24 Hours TRAPPED inside HACKER Mansion! (Game Master vs. Quadrant Battle Royale)

– Where am I? Hey, Zam fam, I'm not exactly
sure where I am right now but I think I've been here for
the last 24 hours and look, I'm in this red dress. The last thing I remember
is Daniel trapped me and talked about the Hacker's Mansion. Zam fam, look. Is that the Red Hood? Do you guys think that that's
what the Red Hood looks like? We have not seen the Red Hood's face yet. Look. What is this? Where do you guys think I am right now? Do you think I'm in the Hacker's Mansion? Have I been here for 24 hours? If I have been in here for 24 hours, that means that today is E2 and something is going
to happen on YouTube that involves mind control. I don't know who they're going
to put under mind control or how they're gonna do it. I don't know if it's gonna
be YouTubers or you guys. Thumbs up this video right now. I have to figure out where Matt is so we can officially stop E2. Let's look around this red mansion. Where am I? Oh my gosh, the Red Hood. It's a painting of the Red Hood. Do you think this is
where the Red Hood lives? Like this is her mansion. Nobody's here right now. Let's explore and look for clues about E2. Look. It's like a book. New York Times? 1953? A really old paper. Look at that. Do you think this is a clue? The hands are on, look you guys, the numbers are… Looks like 6, 8, 9. Zam fam, can you write that down? 6, 8, 9, those fingers are on 6, 8, 9. I don't know if that is
a clue but just in case, let's remember that. We might need it later. These are like a ton of old spy gadgets. Like really old ones. This looks like a camera. Oh, look, you can look inside. I'm gonna look inside right now. Do you guys think I'm gonna see anything? Oh my gosh, Zam fam, look. It's Kurt Hugo Schneider, you guys! You remember, we went to his
house but we were too late and the Qaudrant trapped him. We have not found him yet. It looks like he might be
under mind control in that. But it's like a really old picture, so I don't know what that means. Do you guys have any ideas, let me know. We have to stop E2 today. Oh my gosh, do you guys see that? "Finalize Track." There's coordinates and what do you guys think that is? Zam fam, I need you to look
up these coordinates right now and tell me where it is. It says "finalize track." Do you think that has
something to do with E2? What's that thing at the bottom? Wait, we've see that before. You guys said earlier
that this is E2 backwards. I think whatever is going
on with mind control might be happening here. "Finalizing Track." Do you guys think that
is has something to do with like a song or music? Maybe that is the mind control? That's why they took Kurt. Okay, this looks like an Eiffel Tower. Let me know, Zam fam, if you see anything. This book. Okay, Zam fam, lets see
what's in this book. Someone's coming! Zam fam, okay, I'm gonna put this down. – She's still asleep. – It worked. It worked. Oh my gosh. Zam fam, it looks like the
Red Hood is with RZ Twin and another Quadrant member. – [Red Hood] E2 has finally arrived. Everything is going to plan. We no longer need the Game Master. – They're saying they
don't need the Game Master? – [Red Hood] I want her to
stay trapped here for 24 hours so she can't stop E2. I want her trapped just
like my little doll. – Her little doll? I'm not gonna be her little doll. We gotta get out of here. I think another Quadrant member is coming. Okay. Okay, Zam fam, another
Quadrant member just came in. Oh no. What do you want? – Rebecca. – [Rebecca] Matt. – It's me. I made it here. – [Rebecca] What're you doing? – I found you. – [Rebecca] How did you get in here? – I've been searching for you. What are you wearing? – [Rebecca] I don't know,
they put me in this red dress and red ribbon. – Well you still have the
tracking device in your shoe. – [Rebecca] That's how you found me? – Yeah. – There's a meeting out there with a Quadrant man, RZ
Twin and the Red Hood. I think this is her mansion. Look. – [Matt] Ah! I need to get you out. – I know but we can't escape
without them seeing us. We also need to hear what they're
saying because E2's today. Looks like they're leaving. – [Matt] What? – Matt, there's still
a Quadrant member here. You need to hide, he's coming this way! I'm gonna pretend I'm asleep, don't worry. – [Matt] Is there a spot? This closet. Yeah, in the closet. – Rebecca? Rebecca? Rebecca, wake up. – [Matt] Daniel. – [Rebecca] Daniel! – [Matt] What? – Matt!
