250th Knowledge Seekers Workshop Nov 15 2018

NOTE! Subtitles in this video are auto-generated and unrevised. you hello we are the cash Foundation our
mission is to bring peace on earth and join humanity with the universal
community we wish and work to bring man as equal to all beings in the universe
by teaching plasma science and technology equally to everyone no one is
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Jackson shipping not included from the beginning of time humans have always
looked towards the sky for inspiration and guidance there has been a
fascination with Birds stars gods goddesses and other entities which
seemed to exist above us and for many humans a strong yearning to travel into
space man has dreamt of flight since observing space and now it is time to
become the space traveler the future of space travel requires us to understand
from where we came to see where we are going
several thousand years ago philosophers mozi and Lou bond from China were
looking to the wind for flight they invented kites using silk and bamboo
allowing for the later development of communication measuring distances
testing the wind and lifting men the invention of the kite brought with it
the desire to fly the first known attempts at flight were typically by
leaping off towers known as tower jumping people in China India and Europe
first attempted flight this way in 1670 Francesco Ilana de Tarzi
published a book that showed some interesting concepts the concept of
copper foil in a sphere with a vacuum would produce a vacuum airship this is
still not possible with today’s materials Francesco is recognized as the
father of aeronautics melding science and mathematics into aerial navigation the Chinese are believed to have
developed the first hot-air device the Chinese lantern using hot air from a
candle can take flight and was first used for signaling the hot-air balloon
achieved the first human lift and advanced to what we know of as the
Zeppelin the first attempts at flight in a heavier-than-air flying machine were
made by more than just the Wright brothers most attempts fail however they
were the stepping stones for what was to come later
the oldest airport college park is still in operation today
airplanes evolved rapidly through the century from propeller to helicopter to
jet aircraft and most of that technology is used today during the Second World
War Germany developed rockets that could go a limited distance the basic rocket
technology used then is still used today the space race started with the Soviet
Union and the USA in 1957 and led to many developments for the next step the
moon spacecraft assigned as Apollo 11 was the first spacecraft to have landed
on the moon the space shuttle operated at tremendous cost burning the fuel
proved to be wasteful and dangerous technology the International Space
Station ISS is a habitable artificial satellite that was assembled in
low-earth orbit in 1998 with the use of the space shuttle the ISS can often be
seen with the naked eye from Earth space acts as a private aerospace producer and
space transportation services company was founded in 2002 by Elon Musk with
the goal of reducing space transportation costs in enabling the
colonization of Mars SpaceX reuses the first stage of their
primary rocket Falcon 9 by vertical propulsive landings although up to
present time it still uses the rocket fuel burning technology
mehron cash has always said the time for burning fuels is over but did we need to
start with that technology in the first place
ancient cultures have suggested the use of an alternative means of
transportation with reference to possible plasma technology you can go to
New York from Brussels within two to five minutes on most of this five
minutes it’s actually landing and getting up mehron luckily cash was born
in Iran in 1958 as the son of an x-ray engineer he was introduced to the world
of radiation and nuclear science at a very young age in 1981 he graduated from
Queen Mary the University of London as a nuclear engineer specialized in reactor
technology system control at that time he developed a number of theoretical
ideas related to more simple nuclear concepts and their applications in 2002
he decided to finish the full design of his ideas about nuclear technology this
included the creation and control of gravity and energy by the use of nuclear
materials in a clean and safe hydrogen reactor mehran keshe introduced the
concept of double magnetic fields to explain the magnetic and gravitational
field of Earth unknown by the existing scientific community he wrote a number
of scientific papers in 2004 and sent them for peer review such as the
creation of black holes when one of the persons performing the peer review used
his information in public he decided to draw back his papers and to concentrate
further on building prototypes since the beginning of 2006 several prototypes of
dynamic reactors had been built some specifically designed to create hovering
effects similar to effects seen with magnetic levitation basic hovering
effects have been achieved 2007 brought the first flight test with radioactive
material in which the patents describe the process
of the field interactions the main patent gravitational and energy system
described the initial fundamental aspects of the plasma and uses this was
followed by the Supplemental patent micro plasma reactors where further uses
and advancements were described mr. Kesh found himself in Iran in 2008 and was
provided all the resources needed to create the first lift of a plasma
reactor managed by the Iranian government these special rotating gas
reactors were used to control the plasma to bring a deeper understanding mr. Kesh
released the first book in 2009 the universal order of creation of matters
which contained many new concepts released to the public
this included the PMT IC plasma magnetic fields initial fundamental plasma and
plasma dye lucien technology used for space reactors the plasma technology was
further developed and it manifested in weight fluctuation and a controlled
environment 2010 introduced a new state of matter called Gans an acronym for gas
in nano solid-state the Gans produces fields to be used in the operation of
the spaceship advanced flight tests were performed in Iran with the guidance of
mr. Kesh and the newly designed systems mr. Kesh tells us you can’t bring all
the doctors with you in space medical research advanced in 2010 and is still
being explored daily all around the world the cash foundation has provided
knowledge for dealing with many medical conditions in space a great example of
plasma technology used for peaceful process is the capturing of the USA
drone over Iran in December 2011 this drone was touted as one of the most
advanced drones of its day and was caught by Iran using plasma to disrupt
the communications plasma absorbs fields and the drone uses radio fields for
piloting a natural aspect of the plasma a barrier
of fields book to the structure of the White was released in 2011 this book
brought forward the understanding of the structure of light as a cylindrical
plasma where the light is in possession of all magnetic field strengths book 3
the origin of the universe was published later in 2011 mr. Kesh explained the
further operation and interaction of different strengths of the same fields
which then leads to the creation of the universe these three books bring forward
a much deeper understanding of the plasma science that is applied worldwide
by knowledge seekers and scientists in spaceship research and development there
were two conferences to release the space technology to government’s in 2012
the first International presentation in April Keshe Foundation invited
representatives of every country to the first presentation of the plasma
technology the second International presentation in September Keshe
Foundation invited the nations of the world through their ambassadors and
their leaders to attend a gathering at the Keshe foundation center in an of
Belgium space travel requires peace the implementation of the plasma technology
brings greater responsibility in 2013 mr. Kesh brought forward the world peace
treaty signing of the peace treaty is a confirmation from yourself to your soul
to act correctly in a peaceful manner in 2014
knowledge seekers came together from around the world to learn from mr. Kesh
and many different experiments with reactors were performed including
improving the previously developed reactors to fit with the new knowledge
introduction of nano coated reactors multi core Gans systems the spaceship
Institute lab experiments were streamed live on the internet for all to see SSI
lab tests with reactors showed strong magnetic field pulses up to 129 Tesla
and showed significant weight fluctuations in December an experiment
was performed using reactors built by knowledge see
from around the world Italy Germany and Canada were involved in field
communication tests the tests showed that fields can interact with each other
no matter the distance or time resulting in instant communication in 2015
developments for space continued with different aspects of the plasma
technology such as in health energy and decontamination in October of 2015 mr.
Kesh taught a popular week-long course called The Blueprint teachings about how
to build the maghreb power units people from all over the world participated
with building their own maghreb units and teaching others with the demand of
the Keshe foundation products from all over the world a new Research Center and
manufacturing opened in Arizona USA many developments of the technology happened
in different parts of the world and cash foundation USA is no exception John and
the team started performing experiments using different sensing tools these
tools allowed the team to visualize the maghreb field and to show others their
interactions with reactor formations showing positive results partaking in
the knowledge together is easier and more joyful than ever the fun has just
begun says MT cash mr. Kesh publicly teaches the space technology through the
weekly knowledge seekers workshops plasma enthusiasts from around the world
participate in gathering the knowledge and putting the puzzle together in the
space race all people irrespective of race nation
or religion are invited to participate in the exchange of knowledge thus
assisting humanity to live within the ethos of the universe it is recognized
that international cooperation and peace is a prerequisite for mankind to journey
into deep space individuals and nations are invited to come together in the
spirit of collaboration and unity to enable peaceful application and the use
of plasma technology for space travel food agriculture energy transportation
health and more we are excited to release the Keshe foundation spaceship
repent to humanity welcome everyone to the two hundred and
fiftieth knowledge seekers workshop for Thursday November 15th 2018 and once
again we’re gathered under the Keshe foundation spaceship Institute public
teachings in English and this workshop will be under mr. Kesh of the Keshe
foundation and I’ll be hosting my name is Rick Kremlin today and I believe mr.
