosmetics but we as well have the plasma pouch and that contains pouch a carry-on
bag in which you have your most used products most the necessary products for
you to have a relaxed day wherever you are no matter if you are at home if
you’re at the office or if you’re traveling and it contains one pain
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carry on out for only $149.99 I think we were talking before and that these
cosmetic parties can be mixed with the cubes from China so it can be made a set
so you can have a range of the put there what I call the cubes or whatever and
mix it with the shampoos or with the hand wash so you get a mixture of it but
they be good that will be released later on for as a gift pack we will definitely have many more
promotions now we have a young team that is working on looking at the markets
needs at what people would need to make their life easier and more enjoyable so
we will definitely come up with more promotions for all the products that we
have and optimal tax and as you know we presented the plasma power unit the gun
dannion production and certified under Canyon standard and now it is available
for unit for purchase it’s about a set of two pieces like you said mr. cash
they have to be installed in cascading configuration and it’s 1,000 euro for
the set of two pieces we also have plasma sanitizer
it’s a sanitizer that can be used for for the pipes in the in household or for
cleaning various objects respecting the instruction of tradition according to
how it comes on the on the label so we have pack of single bottles for $9.99
one liter or a pack of 12 bottles if I’m not mistaken for his twelve bottles of
monitor four hundred and thirteen point thirty nine and not to forget we
encourage people to do their own ganses their own experiment at home so we are
offering also the educational experimental kids we have the students
kit and we also have the complete plasma capturing kit that gives you the
possibility to produce either co2 ch3 or copper oxide or zinc oxide and we told
the materials necessary for a set of each Gans container it can be a very
good start for those that just got in the plasma technology to to do it and to
see it by themselves the process that we all had it when we learned and then to
think about going further on operating on fuel
so we have in the experimental kids we also have the the coils for those that
would like to experiment with with the magnet configurations under the plasma
units we have the field replication unit in the field replication unit it’s the
principle of transferring fields creating the conditions for the fields
of let’s say an orange or banana or whatever element you would like to put
its transferred in the liquid in the container without physical interaction
without any kind of touch so by simply plasma transfer the energy is replicated
in the liquid below so it is again a good product that you can experiment and
understand that there is a transfer although we don’t physically see it with
our eyes we have the plasma ball unit and the plasma field unit which we
encourage medical professionals to come into our medical teachings research
about the science and help themselves with this with these tools with this
product that the manufacturing is offering to study how the field
interactions are are helping us and for the Platinum field unit we also have the
portable version for those that would like to go on the field and test in
different areas something very interesting the Austrian Keshe
foundation research team have come up with a normal idea and what I do there
are giving these free standings to members of the Keshe foundation in
Austria in Germany that you can allow anyone to come and test it to sit in the
field I think Kronstadt the class is in the
background I can’t ever say I have a lot of success with it and I was told when I
was speaking with dr. class that queues of people trying to wherever is
presented to be to sit in it to be in the
filled the class are you there can you explain to us apart is less met a lot of
interacting with people with this yes I’m can you hear me yes yes yes it’s
this is an interesting project which is set up under the association of the
Keshe foundation in the german-speaking area the group decided to start the
project what we what they call like the open houses or the it works the
following the Keshe foundation manufacturing Austria is giving for free
and portable plasma field unit if the certain people open their houses that
everyone can in around can test the unit can sit inside can lay inside and just
feel into the fields and currently they were there’s a group set up in as part
of the of the Association rich structures this project which means
where will these units be placed how should these rooms look like and we also
create that demonstration kit which contains this vide units and some other
tools which can be then used by by workshop when they make workshops or
seminars so the idea behind this is more or less the original idea the one of the
basis of the ethos of the foundation this is that this technology can be used
for free and is available for everyone and the group in the german-speaking
area picked up this idea and people opened the houses open the
offices and even we have one case open a block house in in the garden where other
stand can stay inside the fields and feel into it because with these units we
are on a stage where you feel immediately after some minutes when you
are inside a reaction and this is something which motivates everyone
sitting inside because there is a feeling there is a connection to the
field and of course these units are set up in order to communicate with each
other and this is why we are slowly and
constantly creating a network first over the german-speaking area where all these
rooms which also will be equipped with other plasma devices will communicate
with each other and we build a network more or less a bigger field compressed
field or beaches then more or less available for a lot of people and this
is the basic description of the project which we started are 2019 the first two
Network points are already set and we do what we can we deliver currently out of
five produced units we deliver we can deliver one unit for free for this
project and we will see how quickly we can accelerate this because we have we
have already after announcing this project inside the group as I saw in the
description yesterday seven people in the german-speaking area who are
offering their houses who are willing to create
such a room who are offering also rooms in their offices where people just can
go and without paying anything sit inside lay inside and fill the fields
fill the plasma fields so this is a basic description and this project as I
already heard yesterday there are regular meetings last time nearly every
three four days but this project group is meeting and where they discuss also
how to to document all these results and how to create little information or
folders for the people around which they can take with them and this is a
beautiful development of the Association as foundation german-speaking area thank
you very much why do you say you’re not giving it away free you’re giving them
free to be used on them when they finish they return it and it goes to a new
location note this location receive a unit and they can keep it and this is a
constant communication then here I would not worry because the group here always
checks even they they created a procedure to keep in constant contact so
if the unit is really not used then it will go to another location there where
there’s a frequent use when we set the first unit in a room the the person who
installed it started just to talk with neighbors and friends and we had the
report after 2-3 days there was already queuing up and they had to make a plan
who is using the unit when and so it will it will spread very quickly
because this is what we deliver in the in the minds technology plasma
technology from mankind for mankind and I would not worry that it’s not used
because this is a self controlling process now it’s taking over by a group
of knowledge seekers and they took over the responsibility over it and they are
doing a great job fantastic I like their what they call free
knowledge and our free systems we share everything free that’s beautiful thank
you very much what you have seen today it gives as dr. Claussen with the ethos
of the foundation and we see there are new products and new things coming it
there is one thing which I might decide to release and very much depends on how
we see the development by the opening of the conference in China very possible
I’ll release the technology for cancer this will be a gift to the Chinese
government Chinese nation that allows an application of cancer this has been in
the arsenal of the knowledge of the Keshe foundation or some yay you hello mr. Kesh out with no cancer it’s