– Daniel! – Daniel.
– What're you doing here? – [Rebecca] What are you doing? You trapped me, Daniel. – Wait, Matt's not supposed. Matt, how'd you get here? – [Matt] Daniel, don't
talk to me like that. You trapped Rebecca. – Okay. – [Matt] You took her. – This is not good. – Wait.
– Rebecca. – [Rebecca] What do you
mean this is not good? Today's E2. You're working for the Quadrant. – This was part of the
plan, I had to take you. This was all part of the plan but now that Matt's here. I was supposed to take you, we were gonna use you as bait. Now we're here. – [Matt] As bait? – As bait for what?
– Do you hear yourself? – I understand how it sounds but this was all going according to plan but now that Matt's here, which I don't know how you got here. – He put a tracking device on me. Daniel, because we don't trust you. And clearly, I've been here for 24 hours. I'm in a red dress. Daniel, I can't believe you're working against the Game Master. – Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold on. Okay, perfect timing.
– Matt? – We have something to explain to you. – We?
– What? – Follow me out here. – What I going on right now? Zam fam, let me know what
you think is going on. Matt? It's RZ Twin. Daniel, you'r working with RZ Twin? – We've been working together. – [Matt] I knew it! I knew you were a liar. – We've been working
together for the Game Master. – RZ Twin is a double agent and she recruited me to
infiltrate the Quadrant. – So, the Game Master's okay with this? – It wasn't our plan, it was his. – Well then what was the point
of the lie detector test? – That's not important. We need you to escape to stop E2. – Well, with everything that's happened, how can we trust you? – Because I'm gonna be
switching places with you so you can escape and stop E2. But we don't have much time. We need to hurry. – Okay. Zam fam, let me know if you
think this is a good idea. I hope I can scape. Okay, Zam fam, so I am all
changed, dressed up as RZ Twin and I almost forgot, you guys. There were coordinates for like tracking. Do you think that's where E2 is starting? – Where are they? – They're over here. – Well, grab them. – "Finalize Track" and
then there's coordinates. – [Daniel] Oh and that
symbol, we've seen that. – Yeah, look, they said
backwards it's actually "E2." – [Daniel] Oh yeah. – [Matt] Oh! – It's like a secret hidden code. So let's go here. Thank you so much, RZ Twin. Stay safe, okay. – I'll be fine. Just go stop E2. – I'll come back for you. – Yeah. We're gonna stop E2. Let's do this, Daniel. It's time to stop the Quadrant. – Okay. – Okay, so this is what
the coordinates say. This should be the location right here. – Great, great, great. – [Matt] Hey, are we doing
masks or not doing masks, guys? – Matt, we're gonna go in.
– Not yet, not yet. We don't know what we're walking into, so let's go scope it out first. – Okay, come on.
– Let's go. – [Matt] We sure this is is the location? – [Rebecca] That's what
the coordinates say. – [Daniel] Hide, hide, hide, hide. – I think the entrance is right here but I don't know how
we're supposed to get in. – [Daniel] Is it locked? – [Rebecca] Let me see. – [Matt] Rebecca, there's a camera. – And like a keycode. We can't just pretend to go in. – [Daniel] Okay. – There's something in here, Daniel. Maybe you can hack. – [Daniel] Okay, okay. I got this. – [Matt] Give a thumbs up
if this is gonna work here. – Okay. – [Daniel] Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. – [Matt] What is it? – [Rebecca] It's like an old phone. – Yeah, but I can hack into
the security system right here. I think I can unlock the door. Okay, here we go, got it. Go, go, go, go. – Smash the thumbs up button, you guys. We are about to go inside. Let us know if you think
we're gonna find the Red Hood or if we're gonna find Kurt. We need to find him. Look at this place, you guys. Look at all the records. – How cool. – Look, you guys, "Private Session." What if Kurt's inside there? – Let's check it out. – Okay. Is it locked? – [Matt] It's open? – It's open. – It's open. The Quadrants was saying that is has something
to do with music, E2. – Oh, right. – [Matt] Should we put on
our masks or are we good now? – I don't think we need the masks. – I think we're okay.
– Not right now, yeah. – Unless we see a Quadrant,
then we need to put them on as soon as possible. – [Daniel] I can't really see. – You guys!
