257th Knowledge Seekers Workshop – Jan 3, 2019

NOTE! Subtitles in this video are auto-generated and subject to further review and update. it’s time for change to move into the
real work of the universe and it’s time to understand that we used that mattered
state to reach the level of understanding of the soul of the man now
you understand maybe why the Creator has sent his messengers and that they want
whatever you have had is that they bring the ears and it can be used who in the
time of the Messiah comes they can teach the soul mind a message not to oppose
but by them understanding through those who have become messiahs to you from
their souls to these to animate the job is made easy the school is there and the
students are they wouldn’t be there then there won’t be any fight between what
they called the most luminous and numerous shoes the lamb and the lion
will eat and sleep in the same nest the Christians and the Muslims will receive
and pray in a mosque and the same church in the name of this also not in the name
of religion that is used to create so much conflict for the benefit of those
who were the hyperactive children’s the time has come the time of changes
here and as I said my wish is my command there is your wish to see peace paths
are pieces they very clearly it’s the soul of the collective awareness but you
Inc won’t create a position of exchange no other thing there is no penned in the
soul of the land and I’m sure once you go into the universal community you will
never see anything written but the balance of the fields of the soul of
existence try to be humble enough not to become arrogant in the power that you
have understood and you possess otherwise you’ll fall in the same path
of the church this is what we promised but missus what
we have delivered we have to understand the operation of the soul and we have to
understand the soul of the man in the star in cosmos of the universal if we
compare the soul of the man and many of us seven billion in one collection earth
is like a galaxy with so many stars when we look in the depth of the universe we
see galaxies with hundreds of millions of stars in it so is the planet earth
carries 7 billion beautiful stars which are the soul of man carries with it so
loved so many trillions of animals plants and everything else so if you
look when someone who does not see the physicality of the earth and his content
what would they see they see a galaxy with so many beautiful lights charging
each one according to their strengths each one according to their position an infant as a beautiful soul
so has old man to those who do not see the physical dimension his planet but
they see the strength of the field we are across ters of stars the human race
every single soul no one from a distance sees the soul of a fisherman passes all
of the cosmologists the soul of the president they all shine irrespective to
its quality this is the magic this is what the new science has to
bring to man when we look to our soul we see nothing but star in the other
sources and this is the break this is the understanding this is what all these
teachings are about coming to mature to the next level to understand in the deep
space the universe is the holy sir what Rose also sir then man is ready to go to his place
then man is ready to become part of the universal community which is been
promised I never promised you heaven I always promised you the variation of
the man to join the family and now you are picky it’s you who has to open the
door to understand if I can raise the soul of these people or millions of
other souls that the physical life on this planet changes that I’m worth me to
be part of the universal community to be there to serve to expand to be there to
be part that in the cycle of life of universe I become in being part I become
part of the total me when Merle reaches that point a new
dimension in the strength of the soul of the man will appear which is beyond
imagination of understanding of the mystical eye the gate to the opening of
the new life in a new dimension which is beyond the imagination of what you might
call a new beginning the new cycle we start cycle carries with itself the
pollution of the creation of life it’s the elevation of the soul to serve
become the key not after all after that’s called Maya the time is right the
time has come for the man to go through this box you welcome everyone to the 250 7th
knowledge seekers workshop for Thursday January 3rd 2019 and thank you everyone
for being here today and this new year and I’m your host Rick remand and as
usual we are joined with mr. Moran kesh of the Keshe foundation who lay out the
plans for the cash foundation and some accomplishments and other information
and news as well as plasma teachings mr. Kesh are you ready for today’s workshop
yes good morning good day to you as usual wherever and whenever you listen
to these knowledge seekers wardrobes it is interesting that after last week’s
what they call disclosures a lot of things has happened good things very
good things for us last foundation and in so many ways in a way was expected
but it has moved us to the new dimension that actually as we said we have set up
the conference for their six most powerful nations advances in space
technology and we have already got confirmation from three nations that
they will attend this gives the Keshe foundation and the work of the space
technology international recognition we will announce and in due course of this
course as we always open very publicly the government’s know our the way we
work a letter of invitation has been sent to his Excellency President Trump
to appoint Cimmerian scientists to this conference and at the same time
in next week or so we will announce the position where to be maybe in two weeks
and how it’s going to be held and the way it’s going to be held and how is to
the satisfaction of the air they have what we call the host nation well we
they know we open very we work very openly then we open our books to all the
nations in our request to his eminence either how many appear on the position
of the Union scientist has been declared and at the same time in the position of
Americans in respect to the developed American administrations clear layout as
you know we have direct access to all these offices through our correct
conduct of the past and one just immediately responds richly as we spoke
on with them on the phone that they will attend and they’re waiting for position
to be allocated I thank the Chinese authorities and their endurance of going
through every steps of the technology to make sure that they are corrected
knowledge is correct he also said 2019 will be a major virtue
for us and he has a started we see in different ways Keshe foundation being
presented in different aspects of it around the world by different
organizations we have received the video from too hard University presenting
their what we call urban aspects of this technology is in Farsi it was presented
in the conference in to her in December last month and the presenter of the
application of this new technologies received the second prize in this
Congress international conference but use of plasma there are some pictures
and videos available which we have received which I think will be nice to
see it’s presented to world scientists by
one of our knowledge seekers who has taken it into university level at the
highest level in town and has submitted a project which has won the prize for
its second prize in in model called application trick if you have any
pictures or videos of it is some around this is how the Iranian government is
putting forward the name and the Keshe foundation operation round about three
minutes into the video if you move on is what you call it issue of the pictures
of the Keshe foundation and the presenter explains that after this
multicart discovery round about three minutes into it you see the pictures in
the back thank you very much as you see they are not falling back in releasing
pictures and then has been done in the past two months in a specific way to
clarify the technology this is one of the most prestigious Tehran University
international conference we seen in the past few days publication by another
scientist of the Keshe foundation technologies in a
paper a journal which has been released again from India we see a number of
disclosures which are coming open and the government’s are openly opening the
doors of the Keshe foundation for us we kept our persistence we put a lot of
effort into it all of us literally the Keshe foundation worldwide and this has
changed and it changes a lot for us as you see there they’ve used a matter of
technology they use directly is nothing is hidden and this is the way we are
progressing in the next few weeks we’ll show more papers more documents from
different part of the world and rubberization and universities which are
in a way accepting is a major breakthrough in this process we have to
stay correct in this process we have to understand is the work of all of us that
has brought the changes we need to understand we are not alone Keshe
foundation is not a single organization and we have to understand that the Keshe
foundation needs to stay correct in all its conducts doesn’t matter as
individual or as groups there are some problems in the background with a
foundation which we are sorting it out but it has to be understood we are in
hand of many many governments we are not played by a small scale what we call
game players we are in hand of national Security’s military governments with the
power which can do a lot of things but as we all have seen and the course of
the teaching has shown its own power we do not need to worry about how we
presented our worries now this is how much of it we can present that is
acceptable and digestible by most of the world scientists he has created a lot of
problem been talking to minor power and scientific organizations they have a
power a big problem with us they tell you directly and the problem is what are
we going to do with all the works we done what’s the position with all the
research we have done and be accepted and now we have to redo the day the
biggest problem for these people is to redo and how much of it can we redo the
the the extent of change is so huge that somewhere down the line as one of the
scientists says are we going to accept that we lived in a false world of
science oh my god everybody to accept it would they ever accept us a scientist to
be credible and as the scientist said I wish I was doing something else this is
the problem we have the the we with this technology will literally shake the
roots and we rock the whole structure of the many many aspects of their physics
chemistry biology in a way is not to destroy we built on it and this is what
we have to emphasize on the scientists we did what we have or we had and now we
maybe we have to look at the same papers and and translate them maybe can be
applicable in the plasma technology level we can no lose our scientist just
because we brought under the technology we have to see how they can adopt their
technology to be added doesn’t mean their technologies obsolete or it’s
wrong if it’s wrong he has to be corrected and if it is need to be
corrected how much more investment is going through these things to be done
and already obsolete condition we see this in many many of the works
especially now which we have set up structure in China with agriculture and
we get data specifically from independent research centers when they
do evaluate our findings that we do actually don’t create an agency change
but those which has genetically changed when impact to their normality is
causing problem for people for the scientists and this is not what they
wanted no this is not what what they were expecting they were selling
genetically modified seeds as a natural because he’s accepted and it’s going and
now that we take the genetic modification ultimately goes back to its
original there is something wrong with our process because I can’t cheat their
people I do or they want to cover it will come across a lot of these in the
coming time one of the best way to do it is not to blame but to consolidate to
show a new way to work together you’re not here to say it’s all us we say this
is what the new technology brings be it increase in harvest being change in
animals being changing behavior being in anything which we do now because this
technology is touching everything and what I see in a position I am and all
the information which come to us there is such a huge change on the way that
sometimes he scares me why did I ever release this technology this way will it
be better put away in books and in papers and make a group that they
release it every few years a paper two papers little by little this shock is
huge when you said as I said I’ve been too busy past few years and in past few
days I had time to sit back and look at all progress on sketching our nation and
the work of as a whole and is frightening what I see
if I was sitting in the seat of President Trump I will shake reading for
this system to him the Horde was sitting in the place of his Excellency his