important that other said in the conference of the china we show the form you um hello can you hear me hello yes yes
we hear you now I just lost about 30 seconds there probably yeah I I dropped
off I’ve dropped off I come back in again what I said is that in the
conference in Beijing for the scientist we more stronger will show the power of
the technology in their medical aspects because this conference covers
agriculture and health and we’re most probably I’d released this technology
totally as a gift as a certain Chinese nation with this technology we decide to
release it we don’t need to take any medication any cancer we didn’t name
what we call from the neck to the legs can be reversed not be so expensive but
bear what we said the proof of the pudding is that the doctors can test and
see if they find a chunk of the cancer despondent technology development and
this gives us opportunity to actually demonstrate how bitter it is as you see
on the screen with these walls handmade many of you have created many products
which you kept at home or you thought you want to sell it if you try to sell
it if it does not need certification let me see it safe send us the teachers
explain to us what it is and we put it on the website for sale along so the
range of the products would increase I know many of you have created many
things if he does not certification we will release him there is a system
produced by the Chinese cash management team where is not an electronic system
but then put it up next week but this system can be connected to the car to
reduce emission not to reduce fuel consumption if it doesn’t fuel
consumption that should be our privilege and in so many way is part of the global
clinic this is test this is already going on the test with one of the major
or corporations one of the four corporations are testing five units of
this now that we measure the mission annotated time it has shown massive
reduction on the actual cars which has been used on now it’s on the trial what
this means this new system will be for them it to be applicable and it with
least initially in China and the more point where it reduces the coefficient
for the cities like New York London Beijing Shanghai will be effective and
in so many ways once we get a certification to the whole cup they want
to major or companies in the world was testing it then working of the
government’s for reduction of emission as we know one of the major
operations cos has been in the criminal offense in blind that they could reduce
their mission by so many percentage and it was all figure played this wannabe
have given it to actually oil company we queuing as we say we left there the meet
with the capital CAFTA so we have given this unit is in the hand of their all
corporations we are monitoring it in the next couple of months they released the
first data and this will be a major game changer in the car industry where all
the what we call global warming and everything else will come out of the
game because we will see more or less very huge reduction in mission car
emissions exhaust emission we have data so we have data from the Chinese group
which has done this one and this will be in the coming weeks readable on the
Keshe foundation we try to find the legality of how it can be released if
because it’s never been done does not certification or does it need
certification we are going to find out because it’s not the electronic system
is just another what you call it like a handphone you connect to the car it’s
something which you connect in the specific way and it reduces their what
we call the Poison efficiency means you want everything else which is in the car
and this will be another breakthrough it’s as a certain weight for the new
weeks to see what company and as I said if you have developed anything
decorative pictures your painters your artists and you’ve made this because we
know they are there now the Keshe foundation website has been set up to do
in a coming weeks as the Keshe foundation coming to the International
one called arena we will have websites linked to
language that’s what I call the spanish-speaking personal activity
absence and everybody websites will be links to it that file in your honor it
does not need to be all in English and and this is something that should come
on into operation in accommodation weeks and the whole process is now that we’re
going open international we have to cover everything
we’ll make further announcements in the coming weeks as we go along in respect
to a lot of developments in Kashgar nation worldwide they are present in
different countries or technology development or education and as you know
on 18th of January next you let’s be more than hello
yeah we lost you we lost you at January 18 that’s why date can you hear me yeah
yeah yes I know I’m generated 18 which is
Friday we have the first Iranian affection language Farsi language
teaching or presentation if we can do we try I’ve done this for a couple of other
languages when they could do we do the teaching and presentation in their
language and this is the beginning of the work of the Keshe foundation in the
world and there were different representative people across Suvarna
fashion language would be this thing and we’ll be there for time to do it
others have I need the transmitter to translate my first to the Farsi so
that’s the headache you top the work
you you I like we have another glitch in our
transmission here with us hello hello can you hear me yes hi mr.
cash yes you you hello are you still there hello hello mr. cash um it’s mr. cash your microphone is
muted maybe maybe you’ll have to unmute yes I can hear you now yes yeah we we
switch tool a third system somehow there’s some interference
they cannot block it we using different lines and you not stop the interference
we never had good speakers but anyway we carry on with our teaching have I said
before we have done and what we can do as part of our teaching is to go deeper to vote the very understanding of
science and the knowledge in the past couple weeks or past two or three weeks
we entered a new era of teaching a new era of understanding and in that process
it has become important for us to go more in detail to go more in depth of
the work of our systems the new space technology requires the
feeling of the field it requires the knowledge of
understanding what that field means to me and how I react to it very much like
we have made senses like their vision we have many senses like a smell we don’t
see but we can smell it we have made senses of presence that somebody’s near
us we have made sensors for our taste what we taste but what mankind has
forgotten is the feel of the feeling of the soul of the man so what does this
mean this means in space where we exist and we are planning to what I call
traveling to and open the door of it to us as human race we have to open the
essence of the feeling of our soul where are the more you however what this says we can mr. cash
back yeah hello can you hear me yes hello
yeah we just changed the system I think it’s something to do with a computer
trying to update yourself this is the problem so we just leave it and leave
the meeting on that one and then we’ll see what happens what is important is
that as I said now we come to understanding the feeling of us all how
in the space there is no physicality in space we do not and to our vision and
tala strength cannot see our vision and our feeling is restricted with the
matter states of the planet Earth and in deep space when we come to the point
that at given a strength the state of the physicality of the man has become
lucky sugar in the hot water but in essence the taste of the sweetness is in
the water which is the soul of the man how do we interact with a moderate our ganses behave different and against us
of our body our physicality behave different in respect to the environment
which is magnetic-gravitational feel the strength depend as I said and we saw
this very very early on is some of the experiments two years ago three years
ago wait only testing in Canada where you could see a hand you could not see a
hand we enter the environment where the vision for us to confirm the
confirmation of the existence does work then what do we do but the soul is
still there as I said it’s like a block of sugar you throw in a cup of hot water
they taste the essence of the existence of the sugar the sweetness of it is in
the cup it’s the same now your soul is there but the physicality in the
dimension of the existence of there the strength of the environment has no
physical manifestation and this is not just about to do with man it applies to
the travels of the universe in the gravitational magnetic field the
strength of the earth for example they have no physicality because is more or
less in the dimension of their strength but we can feel them