– Put my glasses on. – Daniel.
– What? – Control room. – [Matt] Control room? What? – T here's some kind of control room. – [Matt] It's a control room. – Okay. – [Matt] Be safe! Be safe! Is anybody in there? – Nobody's in here. – [Daniel] Whoa! – [Matt] It's a recording studio! – Whoa, this is crazy, you guys. Have you ever seen a
control room like this? You guys! Kurt!
– What? – Kurt! – [Daniel] He can't hear
us, it's soundproof. – [Rebecca] Look! – [Matt] Kurt! – There was another door. Maybe we can get in to see him. – [Daniel] You're right, you're right. – He can't hear us in this
room because it's sound proof. Come on, we gotta save Kurt. – [Matt] Is this it? – Go! Go! Go! – Kurt! Kurt! – Oh my God!
– Kurt! – How'd you guys find me? Oh my God. – Oh my gosh! How long have you been here? – I don't know, they've kept me in here. They want me to play this
tune but I haven't played it. I think they wanna use
it to control something. – Control something?
– Yeah, yeah. – [Matt] We've just been
in the control room. – They've been obsessed,
also, with this note here. – [Daniel] What note? – I don't know but I'm not sure when they're
gonna come back, guys. – [Daniel] Where are they? – [Rebecca] Yeah. – They're have been sounds
coming from up there and I've been hearing noises. So I think they went upstairs. – Up here? – [Matt] Where are they coming from? – [Kurt] They've been
coming from up there, up above the rafters. – [Matt] What? – I don't know, I mean,
I was looking at this. I think it's a record. – Oh. – I saw some of these coming in. – This? Wait, this must be a clue. – [Matt] Can I see that? – Yeah. – One of them was saying something about a three numbered combination. – [Matt] What? – I don't know. Maybe that's the room that they're in. – Yeah!
– Oh! – Oh, like that's the way in. – Yeah, and they've used key codes. Maybe there's something locking it so only certain people can
go in that know the code. – Do you think this is
a clue for the key code? Maybe? – I mean, I think this is a record. – Okay. – I saw some of these on the way in. – There's a lot of
records all over the wall. – Okay! Let's go! Let's figure this out! – I can't, I can't, I can't!
– Why? – I'm cuffed to this piano. – [Matt] Handcuffed? – They have me trapped here! – [Rebecca] Oh my Gosh! – [Daniel] He is! – [Matt] Wait, how long
have you been here? – I don't even know. They had me here for so long. – [Daniel] Like 24 hours? – Yeah! – [Matt] Kurt, we need to find a key. – Yeah. – [Matt] Do you see anything in here? – I don't now. They might, maybe they keep
it in one of the other rooms? – You guys! Someone's coming. – Guys, get out, get out! – [Matt] What do we do? Hurry! Stay safe! – No, I'll be okay, just hide! – [Rebecca] Let's go into
the control room, you guys! – Go! Go! Go! Go! – [Rebecca] Control room! Who do you think it is? Look, it looks like the Quadrant. – [Daniel] It is the Quadrant. – [Rebecca] And Red Hood! – [Matt] You can almost see their face! Wait. – [Rebecca] What're they saying? – [Daniel] How can we hear them? – [Matt] We can't hear anything. – It's sound proof in here,
that's why they can't hear us and we can't hear them! It looks like they're arguing but I can't hear what they're saying. – It's like sound proof. – [Matt] We're in a sound booth! – There's gotta be
something over here, right? Let me look around, hold on. Do you see anything? I don't know. Look around for any knobs
that might open up a mic. There's a mic. – [Rebecca] Okay. – Rebecca, keep on watching
what they're doing. Wait, wait, wait. This might be it. Okay, three, two, one. Nothing. Nothing happened. – [Matt] Wait, look at that. – [Rebecca] Daniel, we saw
that at the doll house! – [Daniel] You're right! At the event. – [Rebecca] Exactly. – Okay, here we go. – [Matt] Three, two, one. – Whoa, it lit up! We can hear them! – [Kurt] People are gonna
know that I'm missing. This is never gonna work.
