24 Hours Trapped inside New Tesla! Game Master Age Challenge?! | Matt and Rebecca

just staying in the Tesla yeah love this it's probably the worst prank ever feels so good go rested the keymaster Rebecca doesn't even know what's going on right now I need pack okay we're turning Rebecca you're about ready to spend 24 hours inside of the hoodie more stuff today we are going to be spent 24 hours what do you mean you said we were test driving the Tesla doors we are spending 24 hours inside this Tesla Matt I'm not even packed I'm in a dress right now you have all your clothes in the back those that's my suitcase from VidCon I'm not even ready for a 24 hour challenge yes you are no Matt you said we were test driving this back to LA Becca I have some snack bars here for you I have some water already packed there's a sleep bag in the bag wait so we're spending 24 hours overnight we're just saying in the Tesla yeah I'm in a dress let's go there we go 24 hours starts now ladies not bad Matt just think about how good it's gonna look for the next 24 hours look at this okay so I was not ready for this 24 hour challenge so I've convinced Matt to at least stop and get me some food because I'm very hungry also we have the issue of these guys peanut Matt Jack you guys know you're doing a 24-hour channel okay what are we supposed to do with the dog so if they have to like go to the bathroom or something well maybe dump it so they don't have to do the challenge but I have to do the challenge even though I was not prepared yes smash the thumbs up but right now if you guys like us doing 24-hour challenges especially in the test especially when we don't know about it also obviously you guys know I am NOT in damp amber try now but we will be shouting you guys out later in this video so around you trick me back rekka I'm like right here I'm just saying come on I'm dizzy give me some ideas I mean food we're going to spend 24 hours in this Tesla we're gonna learn all about this car you told me we're test driving it hi could I get two bean rice and cheese burritos let's do make it three Oh could we get some churros – orders – churros and what else is really good Matt ask what the person in front of us we also get what the person in front of us ordered okay so since we're doing this I decided that we should up the stakes because we're gonna be in here for 24 hours we're gonna be doing a bunch of different challenges that are trending on YouTube so right now we just ordered what the person in front of us ordered and that's the first thing we're doing you have to eat it okay I guess you get to eat your food too then yeah it's gonna be interesting we're gonna see how many challenges we can fit within this 24 hour challenge Hey I just wanted to test out to make sure okay I need to get my damn former let's try the whoopie cushon feature do you do Polad Jack Jack let's do a really crazy we're bad guys use me another one that one lasted Matt would you rather never have sweets for the rest of your life or have all your teeth fall out because of cavity never have sneeze so you could get like eighty true but sweets like you can do those sweets if you never had a swing I don't know if I could do that I love sweets you like sweets or salty foods now that we're done eating I thought it'd be the perfect time to cut to a dance montage – royalty free music lot of stairs on name is potentially you have several wait what if we have to use the restroom they have like a two minute break right you're gonna break max two minute you have to run it but okay look keeps on trying to reroute us you see this what it keeps on you see that come on it's seen Orange County no we need to go to Los Angeles it's fine we know how to get home so it doesn't matter but you think something's wrong what did I say you guys did you just hear comment if you heard something let's just go to Los Angeles that's weird that's really weird I need to change can you pull over Ange yeah Rebecca we're in the middle of a 24-hour challenge no you are in the middle of a 24-hour jelly I got a jig into my workout clothes because I'm meeting someone to train for you and I need my clothes okay good luck looks like just me and the dogs now if I'm gonna do this 24-hour challenge correctly I need to drop off the dogs and dogs they're all right guys I'm gonna take them home right now meet back up with Rebecca I'm gonna use my two-minute bathroom break to bring the dogs upstairs and then we're gonna see what Rebecca is doing for this workout training for the Challenger games which is against Logan Paul Jake Paul there's a ton of youtubers and social media influencers that are actually donating their time for charity so it's kind of good but I know she wants to do well so let's get the dogs taken off and then see what she can do on the track there you go back yeah you go back oh I am so tired I have not raced a mile in a very long time I'm more of a long-distance runner so a mile is like really fast for me but I'm tiring but if you guys are in the Los Angeles Long Beach area you guys should come to the Challenger games and cheer me on I just want to beat the boys just kidding did you guys hear what that said this is weird well maybe it's like part of the new car experience with Tesla I don't know I've never had one so I'm sweaty I smell my said I get five minutes to shower I don't know why this is actually his challenge but I'm gonna do it so I have five minutes and I will be back in five foot dude dude what are you guys so I just rinsed off and got my pajamas on but I don't really want to sleep in the Tesla tonight and you guys know I've done a ton of 24-hour challenges matt has not always stayed with me so I think I'm gonna go down there and pretend to fall asleep then get up and come back up here you can sleep in this bed cuz this is way more comfortable oh but first I have this idea I am gonna go out there and I'm gonna scare him while he's in the car so I'm gonna go get something but it's taking a while I thought have any masks I better hurry up and do this what bad is this this looks scary guys I didn't plan this out okay this is probably the worst prank I've ever done from now that's a prank I'm just gonna try to get mad but hopefully I will scare him so have you seen a lot of these Easter eggs I know we showed it on Rebecca's video but I think oh my gosh Rebecca Rebecca what what are you doing what is that what what are you doing thought I'd uh steer me tonight it's like a pretty to have a little fun you know okay what is this Captain America I was you know what I had to go fast so I could have picked a scarier costume I I realize that I might have failed