illness I throw harmony prison of Barney I will shake what this is going to bring
to us how much we our nation’s our people are ready to go and what can we
do in the letter to his Excellency President Trump it’s very simply what is
on the table has been explained is there a need for a wall in Mexico because we
can cross anything them are we going to use our five billion to change the life
of those people not to cross to give them better life what we took from them
by depleting the coal reserves over centuries into the post on the bottom of
the oceans or in the bank seals of the nations in Europe it brings a lot of
headache of all idiots but it brings a lot of joy to them as well because at
least they have found the solution there is that could be another way to do it
and we should not become arrogant in the time of what it’s in our hand we become
more certitude form what we call sophisticated in trying to organize a
lot of things the test results which is done or
Chinese military coming out this morning is absolutely shocking
I received a copy of it we work closely we are committed to the Chinese
government for peace and bringing agriculture into power into our
corporate which means national food security there’s been a lot of rough
time but we can’t through it where are their last legs of seeing everything
true but without it being confirmed in different ways who would have been
impossible to achieve such a thing we will see changes in a way that how
much we’re going to touch everything which is across this planet it’s not
going to happen overnight to see a change in a wheat we need one
year we see the change of the harvest in thousands and hundreds of thousands of
square meters of land in China by September of this year that we see yes
we put and I say hundred kilos of rice town
and we were expecting from it now we’re getting 250 kilo 300 kilo and even more
if we were expecting as we know from the test let’s say burn about fifty nine
kilo wheat from one given land and another one went against and the Prairie
is being processed be receiving hundred thirty two kilos figures are not in
grams not in few kilos is in hundreds percentage increase there is a big
difference there is a big difference what we make
the changes are huge if you understand what it means if China calls ahead the
way we now start running hundreds of thousands of square meters of land under
new agriculture or this coming up season and we can show we can increase the
harvest area be done last year in the original event 50% increase churner
become self-sufficient in two years time because now we we have to do a bigger
lands you talk about millions of square meters going on the farming this year
under cage foundation be negotiating in every aspects and then next year it
becomes millions and millions we still setting up the factories coming up we
still setting up the research groups coming up and he hasn’t been easy it’s
us as well not me the supporters of cash machines in China the surface of Keshe
foundation worldwide and now with the new conference are coming up we are
representing all our scientists ask one team one nation humanity Chinese are
coming with the Chinese scientists Americans are committed American
scientists Iranians are proud to bring their scientists Brazilians are coming
with the Brazilian scientists cash foundations coming with humanity
scientist is a big difference people from America of Australia from Chinese
as part of the Keshe foundation China Americans part of the issue our nation
represents not American government will see people from India will represent
China Erie for the called Indian case transition presentation of the same
technology we become a force to be reckoned with
and becoming more and more powerful would you like to show with your of this
what I call agriculture if Ella would like to come press ENTER this month’s
magazine please let me carry on with the teaching allow you in the background yes
she is just a minute she gets ready and should go ahead with the presentation
please yeah you you need another couple of minutes there
of Stanley Chazz the meaning that you can connect her and she’ll start okay perhaps I’ll just read a comment from
the livestream from Wolfgang he says welcome to a very good New Year to all
and thanks for the sharing of the new knowledge also in 2019 the very best in
and success to mr. cash Caroline Rick and the hall team and foundation and
mankind you you here with us another minute or so while
we get connected here what’s the problem I think we’re just waiting on a lie
connecting there so just be another minute now I can also mention that that
last paper we’re looking at is from what’s called a agira
which is the second here the there that’s the journal of engineering
research and application sorry the international journal of engineering
research and application and it’s an accredited journal that’s published in
various places along with other science journals but it’s interesting that it’s
a kind of an open source type journal although it is reviewed by the
scientists who run the organization and they select and reject the papers that
did not get accepted which is who they have a quite a high rejection rate
actually so they only accept what they consider to be the quality papers and so
people we can post the link for that so that people can check it out personally I think I think the way we’re publishing
papers another people will come in and want to publish everything they like but
we cannot be selective in in a way investors over the plasma technology and
if it doesn’t make sense to us just to show we are very good and we can show
what we like to choose what we like to show the benefit of it I think when it
comes to and should be done about people in their journal papers who show
different things different aspects of the technology and this place and plasma
has to be accepted – then we are correct have you are you ready Allah oh yes actually I was thinking how different
the beings are looking when we look close the insects the animals and how
will we be surprised if the universal community decides to manifest itself in
physicality towards us what will be our reaction so the picture was chosen
exactly because of that reason thank you the seventh edition of K + 1 x
generally 2019 is finding us with recap from from the last workshop in which mr.
Kesh has actually touched few subjects one of those subjects is the fact that
the human body is in the micro level the same as in the macro level therefore we
are a galaxy and our structure is similar with the source the galaxy
structure as well we had reminder or let’s say
encouragement to listen once again and to read and to see the meanings of the
words in the intro for the universal counsel and the text is now I’m showing
the plasma times for those who’d like to to read and focus on mystifications
words as well the article for the announcement of the six fort was the
gateway through the universal community which you can read this one and the next
article is regarding the spaceship program teaching which will be delivered
to the six nations that will have the the portal each nation will have a
portal another announcement was made regarding the headquarters of the Keshe
foundation that will be hosted in in Malta and about the first international
conference of the spaceship Nations which will be held in in China with the
support of the Chinese government in a media coverage section we have the
mention of one interview which was done by the KBC channel in Kenya regarding
the teachings that dr. gato is delivering freely to the Kenyan
community from the education side we have a new teaching format which is
prepared for the private teachings in English for 2019 for those interested to
learn about the new structure we invite you to read the article 414 structure
and as a surprise we are launching the neo cosmetic line which is called ke
plasma care and in the first launch we are offering shower gel shampoo
liquid hand soap and argon shampoo shower gel to make one and they are all
plasma product and they would be available on the on the web store
starting with this week so we invite you all to try in the language community we
had particularly seekers who have delivered the plasma kitchen skin
Raziel health conference which was very successful and following the plasma
scientific tournament we have the paper or a gas protein and the earth which was
published by mr. Kesh in 2014 initially so we are not publishing in the plasma x
please read it because it’s one of the very important papers obvious the cash from our education team we also have an
article regarding the production of the four basic gases you just reminder about
how to produce zinc oxide carbon dioxide copper oxide and ch3 and coming from our
research center in Arizona we also have send journal entry regarding the opening
dance how this product produced and what are its uses and a very long wait paper
will be released in this edition and it is the viruses then the two packages of
the universe the paper regarding the help a simplex virus with which we got
enlightened by mr. Kesh in the testimonial section we have testimonials
which are talking about the effects of co2 gas water and mix of gas water for
situations and of course reminder on how or a short guide on how to submit your
plasma scientific journal paper with if you have a testimonial or you have
experiment you have been not doing the plasma technology here we provide you
all the instructions on how you can structure a pepper that we get published
in the last time edition and last but not least we have prepared a special
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your favorite Valentine and that is it for this edition you’re good thank you very much hello
do we have anything from any of the Moscow or Italy or ISO no it’s a new
product you want to show or it’s going on the magazine they are not ready for
it okay thank you very much Allah with this very nice presentation we try to
still to get you there agriculture papers from China needs to be computed
translation and we sent you for next month or so I mean a couple of things
for those of you who are still around Foundation and teaching the new semester
the new year starts January 14th a week on Monday if you want to be a student or
be there to go and learn as it comes up if you are not financially capable to
pay you can register believe it on your integrity and honesty and if you want to
be a student the minimum is hundred and you can’t relate anything about that
number of improper mr. scare they just played nomination part as part of the
registration thank you very much for your donations there is a very important
message in all the teachings is that we need to support the teaching side
heavily especially now that we expand into different languages this is going
to create a lot of problems for a lot of people that they should they cannot read
publications in their own language and they have to rely on the transcriptions
or they’ll go through Google transcribing and this can cause some
problems what about try to get this washed out if it can be trusted
in the part of the teaching and what we saw in the magazine today opening is
just a very important part of our teaching structure we just saw format
it’s on a paper on creating magnesium Council why do we need magnesium we
touched this before but now that we understand the creation of the solar
soul optimality it said it brings a new dimension in understanding of magnesium
in the structure of the body of the man when we look at the structure of the
brain of the man and we look at the structure of the physicality of the man
we see a vast different ratio but existence of some materials totally on a
physical part but not on the emotional and the soul part what this means we see
a massive ratio are certain elements in the physical part like in the blood by
the copper in the tissue muscles and zinc which is the white nerve system but
we don’t see eye in the brain structure as such we don’t see other elements as
such what missing magnesium predominantly with zinc and calcium and
with a huge world of co2 oh hi why do we have these why don’t we
have a magnesium in in a brain structure of the man what does he do what is his
job in looking at the Raman spectroscopy in progress well Scotty you should have
seen past few hours again something stands very clear in the world of the
science we take your material we analyze the
material and true it’s whatever characteristics we decided to call it we
save it’s a zinc is copper or whatever we hold in our hand but with a new work
which has come up and analysis of data in a different way they see a spectrum
materials from the same material when you look at the fullest factor of
accounts on infrared spectroscopy on our Amida spectroscopy you see the
properties of many many elements co2 for example when we test we see isotopes of
co2 manifesting themselves on the graph we see isotopes and behavior of many
other elements in the peaks which appear which means this brings a huge confusion
to all of us which means whether we don’t know it is
