24 Hours GAME MASTER Spy Music Video Challenge (Found Mysterious Clues in Hidden Riddles)

hey Jim its Rebecca and you guys saw in my last video that the game master gave me 24 hour to write an original song and a music video after finding a hidden treasure map I searched all over and ended up jumping into a lake which led us here back to my cabin and the final clue which was inside my hairbrush what I'm stressing out because first of all I am NOT a singer and secondly because I have never recorded a song and a music video in 24 hours we found out that the s and s LH was stan and now we need to figure out what the L and the H is because the December 4th date is coming up in the gamemaster set something is going to happen then since it's a holidays I thought a Christmas song would be the perfect song to do thumbs up if you think I'm gonna complete this challenge we've got to do this let's go ok zfm so the first thing that I need to do is make a list of all the things that I should do to make this music video Matt can you help like come up with a beat yeah I got so the next thing I need to do is come up with lyrics this should be fun did you hear that it's from the gamemaster it says if you complete this expect a fun surprise but if you fail your Christmas video says goodbye so you guys remember I did a Christmas song last year do you think that the game masters gonna delete that video if I don't finish this in 24 hours but the game master is good Matt why would he delete that video let's keep going you guys we need to stay focused the hard thing for me about writing lyrics is that I am NOT a singer at all but what have you guys metal if you're right so you guys my friend Madeleine Bailey she did my slam workout song Madeleine is actually playing for tonight outside in my garage after I make this list I'm gonna ask her because then she'll hopefully be able to sing and help me write lyrics she could save this 24 hour challenge so the next thing we need is dancing I'm not a dancer wait a second I only had a call me mad he was the one that Craig ruff the big con dance that I was in what if I ask him maybe he's available okay so ultra-feast I mean ham and then maybe he has some dancers that's gonna be a challenge so the final and most important thing is going to be location we have to figure out a place that we can film so I'm gonna reach out to the YouTube space la because they let me film last time maybe they'll let me what if we film around here it's set up for Christmas maybe we can do some stuff it's not optimal but it's a challenge so the email is sent now it's time for operation convince Matt Olien to help me write and sing a song for tonight you know we did that spine workout song right so I have a question I wanted to know if you would maybe help me to write a song and sing okay so I'll get it set up because it's like 24 hours I have to kind of do it fast okay cool a minute okay so you want like a holiday yeah I like that can you put like bells in it for the holidays yes does that work yeah I made you it will say your favorite thing about Christmas food friends ugly Christmas sweater as we clean sweaters that's cool we should totally go with that so the only thing is when she wrote one like an ugly Christmas sweater song it's really good but she's like doesn't like the ugly Christmas sweater that the guy gave her but what if we do it the opposite we I totally do our twist week yeah so I'm thinking we could turn the word puggly into an acronym okay g ly we give each like a special word like unique so that you're kind of Lee so it's something good yeah yeah I love that thumbs up if you guys like that idea too I wrote out like Christmastime is on my mind something something all the time in the holiday grind Christmas time is on my mind ready to get in that holiday ground eat all the good rappers right there oh yeah what this lime workout song I did like the verses and then you saying cuz I should not be singing it yeah what do we work on the chorus yours so we know ugly Christmas sweater and I can come up with like the lyrics and then you do like the the chorus see me part and I believe in you should be unique I agree with four unique yes so G should be like gorgeous or like gorgeous glamorous glam like maybe like glamour my sleeves should run with unique like yeah glamorous yeah this is really cool but like why so I got challenged to do a 24 hour challenge we're trying to figure out the gamemaster challenges yeah and hopefully I don't get a YouTube video delete it okay Sam fam so since we are here at the cabin we have to record so this is guy to lover doing ho mates to Matt guys like all of this recording yeah yeah Peter liked it okay so right here this is the I would say don't do this at home kids but actually this if you're gonna do it at home so how you should do it record your Christmas time is on my mind ready to get in that holiday great okay we have a song now I've got to figure out everything else but this is the most important part and do you think you get the actual video with me do you okay so I'll let you know oh okay so we're gonna go get the supplies for this