24 Hours Escaping GAME MASTER from SECRET Location! (Mystery Treasure Box Found with Hidden Clues)

looks like it a treasure map bow is on
land then that means that in the water but it's like a tray is not here do you think
someone was in here hey it's Rebecca and we are all the way
here in Hawaii as you guys saw in the last video Stephen sharer and I went to a
safe house in Los Angeles to escape the gamemaster
because he had hypnotized us so we brought in a professional to help D
hypnotize us so we could not be controlled by the gamemaster but we soon
realized that the professional is actually working for gamemaster and the
safe house was compromised so Stephen and I thought that the best thing to do
would be to split up and so I have no idea where he is but we flew all the way
here to Hawaii and I'm just hoping that the game master does not find us I think
that's your room service okay hi oh thank you oh my gosh yeah I
know I got it thank you it's looks so good oh my gosh I'm so
excited have you guys ever been to Hawaii oh and I want to show you guys a
little bit of the room okay really quickly look right look at this it's amazing I love it so as you guys
can see it's like a big room and it goes into the bathroom so not that big but
you guys we also have some spy gadgets because we just want to make sure that
we are safe while we're staying at the hotel and so this may look like a water
bottle like all these others this one actually has a camera on it Matt knows
how do you get actually ready they watch this you will never see this coming
that well so basically we're gonna keep this on whenever we leave the hotel and
we're gonna know if anything weird goes on when we're not here they actually
have the motion detector so when somebody walks in this is light turns on
so if you ever think anything weird was going on you can just go and then look
at the footage on your computer which i think is cool and then we also bought
another spy guys do you think they're just glasses but they have a mirror so I
can see you guys are now looking behind so this is really good if ever the
gamemaster comes behind I'll be able to see him because I just have mirrors on
the side of the glass I'm moving this over so I can get a little view of the
ocean so right now I'm just having a nice beautiful fruit tray and some teeth
all the craziness and confusion on what's been happening and who the
game master is this she's nice to have to break in enough I think they know that
it was my birthday it's awesome I know hold on
this is no back oh my gosh I just got goose bumps
how does the game master know that we're here in Hawaii how did you even get that
note or whom do you think the game master see right now or maybe he's one of the
people that were with or like playing a prank on us or something why would they
do that that makes no sense treasure hunts are always a treat find
all the hidden clues or I will delete I don't think this is a prank matt are you happy
now with your husband and friends so the game master knows we're with our friends
on land and at sea till it ends wait what until it ends what's in your
on vacation so it's time to explore 24 hours we'll start at the door no no go
go No hello okay so I think this is just
the game master as we found out in the last video that the game master and
projects or go are not working together so zamfam I'm really gonna need your
help today especially because it looks like the game master is going to delete
the happy now song that Matt did with Madeline no say she different is like a
surprise I know I really do not want that video deleted so I'm gonna have to
do this challenge you should pay attention to what words mean when I
message you and emoji I haven't even got a message this weird oh it's from the
game master it just says enjoy vacation and a book emoji you should pay
attention to what words mean when I message you and emoji Sam Pham what do
you think that means if the game master says I have 24 hours to do all of this
the emoji is a book do you think there's like a book here mostly books ebooks but
what anything nothing here harris-san the best on a
book Maui so I don't see anything on here let me see if there's books
anywhere else maybe here nah did you have anything in the name dictionary we will wait the clue in here
should pay attention to what words me is stationary limits let's know okay it's
not a book you guys it's like a book safe so happy is something inside it
doesn't really make a sound what's this where's that this was
underneath it damn did you guys see this it was underneath when I pulled this out
and comment below if you thought that this meant of dictionary that's like
where you figure out what words mean it's a dictionary it's an X it looks
like it looks like it like a treasure map and then there's an X here and an X
here so if maybe we have to get to these exits okay I have no idea
look out the window it looks like here this is where we're staying zamfam
look there is a pool outside and it has this shape so do you think this means
it's the ocean could be yeah that would be the ocean but a bow yeah do you like