up to now we hold a piece of metal which says alloy we can explain what this
honor is so many percentage by weight of nickel zinc or copper in it or he has so
much percentage of their corroborating the still give it toughness and softness
but how do we explain these cancers all green it’s all white and how come when I
put it to test I see the property of the protein and
see the property of the zinc I see the property of the cup and I see the
property of their iron I see the property of co2 isotopes and I see the
property of many other things but I gave one element I gave one gun Soph why the
stuff I call co2 but why do I see such a spectrum why do I see so many Peaks what has a
science gone wrong this is the problem that it is it is created and we have to
have an answer for it we have created this problem nobody else’s we have
created this problem for ourselves by introducing the new matter which shows
behavior of many other matters or is by looking at this graph of what you call
one element just one second please just trying to get just trying to get
the grass with you why do we see different elements how we
come to understand the true essence of the creation that we have achieved or we
are at a point of transmutation of elements thus when we look at these
graphs it does it show us that such a strength will give us such a material
now we can pinpoint the strength of the fields we need to produce that material
I’ve never discussed this in all the teachings because it wasn’t time for it
now there is a time for it now we need to understand it now we have educated
enough to understand copper is not cooperating if I understand the
composite of the energies within it and I can replicate those I can have oxygen
so in this place I look for those fields which are oxygen now if we look at these
graphs in different aspect Rosco please we get it gives us a very in-depth
knowledge it’s all there we don’t need to define anymore we don’t
need to search for we can now build systems which is a specific one of the
jobs of viewers knowledge seekers and research centers has to be for the first
time to start creating magnetic balls of Kansas what does this mean is very
simple because I used to do things with the research centers they don’t go all
over the place now be teaching in a different way that you all can
understand and maybe some of you assume already to come up with it
our senses are too busy trying to survive on their way what it means it
means you make good it means you make a bomb and as we see you can create motion
in the scans being liquid or gas you create fields of rotation inside it
either way it could be but you don’t know how the facts how interacts what we
are looking for is a new explanation a new way this becomes very handy if you
listen to my teachings before and when I explain is a lot of enthusiasm with my
research in Tehran sheriff here on University sometime 11 years ago now I
refer to I could set the big reactors which you’ve seen and put the other
small one and get it to fly what does it mean what is the course workers are call
it for you to be can you produce another Oh with the same kind of field operation
that by changing the small parameters in this one you can attract or repel the
other one to it or if you can add to or reduce direction of rotation and
strength in this one that can affect another system rotation of fluid in the
Sun the earth and the moon I think one of the next step jobs we
need to do is to be able to make dynamic system weight over call fields or cancel
fields now can affect the speed of rotation the strength of the fields or
is positioning in respect to the system you have why why do we need to do this
there are many applications base technology we are moving into I need a
specific a strength field that I can produce a be seen
oxygen be running off the fields of strength we need you have 10,000
passengers breeding 15 times a minute how much material do you need or you
give them to breed or you transfer the energy to the lungs that they don’t need
to breathe then you control everything you control the happiness you control
everything that your passengers through the energy absorbed can dictate what the
absorbs and what is use of it we pass in certain positions in the universe that
the energies which we need but not that time we can thank them we haven’t
touched tanking and storage of fuel yet what does that do in respect to the
fields within the spacecraft do we carry one spacecraft and trailers that the
elements what they need is behind carry video because we inside a position how
will you see fields these are what is practically done already and it’s very
frequenting in the universal community very much what you do you have a
aircraft career you have a fuel tanker which comes up fuels it or you have a
ship which is just for food carrying all the goodies for the soldiers now we move
today what called space level of it the time wench there was a capsule they had
one capsule and there pre-heated bag as we see with the astronauts in space is
long away when we introduce a new technology like this into the space
program we have to have all that mentions of it to be able to feed to be
able to see to be able to replicate to be able to control so what goes back to
is our original teachings go back to some years ago in no original teachings
always said our knowledge has come to the point has reached their maturity
that we can make a magnet of anything what does this mean what we said you
cannot attract with a change in the parameters this ball we just got the co2
not only then you create a condition then you find this is the strength of
co2 because it can attract them to it the magnum gravitational field of the
co2 you can register you change the parameters that you repeal the ball
you’ll find the what we call gravitational on one side not the
magnetical so setting up these new systems starts teaching us the field is
strength we are needing in that system by creating magnetic field in world we
can use the what we call for example a moving belt that only attracts metal
zinc and then we change the field strength we attract anything wait
I mean acid a so the new cleaning of systems or
industrial cleaning can be merged very easily because now we understand this we
have got to keep ability to jus to produce the magnetic field of any
elements what I said now you understand I can create the magnetic field of would
attacked what I will need that can produce on replicator wood I can attract
create the condition and the fields of any protein which I need do I need to
produce or do I need to be able to change conditions to reach what is
important to us is to be able to understand
from now on everything which we have talked to and talked about and we
developed because now the problem sits very deep and that is do we understand
and how much we understand about our technology and do we have the capability to
interpret what this means how far can we go to what extend we can do can we can
we change a material on the belt I don’t want all that copper coming in I want
some zinc I want some our menu have we progressed to go to that level now that
we understand the transmutation of elements this is what your body does in
your thalamus it receives copper all the time but it’s for the source which
matches the strength of zinc for nerve system so it changes the Gallants of the
copper which is in storage in to the gun sourcing for the nervous system it’s
nothing new now we understand the process this is where the next step
space technology is moving to this is where we have to be very
practical with what we do this is where the space knowledge
transmutation of the elements becomes feel dependent and not matter dependent with the new tools we have we can go in
the depth of the knowledge and understand how much we need to change and what does it mean how can we explain
materials how can we confine the science and the knowledge we have to the
understanding of the work of the universe now you understand why I said
last week that we finish with a math estate and they gave a start in the
universal but the good thing is we thought enough
under matter not against that automatically we can understand can we
create the thalamus but the whole spaceship using the fields of the
universe that we can convert any field to what
the body of the man needs or to restore one mono energetic magnetic field
monolithic gravitational fields and we cut everything to what we need the way
energies come from the limp to the state of body of the matter asthma Rickerson
you please now you understand how the new science brings new damages the
information carried is so important that now we start doing everything according
to our understanding took what suits us as space dollars but with advantage of
being able to have the reference from the earth planet that we can say we’ve
seen this on earth we can do this with it but how are we gonna replicate the
materials which we don’t have on earth the materials which to us are impossible
to exist we would like to take the screenshare
Ric and just sound a little trouble honking opening that with my mouse here
for some reason just bear with me a minute okay so what this means
well now we have moved away from Kansas and everything else which we done and
now we’re working with a field plasma field only now we have entered the
universal understanding of the creature and this is as I said 2019 is the
beginning and we say in Farsi Johan language and watcher you means if you
don’t want to get embarrassed become like the rest of the people in the party if you don’t want to stand out as the
ignorance of the knowledge of universe we have to learn the knowledge of the
universe and now we see how the structure is coming in most of our
teachings from now on will go in that direction and because you’ve been around
and you understand it many of you can translate it very rapidly so in the
process in the dimensions of the work in understanding of the whole totality of
the structure of the creation the universe be just scooting to understand
the real work in the real condition of the plasma of the universe what does this bring us what does this
allow us to understand more about our own creation what happens when you go to
a doctor and they say you suffer from iron deficiency oh I have a system I can
produce cancer iron in my blood with a small system on my arm and it’s done or
you have too much cholesterol and it’s just sorry I have that drawing ready now
if you like okay put it up please you want me to step down I should be out
this year here so you see this is what I explained to you this is a spectroscopy
from one portal and if you understand reading there
spectroscopies you see many elements reconfirmation of the elements in the
chemistry when you look at this majority 90% of this I can tell you what what was
in the container it’s a series with different strengths but appearance of
many many other elements but we gave these guys a bottle of cans
there’s no matter what it was but when you look in the world of
science we look for the peaks when you look at the spectroscope it’s we’re
looking for a peak and trough some of the appeal you’re looking in so many
ways what are the indications what each peak because if you look as part of your
education at the bottom there is a scale and they put in numbers in front of it
and on the horizontal and vertical are two different dials which explains what
that element at our point is so if you convert this into plasmatic magnetic
fields then if you understand maybe in the future you will understand is very
simple what would this give me if I can replicate this pick so if I
know this and I know this I’m sorry I know the this factor Escoffier magnetic
fields and by other structures copies of my particular strength I can replicate
of our optics I can set systems which matches this and absorb from the
universe now has the creation I’m crazy or have
we become educated can we replicate this and use it in the
universal organizations of communities we meet to help help ourselves or in so
many ways to make the difference for us in a space this is where the history of a man that
space technology beats this is where we have to decide I just gave a co2 but see how many more
materials are received if you understand and in the future can interpret too what would the future hold for us in
this respect what have we done and what we have achieved in the totality of the
knowledge of the universe don’t forget this knowledge has always
been there it’s us who become there is an understanding of the knowledge
nothing has changed in the work of the universe is us who now just getting
educated it’s always been there and always have helped support and taught
the man of space the true ways of living without killing the two ways that one of
these and a combination of these it means protein of what my long needs
protein oh what my body needs and protein of what will be in my life part
of my work so in so many ways we come to work in
different ways and understand the operation of our work and so in so many
simple ways do we need to change do we need to understand more about the work