Kesh is ready to go for today’s workshop yellow mr. Kesh good morning good day to
be as usual wherever I’m gonna make you listen to
these knowledge seekers workshop series of teachings 250 non-stop teaching 250
weeks learning to nearly 5 years of teaching but have we learned where are
we going though and how will affect all of us as usual we try to bring an
enlightened what is going on what is about to happen
and what is the positive gains for Humanity as we announced in the Spanish
teachings yesterday we have decided to open the first Universal Council Center
in South America there are certain advantages in opening the freshness of
council earth council center very much like what we have as united nation what
headquarters of the south american will be in mexico we have the facilities
there Armin has made a lot of offenses available in that area we move to the
corner as the first set course this development will be gathered gradually
with the universal council members and wealth comes from members in the coming
weeks the the advantage for us in Mexico or South America to be the first phase
of the Keshe foundation development of the earth council Center is very
fewer languages spoken in this part of the world compared to European and Asian
and African nations Australia is too far for us to start a process in a way of
interaction fewer languages but this gives a solid base for Spanish
Portuguese and American horn English and the number of maybe button and just
baked foundation for the basis of the first universal council center we
announced the program in so many ways as is the center we’re kind of teaching
manufacturing and what we called the center that all the cash knowledge
sickness can go to and become the center talk or operation of the Keshe
foundation Universal Council as they become part of the organization of
running the condition the committee another hand in the next few very
shortly before Christmas we’ll make a number of announcements in respect to
the development of Keshe foundation worldwide there is a progress in a
Chinese space development and other space developments
centers and one of the centers and the second one as of today will test and
test running the new field which has been developed what is base development
technology these fuels has second some quite some times to what we call develop
ready for when you start teaching the plasma technology as you have gathered
and noticed the present gas technology is not powerful enough on
home to provide the pressures for creation and motion of authority but you
had to understand and you had to comprehend the power you saw the light
you so the interaction of the fields the motion but we need the strong emotion in
the strong field I have released in the past few days and more or less a new
material for a space technology hundreds of times more powerful than the present
gas technology this allows us to enter the phase of the shift and what we
called the little technology into new dimensions this new fuel will allow the
researchers to reach related motion and creation of the dimensions of gravity
very soon I’ll be testing this in China in the coming weeks as part of it and
then will will release more and more information on this the new fuel allows
us new dimensions allows us reaching powers which the present gas does not
carry we need to release his own energy now we can now we can develop this next
cycle it’s very much as close as it gets to the Iranian nuclear power stations
for space technology but without radiation this technology is on the back
of the Iranian knowledge and will be developed further through with the
Chinese and the Iranian government’s officials in a space development
technology we bring it open to be done and in so many ways the collaboration
between China and Keshe foundation the Titans are very rapidly to reach achieve
left on motion on the control of the is Xmas presidency is control to enforce
peace as many of you know we are fully committed to the Chinese government and
Chinese nation as we see the masterpiece relation to develop the further and next
steps of the space development and defense technology for space we have
brought you up in a soft way with the cancers that you
could see but to break in through three-dimensional conditions of
tangibility a more powerful fuel is needed this new this new fuel has been
introduced into the Keshe foundation directly and to the research centers
couple of research centers and will allow to produce up to a thousand time
plus more stronger plasmas through the same cancers and through the development
of the gas technology we are proud to release this technology it was supposed
to be really sometimes in ten years time five years time that it could bring
another condition on but now we see the maturity has reached that to be able to
bring and I have brought as ISO to people close to the foundation in past
week two weeks and the teaching is going in such a positive way that he allows us
to introduce a new technology much more rapidly we tried to explain but now you
have to understand the number of teachings which went on last week a lot
of you had understood the principle a lot of you seen but have not
comprehended and the the gravity of the knowledge is just mean releasing past
two teachings I hammer on and I in a way power through these teachings in the
next two or three weeks that we try to achieve to keep to our promise of 2018
flight system to be seen this will change the course of a lot of things for
the foundation is changing course of development for the foundation we need
to understand that this new development will affect every one of us we enter a
more powerful technology a more powerful but in tune with our lives will not
changes will not go in the dimensions which will be
changing structure of the physicality but it work and is needed to be there
for the next steps of the developer than teaching in respect to evolution of the
soul of the matter as we cross into the position of operation of the soul of the
man which is to create about the physicality of the man this new
technology is needed I explained to the medical teaching yesterday but the
doctors of the past used to deal with the hairs and the roots up to 100 years
ago we developed the technology which now handles chemicals and biological
things recording pharmaceutical it’s the development in the knowledge of the man
now that we know we understand that the operation of the physicality has a
direct interaction with the soul of the man which is to create a physicality our
doctors a man of Medicine have to move to become the medicine man of the soul
of the man and a physicality and the soul of the physicality this is that
whether it’s a step higher in this process we need to introduce to these
men of Medicine new technologies that they can see they can affect they can
see they can interact they can see they can elevate the soul of the man now with
it they can change the physicality of the man this brings new dimensions in so
many ways this brings a new interaction that it gives us scientists and space
technology and especially in defense and in peace process to elevate the soul of
the man on this planet much more rapidly we needed to introduce a new technology
we needed to introduce the new power technology
we got to understand and very simply a parameter of this technology was shown
on the 5th of may some three years ago by the Russians but nobody understood
when the Russians used the technology to interfere with the most advanced
American naval force in the Europe in water
after Morris disabling electronically the whole system as we said before they
changed the mindset of 20 same 37 naval officers that they did not want to be on
board of another ship they resign our people said as they said they did not
want to be where they cannot be defended but in so many ways through the
elevation of their soul in the direct effect through the operation of the
defense technology further developed by the Russians shown that they saw no need
for war no need for warfare now with the new technology which we release we are
extending this knowledge extending reinforcing where men of military see no
use in arms no use in being able to use the arms but in so many ways our work
our way of teaching is affecting a lot of people and a lot of governments we
are directly and indirectly involved in negotiations for this kind of work it’s
the job of the escalation knowledge seekers to understand this process very
rapidly we will release through the right channels of Keshe foundation new
agricultural data in a coming week that people who are involved in agriculture
can enforce the government’s directly to deliver the change of course in
agriculture in every aspects data are coming in to research and nature’s are
getting confirmed through the research that how much this technology can change
we have to do this as we seen some governments do not understand how such a
growth can be achieved and they could be using different materials or fertilizers
or whatever and it’s not even boil because if your buyer you shouldn’t see
these changes as we said with the Chinese test
was a concern but officers did what we call governing bodies of China that such
a rapid growth in one cycle or part of the one cycle of the water they harvest
should and must affect the genes and genetic structure and a test by the
independent laboratories in China has shown there is no genetic change and
this has brought a new dimension we change the environment and if many of
you cannot defend your position at this stage the people who try to take what we
call technology of the Keshe foundation into obscurity will win what we have
decided Keshe foundation with the next 30 days we release a full dossier only
to divert cultural people to deliver to their Nations
these documents are signed by officials and signed by independent laboratories
to show the change in protein the change in starch the changing everything else
except genes it’s important for us we show this in rice we show this in wheat
we show this in corn we show this in one more material which is very much
guarantees the supply of oil for human consumption without change this is a
part of the program education conditions call itself involved in national food
security we have to the data is so commencing and is so correct as is done
by independently by agricultural teams and not by Keshe foundation we have only
supplied knowledge technology application harvesting and what we call
looking after was done by them so we are thousands of kilometers away
we will never close anybody would do anything except they have control and
the results are staggering we see another set natural condition 1.2 times
more which means if in one land was grown 100 kilo
in the same land using the new technology we grew on two point two
kilos at the same time being able to control no need for pesticides we have
seen increase from 1 kilo to 3 kilo 20 these figures cannot be ignored 5% error
yes tempers in there are yes but when we run into multiple production levels the
government’s and leaders of these nations will stand up and listen to back
it up the whole structure all the seeds without projection of the answer and
with production accounts has been given to independent research centers to test
our modified figures are coming out the exact Morpher guess tomorrow and
sometime next week that confirms the initial results shows
massive changes this will change position for nations like China into
independent harvest production in Independence from import of goods and
food and grain this will apply directly we will ask for the support of Chinese
leadership to support us in Africa and in India we need to do this to bring
stability in peace the figures are not independent of us we have tried as I
said the knowledge and the technology and know-how and the materials for
development we are moving into next steps to be in live animal care and in
other aspects of this technology development in upcoming weeks we are
highly involved instead of taking the path of their space when nations could
not feed their people we feed the nation and we fly the same system the advantage
with this technology this way is twofold as we show as I said in the last
teaching to cover a massive space of a nation is not easy we cannot watch as we
said line by line field by field as partners rely on the mercy of God the
rain comes they have the rain doesn’t come they don’t have as we seen with the
most beautiful rice fields in Thailand the Thai rice in past 12 months
construct drastically because of the drugs the farmers are on bread line with
this new technology the farmers do not need to stay at the mercy of the land if
you’re familiar with jasmine rice and what we call the Thai rice you see the
prices has doubled in the past year because there is no rainfall rainfall
has been short so what happens now the new technology – monition applied in
Thailand in the coming time will change the course we will bring rain not as a
rain but as the moisture and protein that the plants can absorb this has been
tested we can show you the growth of the harvests in Inner Mongolia section of
China we are growing in snow the Keshe foundation team will release the status
very soon all the pages on video never been done we allow nations to produce
food in winter travel harvesting it allows the change of climate in the
control environment without touching the totality of the what we call global
environment it’s localized we can control it the new powerful plasma
reactors will cover in a much easier way the whole distance across the fields this is good for us this is good for the
Keshe foundation because now we have entered a new damage Alisa to a
scientist very recently now our scientists who have come into the new
dimension as we said before in a spaceship you have many people from many
races from different part of the universe you provide one field from the
new dimensions new plasma technology and each one takes from what it needs we don’t serve food for different people
from different culture but according to what they need to taste they’re
satisfied their souls with what they need from the collective plasma food the
structure that is satisfied their soul and brings peace to them this technology
as I said in coming weeks will be released that records the Chinese
government officials in case of disaster we hear the problems in United State
with the fires and other places if we come to the you know an American
government with acceptance of the technology against peace we will release
this technology immediately to a state of California we have a prerequisite
State of California’s become one of the most advanced armed reading estates
peace elimination of the military development
in exchange for technology for the people will be refused because that more
people have become homeless more people become entangled in the fires they are
used to it but in so many ways we offer a state by state as I said in one of the
teachings of past few days we see the breakup of the United State as 58 states
in the coming time you will understand soon why and how this will happen in a
very beautiful way which each states become the onus on the nation which does
not have to carry to defend but to look after their own citizens this set up is
already there is done by the government itself but it will speed up in the
coming time we are prepared to negotiate the state by a state against reduction
of arms building of arms in interstate in exchange for peace this will
application of the technology we target United State and certain European
government on this matter that we can break up the monopoly on arms and
collectively bring peace this is important for us and we will deliver the
newest space technology and the new materials we should release in past
couple weeks for a space development allows us to do such as it we have released information to men of
military how to disable nuclear weapons this is a clear indication to
governments we have explained new technology to the men of military that
no nuclear warheads will ever be fired the technology and transfer technology
is in the hand of nuclear nations this is important for all of us to understand
the fear of nuclear war has become zero because now no nuclear war can be
launched from anywhere on this planet and even if he launched they will return
back to where he was launched from as I said you know the teachings returned to
the sender there is no address for nuclear warheads to land you’ve seen the
use of it in couple of presentations but you never understood you’ve seen it some