we can see them if they make a different dimensional motion we might see the ways
of their movement so what comes – how do we feel people of
the universe there are people there are beings they are not something we have
got used to call people just because they are from Earth but these are
creatures of God and are in the universe how we’re gonna feel them how do we feel
to drink the taste of the water or to be feel the presence of them by
understanding their this is the sense which mankind has need and needs to
understand and develop in so many ways does it mean that in entering the
dimension of the balance fields of Kansas that of the body of the man does
the soul become free in that environment that it can expand the four essence of
the universe as I said in one of my talks very very early rod is that one
atom of hydrogen can feel the whole of universe we know but
of physics I guess fills up the dimension of his environment it expands
into that dimension now when we lose the dimension of the physicality which is
holding the soul of the man within the structure of the brain of the man and we
enter a dimension which has no strength does the soul of the man opens up to
fill up the whole cup like the sugar and then in that essence can we feel all the
souls within us or do we develop the next stage of understanding that certain
strength we don’t want to know this is like when we work in the environment we
become deaf to certain noise because it’s that continuously our ear decides
this part I don’t want to listen to even though it’s continuous then it comes how
do we feel with our soul interacts with another soul and what is our response in
that respect it’s what happened when we are in a dimension of mixture of souls
like very much when you get into on the ground it will be a jam-packed your
sandals in how do you interact with other Souls and how do we understand
this hole on the right is a bit happy to be near us
there is no problem the soul on the left maybe we have a little problem is a bit
redder and a bit blacker and how we keep a balance of the fields so what is
important for us to stop relying on a census console a made man in image of
myself so so has a dimension of hearing and smelling butt is in own strength and
he has replicated that in the physicality of the man now we have to
learn that because then if you do not understand that
we have a big problem when it comes to this dilution of the sugar in a bottle
what it means what emotions in it understanding in it what field I want to
give to somebody which is close to me and I like another one I don’t want to
be so much with it is important for us to move into this stage move into the
step of development of understanding the strength of our soul than the
physicality of the matter in what we call portals which we create is not just
for understanding of but is being part of what about if I decide to swim in
this field which a lot of us will talk how would I feel when I enter into this
dimension after Fela strictly these are not anymore fantasies or fields this is
control fields people which will run this will understand very soon one of
the discussions which we have and it’ll be hopefully come to reality by the time
the scientists meet in China the first space city will be built in China the
first spaceship says it will be built in China and we are part of it
all these will be built into not that is something fancy but it’s the time has
come for us to be practical and be part of it as for example part of this city
there is no street lights because it’s obvious you cannot have how can you
practice flying machines with the lamps making out as it is administrator today
and then as part the same thing how do we protect our
souls and how do we understand where our soul and what is the position of our
soul and when we see also how do we feel how do feel about this existence is
beauty this size is dimension it’s a very touching thing for those who
understand I can see their soul it’s it’s a beautiful thing if you see it on
regular basis but with means a habit I see it on regular basis because I create
too many accidents and I fall a lot as many of you know and I end up with
getting pictures off so I’ve seen the development of my soul and it’s very
strange in the past recent past I was I had to look at my soul did a scan which
was put in front of me and I said my god is growing bigger and bigger and he’s
becoming so bright when we saw we see usually the souls we see a small pot is
a huge and I said to myself I’ve given so much the whole thing was to burst out
of his cage but what how do we meet our soul and how
this one interacts with others and this is what we need to develop or if I put
you inside the what we call these gates these portals would you change to
invisible but I know your presence inside I can still communicate do I need
to listen to the ear of the man or do I go to the vision as I see the mother in
my dream and I understand what the mother says she doesn’t speak through my
ear she speaks through the voice of the soul of the man fairy tale
is over we are facing a reality and this will create a lot of new dimensions
necessary for all of us to understand as I said we have a say in this new space
city to be built it’s a spaceship city and we’ll set it that there is no
physicality of the illness we set it at become the center for a space travel
we’ve been told allocated plan is about 63 65 kilometres square kilometers we
have a lot to learn do we need an airport or do we respect
and we don’t end up in everybody’s bedroom or the floor or streets but we
say this is the place we decide to land to appear every detail in the new
spaceship city will be considered as a progressive understanding of the new
coming of the knowledge do we need environments where we have restaurants
and it’s food on table or with what we understand with a new technology we
allow every man to enter and be fed very much like what we’ve seen with doctoral
class in the field centers these are in the patterns in the original patterns if
you read it’s already been allocated so it’s not something which has just come
up now we mature we can understand how we
can implement a mobile food as patent as a reality of existence and operation and
in that process how do we determine how we change people’s behavior these are
part of the future and what is coming to us in the coming
as I said we see that class tells us people come in and change we need to
have a detail what changes did they feel and if anything changes not coming and
why no it was a nice place but oh I don’t have any more type of tech when
people go to these places we need a question here and maybe if they’re kind
enough make an internet question you know be careful in how they felt if
there was any changes they might not come back to the neighborhood they were
a friend or neighbor when he came but there is a reference point testimonial
point that they can write how they feel what he changed in them they changed
their misunderstanding of their husbands to a level 3 many went home I don’t know
why I love the guy but how do they happen
oh i sat in a machine something when there I got rid of what are called
hatred or misunderstanding we put testimonials for physical
observation with these systems we need to create testimonials not just to give
it away people comments in tango and then in that process we understand the
emotion the understanding of the solar thermal the essence of understanding of
one soul become the cornerstone of man’s travel in deep space it’s very much very
much like the comedian’s you walk and out of nowhere to hit themselves against
something but there is nothing there to hit but not us become a reality because
in that I mention they are invisible but in some part of the strength of our
physicality they interact with us would we go to another body true also what
would analysts will be able to go through us because it’s a different
string in the world of physics we have chosen a world of neutrinos how many of
us have been a trapline of the nutrition of the soul of the others or do we
become neutrino to be absorbed in the dimension
of the strength of another soul what is in macro is in we put traps to absorb
energies in the depth of the planet recording neutrinos to see to clean in
importance we see originally but a space scientist where they see flashes of
light in their eyes would that flash be a solar creature which lands in this
room the energy of the body Optima would we become light or is something we do
not want we probably end up to be these are not fairy tales anymore in opening
their portals these are in the ability of what they are gonna happen to us in
the coming months so do we need to put regulations who goes in there is no
recognition universe except the feel of the solar thermal entering the dimension
of the advanced technology of the universal community needs no prejudices
