21 Years Old Neymar | 40+ Dazzling Skills – 2013/14

they're going to ground there are a few expecting a free kick around here across the face by Neymar a Messi's there again another chance which he can't take that man there is a brilliant not Megan there that's quality through Thiago and I just feel that if they continue to do that name wars become more involved than the gear he's got a slap in the face he's got the free-kick like it's Ignacio Bart is it or is it beer sir like Barcelona as you'd expect a loose a very Kevin Sunday's back impatiens no one was out it was sick back to happen the insight longed for it to happen from their perspective acts resin the medical staff can look at a problem there to greater balance trickery there from Neymar this is this is just brilliant balance from Neymar quit fake maybe paprika should have just given him the ball back and you can see is looking for the free kick you might be up for a fight here because his name I'll going down the left hand side of morena we'll have to get back a lot oh well maybe testing out the shin pads have Neymar they have a second to do one another running off the ball here's name are back up switch irritability or it nearly would continue problem with her it's me it's been a makeshift essentially filling out for two seasons lovely play by name ro2 is gonna benefit you can to one nightmare in skin so you said Valera be who went off by the way [Applause] still waiting to see him school for Barcelona this is neighborhood located yeah can't close it a decent defend up he was beating all ends up there our name our beautiful change of direction by name by but it runs into trouble again shabby thanks to wearing activities offside NASA memo goes solar burst of acceleration dimension [Applause] traveling down by name on its order there's brilliant skills there to get away from ratio and then the turret it's not the same for that [Laughter] too much [Applause] they pull the trigger at least two occasions we could have pulled it here it comes inside we could have turned it again when his insights about that it was passed Maxis and then he misses it target obeys Praveen stuff pack deal it was from Neymar he's looking the other way when the back heel and so close to being a fabulous goal [Applause] some tractor 10:15 yeah that's the court she's looking for a few more goals this is very easy on the eye as well from Tata Martino he hasn't made a substitution here but Peggy and Te'o Nene are available [Applause] naima waiting van Ryan Iniesta busy closing down its Toronto and the on goes diving in and Neymar's away lovely first up by Neymar and that's when I think they're gonna need a central defender arts grid scale team olives Pedro Lopez for dead [Applause] versus the skills this is a problems about day doesn't know how to tick name wanna go with a runner just same looking skills from I mean World Cups European Championships that's not the case but it seems like rail so she did the extra games and the Champions League they might have go through out the good stages I say the goal that Messi scored tonight Texan lost it his name it opens up again and Frieza forced completes the save I had a passion I have saved how he wanted to use it Neymar but after his performance tonight a little wonder he wanted another goal for himself under pressure by Christian Bravo Neymar's finishing was perfect in about ahem scoring 50 goals a season to me the ability that he's got is dumped on the ground chappie goes on the visit please they got physical strength took whatever that about let's get back to the present smart Neymar a sleeves one today he's taken down cruelly by Sanchez oh I think maybe looking at a an early exit and they should go to booking for that one I don't know if the referee is going to be a no lenient mood [Applause] Elevens [Applause] of all the tips Neymar acceleration of pace some so dangerous his Jackie [Applause] well that's what it required since that they were injection of pace began by name [Applause] projection back that he succeeded in doing so brilliant stuff no ma [Applause] Thiago his name our only one for company now there are three he slips it through and let it go by let see such as the dam is broken it was Neymar who found a way through and Alexis Sanchez with a simple tap into score for Gaza I thought he was looking to pass it and in fact than that but it was clever play and I'll axis at the far post as poaching and a super play and he conceives running out of a gear running at fan trying again gets support from a trio no uses him as a decoy Riano Betty name up too messy how did that happen way back to Betty to use this momentum again Gerard Pique father be admired lovely look back here from nema it's never will it's helped in by Matthews but he will claim a metric the boy drop Brazil has come alive in the Champions League well again he he faint a lot of time in a lot of space in the inside life channel Ambrose doesn't go to the ball doesn't go to close him down I think they might will get the call because the shot was on target he's certainly claiming it Champions League hat-trick Ambrose takes a long time to go to the Borgias beaten by the great fear of NEMA why didn't he play on because Villa was very quick on to the the loose ball picked off timing for the first 20 minutes were absolutely superb he's a skilful 34 her look at the skill here from a Martin [Applause] has 15 minutes to once more motivate his players but a large part of the game Rob Ellis were dominating supporter gymnema into the pocket not to break destroyed its Christian tayo and Luke Hart quickly gets off grid turn from Neymar he plays the ball in their path and Luke who's on the end of it I just thought he took too long here to get the shot off he looked a tick too long fàbregas Nathan's a big chance it but a ball juggling that is Shiva inside [Applause] – the big name class events conference finishes off sale to be a desert passed through set pace sense of ego have to buy a ticket to get back in here goes no mom is there going to be a finish he's fantastic [Applause] it was breathtaking skills in it

50 thoughts on “21 Years Old Neymar | 40+ Dazzling Skills – 2013/14”

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  2. Ronaldo phenomenom at his age had acomplished 100 times what he did…Neymar os an overrated player in my opinion.

  3. The man came to Barcelona happy with his fellow friend Dani Alves , Dani left , Neymar mad that lack of Brazilians in the team , left Barcelona to psg to reunite with Dani and also included Marquinhos and Thiago Silva now wants to leave PSG to come back to Barcelona , probably coutinho is going to leave 😭what more else do you want Neymar , if he doesn’t get want he wants he going to leave watch out Barcelona selling dembele and umtiti , rakatic for Neymar that’s crazy right there I know I wouldn’t do that

  4. I respect his decision of leaving Barca but I will always miss him. It's hard not to think about what could've happened if he stayed… a comeback is almost impossible but it's not too late. If we have to sell Dembele, Coutinho and a few more, so it be

  5. Wow… So sad how a person can sell out for money when he is rich already… But I blame xavi, messi and the Spanish media for his departure… Ask me how I'll explain

  6. If he hits the gym and starts strengthening his legs, he can easily become one of the greatest the diving must stop. People pay billions annually just to watch unprofessional futbol..

  7. Don't exist any comparation with Mbapee in the present day, Neymar with 21 years old was thousand times better than mbappe or any other player, include messi and cr7 and all statics and the skills … I saw soccer there's 40 years and I believe that neymar is the number one !!

  8. He was as good as Isco in 2017/18 season, at 21 only! 😍 Shame he couldn't be part of the Spanish gaints anymore…

  9. I just can't believe to realize he is 27 now, He's been in barca for 5 years. I thought it was 2 seasons.

    Yes I know he's in PSG now.

  10. Holy shit, when barca fans just had forgotten about how amazing this young neymar was!😳i mean not just barca fans, but many others too!

  11. When he was younger he was better, hungrier and motivated to become the best now it looks like he can’t be assed

  12. Siempre me ha cagado este pinche jugador de mierda, puto langaro de cagada, ya que hizo su puto circo ya la pasa, y todavía compromete super cabron los pases, en mi opinión es un jugador que ni vale verga y el ser colectivo hace crecer un equipo y este pendejo nunca lo hizo

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