203rd Knowledge Seekers Workshop Dec 21, 2017

(RC) Welcome everyone,
to the 203rd Knowledge Seekers Workshop, for Thursday, December, 21st, 2017.
And as always, we welcome everyone here, with … we have a change
of season occurring today on the 21st of December, 2017. And … I’m sure that Mr Keshe has various
changes, he would like to discuss as well. Mr Keshe are you available,
to start today’s activities? (MK) Yes, good morning,
good day to you, as usual, wherever and whenever
you listen to these Knowledge Seekers Programs. Yes, as you said,
today’s the 21st of December. It’s change of autumn
to winter season. Tonight is the longest night,
of the year. Or shortest day of the year.
In different cultures, celebrate tonight in different ways.
And in some cultures, it’s just another day. In the Iranian culture,
we celebrate tonight, we call it ´Šab-e Yaldā´, it means,
“The night of the longest night.” And it’s celebrated with different
setting of tables, and different celebrations. I hope it’s a celebration for a lot of us,
in the change of seasons, and brings good luck,
and good days for all of us. In so many ways,
our teaching is gathering in different ways,
and different directions, and… … What I have seen, and
what we see, it goes through… … another phase, we try, as we said,
the last time, last teaching … To bring more of the teaching
of the past to the present,
and to gathering the Knowledge, and conversing into a
new Dimensions and times. There’re a number of points,
which we have to realize. We see around
the Keshe Foundation people, who have been around the
Foundation, and now they see by establishing different setup
and organizations, that they can
financially benefit. They’re using the GANS Technology,
and Nanotechnology, they deny everything, because
we have told them, they can not use, sell anything,
without certification. Now they’re denying even the
Knowledge belongs to the Foundation. It’s good, at least,
others will benefit by it. But, we know what happened,
those who denied, the others, and what happened to them.
the way it happened. It’s good to understand the Technology.
Spread it, teach it… and if you want to claim it,
you can claim it. There is no problem. Because at the end of the day,
the benefits of it counts, not who claims what. This comes from lack of understanding, and we’ve seen many people have
done this, in past two or three years; Come into the Foundation,
learning, and then, claiming. This is gonna happen a lot.
And we’ve seen many of them. are actually struggling to
live at the moment in different shape or form,
with what they’ve done. This should be wishes give from
our Soul, to elevate them, that they use the Knowledge the
correct way, to elevate the others. In so many ways, those of you,
who are going into, or selling goods … … Governments or authorities do
not mind cottage industry, you can sell a soap here,
a soap there. But if you’re going
into mass production in selling quantity,
then, you’re under watch. We are working with the
governmental organizations to bring some orders
to these things. And the certification
will come through us it’ll take us another 6 months,
12 months, to put everything in order, that we can transfer our certifications
from one country to another. But those of you,
who are producing materials … Please make sure,
you reach certification. There are people who’ve been around
the Foundation, and they’re selling goods, uncertified, you’re playing with your…
what you call, ‘production lines’. there is no certification
and you have to be careful. Do not sell GANSes, do not buy GANSes from people,
who just advertise on the Internet. Selling GANS without
certification number. There are number of people,
selling all sorts of things like this. These have to be certified.
If you see them, you’re quite okay to report them
to authorities. On the Internet.
And to the local authorities for the product to be checked.
This is not to block anyone, this is to be correct. We’ve seen people, who’ve been members
of the, or part of the Keshe Foundation, and now they’ve set up,
selling goods … Please do not sell goods,
if you do not have self certification or FDA certification,
and we advise those of you, who see it on Internet,
report them to the authorities. They could be using Internet,
report it to the Internet Organizations, to shut these things down. Because, they bring us
problems in the future. Keshe Foundation products,
anywhere, we sell, is fully certified. Anything comes from Accra
anything comes from Italy, anything comes from any other
organizations, which is, needs certification,
has to have certification. We have to be law abiding,
we can not break the law. So, please make sure,
you see on the Internet, inform the people.
There is no certification. This is how we have to monitor,
and a lot of people, who we have asked them
to monitor. Now they claim, didn’t know this
from somewhere, or they’re done something else,
nothing to do with the Foundation. They’ve changed the wording
on their websites. This will not stop.
We will start, collaborating with the organizations,
we’ve said this before, to monitor these things.
We inform … you have to inform yourself of,
what product is where. A lot of these products
are made in the back of the kitchens or whatever,
has to be certified. We help you,
we support you, to get certification,
wherever is possible. But cannot, you can not sell products
without certification. As One Nation, we have to,
at this moment, combine our works with authorities,
to bring these certifications into operation.