videos you have not understood the development of the technology will
become peaceful we will show more and more of what we have as part of the
space defense technology will change the whole of the military application on
this planet it is important that not only our
military leaders understand not only our national leaders understand but the cash
our nation followers understand how it is done in a coming weeks I’ll teach you
how to disable nuclear warheads without any expenditure you don’t need to
disable them they disabled themselves I’m a nuclear physicist and a master of
my technology there should be no more fear of any
nuclear war attacks or nuclear warheads because we have the knowledge it is in
the position of the condition and the knowledge has been shared with one
nation that is why we explained and we opened the discussion in a short time we
call the total disarmament nuclear disarmament says you can keep it to the
Explorer’s on leaks in your side else you will not
be able to ever to fire a single nuclear warhead the options are very easy let
the case roundish in the coming time to take these warheads cleanly without any
danger out of the space of this planet this is our operation government will be
done with the submission of chinese government we remove every nuclear warhead out of
the space of this planet does not matter who owns as they can never be fired and
they never used and secondly with the new technology we do not need any
nuclear weapons or any nuclear power stations the new technology which we
released will create enough energy to supply cities and nations the
development of wireless technology transfer is in your hand you’ll be
released very soon you need to have the receivers forged the satellite
dispensers are very easy to launch it works very much like your mobile phones
but now it’s as energy with your system converts to usable energy as it needs as
there is no need for dynamic motors you will understand the new technology
plasma technology can use for every aspect technology has been you have to start thinking in the plasma
direction you have to start thinking how you can extract energy from more plasma
to another that creates freezing condition as be
having space or how to interact two plasmas that you create the temperature
of the center of the Sun there will not be any different age in the two should
not cost you more than the dollar we passed the point and now it’s time to
understand at the same time the new technology has to bring the need to
satisfy our needs the new space reactors the new powerful space reactors as we
see and we had done before should advocate chancer within three to five
minutes max any kind of gesture and as I said today doctors yesterday in the
private teachings how do you decide and how long does one man wants to stay
alive do we decide on the strength of the soul
may be elevated or this is just to be here because with the suffering they
might gather some more a strength or muscle in the strengthening the soul of
the man and the old age of 1890 which is actually in the universal condition is
the first few days of life compared to the human life do we need to change or
do we need to bring this knowledge to man that man knows there is no age and
time limit fifty hundred years in the time of the life of this man of universe
second the technology is in the hand of us it’s been chopped
but they have to understand people who had the Keshe foundation medical
teaching have to open their eyes it was explained in a nutshell yesterday in
their priority the same goes with IRA culturally the same goes with difference
and space technology when we speak about defense in Keshe foundation we are not
talking about military different spiritual differences that does not
exist and if you understand this technology you understand is long gone
as absurd in the teachings before you need to understand the exchange and
creation of shadow powerful plasmas then you can move it ahead of you that you
can send her to at the same time as gravitational pull can pull you to
itself you create it and then you use this
creation to position use to create dimension of the speed to create the
relation of gravity in field rotation in so many ways if you understand the
process in long run what you create and you can create the shadow of it it
becomes like a electron protecting data what we call the product these are the
technologies which in difference technology brings a lot of need in the
space for it brings the transition it brings the change of the condition for
life how we can live how in space when you land you need to create your spaces
where is not need for wearing clothes and it’s not 1 or 2 meters from your
umbrella spaceship what you need again position and with it you position
hundreds of kilometers you have a free running of the land or a space in the
development and the further steps which you teach you make your spaceship a zone
where you people can live in a space you create and you become the new planet you
decide the dimension and the surface which is there
and when all the passengers had enough of what we call scale space gazing your
clothes back to the next step creational tangibility inform them to be
able to start life there are many many in spaceships which will live like this
and when you look in the deepest sky they look like the stars it’s virtually
created in the center by a massive star what they call a star formation
spaceship they have different look they have a communication line and they work
in a very specific way if you look into the Norland
sections of North Pole you see three of them they have positioned themselves
with a fourth word these are not the stars
these are spaceships who have managed to create tangibility in distance there are
two on equator lines as I said recently very very recently we are preparing
human race for interface direct interface with space and universal
family knowledge has to be transferred trust needs to be built up but first of
all mankind has got to learn that every man who comes from the space is not
Christ or Buddha because they know so much none of they become good this is
what we stopped in the Keshe foundation development to start with we don’t have
any priests or we don’t have any temples because this is how you have to learn
how to become listen you know how much embrace it and don’t make priests and
Christ’s and Jesus and Moses and the restaurant the only thing you need to
understand how how does it interact why does it give and all this wants to take
if I can afford give it if I can afford take you from it and what would be the
interaction and what shall I see do I need the eye of the man to see or I need
a solar to man to see in the teaching of last week and what
you saw with a disk and the light as I said you saw the mirroring effect you
see the light and then you see like a mirror what happens why
in fact what how you see these mirrors because this become important in
creation of your plasma reactors for a space technology how do you get the
mirror effect how do you get the light effect the light effect is when the
field is mono and you have not created the second division when you go into the
mirror effect which means there is a secondary field of the strength behind
this that this creates reflection and blocking of the lines you see as own
reflection a class is a glass till we put mercury behind it
Danny reflects a light this is what happens inside your reactors if you look
at the line system which was shown last week in the week before you see a white
light and sometimes you see like a mirror you have to discuss what a mirror
is it means there is a secondary effect in the background that reflects the
light and absorbs what it needs and you see that you mirror this is the first
step to creation of for the of your spaceship but the difference is that
this time the condition of manifestation is inside your reactor not outside if
Rick can show the light reactor you see it you see light going up and in some
seconds you see like a mirror there is nothing there but you see it this is
because of creation of two dynamic fields one inside the other which
the line from that one which is passed through and reflects back so this was a
meant when you saw it as you are not educated to it very simple there are two
magnetic fields working inside the system what this does it means you have
achieved the double magnetic field the double magnetic field means now you have
to learn how to control it to create gravity and the shielding and what we
call magnetosphere this mirroring has a significant
importance you means the knowledge of the Keshe foundation knowledge seekers
in space development has reached a point of maturity of double magnetic field now
you have to understand how you can create one and hold the other that in
that process you create that mirroring effect the creation of the spaceship
while the do of this spaceship at the moment is somewhere in here the fields
are random in respect to each other and now it needs one to become a stronger
than the other one and then you get the two double magnetic fields stronger one
trying to feed the weaker one and the process starts the position in
interaction it creates the three layer of the fields
which you need for creation of matter state there is a lot of knowledge in these
pictures but as you’re not away and you don’t not understand the interaction of
the fields to you is just the light in that process one leads to the other and
creates the point of interaction the balance and this leads to manifestation
of physicality we should be not evil but this is at the moment happening inside
this ball now with a new powerful systems we pass a boundary or do we need to create a second reactor
in the space and in time I cannot clear this very strange okay so what you need
to do is to create a spacetime a second reactor and then you will see as we done
in the Iranian reactor one leads and which one depends how you know that will
interact will move earth gravitational magnetic field which is constantly
attract and then you dictate direction of I’ve
seen many of you in the past week have gone through this process of trying to
can I have my whiteboard back please you’ve gone through the process are what
are called and try to explain to you in respect to creation of two dynamic
systems or two plasma systems put opposite each other or in an angle and
respect to each other this will not might not give you what you’re looking
because this has to have a different power ratio than this one otherwise the
two of the same will just create the field you have to create different
dynamic that the interaction of the two will read the interaction and creation
of dynamic plasma I’ve seen many of you putting two Magreb systems up with each
other yes but take one coil out or add two coils in the two equal does not give
you if you use the dynamic motors which create fields use another dynamic motor
which runs this way go back to understanding up if you
remember holding two hands facing each other but in fact if you want to create
the structure of the plasma you have to hold your hand next to each other from
the small finger to the palm of the hand next region when you hold it face to
face you create one dynamic system when you hold them in the 90 degrees hand and
facing each other you put your hands the way you pray for that 90 degrees you
create a field inside them between two because one hand creates the fields in
horizontal life one hand creates fields in vertical
sorry and if you can control the strength through one hand another the
light will shine in your hand the two creates the dynamic without much with
the hand this is why man prays in so many ways but you do not see the light
so you don’t understand now you understand the purpose when you
put your hands to opposite each other you create literally that motor effect
when you put your hands against each other you create a field direction
because this one rotates this way this one release this way in the center you
create a dynamic process this is what I said to you many times you can just
deliver lights but do you have to understand you cannot know when the two
hands are equal in the strength you have to have a different strength in two
hands that creates that islands you got to understand the science art
and not just to be the coffee cutter with there is something which I have
taught in private teachings and comes back to you in the public teachings many
of you many of you know the knowledge of the science and I’ll explain using some
of the teaching now this is important when I tell you the body of the man is a
cycle of the evolution if you look your brain is in two hands and your body is
in two hours and in the process of the knowledge as we gathered this works with
this one and this works with this one standstill precision I just think the
next time it there is a salt
there is the heart but there is a Stepford in the world of
present science in the present understanding of the order creation of
the man that is partially part of the knowledge missing and as we said as
never understood is refabricated but I thoroughly understood
he’s never been extended as extend the part of the knowledge which I think
especially to our doctors will be an amazing insight go to the body and then
those of you who work with psychosomatic knowledge in need to understand this
essential part of your work go back to the same process does this ring about with you or the
people or the knowledgeable people in the world of Medicine or sleep pattern why do we asleep for our cycle what
happens to the other second for our cycle why do we need two cycles or four
hours to sleep and why some of us can asleep one cycle very simple those of
you who are knowledgeable in the science of somebody after man you know one thing
the long of the man and in a way the nose of the man works one in this
space-time when one left knows work neither one rest when one long works the
other long rests so you haven’t understood now you understand that each
cycle of the living and life of the man is literally collectively dictated by
this one four hours the left side slips one four hours they
write on the slips which means the man will always be alert this is why you can
wake up in the time of danger now why do you actually go to a whole process of
waking up after four hours and going to sleep is a handover from the left side
to the right side of the brain now we understand why we have four hours of
rest and we have to up one four hours for the left side of the hemisphere
which controls the right side of the body and the other side is were the
riser that hemisphere of the brain which controls our but in that process the
soul of the man is all the time all the time alive
and work this has been a mystery of silence now
we understand when you sleep one cycle of four hours you need instead of
seconds gap at 24 hours so this time in this cycle this party sleeps tomorrow
these partnerships it brings a lot of clarity of vision people are the point
of power many powerful men many people in governmental levels all readers go
through this cycle because the soul does not trust the people who they work with
the leader this is my theory used to before our Hitler used to be for our eye
asleep for hours many people asleep for hours we work
this way this is important to people like dr. Rodriguez he understand how to
use the presence of the soul of the man and all time to change if mrs. while you
are you successful in sometimes and while you’re not successful in sometimes
those of you who go through the medical application for the health processing
you have to understand this because if you two need to the same hour all the
time you only see some developments you have to change your times in different
duration that you cover both side some of the
reasons that some of you don’t succeed with your what it called doctors with
their processing is that you have not understood this cycle of four hours
because to you is not important but is the most vital because the same process
if every day six o’clock I take my inhaler
I only cover this nose so what happens which part of this is we sits on this
nose now you understand the extent of missing knowledge in newer country of
the science or the physicality of them and this sleeping pattern is the
cornerstones of the whole operation of them why do we see people with a higher
rate faster rate of RLS death in 60s and 70s that in twenties and thirties is
because of this place the duration and time and tiny space gap
has to be understood then you understand the operation of the solar in so many