of our universe or what we call our own galaxy of our own body having matured to be able to understand
the work of our system be it our own body or beat space and the universe to
what extent we can go and understand our work to what extent we can translate the
data that it gives us that edge the sharpness that understanding of the work
of the universe and how far can we push this knowledge to what extent are we maturing to understand how
everything in the universe is created if you go back in the root of the
operation of the whole system it boils down to one thing and that is very
simply if I understand this graph I understand the implication of the use of
this graph can I create a condition the as in my
body conversion of the fields led to creation of the same field to become muscle tissue heart tissue or how I matured to understand if I
change and use the same parameters in the dimension of the understanding of
the life in the universe I can create condition that in my portal hole
I’ll see another creature I can invite because now I can make the condition and
I can meet his demands because I know I can I can create fields to the strength
of a Martian and have a Martian as guests but in understanding this and I’m changing
the diameters and parameters can I create a condition where at the same
time the way you have a muscle tissue from the same energy of the heart I can
have the muscle tissue of the liver who is this thing in the same strength then it comes to another point for all
of us can we become can we become the changer of the game of our own body at the same time we choose which guest
we want to invite from which planet in these meetings under these conditions and then it comes another point are we
ready to accept in the visibility that we are not alone and at the beginning
who will not know which guests we have invited we might demand from the Mars
but we haven’t got the field right we bring a friend from Jupiter these are
the consequence of the new technology these are what we have to face in the
new dimension of understanding of the new technology where we hand are in your friends we
cook for them Indian food and when we had our Chinese friends we cook Chinese
food what are we going to cook without going to prepare but also bring to this
system through the life during universal community is
very very different than what we thought it’s not just taking the spacecraft and
traveling just taking off or landing it’s not and we cannot become the
joyrides of the space and to what extent we want to join
what are we prepared to create and how prepared are we to accepting what we
prepare and what we create these are what comes to us in 2019
without putting displace the space frontiers are not easy places to be in
if you are not educated now everything other set comes together for
all of us to understand what it means to be part of this operation what it means to be able to operate
within the structure of the system is this what we call portal we create
the demise of the man or will you create and bring viruses by mistake which we
are not expecting we were not educated and to what extent are we ready to
accept such a new change is this too fast for human race or shall
we go through a crash course and do it anyway because we come too far to go
back there is no way back no way back for any of us now that we opened this
Pandora’s box or has the limitation of space has
become a doomsday philosopher having done so far back or so far
forward without being fully educated or we go through it anyway and we see what
education we got a simple a spectroscopy explanation and
understanding gives you most of the materials which we need in the universe
on one graph one man to exist when you put this on the infrared spectroscopy or
another asbestos copies the picture and the writing on the reports coming out is
absolutely horrendous we never knew we are possessor of such a knowledge and so
much of it we call it the body of the man what have we done with this body and how
much can we literally pushed his body to his limit a game of space technology in the
advanced levels that we are catching up with is not just a dynamo for us it’s
dynamic for the scientists who are going to imitate all this knowledge all these
figures and come back to us and tell us what they understand and we have to
trust them or we decide as a whole we don’t
understand it we shut the doors she’ll have educate ourselves we become fearful
of a space or is our space in Deir Ezzor oh and we
deal with the king shut doors the way dated centuries ago all the doors to
mark I because the mankind is not ready or very few people who understand and
get ready will become the passengers of the users No we can see the dynamic and we can see the extent of the diner and now you understand why we have
delayed so much everything both in teaching and understanding the game of the space technology is not
what it was two weeks ago you this changes a lot of things on understanding the process of creation as
I said before we had copper and that was Eddie we knew what we have in our hand
now if you look at all these Peaks what are we created to what extent do we understand it
how many materials are sitting here all these numbers and digits has a value
means something where do we go from here on and how much
do we trust our own present knowledge to what extent can we change these are
huge questions for us these are what we have to answer to ourselves that we can understand the totality of
the knowledge the game of universal space has changed
for all of us up to now we were ignorant to it now we are knowledgeable we
understand you how much I would do we want to ignore and how much of it do we want to take
with us and are we willing to change are we willing
to accept the new are we willing to be part of the news or
do become what we’ve been prejudiced and racist to one type of people from
different part of the world come on for being from different part of the
universe I don’t like the black color but I like the pink color and the white
color I don’t like to be with the ones wishes from Martians the colors and the number of colors and
the shapes changes now that our knowledge of universe has increased are we still color prejudiced hi rigidus
language prejudiced because when you look at the spectrum something really
scary comes out and that is every day’s up to now there were just Peaks
she speaks random Peaks but now we have understood something you creating any of
these Peaks in the right direction and ride strength the new portholes the
means in your life not necessarily the manchak play our leaders ready to accept such a
diversity because this guy is more intelligent than our King wasn’t
presidents and through his dynamic plasma can control the brain of the
president and coincidentally and accidentally the
strength of the field of his emotion scissors laughter you have a happy
president these portal holes are not going to be
easy to understand now that we look at this graph the story has changed we always looked at this or this now we
have a knowledge of totality in a plasmatic form which you can replicate
and make a condition in this sudden what fishes should be what we create if you
look at the very recent past past three to six months maybe closer and look at
what has been brought in since Fukushima from the depth of the oceans from the
Seas is frightening because these animals
did they ever exist or by the creation of the new fields in the environment to
have evolved so fast if these animals in less than five years
can evolve so fast what would be the evolution for man in the depths of space
or centuries by coming in touch with new field strength or by opening these
Porter holes that we can bring to life not to life but for us to be able to see
it for the first time will bring to us as I said to somebody very recently these Porter homes we bring to China
Iran in that the state Brazil Russia will bring with it a new night-vision
glasses but these are the universal vision glasses our governments our
leaders ourselves can be open-minded to accept to understand and even if we
don’t understand don’t become prejudiced Swasey we have become prejudiced with
five colors on this planet how can we become non prejudiced with
millions of colors on the universe or do we mature to the point of maturity that
life is respected doesn’t matter what shape and color comes into I don’t
forget around for it in my mouth or would we not touch anything in this
space out of the fear of Ed would it be the poison I’m here hope you don’t do it
by habit we don’t become prejudiced the bond she says slightly pinkish yellow
green because it’s got a lot of power I can just wipe me out
but when a bond is a bitter reddish pink green ie talk touch I try because I
don’t seem to be hungry but not digested the energy releasing me destroys
everything inside like a virus now you understand why going back to the
original teaching we try to explain things to you in this manner these gates these conditions which we
open very soon will bring new dimensions we need to do fear of not doing it will
not stop it happening the same as what we did we created two circles and when
it we attracted or repelled or we found a magnet positioning now with these
systems which we create through plasma what do we extract we came to extract
co2 we ended up with amino acid we come to extract a combination of co2 or
something we extract a full living amino acid now you understand how much more we have
to understand the full science from harmony and before we start this that’s
why we put the six in six portholes across this planet is to end up with
what I call the W sees what I call the toilet of the brain of the man in the
dimension of this emotion white color Ori this is what we are facing and this is
what’s going to be across our table not in years in months and the way we have
set it up it’s going to create a horror problem for a lot of nations unless we
all become one nation and we look at the totality of the existence this is if you
thought our Makarov system was a problem the mayhem this will create for you lot
it’s a million my graph systems the model any Makarov system it could ever
imagine you’ve been sitting with I’m not worried about a factory or a research
center anymore where it would be with what we setup my worries is how human
grace will interact with what we set up for the first time militaries are
becoming aware of this technology by testing it themselves even though they
don’t understand it for possession flowy top piece and end off considering the
other stupid or do we go for go back and cut herself into pieces as a race the option is also not nobody else’s
now the ignorance of the knowledge is over we cannot say we didn’t know we
cannot say we don’t understand we cannot say we never been told because
everything is on the table in the next few weeks when the world
leaders and nations get together and start understanding the capability of
this technology something will strike very heavily on all of us in the next
few months something will shock the humanity beyond
his imagination and that is a hooker making pork troll and created at the
strength of the soul of the man and I managed to complete agreement or build
it myself another portal narrative position in the universe how do I
transfer the soul of the man through these portals milliseconds but I was expecting as we
saw as in the news Chinese launched a rocket carrying landing system for the dark side of the
moon on the 8th of December and landed yesterday on the moon first time after
some decades we managed to land another craft on the wall nearly five weeks
I think if sorry three weeks if they give me three weeks and I understand
this technology I don’t talk about here to the back of them all I speak about
which university would like to land it and a half are closer you want me to the
soul of the Creator and then you understand how simple has
changed everything the way we go to rent a car and we rent a car to go from one
place and the day and we hand it over or use these new systems of calling a car
you’re going that way I’m coming with you I pay half of the fares or you know
working I said I want to go somewhere you give me a lift I use your system to
get there you think these don’t exist in the
universe at this moment if you get the right job in your in that thing and it’s
on this way to Planet Zeus they’ll give you birth because it’s one
of you is from the same University do you need to build on the spaceships the others have already made and they
understand it so this is what I say our governments have to be ready for a lot
of new things and we need wise leaders open my leaders and the leaders will
make a decision for the whole of humanity not a few major nations they
thought I’d rather be the president that rollers up and they can empty their bank
accounts from me and nothing’s the change is not for from the man on
the street the changes for everybody to be understand change
are we still around making a safe space ships to fly good morning mr. Kesh can I ask a
question yes just an idea if we create these portals do we need to build