and no lines but being under being aware and to understand the work of the fields
of the universe I was talking to the Turkish foundation earlier on and as we
were talking about the books the book number one is about the state of matter
the book number two is about the transition of the state of matter one to
another but book number three is about the plasma if you look at it book number
one is the copper book number two is the nano-coating book number three is the
gaseous state and then as we have mastered the knowledge how do we go from
book number three to number two and in transition we create animatic
condition we need and in that process when we go from the matter state the
nanotubes against and win release disorder man how do we confirm its
existence in the new match and dimension of matter state it’s upon us is not
something a fairytale one day someone is shown today I will
show you the portal up to now we have a very simple version of the portal
sitting right on our translations but as we are not aware of it we don’t consider
it but now that we start building more powerful systems and we become more
aware of it what’s the next step what is the development of the soul of
the man in the dimension of the physicality of the men in part of this
what we call new spaceship city or in the space city we create a conditions
that no man will feel hungry and no money’s worth do you choose I want to be
in state of snow and enjoying the understanding of the cold because it I
enjoy it I like to feel a blizzard or I want to mean the warmth of 28 degrees
and be comfortable do we go to changing temperatures for
each one or do we create a condition and the interface of the soul of the man and
the physicality of the man that gives that feeling to the physicality the game
has changed and this is not a dream anymore this is the reality that we have
to face in deeper space I do apologize I don’t have a generator to take it for
you on the spaceship that he can sit in front of a heater I don’t even know
where I can find a wood for you there are no woods in the space that I can
create your fireplace but we have understanding that through the emotion
of the soul of the man we can create the image the feel of the fire we would even
to smell it the same as the orange and a cup but it comes from the essence of
understanding if my medical field is a nano copper plate and gravitational
field is a zinc plate the interaction of the two has made the
soul of the man would we create the condition as we create the condition for
absorption of co2 or amino acid would we create condition to have the presence of
the soul of the creator so in a gravitational magnetic field of
the soul of the man in different strengths to be find different strength
levels of the soul of the Creator and answer is yes but it depends in what
strength we want to call position of the Creator as we are not matured in the
science of space and it’ll be fun to get matured in it because we’ll learn a lot
we will not get all the magnetic fields right and we will not get all the
gravitational fields right and sometimes somewhere in between the soul of the
man’s gravitational magnetic fields to create the plasma the soul of the man
will make mistakes in that mistakes or accident or by joy would we see the
essence of the creation of the creator where we find a gap between the top and
then how would we face the reality of facing the level of the strength of our
own created in a dimension of our own understanding it’s very much like one
man with two arms and two people pulling a charm aside would it be fun or would
it be a lot of shouting at me but what about
if the two pool and you was in the middle
start rotating and he become a balance point then would that be the point
understanding of the balance of fields and thus one of the creators
understanding that he you are within and winning is within you and it’s you who’s
the totality needs a lot of maturity but with the establishment of the new or we
call gateways portals as much as we call in to bring we can call into the out and
then what do we do and where do we land how do we make that we can always end up
from office into our living room manifests ourselves and not in a
neighbor’s bedroom it would be very funny wanted now you understand the
neighbors bedroom could be another galaxy or another universe I give you
one little point of view that a lot of people in the universal community are
waiting for man to make all the mistakes that they made to meet you now it’s your
turn to start walking I will built all the systems one by one I brought the gift and we shared a gift
but the man has to make sure through their governments and be shared in time but if you read the books if you read
the patterns if you look at some of the products has been released all of it is
in there that’s one knowledge to get over you
recently whatever you see is already in the book reading is the second time has
a different meaning I understand it more now and I said now you think you
understood 80% of it it means you have not understood 80% of it that 20% which
you thought you understood is 80% you have not understood anything you
understood because when you read these books in another 10 years another five
years after more development of the technology now has a new meaning because
the books are written in language of timeless limitless knowledge and it goes
according to the level of understanding of the man when he reads a book it
depends on the intelligence ultimate as you’re getting more intelligent and it
said more you read the book two years ago and he understood that and now you
read it two years later with all the teachings oh this is what he meant I
thought nothing has changed my writing is limitless and timeless and his
information is always is the same is written in language of the universe it’s
the man who puts the limitation and the current is all intelligence so when you
start understanding and in the way that we are developing these technologies where would you like to learn and if you
have a problem would you like if you make a mistake part of your leg to be in
one galaxy and the leg in another galaxy and the arms
the universe because this all takes totality of the fields how do we control
this all that he says in all dimensions even those who listen to us in the
universal community some are learning more about themselves one a mist over
billions of years in the depth of this place by teachings as I said when I
teach I teach many is not just who’s on end of the line but where is and where
his head to the voice of the man for the Solothurn I know which one you use now
people who are on edge of the technology like what we call many of you how can
you convert this to a new knowledge many of you are scared beyond what is the
next if I do what I see and some of your adventures you go for the next limit to
understand what it is and some of you which are not capable of understanding
when you see you claim your God and you become everything because it means that
was the point of maturity and that’s where you stuck till he come to mature
more in the future time so how do we feel also was the essence of creation
what has brought us to be as part of the creation part of ourselves it’s not just
for us to be and learn in so many ways away from the reality of the creation
now that we have come to understand the totality do we need to explore or do we need to
trust in what we do do we open our eyes to understand or do
we open our souls to comprehend to be in touch with to be able to fly and miss
fans of universe not by a spaceship but through the strength of the soul of the
man to what depth we want to go and to what do we want understand from the
totality of the work of the universe but the position accounts are we aware or
are we willing to go to that step having matured or like your parents we
tell the children not to touch because we are scared to touch because we
haven’t matured or to become the present parents that they buy the latest
computer games because the children are playing but we don’t play because we
don’t understand which wasn’t smart and we let the next generation to mature you
become the last physical dimension existence of this planet do we need to
evacuate the whole planet or do we become one of those educators that we
know it’s time to go it’s time to change it’s time to convert from one to another
doesn’t matter what me tries this planet or we say this cell never happen to us
and with a new understanding of technology an understanding of the work
of the universe we are pen in the universe waiting to be hit by something
be the field be the meteorite being asteroid bid another star another galaxy
another universe do we get into the car the last minutes and tried to run away
but when asteroid hits when the galaxy says each other sorry
the motor Indian doesn’t go very far I cannot go that far even the spaceships