a little bit no no let's go to bed okay okay we'll see you guys in the morning I think good actually really good yeah yeah I have a clue it's pretty comfortable yes not bad yeah good morning you guys feel so good go rested hey did you change clothes how did you already changed I changed Oh my suitcase in the back I changed last night I just wanted to wake up in my clothes your hair's curls and night I stood up Rebecca I just did you even see the night what why would I say 24 hours in a desolate when we're like right here I need a good night's sleep I was so tired okay but I bet it was comfortable it was comfortable while I was in here oh yeah yeah well how much longer do we have for this 24 hour challenge of yours couple more hours max okay well where do you want to go you said we could do face app in the morning okay everybody's been doing this I'm dying to see what I look okay good cuz I already ate breakfast actually what Rebecca let's go okay okay let's do face up I said we could do face up in the morning we're doing it all right so we're parked matt has been waiting to do this alright this face that thing which makes you look old and all these things okay processing that right now everybody's been doing this where they like make themselves look old your this photo right here I think Rebecca would look great with a beard yes yes wait give me a goatee Rebecca now we're gonna go to the age how did you keep your face like have you guys ever use this app let us know down in the comments section you've never used it like this no oh my gosh I look so crazy okay the older woman yeah okay okay so now we have to do Matt okay age old dang oh I look like my dad okay you guys I want you guys to comment who you think looks better and I also want you guys to put a caption for the caption contest we will pick one of the winners to shout-out in our next video so caption something good oh did you notice he looks better but you just aged even more why the second one I got double age oh my gosh okay I'm saving this thanks a lot Dean is calling hey guys it's good we just did 24-hour challenge in here over in the middle of it right now yeah for sure right right everything's working out okay yeah I mean yeah there's been just a few things but it's totally fine a few things that mean oh just there were like a couple weird things on the GPS it's a long story but it's it's all good is it like glitching out like almost like somebody's hacking it or something sighing it's like trying to reroute us to it looks like Orange County so it's but it's not a big deal we obviously got back yeah it's it's kind of leave into something I've been trying to investigate through the quadrant Network and the game master network but have you guys heard from the game master at all no after he tricked the Red Hood at VidCon we we haven't done anything right I mean he gave us access to the quadrant Network like everything seemed good but I haven't heard from him in bears and heard from him yet heard from either no I haven't that's why I'm kind of concerned but the glitching of the car and now the gamemaster I don't know where he's at or why he's not reaching out to kind of straight he think maybe you guys could pick me up because I have some thoughts I have some ideas yeah where are you Oh Oh send you the coordinates now and you can just come soon by and pick me up yeah yeah no problem we should definitely talk about that okay we'll see you soon okay sounds good okay bye we gotta go pick him up yeah he's right though we haven't heard from the game master since geekcon okay just got the coordinates let me share it with go pick up Daniel where do you guys think the game master is let us know right now I guess I haven't really thought about the game master since VidCon but it's weird we haven't heard from him hey how's it going good whoa it's like a Batmobile I know right some cool life gave you a pretty day hey not bad huh so Daniel what are you thinking all right so you haven't heard from the game master no I have it yeah I don't even think the Santana gamemaster okay so what if the game masters missing right now Missy that would actually make a lot of sense yeah I mean we haven't heard from them and that's really weird no one from the gamemaster Network had a mat pull over why would the game master go into hiding we just defeated the Red Hood like Whitney want to help us out like trying to find out where the Red Hood is true yeah what the whole quadrant going on like what their situation is why do we have access to the quarter now look there's so many questions now you just gone it's gone so what do we do I don't know what do you guys think we should do I mean like address keeps on pulling up on you tried to reroute us Oh in the car what if we just turn on the autopilot and let it drive us there mm-hmm do you think that's where the game master is maybe maybe he's trying to hack the car to get in touch with us to communicate for some reason yeah okay do you guys think we should go to the mystery location but the Tesla keeps trying to bring us to I'm gonna try to figure out how to do this autopilot we've done it once but I just wanna make sure we have everything okay guys shout out to you two right here you got one hundred percent in the last game master quiz if you want to get a shout out in the next video make sure to go to the gamemaster network.com take the quiz you never let me might get a shout out also shout out right here people that were wearing this and get your merch it's on sale at Rebecca's omalo dot-com make sure to check out the video right here where I spent 24 hours and it bounced out on the pool and let us know where you think this location is taking us autopilots on guys you

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  1. Guys just a heads up I don’t know if you know but the face apps are made by Russian people and they can use your face and say you stole a car or whatever and you can actually get in trouble. So I am just letting you know if you didn’t know so just pls be careful.

    (Please like this so Matt and Rebecca can see)

  2. Umm actually guys mark my words these people who r behind this face app will have control of all ur photos in ur phone already so if u have any private photos then u might be in trouble

  3. The gamemaster is at Orange County because he hacked in and was trying to tell you something the red hood probably trapped him so I would go to Orange County
    Like if you agree

  4. HI REBECCA i have been watching ur vids for over 3 years and i love them can i get a giveaway please anythings fine love u guys!

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