spaceships or can we travel through the portals this is what I just said that’s exactly what was just said do we need or do we have to do we exist
to build this bishops or we join those who build the ships and on ships but
unintelligible space now operating West on so many ships to invest portholes
now these portholes allows us to reach more do we need to do is the next step
for our governments and our Nationals as one nation is what I call universal
airports then present airport many of you will be waiting to create
and build these spaceships many of these systems are already
operational in the universe are we ready to battle with space
reactors go through the understanding of it or our ready to join a universal
community which is already built the systems most probably the first spaceships man
will make would be very much like White Brothers for his plane or the jumping
wings of the castles are we see in some of their presentations when you compare
to the knowledge of their traveling systems in the hand of the universal
community when they lattice all the oceans they just come out of
understanding look at him was it a mistake not to take man through
the process of building spaceships or was it a correct decision we still can’t believe any of you can
still build and enjoy purple as many people do but how many of us goes on air
blown from New York to Beijing how many of us this tip will light go from Paris to Frankfurt on a bicycle
because we don’t want to be or we don’t have the knowledge of cars and fast
trains and the rest of it the creation of the new succession is
mainly to bring the humanity together that they make a decision collectively
consciously on what is good for the mankind and what we as one lot can
accept we have a problem with what we created us wars and through it we
created the refugees and how to accommodate the refugees in the
countries which we created there or in it now how we’re going to accept
visitors from other planets and other dimensions in universe in our homes or
we become their guests we thought you’re the only one who liked
to see what’s in that tank that is there like to see how bad knocks and we don’t
commit your physicality you committed your soul they decide to see you in one
dimensional physicality in their fish tank because they cannot see amino acid
it’s too long this summer here doesn’t exist they work on this end so for you
to be there you’re part of the same spectrum
you should appear before tinged eggs and maybe very little break I think when you look at it it was a
right decision to not let malpractice bishops because now with these portholes
does man need to travel with the bishops or do we or can we bring to the position
that the man respects all first and then respecting his soul will not make
systems that use the spaceships and under the battleship there as I said I
cannot commit a crime as we said we taking man to space to be equal it’s a
net crack that will show you the top-of-the-range travel facilities and
you decide if you want to talk you of a spaceship would we reach the position
that we walked through the consciousness of our soul and motion of our
physicality you saw the size I want one see my girlfriend in New York but I’m
sitting in the front but I have to buy ticket get on the plane making this
issue make sure she’s home I kept their shoes
that now that I control the motion of one thing to be like a friend I create a
motion position and I’m there one second trip two hours flat this is what the teaching of this base
technology comes to I always say it’s always open you can
walk you can get on the top you can go on the jumbo jet the rolls-royce and
fast train now let me show you the most beautiful jumbo jets but you
know we have option to the donkey and walking in the spaceship but then needs a commitment of the soul
of humanity to peace then next few weeks home when we put the
world scientist together to build up the new space trouble if they’re happy to go
with the donkey we shorten this bishop now that you understand the work of the
soul we take you with us all our I have you know these very rich people that
have their own private Jacuzzi in the house and the king going it I have my
own steam room and I go on it where we are like and I’ve made it portable
articular I can sit in the jumping it what we make our own transportation for
our own soul welcome to the knowledge of the universe
as much better is cleaner and types of the Chinese military is in front of you you choose when you understand the truth
you are the man from Planet Zeus now you know this will give you a dad but a time
to you it was just feels now you have the knowledge to make the plasma afraid
that you can exist and confirm its existence mister topiaries it’s a strange how he
knows what to agree with now you understand as I said 2019 is
going to be a different game this is why we have started the teaching this way the knowledge is there we have shown it
can be done what can do and then we can show how governments can become touched
by it nations can become touched by it and how the changes it brings it forces
mankind to one conclusion my work doesn’t finish with one thing what I would like to do I read you
something very interesting and this puts it everything in one
nutshell and what is on it on the knowledge if you understood my teachings
up to now any of you should be able to make portable his portables out there it changes a lot of things if we
understand it it makes is very very complicated for a
lot of our world leaders and this will change so much for all of
us this is part of the work that we have to make sure the Keshe foundation we
achieve this is part of the message in the
American president Donald Trump we as a space group are not concerned with
financial boycotts and political colors and embargoes on other nations and
individual leaders by one or other nations in this group as we are a
scientific organization and our only concern is to take man to us be safe as
a long race and family we which is the cash audition and all
nations in this organization collectively work as one team to change
the course of a space travel and humanity I wonder how much of it will be
understood by those who this is written our problem from now on with the opening
of these waterfalls with these conditions is not any more human race
but the leaders we have chosen that if they are ready to relinquish the powers
as the head of states to serve the humanity or to be in charge of how sweet
old presidents and the kings this leads us to what point with the
Keshe foundation knowledge seekers who truly other knowledge seekers become the
ambassadors for the leaders and their Nations to show them how it should be No it goes back how many of us would
like to make his fish yeah understanding of building a portal and a cup of orange it’s not much
different only depends on the intelligence of the
man and it’s prejudices purchases and knowledge in color in
racing position if it matters to us that guy’s Chinese and I don’t like it and
he’s like because I’m white I don’t like it my god lock yourself in your room and
don’t move out because once these space doors opens up you will see every color
in the universe walking the streets of this planet or to become the nation of
your own our doors is open to the guests this is what sets for us and we’re
seeing very interestingly from ASEAN research center of all fuel gases
bottles tell you they’re just no issue advanced
technology same principle what creatures of God would be seen they
were happy what a taste of orange and a pear are we
happy with the creatures of different color we’ve never seen and different
shapes if we cannot have peace on this planet due to the color and the shape of
our skin how are we going to accept this what sanctions on the people from Mars and can build a built around wall around
it Martians are not allowed are we going to build their wall into the other
universe that nobody can cross because they’re Mexicans when you understand this technology in
the Sun hopefully Somali desired or they speak about faith religion the more
color the skin or race that a lot of things has to change one of my biggest
fear has been always if we release the spaceship technology may be done thank
me nominations accept the view which we all good break into part of it can you
imagine what the fence man would have made to be superior to be called the
most powerful of man of the most powerful nation in one country one piece
of land which was damaged or have it been lucky of getting there
so fast this chart what we see is graph in so many ways is the representative of
totality of the life in the universe in your cooking you miss a little bit of sugar and a bit
of vinegar and you maybe with a bit of thing
sweet and sour if you add a bit of sugar and lived up something else get
something else no change the feeds in these cups and
you see what you get I know you’re gonna dare to eat it you’ve seen what the
little Wireless has done to all the pigs would you like to be the next big any questions yes thank you mr.keshe I’d
like to ask a question from freed in the livestream he says when I can control
everything by fields sorry
welcome to you mankind you’ll soon understand this sentence very varies with the color of the soul of man will
show the true man and the true colors where the soul shines right it’s a sign
of love and it’s all which is darker and he absorbs some of the doing ocean
antiquing or – we all work to stay Allred as much as we can and all the
time so we come to see the true interaction of the fields the sink of
the field of the soul of the man with his environment without the masquerade
of the physicality of the brain and the body of the man that we see there or
after body of the man then then what we see the true intention of the school if he makes us color the color of my
soul is it matching up to eat me or is messing up to meet me um
I educated enough to read the right side am I the next food or am I the next
Canora this is what life would rely on we all will exist true it’s not anymore
the color of the skin of what you see is the shade of the colors of the plasma
the soul of the man or any entity and what that color means to you that
interaction of the fields creates the interaction of the fields create the
color of the copper you know that copper is something good you can do with it an
interaction of the same fields makes you something else which is could be exactly
same color but the strength of the field ourselves is different the understanding
of the color of the soul in these directions of water holes will be a big
problem for my kind or do we collectively agree we don’t build on it
till we all mature and then in the space of time we forget about how it was done
and will come another bunch of people who made the pyramid for a specific
purpose and then we all forgot about it now is just a physicality that they may
not know this is part of understanding of the new
technology this is part of understanding how everything we’ve done up to 9 past
five years was and is targeting towards that direction we shall have to pay the
bills so have to survive it so how to eat but our becoming vegetarian eating
bigger things or we tap into the universal energy which is not needed and
we can survive for thousands of years because we have not much to dispose off
from you’re not taking much from the others which they don’t need to be
disposed on whatever us can change in 2019 and I don’t think many of you were
expecting it and you’re not even what I say we’ll be expecting to what to come
in next few weeks as I said you’re here to change the
course of humanity but not the repeat of the past the hall mr. Kesh yes is a job
wonder on a trip back from conference in China I’m sure some of the world leaders
will attend but they stopped in Tehran my passion sweet land in Washington for
what IP with this conference we have crossed all the border business if you
understand how it’s been selected we become consultants and advisers but
none of us become nation owners any questions hello mr. Kesh can you
hear me hello mr. cash can you hear me I think has a problem with the headphone
see if we can contact him otherwise can you hear me out mr. Kesh weak you can
try typing on the screen shake it’s a good idea Thank You Shandor yeah second here I’m delivering a message can you hear me mr. cash hello
let’s see if I can make the message bigger here I don’t know mr. cash can
you hear me hello can you hear me hear me no we can hear you but you’re not
hearing us hello yes no idea okay good thank you yeah we were trying to
get a hold of you there but you couldn’t hear this gimme yep we could hear you
know one day sounds like a space peaceful and be so peaceful we’re not
bothering you anymore yeah I wasn’t sure how the explains I didn’t know quite
what was going on we had to mute my unbiased because okay yeah at first we
we had a question that I had asked for freed in the live stream which is right
I think you answered it actually anyway so you didn’t need to hear it but I’ll
just review the question when I can control everything by fields such as