– Missing? – [Red Hood] No they won't because you've already been
replaced by your clone. – Remember, his clone was
at the doll house, Daniel. – So they replaced him already? – Just like they did with Row. – Oh no. – So far, two YouTubers have
been replaced by their clones. – That's what they said was gonna happen. – Yeah. – [Red Hood] Now play! – [Kurt] For the millionth time, I'm not gonna play what
you want me to play. So that's just it. – [Red Hood] Give me the red potion. – [Daniel] What is that? Red potion? – [Rebecca] We've only seen green potion. What's the red one do? – [Kurt] What're you gonna
do with the red potion? – [Red Hood] Drink this! – What, the red potion? – [Rebecca] Kurt! – [Matt] No, Kurt. – [Rebecca] Come on, Kurt. Whoa, whoa, what's going on? – [Matt] It's like it made him play. – [Rebecca] Like it hypnotized him, Matt, like it hypnotized, like
you were hypnotized. – I never heard that song before. – It's so creepy. He's definitely hypnotized. He would not be playing that song. – [Matt] Yeah! – [Daniel] Oh my Gosh! – [Rebecca] He's hypnotized. They hypnotized Kurt. – [Matt] How'd they do that? – [Rebecca] It was the red mixture. – [Red Hood] Go get the flash drive. – [Rebecca] The flash drive? Where's the flash drive? – [Matt] They're coming in
here! They're coming in here! – [Daniel] No, no, no! – [Rebecca] Are you sure? – Get down! Go! Go! Go! Go! – They're coming over,
they're coming over. – Turned on the computer! What'd they take? Did they take something out– – [Matt] It's something
gold, I couldn't really tell. – Gold?
– Gold? – [Rebecca] They're bringing it back. – [Daniel] This song. This song is probably on
the flash drive, right? Something's on there. We need to ger that. – [Rebecca] They're leaving! They're leaving. – We gotta follow. – Daniel, we gotta go. What about Kurt? – I'll take care of Kurt. – Okay. – I think I can un-hypnotize him. I brought some spy gadgets
with me in my backpack. – The one that Daniel had? – Yep, yep. – So we're gonna go upstairs and try to grab that flash drive. – And you're gonna stay here with Kurt and you have to find the
key for the handcuffs so he can be un-handcuffed. You guys ready? – Yeah. – Zam fam, smash the thumbs up button. I think we have to split up right now because we need to stop E2. Come on. I think the door is that way. Do you hear that? Someone's coming. Were do we go? – [Daniel] I don't know. No, hide, hide, hide! Someone's coming, go, go, go. – Look, look! – It's a secret room.
– A secret hidden room. Come on! – [Red Hood] Paper. – [Rebecca] Paper? – [Daniel] Paper? Okay. – [Rebecca] Okay. – [Daniel] Are we safe? – Daniel. The paper. She must be talking about this paper. – [Daniel] You're right. – So they can know the code
to get into the room upstairs. – [Daniel] You're right. – We need to go out there
and get up to this room. – [Daniel] Okay, Kurt said
something about the records. – Records? Okay, so we'll go out there and then we'll look at the records and hopefully we can find out these clues. Zam fam, we really need your help, okay. So make sure to look at all
of the records on the wall. Okay, Daniel, so Kurt thought
it might have something to do with these records, so Zam fam, if you see any kind of
number or something on these, let me just say, it says "two under water, "one's just a game. "Wow, I'm lost at sea, "hope I can stay safe and sound." – [Daniel] That's a lot of clues. – That's a lot. Yeah, but I thought it
was a three digit code. – [Daniel] Oh, right. – So all of these, it's just three digits. Do you gus recognize any of these? Look at how cool this place is. – [Daniel] Wow, these
are all gold records. – Old records, look, Smashing Pumpkins. Daniel, all these people
must've recorded here. – [Daniel] Wow, this place is historic. – Yeah. Hunger Games? – [Daniel] Wait, what'd you just say? Say that again. – Hunger Games! Wait! "Two under water, one's just a game." What if it's Hunger Games? And this is the most recent. Like all the others
were old albums, right? So this is the only one. – [Daniel] Okay, so we're
looking for more albums. – Albums, okay, so if this is it, like, "While I'm lost at sea." This has nothing to do with water. "If I can stay safe and sound." Zam fam, do you see anything
that would have to do with "safe and sound?" And look, Daniel, it's a record. That's this. So Kurt was right when he said he thought it was something to do with a record. Hey, see? – [Daniel] Wait, "safe and sound?" – [Rebecca] Safe and sound. – [Daniel] Look, that's
the name of the song. – Safe and sound here. Do you see any numbers on here? There's 2013 but if
it's just three records then it would just be one number here. – [Daniel] 2012, 2013 is four. – Maybe one. – [Daniel] Number one. – Number one! – [Daniel] It's the only, look, side one. – [Rebecca] Side one! – [Daniel] It's the only song
on it because it's a single. – You're right! – [Daniel] So maybe one? – One! If you guys think it's one, comment below. I think it's one for Hunger Games and let me know if you've seen that movie. Daniel! – [Daniel] Stain glass! – This is the same glass that we saw at the Red Hood's mansion. Someone's coming! – [Daniel] Where's our masks? – We left them in the other room, look! Hidden room! – [Daniel] Oh, hide, hide. Hurry! Hurry!