on that time do we travel with the space dimension of the soul of the man many do how do we create this potholes what is
the essential tools what are the new dimensions what more do we need to learn
to be able to use these conditions is the knowledge of the man going to be
limited just to save his own physicality or the dimension of the understanding of
the full knowledge of the universe to be able to live anywhere in the universe
become like me and no matter universes sometimes would sometimes come across
nice things it’s a pleasure to have to all to eat to drink to kiss call it my
child my son my daughter but do we carry the same emotion in respect to our
offsprings in the universe when there is no emission of physicality or do we kiss
their souls you’re not preachers fear the true
science of universe when we understand the process of creation and commercial sometimes your book number one sometimes
in the dementia book number two we can end up anywhere depends which gravity
fits you and you want to be the lighter and then sometimes we become book number
three and you want to read the plasma of the freedom and creator after other
dimensions but do you have it up within you to create that is in the right order the creation of portals would be one of
the main breakthroughs for man to opening in his own space but how we do
do we built a minute break or do we build them in the building do we build
them in the span of a park or two-bit control it as a fish tank how much feed
because that well the ones who can manifest well what about if the
creatures ten meters and we make it 15 meter and two creatures come another one
is 20 meter we see how his leg or do we see so the new space city for a
spaceship city in China will be an amazing place for people to come and see
and maybe find out about themselves maybe to find out about the operation of
the solar when we meet with the boat scientist in coming month then the
totality of science or the man will go in that direction
China will become the center of the knowledge of the space technology –
collaboration cooperation with Iranian scientists we have made sure of that you can put sanctions on the ships and
the banks no one can put sanctions on the knowledge and transfer of knowledge
and collaboration in knowledge and technology
if anybody collaborates with this we put this sanction or to put to you because
we could be more developed than you would like to go with the turkey and
welcome we give you the $2 so what is going to come is as I see the first
portals and test will be done between China and Iran
what can we transfer between the two cities and what we see we learn and then
we add the others to it as part of the six organization this is the beauty of
it and as we see all these to the maximum of availability and
understanding in next five months will be delivered and exhibited in the
conference’s the strength of the knowledge would be so much that the man
will give up the watch we have a started a process with the reverse to strong
technology with a full solid pace understanding that a lot of things will
change after mid this year my only wish is the man does but roses bleed in the
totality of this Creed sometimes happens ever seen many and in that process we
will hopefully be able to take the leaders of these nations who come to
these conferences to see the operating factories where we create the conditions
that we can create the conditions for creation
the soul of man and control of the salaat when you can create amino acid on
top of your waters and you understand an interaction of the amino acid in certain
combinations you create the cell the blood then you create a condition of the
strength of the different salts – but up to now he never understood now you
understand it’s not going to be a research center it has to be a place
where we search for a solo – the strength of it – development the game of
space technology has finished the game of mastering spaceship technology has
just the space technology has been the game for the man whom did not understand
fully the reality of the work of the universe and it worked on the master
state in a spaceship technology we understand the full essence of the
creation from the Creator – manifestation of physicality then is you
who chooses which part of the strength of the soul of the Creator you watch my
best yourself in the coming weeks and months we will
show these portals we I’ll bring such a technology and the presence of the
conference that puts know about the change has come the time of the
evolution of the man has come what do we need and how do we strengthen the soul
without copper coins in Veda can’t Noah’s wires how do we create the
heartbeat of the soul of the man if the son has a heartbeat so has the soul of
the man has a beat and has replicated it in the heartbeat of the physicality of
the me when the beat of the soul of the man choose with his feet of the
physicality of the man his soul his call dimension and the heart of a man is when
you find perfect health and existence there is no difference between the soul
of the man and the Sun and the earth does he change the beat of the heart of
the Sun it all these plasma top of it the hot new material or has he changed
with the earth with all these mountains our waters still has a heartbeat from
Holland so is the soul of the man when his heart beat as long as it fits to the
soul of the physicality of the land you find the existence of the man because
it’s a twin when the physicality loses his tone is a time of the project transfer a physical dimension into the
realm of the soul this if we understand and we realize
from the teaching of last week how our soul has made a cage for itself to be
cocooning we call it the brain name of the man with the structure that was
counted at the calcium what happened in the open his cage what is it going to
show his manifestation in dimension of his presence earth has chosen the
mountains on the water our body has chosen the brain in his home and this
kid when we let loose the shackles of that magnetic field of the earth was
gonna happen to the waters of this planet what’s going to happen to the
matter state of this planet will be the same if we understand with the solar
thermal now the next generation of the systems will see out of Austria and
hopefully if also not catches up they don’t want to be a tomato is to develop
this cycle of energy with no physical interaction by the dimension of the
solar and as a certain the teaching of last week if you understand the process
and if you understand the totality can you make a twin of a soul this twin of a
soul will have a lot of understanding in a future process of space drop because
if you have made a twin of your soul in the division of the strength of the
physicality of the man always can come hope you’ll never be
lost in the cosmos space of the universal universe as your universe has
always have a fingerprint return it’s very much like the pigeon will find his
home because he has understood to feed his strength irrespective what happens
on this planet how many stones at the snow and how many trees around has
fallen off always lands on the same tree in the same branch and if the tree goes
finds another nearby branch in the tree versus right now he understand more there is a lot to understand about a
real space technology and understanding of the work of the universe and these
are part of the teaching tree and started in 2019 in 2018 we start talking
about soul and position now you understand about the work of this
positioning of it a strength of it where he has to be how he has to behave dr. Klaus you have a lot of new machines
to make if you go back to what you were supposed a new understanding not only
for the physicality of the man with these machines you just elevate the soul
of the physicality because you limited to the cover the whole process of
development is to reach the solar with no dimension and no condition attachment
to any matter state this is exactly when you make these portholes you made a
couple limits so you know only create condition for those creatures who have
copper in composition you make one element zinc and one copper and then you
see what else you attract and then he go non-dimensional non-road non motors
she’s ones limitation of the copper then we’ll see what comes up all the
knowledge is within the pattern how to unravel the secrets in the patterns is
in the books and how to enter the soul of the man is understanding the hidden
words between the books and the patterns the knowledge is hidden then the man
when he becomes wise cannot harm know if you understand or make one part of it
you harm yourself but once you understand and connect the two together
you mature enough to become out of space you questions Thank You mr. Kesh and
I’ll remind the attendees you can put your hand up and you’ll be able to speak