food mood and fuel then my ethics has to be of the highest level is that
guaranteed in what way so you’re talking mr. cash about how we have to learn how
to to deal with these entities and various higher energy levels and such
forth what about the ethics what guarantees that that the that the ethics will be of the
highest level now you did mention that an entity would be able to see the color
or the the vibes basically of the other individual so that would be one way of
telling you you just instantly know that there would be something that was
offered that you weren’t connecting with so it wouldn’t connect with that entity
let’s see what assumptions think what is interesting for all of us is we set up
our own standards nothing is written by the book or in the book it goes back
very much to what the first time we thought man will understand it the easy
way there very simple and was put in the frame of what became prophets and
religious if you go back in the history of the Russians goes back to very simple
rule this is of tyranny katerini means speak
good I could I think good park means Nikki complete clean without
any tent not to be tinted with no colors and no animosity I think the teaching of
the man was very pure in with the first messengers when they were taught and
they put the message on and the Russian is completed how it became an evolved by
different or we call more elaborate it’s the same message of what is today when
you think what you do good you know in essence live a correct life while you
need I do that through the operation
education edition because a lot of people cease doing this and that but and
then nobody’s done the way it is doesn’t suit so many people changes a lot of
things for a lot of people but it is what it is I cannot change it this is
something which we have to understand ourselves and there is no judge and jury
and at the end of it it has to go through the same thing how do we think
do assess what we do and so there is no opportunity no
churches or no courts so how do you judge yourself are we writing a book of a soul and
dictating how souls will do what about what we call the conscience are the so
called guilty conscience for example but not be a guilt as such but our
conscience in in the sense of that we know the difference between right and
wrong or correct and incorrect action and so on do all beings versa
let’s do a different thing that’s to a different thing what do you call a
conscious well I’m just making a distinction
between conscience and consciousness which is a different term all together
but conscience is like that that feeling or what keeps us in check in a way it’s
it’s a balance to to chaos it keeps the it’s the you know we know that it’s not
correct to hurt others basically and that if we were to hurt others then it
would be on our conscience we would I didn’t you know the conscious is what
our soul knows is right and our physicality does it the wrong way or we
bring our physicality under tame to do what the soul says and we call it the
conscious we bring the two in line with each other if I’m conscious that I
cannot steal somebody else’s and my soul lives by it so I’m bringing the
physicality to be aligned with the behavior of the soul so it is the behavior of physicality in
the line with with the soul or awareness of the behavior of physicality in line
for the behavior of the soul because all the songs have the same rule you see
it’s very interesting when you look at if you put the circle magnets together
and they all have to be in a position of balancing of each other it can never attacked any of them to you
because they always keep the right distance from you that’s a hard struggle
you are they come very close but then there is thick unless you change your
field what’s explaining this to to behavior of
the physicality push with a hand and pull with the foot one is gravity and
one is magnetical how do we know what it’d be push is for conscious and what
we pull with our leg is of the same order that it keeps the distance but
still correct now we understand about the physicality of the man and the solar
team and we have even to redefine a lot of our words about our emotion conscious
and what is being conscious of our behavior what do we have to compare with
a court says you don’t do this this this there is a book for the souls is this or
we carry the book of God with us which is the soul of the creative agency with
our soul and we compare our physicality continue to it they’ll be here of the
soul of the physicality contains it do we need the book or do we carry the book
of the soul of the Creator we just try to fit the physicality into it and let’s
train enough nonsense I’m conscious of it means I know what I’m doing all of us we make decisions and muliple
decisions but when we made that decision who was it to be right or to wrong or
was it to do in respect to our soul when you let your child go out of the
house hungry that boy needs feeding by the lunchtime for dinner and you have
not given him any money or any food to take school what do you think that child
is pointed to Blake from a friend to borrow from a friend or just see the
food to keep tangra but be and if he steals who’s responsible you or the
child then what are you conscious of you spend
or you did something which is not there and as a consequence you see this behavior a lot in 40 years
– 60 years 70 years old marriages because one doesn’t understand the other
or one is busy with something else doesn’t understand that the partner one become too selfish too self-centered
too busy to what they want to get what you don’t get becomes a child plays
outside steals and then rubs drops from the soul of the party which already
dropped by not giving it’s the same with the sort of the way we are fully aware
but how much do we adjust to feed the soul of the physicality through the soul
of the man now the soul of its Kelly does not allow the term of the
physicality to do wrong then who writes a book because you have a point of
reference which is the solid mr. kiss John from Arizona was trying to
speak to you in that intermission when when you couldn’t hear obviously you
could speak again and we also have our know with this hand up for some time
here hello miss John so these portals I’m assuming they’ll
have some type of door so that entities can’t just show up and I’m going to stop
you there I’m going to answer you in a very direct way but you understand it
straight away when you eat the banana and it goes in your stomach just the
stomach open the door for banana Giambi to the length or does he find it matches
strength to transfer his energy across to manifested about the energy of the
banana which is there why do you extract it all okay I understand that and let me ask
one more mean than we add to it because it’s very important with your race job
very very important then you have passenger of universe and Dysport bulbs
or another whatever and you want to invite into your house to your soul to
your heart what do you do do you grab him or you become humble
enough that by him getting energy to you you transfer him across to you and in humbleness you find partnership a
friendship not in arrogance then Yin is that how man has to become
in the dimension of his soul in the physicality to even be able to encourage
even to make the first move of moving anything out of these portholes into the
table of the cast of melons home then you understand how can you not
understand how to interact you said you want to open the door the door of
interacting and inviting is the happens of the soul of the man to be a giver but
not to take but not be the point of what happened to the South Americans when
they saw the first blue eye Blanca and it had this creator and it came they
came and they took everything description then do we need a portal I think if you
go to most certain teachings from the beginning a lot of lies to what we have
done but in the two dimensions you were sitting in the theoretical classes now
we are hitting the practicality one of the knowledge seekers and many knowledge
seekers now have a start reading the book one two one three and they say now
I understand the first time was something they read but now reading it
second time third time most of the teaching done they’ve been across now
they see the term knowledge which as we shared so if no energy crosses the long
after man for a matter state of the man or the energy of this they talked matter
to cross the walls of the long to the brother of the man or to the death of
the man so now that entity in the long is the passenger from outside inside inside or you created lower fields that
by your giving to the others you are always wrong on both of the unities then
it comes to the point is the cancer the point of arrogance of the man that he
wants to take everything and not to give and if this the job of the physicians to
understand is goes back into what we look spring from weeks ago you want to
charge a battery you drain it you find the port over there that it can take
most of the energy out than the other place absolutely all the teachings are connected to each
other and when you see it you understand it otherwise let me make these portholes
before to actually buy a few doors and few windows to build the frame around
when we build these portholes there won’t be made in the shape of walls and
containment these are made in the field of the plasma so you don’t have walls we create the fields this is part of
what you’ve done Joan but nothing you haven’t understood it’s really what you
are doing or it can adopt it if you go back I could have told you this
portholes a long time ago in your in your test
they tell very beginning you remember I still sometimes see it you put number of
backrub units which are actually caused by units and everybody talking about a
generator and you remember I think Harmon was there he walked in the middle
and you felt different was there gate here or you entered a new zone why do
you feel better when you’re in the center are you receiving or are you giving more
data gives you satisfaction you have already known it’s gonna have been doing
this part of the work long time ago but you never understood you were too weak
your routers and other things that we use if you go back on your videos I said
my god they have created but they don’t see it is this the place of the soul of
the man to be able to transmit and is this a dimension of the physicality of
the man the way you suggest you don’t know how many times are sit on our watch
presentation are said God are not ready to listen but the problem you have with
your macro systems is its construction you have an imitation of Cobra
well if you had the dynamic walls without the motors the way the Austria
was building it now you can understand the work of the universe becomes very
clear this is my last week I said Austrian is all I have to start talking
to each other to understand where to go so you wanted a spaceship you tried you
tried to transfer the soul you have tried you do understand now you’ve done
a lot of work that he has to come together now added to a new
understanding because now these fields interact each one is a spherical dynamic not wonder what you made a few weeks ago
that you transferred your soul all there what happens when you wanna solve all
here when you creates the condition this environment that allows a body with 20
arms and jellyfish like you were limited to the dynamic systems with the material
reported but if you go to the field system and repeat
the same thing with understanding you need totality of the dimensions in both
ways then universe is your oyster one other question is when you go
through the portal is that like a new dimension of Earth the higher dimension
of the earth plane and can you simply walk through the portal and be have your
soul elevated is it is it that simple simpler or not you’re still looking for
physicality of walking just by being in the vicinity of the
portal if you if you creases lines right link inside it and you’re the banana
outside it’ll pull you in then you feed it and on the other side of the portal
is a still earth and new earth different earth yes in dimensions you will be
because you created that dimensional coordinate your gravitational magnetic
field of this planet – or plus the game of space technology becomes fantastic
from now on the other question perhaps we can hear from our known L and
we allow you to talk there are no can I ask something you see those a just
before ago sorry thousand we see our man in the background you see a week oh that’s a little steep don’t see
Armand in here right you know I don’t think so hey state time for him I think
he didn’t like working for this bishop you’re not finding he can never swish
but he can’t go first maybe he’s flying in his soul right now
I don’t know we got to see now I think in due course in due time number of
members of special edition will start defining their understanding of these
portal and their operation and one thing should not become to show them as gurus
and imogen whatever they just tested in their own strength and that’s all it is