– It opens! Come on! He'll see us, we have our mask off! – [Daniel] It's a Quadrant. – [Rebecca] Where are they going? They must be going back to check on Kurt. I hope Matt's okay. – [Daniel] Let's keep looking. – Okay. Okay, we need to get
that three digit code. – Daniel and Rebecca are
up there trying to find out what that clue meant. I'm gonna go try to un-hypnotize Kurt. I think I still remember how to do it. And Daniel gave me a spy
gadget which has been upgraded, so let's go inside. Kurt? Kurt? Okay, hang in there, bud, hang in there. I know what you're going through. Let me put this on, okay? Kurt, I'm gonna say some words. I need you to repeat it, okay? I need you to repeat exactly what I say. Three, two, one. Okay, hang in there. Repeat after me, okay? Just try as hard as you can. Quadrant. – "Quadrant." – Ant.
– "Ant." – Especially. – "Especially." – Eats. – "Eats." – Peanut butter. – "Peanut butter." – Trapping. – "Trapping." – Me. – "Me" – There you go! There you go! – I told you, I'm not gonna play it! – You're back, you're back! – Where's the rest of them? – Okay, everybody's upstairs right now. – Yeah.
– You okay? – Yeah, yeah, no, I'm good, I'm good. – [Matt] Where's the key to the handcuffs? – You know, I don't know, I think it's in one of the other rooms. But, honestly, if you have a paper clip or if you find something like that, I think I can pick this. – [Matt] What? You can pick locks? – Yeah, dude, I need like
a long, metal object, like a paperclip to go into that key hole. – [Matt] Okay, I think
saw something over there on the way into the control room. – In the control room, yeah. – [Matt] Okay, I'm gonna head
over there right now, okay? – All right, all right. – [Matt] Hang tight, hang tight. Act like you're still hypnotized though. – Okay, yeah, yeah, sure. – Is this under water? – [Daniel] Finding Dory, yeah. – I never saw Finding Dory. – [Daniel] You didn't? Oh, it's so good.
– No. So Finding Dory must be one of the two. Two under water. Zam fam, did you see
another under water one? – [Daniel] Oh right, you're saying two– – Two under water. – [Daniel] Oh, Rebecca. – Oh my gosh! Finding Nemo. So we did the safe and sound clue. But it says "Wow, I'm lost at sea." Wow? Wow! Look! Wow! – [Daniel] Oh, the name
of the song is "Wow." – The first song and there's a one. – [Daniel] A one, okay. – So do you think it's a one? – One and then one. – [Daniel] Okay, let's
look at the other album. – "Wow, I'm lost at sea." Was there a song on Finding
Dory that was called "Lost At Sea?" Three, "Lost At Sea!" So "Wow" was first and that
one was the three, right? Three, one, one. Three, one, one. We got the three digit code. We're gonna find the Red Hood! – [Daniel] And Kurt said it was upstairs. – Upstairs! Okay? – [Daniel] Okay. – Come on. – [Daniel] All right, let's go. – Okay, look, it's open. It's just an empty room. Do you hear that? Something's on the screen. It looks like they're setting up a camera. – [Daniel] Yeah. – Where do you think that is? We haven't checked down that hall. So let's go, we need to look for a three digit code on the room, right? – [Daniel] You're right, yeah. – [Rebecca] Okay, look. – [Daniel] Nothing. – That didn't work. Look, here. Three, one, one. It's not working either. Why did Kurt say it was up here? – [Daniel] I don't know. – Do you hear that? It must be down here. – [Daniel] Yeah. Quiet, quiet, quiet. – Hacker wires. – [Daniel] You're right. – I hear someone. – [Daniel] Go, go, go, go. Everything clear? – Go, go, go. Okay, look. It's like they made it. – [Daniel] Oh, it's
like they just made it. – They just made it. Okay, so what was the code, you guys? Three, one, one, right? Okay. – [Daniel] Hide, hide, hide. – Okay. Smash the thumbs up button if
you think this is gonna work. – [Daniel] Oh, it opened. What do you see? – You guys, it's the Red Hood. We gotta sneak in. – [Daniel] Okay, sneak in. – Okay. – [Matt] Okay. Somewhere in here. If you guys see a paper clip