song I'm gonna have to make a bunch of ugly Christmas sweaters also I thought since while we're here we might as well do a line for the actual music video cuz you know we don't get a lot of time okay so let's get some DIY so cut so before I start shopping I want a feast I'm Kyle to see if he can help get any dancers and helped choreograph he's a professional choreographer but I guarantee he has never done something like this I hope he picks up Hey I'm good how are you we're more at Kmart I had a quick question for you I was wondering if you might be able to help choreograph a music video of mine I know basically I have 24 hours to do it do you think you could help me maybe get some dancers in the next 24 hours I'm actually shopping right now to try to get costumes how many dancers do you think we should have okay do you think you can get four dancers okay and can you send me the choreography as soon as possible cuz I can't dance and I need a lot of practice okay thanks Kyle Kyle's in I'm very excited let's get shopping okay so one of the lines is an ugly Christmas sweater with like safety pins and bulbs get like this hang from the sweater this is gonna be a hot mess video you guys so I just got a ton of ugly Christmas sweater I'm gonna be making the ones for the video but these ones I need the dancers to wear so we're just stocking up on all ugly Christmas sweaters comment below do you guys make your own ugly Christmas sweater or do you buy it I'm kind of doing a little of both today so I am back home and I'm di wine these Christmas sweaters this one has like stickers like one of the lines that I wrote this one is like the body and head no this is the baby I put it in a baby onesie and then I'm gonna match her in another outfit what did you draw on the head yeah I do eyebrows in a mustache it said a creepy doll it's like that's a line so I wanted it to be creepy so did you hear that it's here if it's the back door cuz I'm there there's like a box like a mystery box T's he gets from the gamemaster it's on a master paper it says December 4th is near there is something new to fear SL H so the game masters here or SL h is SL h working for the game master you guys let us know in the comment section what you think that means okay we need to get going I think we're pretty good I think the next thing we need to do in the garage and all of these different sweat ourselves so we're about to film this is this sweater that doesn't fit this is a a little boy sighs oh I guess I'm gonna be like standing here using this white wall and then I'm just gonna be singing the words yeah it's a dog bag but it's a comfortable dog bed yeah also quick update you guys I got an email back from the YouTube space la and they said that we can fill them that we now officially have a location which I'm very excited about I mean we don't to see the glow yeah vanilla ice all around it so Kyle just sent me the choreography and you guys know I am NOT a dancer so I have to practice as much as I can now before we go film with the rest of the dancers I am going to watch this dance and I'm gonna try to see if I could do any of it he did send a video where he like breaks it down but let's see how I do [Applause] oh my god okay so I am going to spend the rest of my time learning this and I will see you guys very soon good morning you guys so I have not gotten much sleep I stayed up late practicing choreography and then we drove down and got here to LA so we can film with the dancers I'm really nervous that we're not gonna get this all done because we only have more hours with the dancers that's not really that much time for a music video I don't know if I have all the choreography down I am very nervous but you guys I think we can do this alright let's go alright so we're here at the YouTube space Madeline just got here we're putting on our ugly Christmas sweaters I told her have to tell you what how does me know my front door before I came it was at your house yeah it's just this the same was this the same gameís yeah this is the gamemaster's YouTube space la well grease is put my gosh I wonder if thinking masters here today yeah I mean just hope he's not here Christmas is on my mind ready to get Matt holiday ground snow impression hot cocoa – is this evening just for you number two Oh Kyle you made oh my gosh I'm so nervous did you get the video I mean I practice oh you think you have the choreography it's all good I mean I don't I don't know about that but I'm sure you're gonna be fine okay just keep practicing yeah okay right yeah good luck okay you know if I'm gonna be able to do this I don't remember them great I was like messed up day boom and boom and boom one two three four [Applause] [Laughter] [Applause] is a rough I cannot believe we completed this 24-hour challenge I want to thank Madeline Kyle Brian came in patty helped produce it and goodbye white room what did that bet there's nothing in here did you even see that no I cleaned up maybe someone left it it says congratulations you want a free trip for two to Orlando Florida pack your bags EB tonight

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