we don’t need to those people who become showing some blues and then became
groups and this is the level we have to understand and they win and work with it mr. Kesh word these portals that you
speak of would they be obtained more easily in the what we call this sleeping
state or in the in the dream state let’s say by humans or is it it can be done at
any time any place to send up a portal I’m gonna ask you a question different
way when you’re in the space far away from this planet do you have a sleeper
States daytime nighttime or would you have that same physicality that is time
to recharge all your acharya physicality all the time that 24 hours is not enough
as we see you know in olden days that had no holidays there was no Christmas
than no new earth people worked everyday 365 days and everything else when you
told them how you taking the episodes before it’s not different than the day
before and they do it for the kids in the case it becomes a cycle for us
do we go to sleep or would we live continuously through
the strength of our soul which has interaction with the physicality of the
moment of manifestation or do you always want to have the physical body of the
man when you’re holding the space and you have to serve all the muscles
tissues everything else where you can change it to step down to something
which is got less muscles everything so you get to the point of destination you
might need half of the energy and you don’t need to steal so much on the way
to get there is there a point to go to Steve to go into the dimension of the
soul of man or man has to live always within the soul of yourself the dilemma
is getting bigger isn’t it we have to find the answers we did all don’t know
judges no Tuileries no words and no consciousness has to be one such as I
said when I put my head down I sleep because I know I have nothing to do with
our mission of physicality and the physical part has to do is repair there
but I need it when I get up it’s there for it to do the job
and it does is so fast nowadays that I don’t even need to have it just minutes
and that’s it get to find home but does the so laughter man I feel
tired exhausted they can have I’m gonna take arrest for that is just look at the
Sun have you seen the Sun taking arrest good point
I see a snap Chen has his microphone open a couple times here must if
something wants to say I guess it’s not our unit it went back off again so he’s one of
the gorgeous Souls you come across I have had the pleasure of being with the
stuff for a few months and he is the most amazing soul you don’t need to
touch the physicality anybody comes across snap they tell you he’s one of
the most purists all we seen and his fee is very reflective of his physicality
torches all nicely have a few words from a thief once they actually speak with
the microphone will try the time you won’t speak especially after with this
man is amazing well perhaps we can hear from our known
L then since snap is bit shy mr. Kesh you remember – I remember the old lines
I just like restate question but it is relying on the pollen can you repeat
this is a med state question but at this relay relying on the first part of the
teaching today you remember the reactor that you were created when a new layer
and put one Gant in the middle I can you maybe ask the person who made it you
have to again ladies but I think in between the
games layers there will be a transition layer of the enthalpy of the gas on the
Fox like in the turtle we’re allowed to let go to the pathways unit and then it
so I think when the energy is going into the games that meant that matter state
is created in the gun she lay in the nano layer you can use in the reactor
but for my Chico you are talking about that maybe you can ask that they look
and tell posture to create the knowledge to extract method of nutrition because
when we understand that we can do it at our spokesman I see it with amino acids
in the notes I created dentist was a flourishing English the only with my
dogs and with night amino acid oh yeah and I was thinking about the fibration
the Leafs had some fish in the summer and then the amino acids was there and
the last all also the small plants again in the winter so if we understand what
how its constructed we can do many things our source to repair in your in
your in your experiments they began it’s also in little layer in the garden that
is like if we create the intention of aluminium or we create the intention of
of whatever you want in soft matter and if we understand how its breathing in
each other because the air first is that element then it’s going to breathe out
again like the earth also bleeding out in the other planets when the with the
positioning what you did in the beginning with the reactors in Italy and
then that then they exchange an exchange and exchange and then the death in case
and then you can different method we we we have seen this in testan China for
the space reactors transfer of energy and matter whether it be 14 as against
to outside well I’ll give you a very interesting
seat for thoughts if if now that we understand the position of the portholes
if you understand how we can invite and being righted and how unfortunately
discard from this but ever came here at him on the table
there’s no stomach and the fish and chips is no good to him how do I get the
energy which he needs that he can sustain is living I invited him he can
tap into any energy likes with a cover like to give you a taste of my energy
what I create if you’re with wisdom would you make you some kebab and if you
rainy any giving ourselves even if you’re Irish you give him some Guinness
but it’s got no digestion system they cannot solve it how do we feed it or to
get from the soul of ourselves to the soul that he can take whatever ignites
then he brings have a very ethical question very ethical question and man
would answer this in a very very short time I know that sir because we’ve been
through it we seen it when a mother kiss Burton’s child and you’re in the depth
of the space and the mother has to nourish the child through breastfeeding
would the mother feed the soul of the child grow only change the dimension of
the salt of the Scalia T of the milk that the child can drink which we do think the man will feed his
child in the depth of space when there is no cows on all notes and no physical
matter to feed on then you understand how you behave in
respect to the guest and how you’ll be guessed at when you’re right
and then you understand do we need to kill for feed this is not the ethical
question this is gonna face every man in the space when you go out with your wife
and your girlfriend and you decide to have a creation of your own to confirm
your powerful and use this in your card you can create how do you feed that this will be opened in a very very short
time the space comes with a lot of dynamics
other students decide to travel what I call that making way wear a suit take
your food backpack and as long as it’s a tablet and a package apples in the
microwave well how do we feed our own offsprings our
own children in a dental space then comes true would the father feed the
same as the mother do we need the best of the mother during the German then
part conserved through their soul feeds then does sexuality existed or is the truth in what is written in
Torah that Adam made me from rib of his own body was it passed on through the travel of
the universe now one can create one and the eve to be a partner was the creation
of the soul of the man to confirm and be able to transfer and it is that he can
confirm his over distances a lot of Britons are getting answered with these
questions under this point you know understanding more of the true knowledge
of the universe I have a question about the hit from Harlem I think if you if
you isolate of it I think it’s ratio like the electron and
the proton if I take my whip out and I weigh that this may be one of what 1800
of 2400 and watch James last time I don’t know exactly anymore but maybe we
have to weigh the risk and see if that same ratio because I see atom of the
electron and the coltan which won’t get into it when I ask him tell me I said
okay I asked him but I know but I did I never did to Adam but I really you see
what what we need at any level as I said even in the creation of the six members
of their Earth Council and a new call space groups is we need the totality to
confirm the existence of the singularity and within that singularity we still
need integrity and collective awareness of the full dimensions of the fields of
universe that we can create that lower or weaker or a more humble
position but by existence of that that we can feel it that it can confirm our
existence monitor the the reason for the planetary system yes for confirmation of
the existence of the Sun otherwise you cannot exist if their field and the size
of a feel of a solar system is at the point where it can create the smallest
entity in the forest point that from the more stronger one in the middle and the
smallest in the fire and the weakest can create a dimension of the motion of the
field to confirm its existence in that dimension nothing it’s very much the
size of the body of the man very big it’s the size and for that environment
allows that size to be nearly three hours us however as you
understand now a lot of things in 2019 comes back to us and how we want in
respect we so will the factories we still do the research we still do
everything else but more or less all the development of the mankind in past
millions of years to where it is now and from now on as we are born – destined to
die mankind was created destined to unify the universe agreed for a new path
and our time is now and so how we decide to interact with it is totally us we can
go with shouting and screaming or we can go with up enjoy time but is the shout
and scream out of joy or out of the fear and yet and there was one question about in the
live stream from plasma in the constitution of the blue planet Earth we
can read about freedom from the monetary system we now have 2019 when will it
happen you the site can you have an apple without paying for it
have you found someone on the street do they accept a kiss with an apple or can
you buy a shirt to be on your back in the cold of the winter and you can say
thank you very much and walk out of the shop or the other way is would you work
all day and bake your bread and put it outside and do that every day in and out
and the flower will come from the roof and heating comes from the wall and he
can feed the whole humanity what do you expect after month ISM if you yourself
expect something to be given to you or what you’ve done and this is this is what we have created
but would we need to go in that dimension of physicality that we need
monetary systems a lot of you don’t need if you understand the work of the
foundation or come to teachings but then if you can take the fields of the
universe to feed yourself and at a certain distance create the fields are
no cold and the world comes you stay warm and make it a little bit tinted
that nobody can see you’re a man that one that’s only partly care about then
you wanna water you can create you want food it’s all coming because you explore
the energy then are you happy to date laughter that life if you can use your
solar understanding of the positioning to get to London from New York in five
seconds why do you payment is your system of
going to airport being attack season on the plane being a pilot and if you were
to learn to get up in the respite what is good this goes for Canada it’s
good for Canada isn’t it that’s why they send English what this goes for a main
top miss quits for a female so what is if we
want to get rid of monthly system are you prepared to walk free
are you prepared to just do things and give I give out a one anything like your
partner to system in olden days but does I really have a chicken the day you want
to chicken everybody is there ever a Gwen you want egg when you speak about
these things together it a little bit deeper about this monetarist mine
without a monitor system show me your house show me how you gonna heat it show
me when you got the money to do it did they come to you or you worked for it
and how did you value yourself while I was ready to get one unit or you learned
the whole process of the universe which is normalization you don’t take with you
what is yours which is your solar knavish now what the attack see they the
one of the things with the intelligence of man and evolution of the science and
but science but evolution of man to what it is now one has been greed but the
other one has been to better position yourself in society
so you created something doesn’t need so they help you Mario
you it was just one for you one new shoe this shape but you sure didn’t doesn’t
want to turn similar but you have you saw the hundred why do you make
conditions you need to get paid for it well you did it to be able to get what
you have that you have more from them that I can show what I have respected
operational as I say and Roman buildings especially Russian building and whatever