anywhere in here, let me know. Comment down below exactly where it's at. Was it up here? Oh, found it, found it. Paperclip, paperclip. Kurt, Kurt, found it! – That's perfect, that's perfect. Awesome. – [Matt] They were looking
at a Game Master mask. They didn't even seem. – This is great. – [Matt] You can do it with that? – Yeah, totally, I just
need to get it through this. – [Matt] What? – That's it, this was perfect. – [Matt] Kurt, you need
to get out of here. – Okay but what about you? – [Matt] I'll be fine. I need to go upstairs and
actually help them out with clues. You gotta go home. – Okay. – [Matt] It's too much of a risk, okay? – Let me know that you
guys are okay, okay? Get in touch with me in 24 hours. – [Matt] 24 hours, I'll see you soon. – See you. Good luck! – Have you guys ever done this? Hid behind curtains. These are so thick. – [Daniel] It's like
they're almost sound proof. Find an opening, try to find an opening. – Daniel, come on. Okay, Zam fam, I need you
to be really quiet right now so we can spy on the Red Hood. – [Red Hood] Thank you for
listening to our new song. If you are watching this, your minds are now under our control and you will now be
working for the Quadrants. Ha! Ha! – Mind control, that means
everyone watching YouTube? When that goes out, we'll
be under the mind control of the Red Hood and the Quadrant. – [Red Hood] Take these
to the exchange point. Our operative will be taking it inside to the YouTube headquarters. – [Daniel] Rebecca, did they
just say Youtube headquarters? – I think that's what's gonna
happen with the exchange. They're bringing it to someone who's gonna take it inside
the YouTube headquarters. Which means none of us are gonna be safe! – [Daniel] That's how they're
gonna get it out to everybody! Looks like a black box
with a three digit code. 10 thousand dollars? – [Daniel] 10 thousand dollars? – Wait, that's not 10 thousand dollars. They're using it to hide the flash drive. – [Daniel] Oh, it's a decoy. – Now they're leaving. We've gotta follow them. We can't let that get to YouTube. – [Daniel] Right! – Now's our chance to get out
there and find the black box! We have to get that– – Hey! What're you doing here?! Who are you?! – [Rebecca] Who is that? The Game Master? – You need to go! Go get the box! Stop E2! – Okay, are you gonna be okay? – [Game Master] I got this. – Okay, okay, come on you guys. We gotta go! Game Master, no! – The Game Master's losing right now! To the Red Hood! His mask! – [Daniel] We gotta get out of here. – What do we go? – [Daniel] Go! Go! – Okay! – [Matt] Guys! Guys! – [Daniel] What? – We can't go downstairs. – [Daniel] Why? Why? – There's too many Quadrants down there. Let's go through the fire
escape up on the roof, come on! – [Rebecca] Where? – [Daniel] They're right
behind us! Go! Go! Go! – Hold on, before we go
up here, what's the plan? – We need to find the Quadrant
that has the black box. – [Daniel] He took a black
box that has the device. – Has the device. – [Daniel] They're trying to
get it to YouTube headquarters. – Okay. – And then we can go and spy, follow them, and then when they do the exchange, we can go in and intercept it. – The transaction, like in between. – [Daniel] Great idea. – If they drop it somewhere
then we can just pick it up. – We need a three digit code, you guys. There was a three digit code. Daniel, in the tunnel. That was a three digit code. – You left it for the Quadrant. – [Daniel] Yeah. – Let me start thinking. Comment down below what
the three digit code is. We need to remember this
before we get there, okay? – [Daniel] Hurry, we gotta go, let's go! – [Rebecca] Go! Go! Go! There's something! – Go! Go! Go! – [Daniel] Okay, go, go, go. – [Rebecca] He has the
box, he has the box. – [Daniel] They're crossing the street. They're in a car. – We gotta go get the car! – [Daniel] What about the Game Master? – The Game Master broke his mask, Matt. – [Daniel] Yeah, the