and we did have a couple questions earlier one was is there a blueprint to
the he said generators from Ghana but the power units from Ghana would be a
public blueprint for that avail nope okay no I designed it when I was in
Ghana and it stays as it is because there’s different versions to it okay we
have a question from Steven nee earlier in the chat live stream and it please
ask mr. Kesh about the counter rotating magnetic fields and how they relate to
the use of Gans in the dynamic reactors the counter
rotation of the fields comes in respect to the other fields within a vicinity of
that build we have explained this before and we this in the original reactors
which we developed we could see it when we have a dog you see the nearing in
nuclear based system the inner system rotates anti-clockwise and we just
change some parameters under field strength the system stops and then it
starts rotating runaway so the duration of the rotations we have explained in
the universe is not is dependent on the effect of the environmental magnetic
field pressure on the entity if depends on the strength and the position if you
have a son here with LeSabre sense of 10 and a planet here with the strength of
war this might go anti-clockwise but if you bring it to the same three and here
one now the field might change it’s the same planet this is you see this if you
test it you know the ring magnets if you take and you bring the ring magnets
together and you can today a freak magnet spring ring my guess is very easy
but if you can do it you see the field forces are that way and if you come very
close suddenly they’re freed forces become this way and this one Philips it
starts going anti clock and the push to be clockwise it flips it and ending this
attracted become magnetic so here they were comfortable if you see the field
forces are rotating and according to their what it is but once you bring it
close is the gap crochet of the field transfer it’s just that if you’re
sucking in or you’re blowing out and at a certain point you cannot suck in
anymore you have to blow out and this transfers the energy
this is migration one of the books in some experiments we explained clearly
this strength and position dependent if it’s the same strength but the position
changes goes together is the case of the fields they have to go somewhere very
simple to understand if this will come through and all the magnetical has
gravitation which is taken over so now it pushes everything backwards and if we
go further back is the space gap to go this goes back to one of the originals
teaching original rotating and I explained if you go back that is the
North Pole and the South Pole sorry this cleaner distorted
you have the North Pole and the South Pole there was a theory reader where
does the field change field doesn’t change
from magnetic to gravitational it’s the same field depends on the position of
the observer and then it goes back again if you take two rectangular magnets if
you have to exit what happens they push against each other these fields have to
go somewhere cannot enter because it’s different a string cannot go is too fat
to go between the two what does it do they bend to find open
the other magnet moves back and you find a separation it’s the same weight if you
take a sample if you take two South Poles together what happens to you this
is a sample you have two entry in the college yeah they want to suck in as
much fields from the universe as possible but it cannot be done what do
they do one moves further back that both are satisfied so two offers to similar
poles move away that’s the only reason it’s very hard here they want to get out
here they won’t get in so their fields always are the same and in repulsion or
attraction they trying to help them but what happened when you put a note on
this all together I’m coming out I’m prepared to accept so we get it together is understanding the new definition and
the truth about the field motion and then you understand certain points when
the two have to adjust each other but they carry a strength of the two the
position or they become an T and it rotates it becomes other gravitational
magnetic this is same thing in the space cap this is rotation of the fields you
have both going from exit to entry and then now you decide on space cap
distance if these two fields can be met you get the gap if we cannot be
down it goes the other way now if you have the space gap this way so it
changes notation that’s all it is it’s the same note post-op for entry/exit you
call this from clockwise motion the call that will anti-clockwise motion but the
rotation of the anti-clockwise or clockwise it depends on the free
distance upwards the in front of it and this is what nobody ever understood
about positrons and others they call it now we understand get yourself an iPad Touring magnets and
played a game you see it the problem is we are introduced from the original the
first time with rectangular magnets and this is one of the biggest problems in
the water sighs this should be no rectangular man it’s given to children
or to the scientists to start with we always have to start with the ring that
in any school education then the mindset becomes correct this is the problem for
us to come back from this – this has been a biggest time that’s where we got
lost with the gravity of magnetic field now we need a Newton for 20 years to
arrive of the dead the whole understand from the time and referenced our physicality has created a lot of
probable for understanding the truth about the creature because we come to
trust too much to our eyes and not to our souls and maybe we have them but
maybe now it’s time to understand to be growing our authority any other question
please those of you who are in this research at this level and you want to
show your technology does not have you been in touch with us or not all you
want to show the technologies that we see can be shown internationally the
development of the science of this based on plasma we invite you to the Chinese
government to attend the meeting the conference may show the technology or as
an exhibitor we have a question from Lawrence he mentions the stronger feeds
the weaker is the principle magnetic of the stronger feeds the gravitational of
the weaker how is this that rule says that that’s what Lawrence says oh you
can say what they like sometimes gravitational is a strong magnet but
they accommodate each other so his question I’m not sure if it’s
relevant anymore but his question ended up how is the gravitational able to suck
in the magnetical of the stronger you see it’s like a temperature difference
going in order to higher but here we going higher to the lower and lower back
to die and in the process of the fields as they cross you have to understand
when we do this is something very interesting actually maybe you can
answer it when you have the planet Earth and then magnetic fields become the
gravitational fields and then they become stronger by so much strength
because we know the North Pole is by so many degrees warmer than the South Pole
north pole size of the ice is different and the South because here is called so
where does that increase comes from that’s why the science said always even
now many signs say the changes it doesn’t change it’s a continuous voltage
but this money comes has a layers of fields and as it goes through different
reductions increase in the central core of the plasma of the earth add to it so
it come out the stronger because now it’s loaded it’s just went through a
charger in a plasma of the universe the charging is very very visible in a
plasma of a planet is where the charging becomes is a combustion of the matter
into the field it’s not that the earth continuously freeze fills out it just
feels to and in our process what is absorbed by the gravitational field is
added to the plasma which is there so it comes charged up it receives energy from
the K from the nuclear decay from the process of the plasma decay in the
center core and the matter is the inertia of the planet that’s why I come
in a stronger and that’s why we need a Baroness to it now we understand
it’s just like you go home and you get some food and you get some new clothing
and you become behavior and no hungry so you’re a stronger and you go next one
charge up as I said pose to my child earth is this really like a takeaway
restaurant you come in you take away you charge up an ego you come in hungry you
get what you need you’re gone that’s all it is but here is a concentrated matter
class you know cannot rest fans of the universe it’s very loose but it was
still at these rules level the fields which we need as a platform package to
charge what we see under is a fallacy in the world of the science of their what
they say millions of years it takes a light to transfer from there to us it’s
all rubbish if you look at it it’s a tongue Allah feel this isn’t