it this done I don't want that video deleted okay so if we go out it looks like we
should just head that way okay he's am fam so I'm going to grab my
backpack and we're gonna go explore why and I'm gonna hopefully find out what
this X is okay zamfam so we're heading out to the pool I'm gonna see if
my friend rocky will help us film so Matt can help me because Matt we only
have 24 hours anyone here could potentially be the
game master so I'm on high alert right now okay here is our friend Rocky do you
think that you could film for us today yeah right now on vacation you're on
vacation I know so the game master knows that we are here
in Hawaii how in the world does he know we're on vacation I have no idea okay
yeah let's do what we got to do whatever it takes
okay you guys so according to here it looks like our hotel is right there we
move up there so if this is the ocean is the boat which is kind of confusing
because it looks like it would be on land
yeah in the right direction Matt this must mean that we're heading in the
right direction so I think we just keep going this way let's go says looks like
it's a clue but it's definitely telling us we're in the right direction damn
damn nice zamfam look right over there
there's a boat let me know in the comment section below if you think
that's a boat I think it's it bad there's a boat but is that what they're
talking about it's for kids I'm so gonna go oh my gosh it's the other okay let's get off this
rock you look at this so this was what we had at first okay that was our hotel
yeah and we got to the boat okay what do you think next minute the other way this
way here yeah yeah yeah that's it we got the boat it looks like there's two more
X's that we have to get wait though if this boat is on land then that means
that's in the water we're going in the water wait zamfam let me know in the
comment section if you think that the next two locations are actually in the
water all right you ready to go water oh my gosh yeah are your arms getting tired
yet oh that's it okay do you see anything
well oh hold on there's something to it you guys wait look
oh it's all slimy we got it borders have no idea let's let's go back let's go
back I think that's the key okay let's get everything keep going keep
moving okay come on would you get the lid, the lid like fell off in the water it looks like a key or something see it's like an
old-time key is there anything else on the map that we need to get back it
looks like there's like one more X I think you have to just keep going that
way we're taking off her sandals so we can run faster this is it okay look look
on the map oh there were these what those are head so those are head stones
which means that it would be there by the ocean okay that's creepy right yeah
let's go good here the game master usually put stuff I mean he's put it everywhere
and every day I should be is it sir I've had this box the game master uses
look blue I'm glad you got here before fight I
have been hit yeah this is exactly the kind of box you guys know in my other
videos when I explored the abandoned town but this was the books that became
us to use but it's locked oh yeah this has to be the key see a few
common threads out of what you think is in this box you know
oh man what is it we have a dictionary in our room and it
had a lock on it it was like a safe in it these must be the keys for it oh okay
so I'm gonna go back to my hotel room rocky come on to your vacation all up as
soon as I figure this out I'll come back okay let me know I'll go vacation but
yeah the updated be safe okay wait a sec the trees not here do you
think house cleaning came no the bed is still a mess everything's in the same
spot check for that wait a sec door why is it wide open this
is so creepy do you think someone was in here I mean feel like somebody was
definitely in here zamfam wait there's a camera on here where is it there it is
it's right here and you guys know who is here when we left so we'll be able to
see if someone came in here which I think someone clearly did that's why the
door was open the car is missing but everything else is still a mess so
obviously no one cleaned up so we just put this into the computer and we'll be
able to see who is here right now oh my gosh okay it's from the game master hate to say
says you finished early and that's ok as long as your likes and comments are over
a hundred K so do you think the gamemaster means I have to get a hundred
thousand likes and comments on this video and he said in the earlier note
that it was a 24-hour challenge you can't have 24 hours to get this damn fam
you are watching this video right now make sure to LIKE the video and comment
you can comment anything you want we have to get to 100 K lights and 100 K
comments and it just says dot dot dot so I don't know what's gonna happen if do
anything do emojis I don't get a sampan we can do it get to 100 K you think it's
like II I it has to be it's just a letter
Rebecca you made it your invitation is waiting for you back in LA Matt you're
not done what do you think the gamemaster is inviting me to you

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