ways when you wake up in the middle of the night then you go back to asleep
again always round about the same time but you
just switch over without actually physically acting up you’re handing over
the operation from this right side of the brain to the left or side of the
brain but the sole operation has not changed the Sun does not change this
strength of his right if you’re on their back off the earth or facing this this
is what you need to understand those are you operate especially those are human
develop medical systems have to understand this those t-shirts we see
with what we call conditioned manufactured license by Italy you have
to consider distance by changing the time and duration in
different position and timing you reach a whole totality your helmets which you
use if you change position to another side in the next cycle now you covered
the left side do you handle the brain when it’s activating using so much
energy to repair or do you use the side of the brain which is in breath solution
and can be nourished much easier this changes a lot of things for medical
application and health application then it goes back what are the times where
the saw is at the point of receiving energy that it can feed the physicality
isn’t it at the point of the switch what this means what in reality if you
understand if you want to feed the man in the disaster times you don’t put the
food that’s all the time you see people asleep at the 11 o clock and the next
cycle AHA 12 1 2 3 3 o clock 24 10 after 3 and then they will come 7 you’re
feeding time concentrating this time you feed the soul and the soul has enough to
carry the day when you look at the diseases you have
cancer in the lung which no more then you choose which side you elevate that
it covers which look during the operation of the lock or during the rest
of the room when you give more energy to the long
one isn’t working here is his Morey has to use more energy but if you die erect
it to the long which is not working and it’s at the rest time it can absorb
independence the scientists in America and since his round-the-world shown when
you have this new technology is not new as 95 10 years well now when you put a
mechanical heart next to a normal heart that it can take the pressure up there
no heart the heart repairs itself because it’s taking the pressure off
within 12 months more less because it allows it to repair if you understand
this you can see what it can be done here
it’s the same principle so you go back to essence of the creation but why did
we have why do we have for outside thus what does for our means in space if a
life of a man of 80 years is nothing in the space so what is the four hours and
it’s repetitively a solid does one side of the brain goes to the maximum
boundary of the energy of the soul and does the other one goes to the minimum does the who to half of the brain with a
soul inside is very much very much like an atom with two electrons state of helium in that condition but a
space to receive when you need energy and information one of the things which
they all of Medicine has to understand is the shape of the brain of them if you
look the brain has a split so the gap is very can feed the soul why do we have a
split well it is something I was looking at mere extending this technology
knowledge in China very interesting phenomena is appearing in Chinese
memorize if you look I knew our Chinese friends would not like this one but it’s
amazing you guys are strange creatures sorry about that
those of you on this thing and I know you’re translating don’t make you laugh
or this is true if you look at a face of many Chinese in the West we have to
centralize in the Chinese we have this one if you get this I write this one is
close to their nose if this is the center of my nose so if you get this
here you will see this is close watch the Chinese television broadcasting it’s
very interesting the strange thing is we are researching on listen is good for
our Chinese doctors to looking when you look at the MRI of the brain in a
certain position on the line of the vision of the brain in no more I you see
this with the Chinese is direct the brain is
twisted towards the position of the guy so is the position of the brain which
suggests the position of the eye what does this mean and how much energy
for this repositioning the body needs to comfort is the soft central a better way
or do the Chinese mentality changes because the brain contents has to judge
which one is the real picture is this a secret
why Chinese still aim with all the thing they do because the energy brain for the
eye has a direct energy control of what the body needs this is part of the
research we are running in China it’s very interesting and if you understand
this and the fact how you feed the nation and what is the perception why
the Chinese believe in yin and yang because you’re mr. sushi somewhere has
to become the balance as they know the balance was not exist with innovation how they become overtime to understand
this and it’s become part of our fix Miller just watch the Chinese couples and watch
the eye of the presenters you see more of it with a female than me this is the
way to attract attention and that has led to other damage this is what I was
explaining last weekend very recently the need to be satisfied
creates genetic modification it’s very strange habit lived in Germany
have you lived in middle east side of Western Europe and you come from Middle
East you find a hairy mint in Middle East and not many hairy woman
when you come to Germany you see men with not much hair but women the plenty
of hair a shaving machine sometimes good for headless why have you changed or is
the confirmation of the position because we will have taken over to run those
masculinity comes with the state of mind up now we need to understand the psychology
of man because these things in space dictates how we behave how we analyze
conditions and would it be these kind of patterns in that Chinese structural
brain which is the reflection of the soul of the man in the interaction when
his physicality created more interacting peaceful people and they all survive
more and Americans which the brain is totally opened and is twisted and in
different way would we see the success rate in certain races tellus can certain
environments of the space because the reflection of the soul and the
interaction of its math estate of physicality would dictate they can
tolerate the environment in a space same condition would apply us sprite on this
planet in space not all of us can live in all
conditions just because we are human the composition of the amino acid of Chinese
will fit into one environment which she does not be fit into another this matter
how hard they try they will not be able to manifest themselves but somebody from
Europe which I manifest themselves and come and say but the chances we can’t
see and then the Europeans it’s a Chinese we can’t see but we trust we
transfer knowledge from this home these are part of the technology which
we have to accept these are part of technology which we
have to go for and understand we have to see what can be done how can
we do how can we understand the position now you understand that the world of
science after plasma technology brings his own knowledge brings its own
parameters and we have to know to be opened
it’s a rough time it took us millions of years to understand our own physicality
now we have to understand in this cavity of the soul out it’s not going to be
easy right these are what is and what is about to come and what is actually
already here we have to understand it to see how we can apply it how we can use
how we can develop it and it becomes the advantage a tomato we have to take steps in opening the
understanding in the horizon of knowledgeable space we have to become
tolerant to new knowledge and don’t get locked up in condition sometimes any questions Thank You mr. Keshe I’ll remind me
attendees they can put their hand up and we’ve got a couple hands up hands up
already here we’ve got our know Dan and John I guess we go in that alphabetical
order just a second or no leash bill to talk
there hello but I know good day everyone I can I can the share a song experience
so we can play to give to both parts because one time I saw that I was too
and then I saw how I suppress my other side because I was one handed created on
school I was left-handed and I must become right-handed and I feel like it
was a pressing one tight and then I start bossing my teach with both hands
and shaping myself with no chance and not the right way to write in an effort
the left now I shave right with the left and the right hand it depends I give
both in my life votes equal dies I washed myself also on the left side and
the right side with my left hand to me my right hand kind of question
yeah it was you were you forced to do it or what he encouraged it would I was
forced to do it no I wasn’t I wasn’t forced to write
with my right hand of school and I you say I want to ask a question there is a
reason I ask you this question how did you feel I feel in the beginning
a little down because I felt still the I guess points to something either that
was so much points for me that so much points for me and that feels like I was
defend the evenness and what does it create a balance I cuddled my both side
now and then running when we doing something i can create with my
thoughts there’s – informational in the beginning
and now I can do it to meditate knowledge I agree and now I want to stop
you you’re getting a beginning a scrambled line the what I’m trying to
ask you is how how did you feel English emotion before I was maybe III after I
was still damaged in some places but I asked I am damaged for doing damage from
any environment I was ten which my soul was damaged or me I was damaged stuff my
soul was hiding hiding myself because I thought a lot more beautiful and this
this little piece is created together with the knowledge that I was people I
mean I want to stop you there when it was the / of your microphone can you
switch your mark the reason I would like it I don’t like
I would like the the interesting is that you say when you were child it was
something some some part you didn’t back you and I but now that you speak about
what he can do with don’t both hand you’re proud of what you went through
now he can write it for Hanukkah brush with the haunt hand where that time was
totally different it had to be that I know what you’re talking about I know
exactly what you’re talking about because I went through the same thing
I’m totally left-handed was totally left-handed but I was forests given half
homework a quarter of homework given double time to write dictation compared
to the others given also self encouragement and punishment because
being left-handed is a crime and or was a crime and now I only write
bit left and everything else I do is with right it creates different complex
conditions and very recently in past few days I watched a movie a child going
through the same process by the parents the left hand been tied up with a like a
rope to the side of the body that is something wrong we have to use the right
hand and then what does it when you grow up I watched an Iranian movie a few days
ago I haven’t watched here any movie for 40 years and something attracted me to
watch this movie and it’s about this boy who actually writes through the left and
they say there’s a big crime still in it people in the West don’t understand this
but still in the east writing with a hard left hand is some of the worst
things you can ever do it’s like God hasn’t been kind to you or
the family it’s a disgrace you have to understand the logic behind it and you
have to be right handed to be like others I went through this through my
first years of education the only thing it did I stood by treated after it’s a
right with with the right hand schoolers the left but I ride with that but
everything else is not right it puts you through a torture but in a
way it balances your brain you see life totally in different way I eat with the right that right to the
left but I used to eat and right with the left the enforcement has brought the
change in the balance of the physicality I don’t know I just stopped taking them
off your head in my head before they do it and after to see how has the brain
changed I think it is changed I know it’s changed for Kudo for Pat as I said
when you get married for better or for worse
you know what I learned from this is to angle I am a great up and down in my
times when I was completely healthy and then I see the ankles like if to create
the field to contain then you have to free plasma all around from the center
to the Coulomb barrier without touching method and I show it last time the
doctors come out of this because we like we are already mirroring ourselves
teaching the other side to wit law not with with agony and the other side
supports the other side do it love and agony without agony and then then you
already ask the components to radiate and then then if I put the fear my
intention then I feel the lights going home to my body to my skin and feeding
the soul of the man and then create the equinox and then radiates around the
world over mmm massage that is what you teach that’s what you try to gave us and
it hurts me that many people don’t understand it that was why I was in the
in the beginning only for me yeah but what is interesting because as I said I
watch this movie recently and what is interesting if anybody can
come up with their statistics what does this create when it comes into brain
hemorrhage and the strokes which part of the body gets more damaged or is it
equal what does it create different things as you know I explained before I
had the silent stroke at around the age of 40 and nobody sees the side effect of
it it’s something you don’t see it just changes you because up there the
position of damage and then you think if I wouldn’t have been forced to use the
left of the right of bring balance different balances the different part of
it would the effect of the Sun the stroke will be different many people do
not understand the effect they were still affected Sun stroke hands I don’t
know because certain things don’t change or certain things change and you have no
control is no tolerance to teenagers for example you cannot tolerate young people
things don’t make a logic it doesn’t exist sequences are to wrap it to be a
sload really one instance I mean about the sudden stroke this if you don’t
understand it really creates havoc some people don’t understand
that’s why I try to promote for people to understand the happens between the
age of 35 to 50 if you have a stroke in the younger age which happens in the
lower part of the brain you mainly go paralyzed if you have a stroke after 50
55 you get the side part of the body depends which way the energy was
released but sunstroke spreads equal and it touches the emotion and tolerance and
you become intolerant to illogical things were coming tolerant to the
things which have no sequence it does not make you
handin teenagers were difficult one of the service which was done though it
shows people with sinus talk have no tolerance more or less zero tolerance
for teenagers because they are adventurous and the body doesn’t have
that time and part of it is you don’t understand that there could be another
time that this there will not be time to survive this stroke so everything has to
be done in a sequential manner that there’s no time summer stroke is there
it’s very wide especially nowadays and does that affect when you change your
hand left right because you bring it operation different
part of the misery I’m better Pakistani guy Oh had a stroke at the age of 19 and
even paralyzed from neck down he could not take the loss of the father to hunt
the tide with verse 19 the Avenger was stroke and he he directly went to the
wheelchair do not walk the stroke paralyzed the whole body from neck down
does it so far it took me two months three months to make him walk to reverse
this job but paralysis he is one of the residents he knows who altering the wheelchair we have videos
of it and he walked out three months later himself there he flew actually this last time I
smile he was 46 years old 45 years old for 20 odd years he was in ultra total
powerless we have videos of it we embrace it what does the stroke does to to the
human brain and how much of the cells actually reduce I remember he came with
a four children because their two daughters and the son-in-law and the