aeneas what you see it what is there but depends on what strength you’re looking
at because we look in the space cup of the magnetical and gravitational the
soul of the creation it’s not that all the fields are patently is nothing goes
if that was the time there would have been nothing could be seen block these
are the fallacies which present scientists are teaching and Missy
gradually many many scientists are watch on what I call it Discovery Channel and do new scientific
channels which are coming up I see many scientists if you listen to their work
five years six years ago ten years ago have changed up in you never read the
book sternness to the Keshe foundation technology and they’re trying to bring
it into new science it didn’t exist I’ve listened to their presentations
five six years ago in Discovery Channel in other channels and
now let’s start using cash rendition words because they are very much getting
educated and but they’re trying to bring it as is their understanding up and new
levels but the knowledge has been shared and this is what now the news on us will
bring hopefully in the coming up conference when the world scientists in
a space and the culture medicine come to see and understand a breakthrough in a
science will see a revolution in the hold up their technologies very rapidly
closure of many many misunderstandings I wonder who will remember somebody called
Stephen Hawking I call him Stephen Hawking because these are these are
policies wishes we brought up among by one had to be done so try to understand
that unlike the reality of the work of the plasma in all dimensions and
understand why your answer videos the addition to the knowledge of the Manning
of order to space technology a universal community should not depend on somebody
called cash or universal community it has to become natural force of
understanding of the creation then you analyze everything the way it is other
point it is because you never seen it before how does it compare does it call
for man to analyze the work of the universe once you understand the process
it becomes very easy we had a question from freed West was
the space city of Russia Novosibirsk already a preview of the coming Chinese
spaceship city the Chinese spaceship city it will be unique that’s what I
thought it will be absolutely unique it’ll be pleasure to work with the
Chinese scientists on well scientists to bring this creation on it’s one of the
gifts of the Chinese government from presentation that they will come 1,000
year scientists in this country and hopefully as initiators of with the
Chinese scientists and the Keshe foundation scientists will lay out a
very very nice understanding of the coming up we have a manufacturing team
which shall be invited we have our architects indication Foundation who
design our artisans and the work of the plasma will set up the cities which
carries the ethos and the work of the furnish today after reaching the
agreement with the Chinese authorities I send a message to check relation
management ality mission accomplished the accomplishment of it is being able
to share knowledge freely and as was my wish at the same time with
all the humanity when you have tens of World ambassadors or world ministers
then the knowledge will be instantaneous across the planet and that’s what we
work on and that’s what 2019 will be the church the spaceship city it’s not that
all it’s gonna be our knowledge has been knowledge or humanity but with a touch
or conclusion concluding part of what is the knowledge has become optional and
what to come because it won’t be the ultimate there needs a lot of more
understanding and additions and that has to be accommodated in the whole
structure what we hopefully have the conditions and the systems by then
because it will be very much impressive to see and there what we have gathered
now to be part of the presentation in this conference is to show immediate
reaction the immediate effect like people walking in with problem with
diseases they can monitor there exist and during the course of the conference
does not exist by use of it being able to create materials on the table you
decide this is the work of the Keshe foundation Arizona and what they call
Austria these machines these systems are to be fully ready operational for job none died none non-motorized system
fully operational we have to show independence as a plasma or not
independence on the coils and people sitting like bunch of poles hoping that
demo you have to understand the process and if anybody outside the foundation
has turned on the agenda we invite you does not belong to one or two
organizations did have a question came up in the cash plasma reactor group
yesterday which a couple people were concerned they they haven’t seen enough
progress toward seeing the light they wanted to see the light at the end of
the tunnel in a way but there is no one to the light depends where you stand
yes yeah in terms of creation of light in particular or some other effects that
that we can definitely tie into the plasmatic we go back to Austrian Sunday
and the Chinese Keshe foundation they have to be able to show it you see part
of the reaction that I couldn’t so you cannot see the light is limitation to
the matter state and that’s why we were pushing with a non motorized system
because by motorized system you have a limitation and a field flashmob flaw and
then you have limitation in strength you cannot show unless you could bring
the system’s cross each other the beauty of the creation of the plasma and the
light very much like charging up like a blood in a vessel of the man but blood
vessels is that that the plasma needs charging and discharging and he needs a heartbeat and one broken
condition achieve dinner and run away with it and they left it another
hopefully back on it again because that heartbeat creates a condition of what we
call non-motorized and then it’s like a blood flow in the body of the man there
is no pump there the interaction of loft of blood of the man is interaction of
the magnetic fields of the body and physical dimensions of the field
interaction 37 degrees why do we go to 41 we lose everything
very simple the magnetic field by Nations a strength of the amino acid at
41 becomes exactly what Arizona showed us to three weeks ago John he heated it
up there is no magnetic field so there is no interaction another strength
nobody looked at it nowhere I understood what was on the table so if you get to
that point and you can enforce field forces together which is one is much
stronger or weaker than the other one the transition of the fields from one to
another one in the interaction of the entry we don’t know creates light very
simple it’s no use you running a circular grinder and keeping a knife in
your pocket and says why do I see sparks is it you know they bring a knife heart
and face the the rotating will and it’s no use keeping it two centimeter away
there is no sparks either is there there is no light yes analogy I guess we’re
just wishing to get a little more direction on how I’ve taught you
everything I said from the beginning I would not show any magic
this is when Moses went wrong the first time
Jesus is the worst and Muhammad went on top of it became a bunch of magicians no
magician this time you are the magicians we teach you to I’m the teacher you you
you are a very good students but unfortunately very playfully students you see the little boy who sits with mum
on the table and a plate of food and the monk puts the phone is fully in the
mouth and he goes running around the table and come and sit down here for the
next book you or that child sit down and eat the food yourself then you enjoy it okay this is the problem I would not do
any magic so I teach you I show you I’ve done my Magic’s my I’m not sure that my
magic star became on Exile the King wanted to make a new magician that he
could do to show to the others I couldn’t cover another king well that’s
promise kept you alive yeah we have a question from Jan mr. Kesh has the
Creator any saying in the coming development or is he or she just an
observer like parents observing their children on a playground we are
observing next question you see here okay
got a question him peeing here I have to leave very shortly good another 5-10
minutes I have to leave here um well maybe this would be the last one
then you see to your questions about where to show up in our space travels
when we get so far isn’t isn’t it the possibility that the universal law of
nature in the universal community of space travel that there is an ethos and
natural laws built into the systems so that privacy for each person’s and homes
will be protected so it is not possible to show up in each other’s bedrooms or
privacy it could be right but who writes that lower privacy in a small Optima
it’s understanding the interaction of the fields and understanding which
