39 thoughts on “25 Basic ASL Signs For Beginners | Learn ASL American Sign Language”

  1. This Video has no sound you should have at least added a bit of music. It's a bit bland this way sorry.

  2. I started learning to sign when I was 6 and never stopped. I enjoy it and have even used it at my job. I had a student who had a deaf mother who signed so o was the only person who had ever even tried to communicate with her. More people should learn. It’s not hard and we shouldn’t exclude people because they are deaf. And, I actually have started to lose hearing in my right ear and will eventually go deaf so I am glad that I learned ASL when I did

  3. I think its cool to know sign language… I m learning this because I want to Learn as many as 10 languages in 5 years.and it's in my new year resolution too.. In which sign is the first one..

  4. I’ve always wanted to learn to sign, and I already know how to finger spell and say basic things in als, however now I’m working at a fast food place and there are a few deaf customers that will just write down what they want and hand over the paper with an apologetic look, but they light up when they realize I can talk with them. The first time I saw how excited they were that I knew some als I almost cried seeing how happy they were.

  5. I’m a hairstylist and I have a client that is deaf and this video is helping me so much to have simple communication with her..thanks so much!

  6. I am learning ASL with my daughter and we are excited to learn more each day. THANK YOU ! Too bad we haven’t had the opportunity to practice what we know.

  7. Omg! ASL is so much easier than Auslan, it makes so much more sense with the hand gestures.. I'm glad that I'll be able to sign in ASL, hopefully it will help me with learning Auslan too as I'm Australian

  8. I'm learning asl because i want to know strangers more truly. I would like to keep shut in public places.

  9. Great video! I really liked how you signed it once, played it in slow motion, and played normal speed again. Thanks!

  10. Omg i was like weres the sound then I was like oh shut never mind

  11. i want to learn sign language because my cousin is deaf and i don't know how to talk to him, i just want him to be comfortable with me coz i knew that it feels so lonely without someone to talk with (sorry for grammar)

  12. Im so ashamed I never learned to sign. I took French and Spanish in high school but if they would have offered sign I would have taken it. Sign language would have been a whole lot more useful as it is universal in any country.

  13. I have like 5 months of school break and I wanna learn this because of this book I'm reading we

  14. TFW most people in the comments learnin asl to communicate with deaf people meanwhile I'm here wanting to learn it just so I don't have to keep removing my headphones/earphones just to talk to someone

  15. This helped me a lot bc I have a new girl in my school who’s deaf and nobody knows how to talk to her so now thx to this video I can be her friend!

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