sons could not believe he had a bad children to protect but they take him
all in a car from England because they had to virtually hand carry him into a
wheelchair from the car next time he flowing many people come to
play two three months but a lot of people to understand that
position of the structure of the brain of the learning different stages how
would be the strokes when they are 200 years old what we gather strokes or who
we become at the point of passiveness that the energy can pass through I was very nice you know but I live two
or three hundred years old in this how many wives you think are cultural and
how many grandchildren the children because we extend life and the longer we live the more load we
carry or do we become to live a clean knife perfect life or doesn’t matter how
look at it for us to live without the burden of the pressure of the
physicality and have no problem with all these things the next cycle of the human
race especially if we carry on the way we are doing with it the new technology
to three hundred years is a normal and if you’re going to space a thousand mm
of normality beyond all that it’s just your chocolate and then we have a same
box you say Thomas bish bash bish that it means that the bigger roof you have
then more snow you need to plot when he snows the longer we live the more things
we have to carry by the way we received a request from the Iranian community to
start teaching in France I do I speak Farsi but I don’t speak scientific
versus teaching Farsi for me seeing possibilities I haven’t done or spoken
or written Farsi for nearly 40 years even when I signed agreements with the
Iranian government developments with the specific knowledge of those in Iran it
was 30 Farsi and English because I couldn’t understand the fuss
you are shocking to them but the salon that is we try to get Iranians who speak
the language of the science of digestion our nation to teach you and that can be any other question are you sorry about Emily we’re
receiving a lot of communication from the Iranian community we try to put a
structure that it can respond to you I love you asked for to speak direct or
whatever we usually do not do these kind of things unless with our actual
governments personal request is very hard to hold in other words are we
always on the line 24 hours a day and the Iranian coalition supports us which
they understand in the past four weeks has risen drastically due to a condition we keep very quiet we keep very silent
in all respects but the Iranian to call knowledge seekers who want to know more
or they have technologies they develop they want to stresses we are not peer
reviewers to be about knowledge Assessors we are here introducing
technology and those are here requesting a teaching it fast because I think I’ll
teach I do apologize I’m after old education class and I don’t speak in new
parks is very different than what I was taught and at the same time I do not
know the terminologies I need somebody to translate my Farsi
to Farsi for the people to understand thank you very much area here we had a couple people with their
hands up here at Dan did have his hand up earlier don’t know if you still have
a question there Dan but John Wells up then as its hand up else you’ll see your
microphone there without them I’ll allow you to talk and see if it
pops up yup there it is okay and you go ahead down
thank you good morning everybody like always mr. Keshe ready respond me
from my question before I talking in part I have a mind-reader limit yes like
I connect yes thank you one question for you mr. Peter it’s I am
born in early with two months not oh nine seven max I use the left hand I
born in no I really I know region yes with the left hand
my in my child I force like I say with a chair in a piece of rock or reading with
the right hand but for later time it’s a useful and that method with my left side
for a curiosity after I don’t know three years for this event i learning real
with both hands left and right in school and my question is I know it’s born in
this way it’s my soul my soul put in this condition for manifestation
in this shape of me because I like Matt but rhotic I like a chemistry I like
everything I in this moment I I am here I don’t know no I don’t know I know what
is my purpose in metering little but this is my question
it’s my condition my soul is dictated learning heavy and what another person
don’t like you so much in school I love school and I’m learning I learned a
learning may I hope understand what I learned you
can ask your question are you in a hurry to do everything very fast yes oh my god
Arman you got a partner Armin was telling the same it seems to be people
who born in seven months or eight months they’re always in a hurry that’s why
they were anywhere in such a hurry to be born early to do what they like this
pattern follows in the rest of their life it’s a pattern a lot of people I
don’t know how we can describe it but they call in the seventh month of
children they there is not enough time everything has to be done now patience
is not one of the virtues you know we add let’s say and when you said here
like this I just asked you that question because I have this debate with Arman
Arman has no time for anything everything has to be done yesterday so
it shows a pattern of life we we do not know we don’t know because we cannot
find a parallel because to live another even if the other twins would it be the
same if he was left to just only right with the left hand
would it be the same pattern as you but you’re not know these up there as you
say we are a travelers of time and our life is in the hand of the time and
environments which we live and how we behave and what we see and how we see
things the certainties and uncertainties and what we see to be part of our life
we cannot as there is no explanation Thank You mr. Kesh because great from
Haiti from Oregon ecology is a collective here I know I feel water but
your part feeling wonderful give thank you very
much any other question well we’ve got John Wells and then
Kazmir has this end of this well yes this is John yeah I concede a hundred
percent of what it’s been said would what would be it very interesting is to
see how many left-handers are amongst the Keshe foundation followers are you
left-hander I am totally left-handed never left myself be dominated that way
and I was also an 8-month born baby and have had to fend for myself I lost my
mother when I was 10 and my father was ID 18 so had to affront life in a harsh
way but well I’ve kept my ethos which was taught to me in a pudgy not strict
way but straightway and I think I’m following a path what we’re expecting of
all the foundation yeah something very interesting talking about this and as
you know is something I was taught to disclose very recently and somebody
asked us can you tell us how much you you say they’ll be upfront and talk
says how much foundation receives as donation and we start quoting this a few
weeks ago that received this and that and I I received you past few weeks you
haven’t been honest with us to tell us how much donation you receive so I went
through the banking system yesterday to be able to answer which is poorness of
the foundation from 25th of October till last night you have understand running
off the foundation cost hundreds not tens of thousands anymore we have
received a massive donation from all of you which you come here with you where
you’re teaching of five euro in Turkish foundation Poland this is an amazing
massive help with you all coming here and learning in the way you contribute
towards the foundation work very little has been achieved on the PayPal side but
this is how much I have supported and committed to my knowledge and my
teaching the humanity that we have received an massive donation and it
comes from Germany our five euro and arrived on the 30th of this last month I
would like to thank all your contribution very good what I call
knowledge seekers as long as it’s free on the other hand we had the request
from the Chinese conditions how can we contribute you just need to go to the
Keshe foundation website and asked me send euros to the website as it is
condition Holland conservation do not send anything to paper every day the
foundation runs transition to see what I call four digit plus nearly of per day
expenses and really see a lot of supports for me
like five year old which is immensely but this is how we are committed in
respect of what do you people do I’m committed to what I do committed to
peace and change of knowledge somehow be received all this supports by Yolanda
teachings you do wonder other things you do the last night you were asked to
attend spanish-speaking knowledge seekers teachings public teaching and we
will attend if you’re asked different languages teachings because we support John was there last night and it’s part
of what we have to do to change the course many quite certain people to do
certain things that they absolutely develop and support the technology
presence of being there and being understood is very important for us so
if you are supporters of the different languages and you have your own
teachings like Romanian or French or whatever if you ask us to to attend to
answer questions in your language that you can translate directly not all the
time but sometimes you are there to to support not just me the Board of
Directors application conditions aren’t there to attend if you have questions to
ask its your right to ask and it’s our right to be able to beat answer some of
it as you understand occasionally she is not just B or Caroline in all others is
to collective rounds of us and if you have a problem in white members of the
Keshe Foundation Board of Directors you know who they are or the members of
the Universal Council or the earth council to support you or to solve
problems you might have worked something you want to develop and on the wiki side
of the Keshe foundation the universal council members will be
given their own line on wiki which means table controlling their or dancer people
to add to the knowledge as they see it so it becomes they were strike your
facebook interface on occasion additional wiki daddy you’re so council
members can interact and the record of the knowledge is left for others to
command a frat row you don’t need to go to a Facebook to answer wiki services
are there and the management educational issue will add to this so if you’re a
missile council members maybe I think 1320 languages now and so you can ask
and you’ll be given the wiki language section then you can answer people or
ask your question you can go to the members of the management or other parts
to get answers to answer your people back that you can start interacting on
the channels of the quiche on the chambray there whatever body any other question
I would like to thank you very much for your presence yesterday was very
encouraging for people that were listening and will translate or what you
said yesterday we did very deep and the utmost very interesting Thank You
Caroline for what you did you think look we will be traveling to South American
continent virtual time valuations we have received people not disclosed in a
manner but internally in the cache partition you know the council channels
and through the secure channels move a lot of spare about working across
security matters of college but within the coming months will be in South
America this is already fine and I know has been killing it too so that makes me
happy and I’m happy to get him off my back
but in a way he’s reinforcing promote their work in this unless we are
breaking country will be there in a very short time and we try to at least have
one public meeting the self online maybe in next two weeks the Chinese compass
will be announced the vehicle BBG and we would the only
will be announced in Chinese Channel and then with the permission of the Chinese
government such a conference I might be there but not be there but calm so they
don’t because it’s which is happening but the other question shall be called
it it was just that the two our market probably seems like three to you mr.
cash we’ve got crass mirror that has has the
question and Jalal has his hand up as well you can take a bit more here crash
man would you like to go ahead yes thank you hello everyone mr. Kish I’m still
trying to understand what you said about the four hour cycle of sleep
somehow I figured that would it be true to say that four hours would be enough
for our body if we sleep you know 24 hour cycle I do yes I actually conduct
about sometimes two or two hours and three years thirty years I was just
reading about Nikola Tesla just yesterday in fact how he went to bed at
5:30 a.m. and got up at 10 o’clock am so he slept for four and a half hours that
was his routine just as a another question used to be four ounces used to
be a four hours and many many Obama was told to be some time
because she will happen when you all go through the phase when you’re busy you
wake up the turn doesn’t matter but devastates your marriage if you don’t
want to speak to Carol I woke up my damn house blowing things it doesn’t bring
peaceful conditions but that’s what it is
sometimes you tie yourself to bed not to move but you’re there solving problems
in different direction and when you say that when one part
sleeps the other one is awake would it mean the subconscious it’s on the lower
level and would it mean that somehow we have something like two bodies one is
the one that is connected with the left part of the brain and what is the way there’s not two bodies but we have to
have cycles it’s come true or true their material content of this planet
Cho hemisphere brain is very unusual in universe very very extremely unusual
there are some other cases what did you mean by saying that one part maybe is
connected to the maximum boundary of the energy of the soul and the other part of
the brain is connected with the minimum boundary of the energy of the soul it’s
about the part that applies to the project matter when you have okay thanks very much it’s it’s a way there is something in the knowledge
which is has to be discussed but maybe you have raised the point you can
discuss it now I’ve tried many times to explain this
but how to explain it that is understood and not misunderstood you’ve got to
understand when you have the magnetical then you
have a gravitational if you take at any point how the
magnetical don’t you have your gravitational what do you have at this
point you’re magnetically cells maximum and your gravitational this in this
maximum to maximum to give maximum so if you look at any point you have the Union look at this proposition okay the two leg of the manual the two arms
of the man the too long that’s where the two half of the brain the whole structure of the universe
works on this basis both on this planet there is a physical
dimension which is akin a copper which enforces to talk with ecology we when we walk we don’t hop you put
bondic balance of death it continuously reinforcement infinite strength the
plane does the same along the some psychological studies show that for
example when you take a kidney in certain operations the behavior changes
if they remove the long the behavior change because now if you look at it the
kidney has to deal with to have some operation so he has to just assume and
that increased the real position of the sole point of view so that has to be
chosen we see a lot of changes with with people who have slightly different
physical damage disturbed our soccer fields from the solar this part of the understanding of the
teachings is very very important because he applies to a lot of other things in
respect to the soul of the manner in the psychology of the management of the
physicality what does the point of death count how does the body prepares himself
to create his own demise separation of physicality from the soliton why do we organize 80 years to reach
them from the second we are born from the time we are conceived our destiny is
for that separation what triggers that point of solution
that is so important for the body to achieve it why do we look past death or beginning
alt ready to submit what doesn’t make that arrangement between the smaller
physicality and so on does the sort of physicality take so much from this
environment of the lower levels or the higher limbs that through it he feeds
the soul of the man to be strong enough to last his journeys like we pack little
little holes in the Boxter can be called traveling we have everything why do we
need the dimension of physicality from the soul of physicality to feed into the