the questions have been you see the big big print of this the build is huge huge
been things about 1 meter 2 inches thick walls or everything else because people
are afraid of big things so a message has Authority but what is the position
of it do you want me the position Authority that’s why you saw some of
these shoes I’m get this building to show you manage to to help the others as
you wanted well you asked him once or isn’t I know to get rid of it you tell
me when was the last time you gave anything interfere work free to
everybody on the street now we’ll see establish this is us novice is not us we
can claim it there’s no quote or is it good – suits
us in the universe demand system has never existed doesn’t exist because
people take us they like it’s given freely what you want and it’s there for
you to take and so if it’s not there it goes back to that’s what they say how
did all this business in the world started out of the need and demand a lot
of the nature of the month nobody puts a value on it you under 40
mother bread you pay for it Olivia stop treating the man won’t win the man
guaranteeing the security of life of the man has been this husband mother slave
to this planet so you telling – month rhythms when I
finish why do you decide or when you change the dilation of the smaller I want to get rid of this month’s and
them doing him paying and I wish everybody works under the name of the
foundation of the way I do it father they just take what Nate and I need and
ask to be told that everything else for it a subpoena fault or a life from
another planet I think the planet I’m just going to say
I hope you answered yes you know you know when when I was poisoned by but job
in the cesano the doctors decided to find out what is what I’ve been poisoned
by they took the nails and the hair and was a german especial lab and so funny
results came back and doctor lee Acosta was that you’re not from this planet
you show materials which doesn’t exist here but we know where they are which
planets carry these things those blood tests and body hair tests are still
images but maybe i came from a different planet perhaps one last question now mr. cashed
I know he’s probably tired here and it’s getting along
we have Bianca from YouTube is concerned about this idea of conscience and so is
she she says imagine an evil billionaire
using this technology or knowledge to enslave humanity because the foundation
is always in need of support let’s think in a person who has unlimited capital to
make it how is it possible to secure that anyone with unlimited resources and
no soul at all the devil itself to extinction or simply slave them they all
know the kink Murtaza hmm right and later on this month we
might find some further results about that I understand
put it this way the only way you can save a soul is to give to it as it needs
it and then it decides was to be video the more you pull your the more higher
cents gravity you pull they’re stronger magnetic hole will interface to you try
to bring two magnets a stronger triangle for the weaker you’ll find out at the
last point the clinch they don’t but they fall away from you now the only time we do is when you’re come
the the rich people can might smooth their wealth isola and once were slaves
are usually are usually come under different names but soon later is
stunned by the way that’s why we don’t have a religion called cash religion in
the restaurant because it’s stuffy existence these people are worried about
this idea of a catastrophic failure future with this technology justin quote
the wrong hands is it possible see that someone can have wrong hands and handle
the plasma technology i think that the only one who’s got the hands on all of
it is the creator and some are he has an abuse it yet you know every dictatorship has a cycle
and in life we say we’d sat down saying and we say if I release it with the
present Kings and the world leaders and rulers this is the writing of AHA I says
the time will come that no more take the crown of kingship this now that
responsibility is becoming so humble to serve everyone becomes tiring I don’t
have enough to give to serve the correct way so I don’t can’t be there this is this is not a worry to have
because if that was a case to have people with much more understanding or
creatures with much more understanding in the whole of universe there whatever
slave mankind millions of years ago they help my mind that if we received her
love but that’s another worry last other war Eunice that’s still just
understanding maturity at the time this planet is too big and too small for
anybody to be interested in just maybe because what you on the anced March away
water dogs seven billions nothing you know the population of the universe
study with the crown and nobody was interested ruling the universe was alone
planet as somebody said it’s a prime state that’s right they’re interested if
you understand the transmutation of the element the universe is the Primus place
to be because all the fields necessary came for them like how many castles know
how many rooms and how many how much can you divide your souls in how many rooms that’s not the way I was thinking
earlier when you made the picture of the spaceship behind the spaceship behind
the other one that it’s already in the vacuum of space as well if you’re
creating materials is probably the ideal conditions we have to spend millions of
dollars on earth to create the vacuum of space in order to make the same
materials so it’s right there handy just step outside the spaceship and you’ve
got the ideal conditions for whatever you need to probably we used to run
tests for what you sit in where we see the lab in the Union reactor you’re not
building we had a vacuum system made by Ukrainian you know communist times Bronx
part of the Russian space agency that we created we could create better cleaner
Horace mater estate than space vacuum condition we could go to sometimes minus
40 minus 50 and universe’s not about the 11th hour and in a position where the
deeper we could go I was always waiting for the collapse of the matter estates
were the reactors but so our reactors always kept up positioned at the hold
and we could achieve a much much much faster left and reductions and also so
we could trigger with one system when you look at this ring and plasma reactor
it operates better when there is less half and it’s more unified a field of I
was watching reading in an article that Russian scientists I think it is they’ve
achieved their new levels of the plasma at a 100 mm temperature and the Iranian
scientists really and great recently announced that never achieved many times
and they get 200 thousand a hundred thousand years degree centigrade or
whatever I thought what a stupid thing it doesn’t exist in the universe center
of the planets are the coolest place to be not the hottest the interaction of
the fields interacting with a matter of state creates reduction in the fields I
think you end up the heat of the magma are the feet of the surface according to
the strength of the field up the mattress stayed at that point so why do
we need this and is there a point for what we think or maybe taught to exist
it’s a very very very simple question to answer if you understand the work of the
operation of the universe maybe I can insert one last thing from Kazmir who
you on YouTube mentions in that regard would that mean he made the question
before he brought that up would that mean that if we become the weakest and
as our soul has every spectrum we would be fed by the Creator if we take the
principle you just explained by the Sun system would that mean that if our soul
becomes humble enough to be the weakest and as our soul has the full spectrum to
Windstopper stuff it’s not be humble to be the
weakest is humble to be the more generous to give that doesn’t want to
hold to the we just it’s a very big difference the more you open the banana
the more you get to the most of it so humblest doesn’t come in that you
become we just humbleness come in that as I give that out what I don’t need
that I need that this need Bora it’s a very big difference between humbleness
in a way of giving from the highest of weakest orders if you look at it that
you receive more stronger but you receive at the highest strength that I
can give them again so it’s not that you are very weak or you don’t have anything
but it comes from giving I really give you don’t take from the root you have to
take it check it out before you can get to the code so I caught up then we’ll
get to the jacket and then before I get to the shirt and we forget that whatever
underneath we cannot take it other knee that unless I repeat what I throw the
heart it’s the same with this world by giving the expensive jacket fair coat on
your back the man who is called a freezing with nothing on now it shows
how not giving your fair coat away because if you wear it outside to throw
pink color or acid on you but it’s very interesting you brought
this up I think some of you who are about my agent run by hu are you
remember in 1980s 90s they became anti-fur campaign and people who had
quotes hundreds of thousands tens of thousands of dollars bought or whatever
they throw them away and everybody said oh you know these rich people like you
in their fur coats they think you’re the way because they were anti because they
were all scared at the throw paintin Isis on them in the public places that
you are anti animals and whatever so did they give the fur coat
art of becoming an to you out of here are being hit at and painted at and
thrown acid on I think the second was more an Australian office if you could
get all these fair courts experiencing records and could wash them clean them
put them on a hanger you collect them free because there are literally on the
streets people hire some polymers appearing everywhere sure you cannot
live without a fur coat is impossible especially in those days business felt
like he made a lot of money out of the fur coats which came out of fear but not
university mr. Kesh how in what level can we
prepare no is not preparing is understanding the detachment we still
eat with support to restaurants we still wear our clothes and we still drive a
car we don’t throw our food away in the car what I’m going to do next one it’s
the preparation by the soul of the man to understand the dimension of the
physicality of the existence not the physicality of the body of the man and
this is a very very very very big big question mark for the man himself and
not for those control the bathroom I’m part of my detachment from physicality
is if I was attached to it out that running past few months with the problem
that care just do anything to do I did whatever but it’s a cycle has to go
through eyes accepted that’s what is to be and then you see what source comes
out of it what’s the purpose of it if her mission was organized her had to be
proper because I didn’t do this and that or they die without done a lot of other
things also told my technology and billions and kept the face of it at
school no it’s a process we all have to learn and this understanding the work of
the soul and this is what is there and how it’s going to be there and the ways
will be there some of us will suffer some as well and go through it some of
us learn from it but at the end of it what was the purpose the other question I would call debate
Wow or three hours and 33 minutes into it here so next week next time and we’ll
see what it brings for us lots of new news every week now it seems so we look
forward to next week’s new revelations and thank you for the teaching today
nothing we learn a lot more now actually we could be thank you very much and as I
says it was reminded me do not forget Derek FSI education mom starts on the
14th if you wanted to join as a students to enroll you don’t need to be in every
class but when you have time you can learn from it and under the hand the
work of the foundation has to carry on the way it is and the way we see it and
in any shape or form that we can’t teach and extend the knowledge of the managers
base technology understanding of the work of universal will be part of our
work and hopefully we’ll be still here next week on 258 one when it’s our
anniversary 260 – sixties and be Tillich’s 24th I think five years and I think these teachings
in the past next to a tree for five weeks will go extensively the way and
now we are ready to understand it to animate and move on thank you very much for today very good
mr. Kish I’ll just remind people that they can have a look at the the plasma
times in the cash foundation.org website it’s at the top of the website it’s
pretty obvious there so check that out and we’ll see everybody next week for
the 258th the only seekers workshop thank you
everyone for attending today and I believe will take us out bye for now hello we are the cash Foundation our
mission is to bring peace on earth and join humanity with the universal
community we wish and work to bring man as equal to all beings in the universe
by teaching plasma science and technology equally to everyone no one is
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