Red Hood defeated him. – Should we go save him then? – He told us that we needed to stop E2. That's why he stepped in. That's why I think we
need to go and stop E2 and then we can figure out what
happened to the Game Master! – Should we split up or what do we do? – No, no, no, we can't split up. I don't think it's safe anymore, you guys. And we have to stay
focused on stopping E2. – They're getting away. They're starting to leave. – Let's get in the car. – [Daniel] Let's get the car, let's go! Go! Don't go on the freeway. – Okay, okay. – I don't think they have any idea. This Quadrant member doesn't
know that we're following them. Because they left before
the battle royale. – [Matt] There was a battle royale? – [Daniel] Yeah, there was a battle royale and the Game Master saved us. – When we left, it looked
like his mask was destroyed, like into different pieces. – [Matt] So he could have
no mask on right now? – The Game Master could've
done a face reveal so we would all know who
he is if he has no mask. – [Daniel] Right. – Daniel, you already know.
– Yeah. – [Daniel] I do, I still
wanna keep him safe, so I don't wanna tell you guys yet. – Okay, well once we stop
E2, we need to figure out what happened to the Game Master. If you guys know anything, let us know. I really hope he's safe. – There they go.
– They're getting out. This is it! This is where the exchange
is supposed to happen. – [Matt] Let's see where they go. – Looks like they're
going up on the trail. This looks similar to
the other secret meetings that we've been to but
it's a whole new location. – [Matt] Should we go? – [Daniel] Yeah, let's go, let's follow. – We can't let this exchange happen. Because if it does, they're
gonna take it to YouTube and everyone watching will
be under mind control. – [Daniel] You're right. He's coming back, he's coming back. Go, hide, hide, hide, hide! – We don't have much time! – Zam fam, do you guys
remember that three digit code? Here it is. Okay, three digit code, what was it? Zam fam, you guys commented
the three digit number. – Four. What was the other two? – Come on, Matt, we don't have much time. – Three. Four, three. Eight! Eight! Four, three, eight. There's someone coming, Bec. Hurry, Bec, come on! – Okay Zam fam, smash the thumbs up button if you think this is going to work. Three, two, one. It's in here. – 10 thousand dollars!
– No, no, no. – It's 10 thousand dollars. – No, the Red Hood put it
in this but look, Matt. This is actually. – [Daniel] Oh, it's a decoy. Yep, that's the decoy. – That's the gold flash drive. – This is the flash drive that they were trying to take to YouTube so that there's gonna be mind control. – We got it. – We need to put something in it. – Okay, I have a pen and paper,
we should write something. – We need to write the note, yeah. Put like, what, like, "Gotcha." – [Daniel] "Gotcha." – Oh, like in the doll house. – [Daniel] Yeah, remember
when they took us? – Yeah, exactly, write
"Gotcha" and put it in and they'll think maybe that's what they're supposed to have. Okay. – [Daniel] "Gotcha." – Rip it and then put it in. – [Matt] Hurry, put it back! – [Daniel] Put it back! – We gotta go! We gotta go! – I think the other
Quadrant member is coming! Let's go! – [Daniel] Go! Go! Go! Go! – [Rebecca] This is the exchange. – [Daniel] Yeah, we tricked them. – [Rebecca] He's taking it to YouTube. – [Daniel] But all he's gonna
have is a "Gotcha" sign. – We did it. – We stopped E2! – [Daniel] Let's go! – Oh my gosh!
– Let's go! – Come on! We did it! – Yes, wow! – We did it! Zan fam, we stopped E2! That means no one will
be under mind control if they're watching YouTube. I can't believe it, we stopped E2! – Amazing! – What is that? – What? – [Red Hood] You may have stopped E2, but next time you won't be so lucky, especially now that you
don't have the Game Master. – It's the Game Master's mask.

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