dimension of the swallow to learn that the soul of madness out cannot own why
does it mean that the strength is it below is a strength or is it a purpose a
strength that he needs a physicality to collect because otherwise he can leave
on his own because it lives on his own after the separation as they Tonya said are three things in
life guaranteed birth taxation and so why do we what do we even come to
gather together as a cells to create a soul
and it’s been eight years preparing for it to be released be free does the soul of the cellar at all gives
an a spectrum to it that the soul of the man cannot provide himself or itself and
there long will have additional strings oh oh and son of the brain has a
different soul – conductive Li it allows the soul to collect what it means but we
know the soul itself is collecting its own energy as well because it’s dynamic as I said every teachings the soul of
the man has created his self a reach but why does it need that shell and
knowledge which is the physicality of the man he must have a benefit all right
it has something further that he cannot do it something but the question comes
to the next one but why does it plant from the time it starts feeding it when
it’s gonna separate from it we have to answer these questions because that’s
the only time we start understanding our salt operation of our soul those times
that the soul of the man was somewhere in the sky scone is finished the
fairytale is with reality is home in a they’re very short by the way the
technology’s way most of the mankind is microphone most
of my kind of be able to separate her soul from the reef ecology this is done
in the space in a very easy way he but call it my proxy but that you can
basically create a condition that used to work and move the soul of the man
from the body and both exist coexistence this is a knowledge which mankind become
to understand once you start traveling the devil of business physicality
suffers as a heaven has dimensions we cannot carry some but the soul stays
intact deities but you have to understand the full
spectrum their strength plasmatic fields of the universe to be able to some races
in the universe from damage a couple races in past times have tried
to understanding these to replicate the soul of the Canadian and it’s funny what
they achieved and how to what conclusion they came to and what they do how they
got the response and kind most probably in the future but they need to understand a lot to be
able to reach that point here it detected any other question let me chill out could go ahead here –
good morning in the order of magnitude of – mr. cash before for five session in
when you started this cycle of teaching you speak about herpes and it is an
inside job can we consider the hemorrhoids the same
thing explain that we understand what you do okay just one second mr. cash and
the teaching of 243 I think you start this cycle of teaching in about the
herpes and how it is actually begin by started with dream and we know now how
it started and it is inside job that means inside energy and shows itself in
these parts of the body what about the Emiratis if I announce it
right is that also the same conclusion side
job can you explain to us what is employed from my knowledge and this is a normal
public knowledge that when some when you pushes in in a went away you make a cut
and this cut will be infected and this can cause this one and there is another
point when a hair it grows inside not the outside also causes the same thing
and third one when you eat something which have now I know it’s have a big
sort of energy confirm itself in this position but really I don’t know if this
is the same method of the purpose come can somebody go on Wikipedia and tell us
what does world of Sciences about I’m right and just a second mr. Kish okay I’ll share the page here the up there now would like to read it
to us okay up here okay hemorrhoid hemorrhoids also called piles are
vascular structures in the anal canal in their normal state their cushions that
help with stool control they become a disease when swollen or inflamed the
unqualified term hemorrhoid is often used to refer to the disease the signs
and symptoms of hemorrhoids depend on the type present internal hemorrhoids
can often result in painless bright red rectal bleeding when defecating external
hemorrhoids can often result in pain and swelling in the area of the Amos if
leading occurs it is usually darker symptoms frequently get better after a
few days a skin tag may remain after the healing of an external hemorrhoid while
the exact cause of hemorrhoids remains unknown a number of factors which
increased pressure in the abdomen are believed to be involved this may include
constipation diarrhea and sitting on the toilet for a long time hemorrhoids are
also more common during pregnancy diagnosis is made by looking at the area
many people incorrectly referred to any symptom occurring around the anal area
as hemorrhoids and serious causes of the symptoms should be ruled out colonoscopy
or sigmoidoscopy is reasonable to confirm the diagnosis and rule out more
serious causes so is this what hemorrhoid you are talking about Jamal yes mr. Keshe are you hearing me
yes these are usually very by psychosomatic it can be sometimes it can be sorted
sometimes with different combination of chances there is a specific way to
handle it and this is nothing to do with heavies it’s a different layer of the skin and
it’s very common in Africa very very common and he can be stopped on us very
easily we’ve done a lot of experiments with
this in Africa and it works because it’s very common in the inaudible it’s a
psychosomatic and this manifests itself in physicality and they can be literally
cleared within two or three days and they followed up we can it somehow after
some while comes back what you persist on the process totally eliminates you
can eliminate psychosomatic mr. Kesh that means in the
abortion but that’s in the brain this is part of the emotion part but has to be
partly comes partially to the food the condition of the hood why why do we
choose certain kind of or treat therefore suka cycle or the combine
actually or we are through the psychology of what we’d like to eat we
don’t know a lot of this the strands in in Africa anyway that this technology is
made for this because they they come with this I can say maybe a large
percentage in Africa are seen or suffer from this and the technology is there to
help and it’s done before that’s why when you said about the head and these
things I asked it to be rather we are very clear about what it is okay can I ask another question please
yes first question is free second question is with mr. cash when he
brought the hunt issue and how you position it yesterday from the teaching
I was reading in the night before I sleep I love I love you soul and I live
and in that time I was practicing the same what you said exactly putting my
hands in different angles because I came through your teaching and you prefer to
our friend in Canada and how he didn’t he do he done something but he didn’t
understand how to position his Makarovs so I start with this one today in the
morning when I wake up I feel different thing in my left hand in the wedding
ring in the backside and it was really amazing the feeling at least and this
one bring me two and one question if I gain knowledge that mean and the other
who is the same connecting with the souls in the same connection they gain
the same knowledge so the question here the other entities when they before us
when they gained their knowledge this knowledge also come through in the
plasmatic way to the whole universe is that knowledge is coming to us but we
don’t notice it or we block it that do not come to us in a way the knowledge is my second son
used to say when I was telling him something he put his hand no I think
goes over he says he says he goes over my head I don’t understand you know
usually telling me whatever you say goes on my head because I don’t have this
understanding and when a mankind is not ready to understand and knowledge that
knowledge is this cross the universe it’s very much like if you don’t have a
mobile phone you cannot tune into your number but your number the information
down for your number is always in there mother can call but then it rings right
across this planet it just doesn’t ring where your phone is your phone is on
home which is tuned to pick up that frequency if you understand how is the
new mobile phones work then your complication rate works it doesn’t tell
it from there to you it spreads the knowledge of your mother ringing right
across this planet it’s you who has that thing that it picks it up doesn’t matter
if you’re in America you’re in Europe or generation so the knowledge of the
universe is available to all the citizens of it it’s just that if you
have managed to have the mobile phone that he can receive that knowledge and
that knowledge comes by the incident enlightenment of the knowledge gained they can only receive in all the
teachings I say the magnet for wood does not pick up a
magnet right so if you are not mature enough to analyze that the certain
strengths that Alice’s create certain strengths then you cannot hear it the
knowledge of the universe is free was to tap into it and our position is who puts
this knowledge out when it’s very harsh to say this but you know
now we have problems by saying in California and you open the radio and it
tells you there’s a fire coming in such a direction or disaster in this way and
you try to clear the way to be out of harm this happens when solar systems and
galaxies come to collect those who are knowledgeable in what they say to send
out the SOS and those who have been educated to understand SOS and do have
and do care about the responsibility or knowledge that there are other entities
within this structure that can be harmed we start the same evacuations you do in
disaster which but who he is it and who was aware of the life and position that
are those who need to be informed and being given the chance to decide to
become Chavez of the space but then it comes to next level when the
universe is quite how do the citizens of one universe become aware of interaction
of the other really cannot see beyond it then this comes out again to those who
are the citizens of the universe or únicos that accommodate such a
transformation and such as transportation the knowledge is
transferred through the soul at the given strength and those who will see
understand it start moving with it because they feel the knowledge they
sense the knowledge the danger and many many races have been saved this way do you need to understand it’s like your
weather forecast our voice our house they were that their knowledge is
transferred to the soul of the edges of the universe across the planet the same thing is with the universe we
have this this is how in a way the miniature version of it this is what we
are trying to develop before disasters we have a very nice plan for for it to
be shown very soon the best way to get man’s mind changing
in warfare in is to show that man’s are not ready to fight and very soon
certain armies will be conditioned into this that the soldiers were I won this last time fighting it takes energy elevating
doesn’t take much and if you elevate they elevate the
others if you fight you have to fight one by one and this is how it’ll be used very soon you will see this because
stopping one nation to create such a mayhem as we see with whatever they like
the law is getting to beyond point of ridicule so it is raised to the song by
elevating the song it’s very very easy it can be done and
applause who don’t like it that won’t are those people who do not
like peace that those who do not like peaceful conditions and they do anything
to disturb it miss oiling past 20 48 hours slightly
different Minister resigning because they agreed to come to peace with
Palestinians rocketing each other with Israelis why should the Minister resign
when there is a piece of cotton they can talk to construct in Egypt all songs are
not the same if I brought the defense minister I signed on I reach it I do it
but as I said to achieve such a thing a lot of you asked a few weeks ago couple
of weeks ago to pray for the soul of today Prime Minister is right now you
see the result just continues yesterday it’s work the rockers each other beyond and they
found out they can’t handle each other let’s not miss please stop this stuff
and it’s the first time this happened before Israelis Herod whether with the
like this time to talk because they become equal in hammering jute expertise
of killing each other just look at the news with Palestine the winder the
Minister has resigned because they greet peace it’s the first time I what happened this is justice but this is what human
raised through one blood has become because that’s what comes from others it’s very very interesting how the new
technology will change the soldiers and if you would have said two weeks ago
this race will start stop while fighting at the palace students but I said stop
fighting in them and there’s already cabinet to a ceasefire you know so they
possible happen listen this is part of your what you we asked you to help to
support or elevate these are part of the work the others are the tools on it we
here now we will save this coming to what we what the ass for me we asked for
to give support to and if it’s true and if is happening and so I can be
confirmed then Saudis and the Emirates are negotiating to open their offices in
the muscles if you listen their religions the right they found out it’s
not the she is anymore against her knees but it’s them against those who are
going against both of them which is both financed by Vatican and the Jews they
just became wiser they cut us busy they destroyed our cultural centers and next
we’re going to be us and if the reports are ok analogy and if it happened and
the embassies of unit Arab Emirates and Saudi Arabia reopens in Damascus and
this is a win for all of us because now once they settle they know 200 the
enemies which is themselves religions are pushing each other to a
point that nobody please and model anymore religion that anybody can come
and do it what they like and the only thing you can do is to promote peace and
understanding in the culture to Authority we see this I was discussing
it with Chinese friends recently Christianity is growing very rapidly
injured but it’s not that the Christians are doing well it’s just that the
previous counts partly destroyed everything to do it
powers her and Buddhism so people have no he thought they caught what I
anything they quite thought the history by the one hand of their own village and
anybody officer had something from and but even they become you know we got to
understand the process why and how and interesting is that now when the Jews
set up against Muslims and Muslims and so against Christians and although who
becomes wise to it humanity these are all collecting money
for the sake of collecting money and nothing else because not you know the
strength of the soul of the man is the creator it’s very interesting very very
interesting what we see ones have explained us in the private in the
publication contused we choose what to believe but now our
soul resides but to accept and then you see we choose
the path of peace being happy with what we have not knocking over the shoulder
what other one has I can have one there is a discussion group going on in the peripheries of united nation you got to
understand the implication of what this technology is bringing into
international politics other said if you sit in my chair you’re a businessman you
read every month you’re a politician you everything else because everything at
the end of the day happens to the foundation every corner of it ends up on
my desk so I have to look at it and understand the same time we have an
insight to other other things which we may keep quiet about there is a group
who has started to look at the reality of the one nation and how the present structure can be
adopted into it that one nation can so I and lasted and this proposition is
getting his strength because a lot of all leaders cannot defend their borders
anymore because their citizens live on the other side of the border there are
more Greeks in Australia in America than there in Greece as they say the more
Irish are third island that the potatoes demo is I imagine so the second
generation sees himself as one but the still loyal to the other so what a new