fields wants to give and which you want to take unfortunately is not a stag
party on the North Pole so you have to understand and it comes out of the
respect and understanding the positioning not in the fields if you look at it in reality if you go
into the depth of the understanding of the total knowledge of one day man will
understand who did tell the man the story of the Adam Oni and was Eve part
of the atom or was Adam less bit by creating a is the Adam the creator or
what we call the neutron Bridget and Eve and the new Adam is a proton electron
but man could not understand that one cannot exist with other others because
it needs this internal force if you look in reality in so many ways the enemy is
within the man himself data is the soul of the man and Eve is
the heart of our mission of the soul of physicality is the Eve is the
confirmation of existence of the soul and it is a long time for mental status as a as soul has a heartbeat so has
created this image in the Rays of the heart of the man in the dimension of the
mind if you look at the size of the soul and the size of the heart and in total
feeder strength you understand big in magnetical small in gravitational and
vice-versa the the theology of the Adam and Eve and
creation is within this structure as a man himself but he never seen it because
he always looked at the two different part that’s my brain and that’s my heart
and not knowing where the soul is why this one has to be so close to that and
what’s the position in respect to the heart and the soul which is sort of
physicality and a behavior of the man the statue on the shape of them all
connected so we call it the day I have to tell the
meeting yes yes mr. cash at the education team can I make a short
announcement please miss I’d like thank you I’d like to remind all the private
students that the new trimester the first trimester of 2019 starts on Monday
14th of January and we have 2 p.m. CET class where we’re going to introduce the
new way of teaching so we would like to encourage all the prospective teachers
all the students to come along if you haven’t renewed your membership for 2019
please do so as well we also welcome new articles from the knowledge seekers be
it for the mkf plasma x or scientific journal entries and the final thing is
as you announced at the beginning about the possibility of presenting scientific
papers in the Chinese Conference and we also spoke about giving knowledge
seekers possibility to present their papers in the Thursday teachings perhaps
the first Thursday of the month when we announced the new KF Asma times we’d
like to welcome and encourage authors to prepare presentations of their work of
their papers and come along to these public knowledge seekers workshop and
enlighten others with with knowledge with their own work and also to welcome
questions and answers in these sessions as well this is how the scientific world
does it you first write the paper you send it to a conference then you present
it for 20 minutes at the conference followed by 5 minutes
questions and answers and we can also have facilitate this through the public
knowledge seekers workshop platform thank you very much thank you very much
there is something which I have to remind in the background to our
management team and education team these journals we need to print some maybe a
couple hundred of it each you know that gives you the dimension of physicality
for the conference general on into the different
and if I requested Keshe foundation management to put the journals for sale
as a hard copy you make presentation journal over one hard copy that’s what
it is and put it on sale as a hard copy to be printed that this allows people
holding they can go back to it I think the the journals has to go in the
hardcopy database our publication by order make it and allow it to be oh we
need this in the conference and those of you who will be invited by the Chinese
government to make presentation of your papers and documents and innovations we
have to expect to be questioned and or to at least be put part of enlightening
the scientists to not forget you bring in new knowledge this will be shocking
to them when he can’t physically show like production of material from the
interaction of the fields they non-dynamic what I call it non-motorized
dynamic systems creation of water creation up and what I call in education
or cancer you can show the governmental research which has been done scientific
papers then the group which is set up for this conference will will bring it a
whole package that it shows how scientific more time theory has fallen
behind behind what is developed not as something which
has come up but is there when he’s there when they touch it except not in night
and I have been asked in a very soft way to put the top 500 scientists of them
all together to bring the new misplaced technology this is justice is just talk
and if we decide to put the top 500 science after one we will not announce
who they are because we know what they do with them already killed two of them
the ones with Chinese will try to bring the top 1000 scientists together or we
put together be those who understand the work of the creation then plasma we have we have to be open to to be not
to be questioned but to explain when they ask you questions I get some thread
some time temperamental and try some ideas people pretty got innocent they
don’t know what they expect them that’s why I said forgive them they don’t know
what that rule and we’ll talk about more about this the team which is set up an
accomplice when meeting next few days maybe by Saturday Sunday we have to meet
because we have to submit the program to the government by Friday that who we’re
inviting and then what level and what we’re going to do there’s a lot of
meetings with the politicians and diplomats we have to make in specially
those in United State with NASA and other core organizations the imitations
of important Chinese office of the government those who are in Brazil
Brazilian jazz foundation needs to get in touch we give you direction who we
have spoken to and you have to speak with our offices with the head of the
space technology of the Brazilian we give you the names they know who we are
we sending correspondence to them and organize we scientists at one level they
sent we don’t want them they can make a presentation and what they know but is
not there to embarrass ones to add to the knowledge the Russian chess
foundation we need your approach very direct that the Chinaman Russian
scientists know what’s going on the Iranians are the same and the Indians
come in the same category so in hopefully we call for a meeting on
Turkish condition or called the conference team to meet more or less by
maybe some day of this week to put a structure or to this conference and who
and where and then his application of the members to see through it members of
their own organizations and diplomats and scientists to attend is to enlighten
them is not there to bring them to show what we have
come on stop it’s paper we want my turn to comment and see the new technology thank you very much
I’d like to thank the team in the background making the books available
again the to thank their but called the Chinese team releasing new products and
same with others which are they’re trained a bit wood and if you have
developed something let us have a look let us see it and as you see the Kindle
version of the book number one is getting loaded it’s there and it’s the
process we have to go through now we have they have opened the doors for us
is us in how we bring it to the world and I thank you very much for everything
we have to be done for us we have to tell everything thank you very much
thank you mr. Kesh thank you very much for yet another workshop here
excellent inspiration for all of us to get paid this time double blast every
with your soul as already touched it thank you very much ok bye for now
ok that brings to a close the 258 knowledge seekers workshop for Thursday
January 10th 2019 anybody has any leftover questions you can bring them up
again next week if you wish and thank you everybody for attending and
providing the questions and we’ll see you again here next week and also as
reminded the private teaching start next week and there’s public teachings as
well ok I believe that’s it thank you Flint hello we are the cash Foundation our
mission is to bring peace on earth and join humanity with the universal
community we wish and work to bring man as equal to all beings in the universe
by teaching plasma science and technology equally to everyone no one is
left out and no one is abused due to lack of knowledge by donating to us you
can help achieve this goal cash foundation.org forward slash donate plasma products found at Cash
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shipping not included you you

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