technology when the transportation is coming this is going to hit the
government’s extremely rapidly next year we explained their flight demonstrations
in hand up to people not the government that the students of doctor cut were in
Kenya decided to see the cue Garden in London flight time ten minutes no
passport control they just want to know how they grow
things the doctors want to see how after our
biggest operation or the way he uses his systems in Washington from people who
are in medical applications in Africa or from Asia no border control because
nobody can even detect you the covers are becoming aware that terminals in
control over borders and very soon one planet nation will be forced on us but
then we have to look at how we tax before or do we need to tax me how we
stop blue means to come into America we provide the same facility as Bolivia
in America or we give them facilities to come and go as they please again comes
back to one nation how we finances as bondage how the government see it
Chinese government is trying to to head on with this thing but we’ll have to see
how they succeed but the sole missing part of this in the plans of the Chinese
government one bells marked as I said towards missing of the list which in the
coming time will be one planet One Nation one race one belt one road and
this is on the horizon we cannot have one roads and one belt
when you don’t have one planet and you don’t have one nation and he has to be
all one is she’s English we are heading in that direction very
rapidly there the showing of the plasma ball couple of weeks ago was awakening
core to the common winter of issues which are watching these teachings that
was a white light but a peaceful transition now that we are pushing with
a more powerful systems non-nuclear safe dynamic will chalice you to create
frightened protection how many people in tell you only think they might like to
sleep on the streets of Delhi where they can give a $50 $20 or $10 and more to
Los Angeles and occupy one of the vidual houses in Hollywood and Bollywood a lot of people will start a lot of
governments have started understanding the church but how fast and how slow
they reacted they’ll bring the condition many many of you conditioned followers
will become the new ambassadors for peace without you knowing because
they’ll ask you to be there because you were there you understand it and
hopefully candidate just you don’t allow your selfishness of your soul to become
bigger than the foundational humanity in once as I said the two weeks ago when we
show there the light so this is at a stop light and reserved just I could
never ever create you couldn’t even dream of these things and now that we
are going for next steps more powerful systems and it creates with emotion with
a ping-pong ball I presume Chinese would very well miss
Olympian pom balls but the processes conditional and the
governments will be forced into it mmm then knowledge would in then it comes to
what we created as I opened the discussion mastering distinctions to
elevate the soul of the totality of the human race but don’t forget and I mean
asset of a tiger and the lion nots very far from the Nance train level to what
they change would we fulfill the promise of lion and laugh we are not
philosophers we don’t foresee things we are the doers and we’ve been brought
here to do I’ve never failed if I work to other universe and earth is again
child you live in peace in a very rapid way
but perhaps we in a way that doesn’t create chaos greed may have more and
it’s in the hand of you okay foundation knowledge suggest to start assessing and
that’s what I started teaching off today and last week to understand the power of
your souls the strength of your souls that you can be the pillars of strength
for the time of commission you have to teach yourselves that you can teach the
others if you don’t understand how can millions of cash partnership listeners
are always there soon will understand why you even been there
no palace know what they call the front of kingship or worth a penny
well you can change the whole structure of humanity but it’s there and you’ve
been taught you understand and when the time comes that we elevate the salt he
will understand you reach it very fast because you’re already understood agents
I could teach you the first week only bunker one say goodbye but they wouldn’t
have ingrained in the soul of the man that was anyway now you start teaching
in different way in a few weeks have there is no border we gave the warning to the American
government our in 2012 impossible when that machine officials asked me I said
to them very easily we cross your border you nation you don’t have a system to
detect or how do you want to know we’re here to give you the recorder adopted
open is exactly to report there as applies
the the United Nations versus credibility then the only alternative to
it is the universal Council people who have nothing but to serve but
nothing there to create cry suppose I think in that coming time members of
United Nation those who are still alive and signed into partitions up invasions
and wrath should be committed to the European Court of Justice of Walt Hart
why they allowed such atrocities but as we develop these technologies now
it’s there it in the past for six weeks a new tanning has taken place and that’s
why we are releasing more and more stronger and deeper knowledge into a
space development partial is to achieve the right system that he shows you
technology secondly forcing the government’s to sit and talk the minute
any of you will show a fight system which to laboratories should be able to
do maybe three and then we teach all of you how to do it would you like to be on
the control of an African nation or would you like to be in the control of
the mechanician the Revere nations or you’d like to be well you like to be in
no control but we correct another thing the last one will apply
ways when you don’t have systems to detect and you have no system to
register how far can you go and what can you do
to what level can you operate and be able to call yourself a nation do we
need security forces NATO will cause a terrorist or two we look at the
government’s who create the terrorists to do what they like and then whose
answer or two there are a lot of things you’re changing this week’s just sit
watch you’re doing it not me I’m just guiding you I’ve seen many of you have
started creating their non-tangible whore but you haven’t got the knowledge
attitude and soon you’ll achieve none of you will be able to achieve left hand
motion if we don’t understand the principle mixing of the fields that’s where the
heart is when you mix there if you like the
horizontal with a vertical and when he reads a bunch of saturation of balance
they becomes vertical horizontal or in the more the plasma we call a change of
variety that’s why your heart turns untwist back and forth it’s the same as
the Sun he changes his polarity reaches balance when my calling gravitational
field forces within the structure reach a balance you get out and if you can do
out you can fly from Washington to London in few seconds but you have to
understand this spectrum of the plasma covers the spectrum of the plasma – so
like the man – do you need a share to transmit or would be many people sitting
in the lunch table with a queen without even knowing us in everything you got to realize just just go through
the teaching of the past four weeks no more if you were here you understood if
you listened to teaching at the past four weeks you should be able to at
least achieve independent plasma you should be able to achieve interaction of
independent plasmas and Chinese team have been a very
beautiful experience experiment recently I saw it this morning which that is
understood and it’s interesting because you have to understand what it means
they have put a glass of water between two macro systems and they measure the
pH and you see how the pH Rises if you understand we understand
confirmation of existence of the field and how you position tool fields our
currency floats away it dictates how you create the home and in your manifest
base then we’ll be able to elevate the solar to that these are all connected we
are on the path to flight but is it flight of the soul or is it not be the
path of flight of physicality but can be done through the same with whatever
pleases you and mr. Kesh there is a question and sort of in regard to that
from Jared in the livestream yes mr. Kesh talked about the separation of the
soul the man and the soul of the body can the solve the body operate without
the soul of the man yes but this is a long tour you move the operation of the soul to
the heart ultimate but then it’s very physical emotions will be non-existence
very robotic but with some sense of emotion very very later but it’s become
very a different mmm the soul of the man in that dimension of physicality needs
power to look for in the heart which goes to tyler’s many ghosts understand
it it actually triggers a second point this this happens in some cases of
accident where the brain totally dies and the soul runs out of operation but
the body stays alive but when doctors don’t understand and the condition of
the soul of physicality with tolerance and the heart will just start becoming
each other satellite there is zero communication line or emission from the
brain you can build it against work on it you can develop it you can develop
the motion of the physicality with the presence of the soul without any brain
cells it’s very easy we can get the body moving
even though but you have to train it Tariq moves into the soul of physicality
and not soul of the selecting a because the soul has no brain to combat his
information to walk if you go to one of the court cases which the Belgian
government has brought against us we done this being able to walk a person
without any physical brain never been done but this record is been done
because you understand the transfer of the motion and physical to the swallow
after physicality urges the heart and tell us we have recordings of it because
you need to have the brain for the waves to go across different dimensions of it
to be translated to physicality in motion you read it this is how the
flowed by the Belgian police in the case I told you do not even know responding
to open the case because they know we revealed a lot of information they learn
of in long term prisons and the case is this the brain you can do it yourself we
if you see cases like aids you know if you have the soul here and the brain and
then you have the physicality of the man you have the heart your thumbs and brain
needs to radiate waves and at this point converge to the left to the right side
of the body when in operation you take this away there is no free the soul is
there but there is nothing to comfort you into motion the body was paralyzed
this is very common that when they do brain surgeries it’s not uncommon and
then they go paradise the body is there two eyes by open whatever but there is
no conversion point of the point of physicality if you remember the brain of
the man is like this this is dimension of your upper arm your lower arm your
hand and your and this is the position of your ears when you take this out and
just the smaller states so you don’t have the conversion points they’re gone
so the physicality cannot perform but the sort of physicality is still there
and interacts with the soul of man so what
do you have to create a condition so you transfer the work that you intend of us
in the heart and you get a physicality working you’ll be shown how a dead man
walks we show how hard without the brain works and the impulse she was a criminal
offense and it’s there you can do it it’s never been done because you need
our transformation if you look at it this is what you have it and when you look at the structure of
the body if you look at this is the head and this used to be their skull is not
there please flat it is totally flat only sees
a flat here because you’re with use of it we’ve got hours and hours of video
and without the brain lock because all I need to do is to transfer
going to the is what the also called you see they have a case the criminal has to
get a moment without the River High School when she came off the bed she says am i
walking I said yes you’re walking she says this impossible I can’t see it
she had to show that’s me after pet impossible can I bring my leg back this
is your leg it’s all yours will be released you can’t
because it’s been time you can remove the soul even if you
understand how but keep the soul of physicality they can do it because the
small needs the dimension of the brain to be able to translate this root it’s
not there what do you do very understanding the knowledge creation you
bring there it always needs a pattern you always need the satellite to reflect
from and you always find there where the fields of radiation are laid that
creates a dynamic motion and Thomas is a nuclear center of the body of the man
so there always radiates and produces gotten to the court cases of the Belgium
you see it they missed there and ask you one over the case we bring the lonoa and
the court case he has a lot transfer heuristic floated all videos and medical
documents are in the hospitals never been done any other question mr.keshe brewery has
been patiently waiting here perhaps he can go ahead with what do you like to
say good morning mr. Kesh and everyone they like to say who you are the oldest
artist I’m Herrera you seem member of
Portuguese language you got a hand South America so sorry I
said you got a lot to do in South America very soon
yeah I’m not soon I’ve been a lot of work doing everything mr. Kesh
discipline ation that you just made was not my first question but I have a
question about this in case of because there is documented in stones in Peru
all very whole civilization they made translation operation of the brain in
charge with other brain a new brain in this case which show which so habits the
brain are you able to say it’s them I don’t understand your question okay
they they in case of an accident and the brain cannot be used anymore but the
body is alive so they made a translation of a new
brain and already there is in in it moment even medicines them experiments
about it with success now in this case which saw habits the body that is
changing the brain but my question is you are
you you can do different things with it you can use the soul to create the
physical brain a kami don is not something difficult or you can transfer
the soul into a new position not mine at this moment of time is not ready for
this kind of knowledge okay bye I give up that one don’t give up but I have to
explain to you because there are two ways to reconstruct the position like
this the physician gives part of his soul to come to creator of the news the
physician becomes what we call not the guy who gets the medicine but the
physician comes one who trusts in the strength of his soul that by giving does
not lose but by giving guarantees life what do you do it’s very very simple a
text it’s not much long to do what do you do if this is the brain of the man
and I said of this home is gone or the soul has whatever position with it no
physician this is what I explained to the medical people yesterday I
understood the way I said to you remember you create a position of the
space and you walk into it this is a job is from the soul of the physician in the
dimension of physicality and then not so establishes his on that
physical dimension this is very normal in the depth of the space with the size
of this place sometimes the soul to certain interactions loses most of its
energy that he cannot create his own physical dimension at the pointer eyes
the doctor is not to give injection a doctor or a man of the medicine it’s the
one who works through salt he gives him the soul and that a strength allows the
body to create his physicality or resume to control of the physicality we do this
in resuscitation with doctors to partially win somebody you resuscitate
what you do you are to the cycle of the soldier of his motion to be reaches what
is called short and the soul has released to build a physicality people
don’t understand what resuscitation does in so many ways you look at the
elevation of all bring in the body back but how long you can pump till you
created friction and the interaction between the heart to sort of physicality
and sort of the man and it comes back so I can be that and the people in South
America understood this this this is when you recovered damage in the brain
my question was when like in a heart when in the heart it’s not good anymore
you change you but when you worked off someone that dies in the heart it’s good
so in this case I mean do the same with the brain which saw Abbott and brain so
if you talk about the transplants from their soul dictates their mom dictates
not as one of the transplant okay that was the few days ago as you know we were
in Paris or partially for what was going on and the world it is meeting another
side of the Keshe foundation okay some private we were sitting in the
traffic and we shall took police out riders and a transparent car behind it
very rapidly going taking an organ to somewhere else to save a life and I said
to Caroline this just this is a soul that somebody can solve this carried for
more places that it’s partial but when the soul arrives in time is no
physicality to the dimension of the soul of the man who receives it the soul of
the man is much powerful than this one of the physicality doesn’t matter what
part it is little organism then they find a balance point you’ll find as I
said the beginning and the behavior of the man changes because it means a
different dimension to the smaller social problem yeah it was depressing
yeah it does my brother was a heart surgeon turned
years ago I was talking with him and he was saying that you’ll find are people
who have a heart surgery they when we do the operation there could be a snoring
or whatever and another problem when we do the heart of regime so it all back in
again they put heart in they change and they behavior change and the sleep
pattern changes and there is no snoring and I have seen how compasses you know
we can’t put everything back together it’s still a few millimeter expansion
between the bones on whatever left and record everything is I he says that few
millimeter changes the position of the lung and a position of the heart and
that changes the personality changes the person’s behavior if a little expansion
of the board that when they cut into going to get the heart and do their work
and put it back in by moving their lungs along but the different position can
create such a change in the soul of the man you can imagine what happens when
you change a whole order yeah because they change the antenna in so many ways
and it’s it’s reality of what it is we do we bring another soul in and
injustice of the mythology to it can I make my first question then is your
second question yeah but my my one did make me put my
hand up so I then I go to the beginning of this teaching when it do you explain
about the difference between the position of the soul of the Chinese and
the West Western humans like it has let’s say there is that dictates the
different angle in the eyes can you go deeper in the explanation
because it’s make a lot of sense to me but now you’re Spanish and it wasn’t you
know because I see some difference the the way about race we are only one race
humans but we have our difference and for what it’s in book so meditate it’s
different meditation we work different with the Kundalini the
mystery is three ways that document though because they become different
conscience the end I would like to put that together in my brain so you can LP
that I’ll be the shape of our skull allows different part of the brain to
develop or be suppressed and that in turn shows our behavior it’s very easy
you by looking at the feature of a man you know no man
I have this problem with my wife a lot when I look at other things which are
she says to me stop doing this I know what you’re up to I said I’m just
assessing what’s in front of me see this is a soul and this one this’ll
are exactly the same oh let’s say the worst rosacea we know
that field radiation it’s all the same you now if I create this call like this or
if I create a skull like this you see the difference yeah we’re here
they say if this part has to do with your emotion it’s wise emotions from way
there he has other dimensions to it actor it
we’re here if this is the say your love you’re very sure you know the good lover
but look at this it you understand yeah so is the love the strengths it’s year
but this guy has missed the Train so the way our brain is a structure within our
scope dictates the fields of what we have if this is the shape of our you can
see we have missed something some we have some of one and another one
they don’t know but this it’s they say the emotion but it’s not there so they
were satisfied somebody here regarding that so and how much of it and then it
depends how the brain structure is a stacked to accommodate to have the love
be all love so now you see what happens the love is enforced to be here is have
more powerful this guy because he’s moved into this position because he has
to have the love my god is a higher strength from the soul here is it always
spread it down it’s been diminished now you understand so our structure so
dismiss exchanges I think this must be Italians you know they pretend to be
good levels and this must be something like Chinese Chinese cannot show their
love and their emotion it’s amazing yeah Chinese cannot show I don’t understand
why it’s been cultured them they lack there but you’re a sketch I needs to
kiss you in public new generation to be Western but in the
culture is impossible so they have put it somewhere here but the Italian man
actually they don’t know what it means but it pretends only push it here I noticed the difference and there is
more in the meditation we call the conscious to the heart in Occident
and east the bring the conscience to the brain in when they meditate and there is
different kind of conscience in this here it’s too long to talk about it but
these make difference between the the way to perceive and conscience the world
and the behaviors that’s it say so but thank you very much mr. Kish I am I mean
like it’s about very much I tell you a joke there there is a picture somewhere
on the Internet I don’t know if you’ve seen it they say
it takes a certain certain feature to create the genies and this is a very
interesting one to put a national outside the foot just on the other side
and they put my picture in the middle so look this we look a sign so this kind of
face it needs to be done to become and this is a lot of joke we are what we are
without to be moving only part of the European magazines they say catch the
second tester or the coordination of vanished in the world but if you look at
the faces well no singularities but there is another fourth guy which is the
Spanish football team manager dog sorry the same same
I wonder he must be genius too yeah I hear the joke yeah sure I’m
trying to not laugh louder any other question thank you very much
mr. case there’s a couple of people mentioning about the phenomenon of
elongated skulls that is found in different cultures of the world where
they’ll actually either deliberately deform the skull or it’ll just be a
natural part of certain segments of the culture will have elongated like a
larger scholar or pushing in it’s known it’s known in the history of man Dutch
women have this face Dutch Dutch ladies very beautiful but they have it longer I
could show the Wikipedia briefly if you’d like to look at some of the
pictures of that we are getting on in the workshop here yes so it’s up to you
but but if you look at the face of we see a long face very much in Dutch
features our women very noticeable they cannot miss it and they have a certain
pattern of behavior well it’s a specific pattern of behavior and that makes the
culture of the countries to have a beautiful culture and this comes through
if you think they they have a specific way of a long ways that creates a
condition towards more emotional and logical basis and it creates certain
kind of devotion to the partners and it exists needed to
create certain behavior it’s very much like what you see what with we we
dictate the shape of our skull in so many ways and what we want to be able to
be associated with any becomes part of our they in DNA shall we call it a snit it three and a
half hours get into this other than yes sure there’s any other leftover
questions and people can bring them up next week they like it’s or anything
else you’d like to announce her and speak about mr. Kesh no we’re happy
what’s going on the foundations of the right track and I’m sure in a billion
year future you will see huge changes and as I said the things one of the
steps of the achievements of educational issue announced today is start up the
setting up of the first universal council base which is in Tirana going
the hand of Allah and he was wondering why cannot get this thing wife started
now you know why it has to be center both of teaching such a for culture and
center for the work complication ambition operation because this is the
right place for time being and in a way it links up
to two continents in part of the sudden maker depends against would like to be
part of it but they never know we we might change it into another position
but this way we make a components within that middle and northern continents
other countries a lot of Mexicans don’t like to be called to our part of the
sudden but but at least is maybe we make channels for both sides to be happy with
mr. Kesh there was a question that we probably should just which is Lawrence’s
as in how should individuals approach the foundation to become messengers
towards their governments in regards to the agriculture advancements who to
contact for sharable research findings and knowledge pact
we have to understand what your capabilities
it’s no use carrying the knowledge you have to understand what what do you have
what knowledge if I could conjure in the cash condition you have they’re not just
carrying a package that you cannot be answered we had this problem before I
suggested there is the private teachings of the Keshe foundation spaceship
Institute there is a weekly agricultural tgs but you have to write them people
that people just come in to become its yeah if you live in the city and you
know you’re not aware of the problem I country is very difficult but at the
same time if you are there and you have an influence that you can reach the
governments to be able to show what that culture can do they can’t try that’s
another way this goes on their body call the shots off doctor got what I heard of
that culture his agricultural economics and health education foundation
agriculture in Kenya his is based there so you have to send it I think
webmasters can give us a link to contact him and we’ll pursue their agriculture
to the Chinese government whole point and we’ll link up with you
so you have access and you can show and change the development there are other
positions regarding agriculture but if you have we have access to your
government and you can change and reach that culture ministers and ministries
that’s what we are looking for then contracted to death or to contact the
webmaster case condition or the case at cash that foundation if I’m correct
or you they’ll be answered you got to realize the Keshe foundation has been
registered as a foundation on the Internet we don’t have a dot-com or
quark or whatever cash without foundation is a series of register Keshe
foundation website and in your course most of the Keshe foundation website
that comes and the rest move into the cash start foundation we have the
website is we purchased it and belongs to us and in your course what you call
it you can reach it and what you call you can go to it but contractor that
website you cannot join people in cash foundation who has put this one up Peggy
please take it up we cannot do this you caused a lot of problem you cannot reach
the top education private teachings this is not correct I don’t know why these
people do these things no one can attend private you know mr. Kesh that’s just
the website for information about that that’s the public website and people can
go to apply to be a student there but they cannot attend the teaching no no no
one can apply that no one can attend the teaching until they become a student and
get a student ID and go through that I thought that was just the application
and information for that so thanks well good I’m gonna do apologize
thank you might like to put the links out there we’re very much appreciated
because she’s right bang on well dinners we will not allow people in to private
teachings one is the
medical emani’s agriculture unless you are part of the structure because a lot
of people come in don’t understand the teaching and then they’ve use the
knowledge but the doctors use it the way it is there is a private teaching which
is occasionally shanty macabre Society on a daily basis and other languages but
private teachings of the Keshe foundation medical man agriculture you
have to have a track record you have to have certification or whatever that you
are a who-who medical doctor in one shape we now allow alternative doctors
who certification the same is written agriculturally have to show you are part
of their culture or you can do something with it and it can help them and this
unit a thank you mr. Kesh Thank You indeed if there are no other questions I
would call it the day you think we probably called the day I think dan has
his hand up here but death what does she want
that’s he Dan is well the hand went down so I’m not sure if he took it down I
think we’re good there so okay thank you mr. Kesh thank you very much all your
help please remember those of you who work around the space technology from
now on be very careful in how you handle your systems and how you process your
systems of how you were load your systems this is important your soon
they’ll understand try to keep your distance between your flight system and
yourself that you have a time to react this is a Korean message to those who
understand one of you don’t understand near your systems over
set the system your 3 to 5 meters minimum away from the flight position
that you can react be careful with the surges of the power you create or
extraction of the power from the environment you create understand the
position you create in respect to your systems flight system always work better
with two systems that one system and those of you who work in the direction
of the space development is really shielding remember one thing the
gravitational field forces sits within not honestly you have to understand what
that means you need to absorb from the environment
to be able to protect what level you want to protect from to increase the
shield this is understanding the conversion while you convert
gravitational and magnetic your mathematical tend to be stronger but you
have to understand what you are gravitating to order observing these are
the things you have to be very very careful for a successful flight thank you very much for today okay once
again lots to consider mr. Kesh thank you thank you again 250 of these
knowledge seekers workshops outs with hours of teaching and there’s over 2,000
videos on the YouTube channel that are so for virtually for every knowledge
seekers workshop there’s ten other workshops that are offshoots or other
languages or other things that are created we will see what sort of
knowledge is shared freely Inessa beauty like you know what you did thank you
okay that wraps it up for the two hundred and fiftieth knowledge seekers
workshop for Thursday November 15 2018 and thanks to everyone working behind
the scenes of production crew and others that are working diligently in the Keshe
foundation and all the knowledge seekers around the world that are working toward
this new plasma technology okay I think Flint will take us out with a video or
two and thanks everybody for attending hello we are the cash Foundation our
mission is to bring peace on earth and join humanity with the universal
community we wish and work to bring man as equal to all beings in the universe
by teaching plasma science and technology equally to everyone no one is
left out and no one is abused due to lack of knowledge by donating to us you
can help achieve this goal cash foundation.org forward slash donate you plasma products found at Cash
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and stripes brings mind soul and body into balance European certified pain
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three centimeters below the skin cee certified the mag revs energizer and
alkalizer raises pH and energizes water through magnetic and gravitational
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certified medical device visit the online store at Cash
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