And we’ve seen many people, the minute we tell them,
they have to withdraw the material, or can not use the name
of the Keshe Foundation, because it’s illegal, selling
products, which are not certified,
then they go against the Foundation attacking and saying,
“It’s all their Knowledge.” That’s good,
we respect that. If it’s your Knowledge is good,
but you can not sell things by change of words,
and we work with authorities,
to certify things, that it’s easier for people in
a coming time, to be able to work. There’s a lot of words,
going in the background. On the other hand, we heard
a very sad news, this week. ‘That, the Inventor,
as you know, of the Water Engine, was …
He was dead, or he was killed, in September, having dinner with
two Belgians, on the table. And the death was instantaneous,
the same way, as what we seen, a stroke, heart attack,
or brain hemorrhage, which is the affect of this water,
clear water, they give … I had them, Caroline had them,
and Mr Sloot had the same thing two days later, died.
And, we’ve seen it, with the same other Inventors.
Mr From, in Belgium. So, if you are Inventors,
if you are in any shape or form connected, avoid meeting
with people of this caliber. If you have developed
anything of the Keshe Foundation. read the News, go into the News
and read about the water. … the scientist who
produced the Water Engine, which uses no oil. He said on the table, “I’ve been poisoned”
with two Belgians on the table and he died instantane …,
instantly. So, our Soul goes to the family,
we been through it. It’s the same Nation,
the same people, the same pattern of work.
And, at the moment, we have track record of some
200 scientists killed in meeting, or around anything to do
with that Nation, and their people. Our condolences goes to their family,
for such a beautiful scientist, but, as you are becoming more
and more expert in these things, Do not seek any connection,
anywhere, in any meeting, with these nationals.
It’s for your protection. Read the Press. It’s just come available.
So, this is, what we have to do. What we have to watch.
And, when we said it, was not,
this is a fresh, another murder. We’re aware of 200 murders,
by the same kind of people, the same organization.
And we know the name. I’ve met with these people,
around, when I was in that place,
in that country. So, we knew, our problems
started, with these kind of people,
but be aware, and be vigilant. You are all becoming new scientists,
you are all becoming new people, who develop Technologies, to use
different aspects of Technology. Keep away,
from these people. They, now are so bold, they have
done so many, that they kill on the table, while you’re having dinner.
It’s in the press. On the other hand,
we have to go further. We have developed
our Technologies. We have … seen, this kind of
operation of the Soul. But as part of the teaching,
as part of the understanding, as part of knowing
the Knowledge, we have to be able to cross march,
from one section to another. This is where
the expertise come. Years ago,
I met couple of officials, from United Nation,
and Scientific Organizations. They explained to me something,
which now, with us, where we are, is becoming
more and more applicable to us. They said there are millions of people who
understand one small part of one topic. There are hundreds of thousands of
Scientists, who understand in the depth, of the same Knowledge. Where it say, in two topics of Chemistry,
one very good, one whatever. There are thousands of Scientists who
understand a small part of, let’s say, Chemistry into Physics, or
connection Physics into Biology. There are very few thousand people,
who can understand some bigger parts of one Science connected to
one or two parts of another. There are hundred very, very, very
limited number who are good, mainly in the majority of one topic,
like Biology, and part of Chemistry. There’re handful of Scientists,
who understand fully one subject, and they can relate
to two subject like … They are good in Biology
but they understand part of it, application in Chemistry
and part in Physics. There are very few Scientists,
less than handful, who can know fully about the Biology and understand,
for example, in Physics. And they come
every 10 to 20 years. We see one odd. There are Scientists who understand,
can go freely from one subject, like Physics into Chemistry,
Chemistry into Biology. And they understand the Totality
of the full Knowledge. And there are a very few,
they come every 500 years, 600 years, every couple
of hundred years. Da Vinci was one of
the last ones we know. So, in our subject, we are
becoming to the same thing. Some of you will become
expert in Nano. Some of them become expert in Fields. Some of you become
expert in Plasma. Some of you become
expert in products. effect of the use of the Plasma
on the body of the Man. Some of you will start, start
understanding how you can use the Nano Technology in respect to
elevation of the Soul of the Man. So, the Technology’s getting a full
spectrum of these understandings. Those of you who started very early,
with us, years ago. You have a better view of Totality.
Those of, who are joining in latter time, they see one, or one part,
which has attracted them. Some of you will start opening
to see the spectrum. Does not need to be a Doctor,
a Professor, a educated man, to see this. Because now, we are writing the
totally a new language, in Science. We look at the Chemistry,
or interaction of the Fields, in the Chemistry of Plasma,
different than the present Chemistry. We are looking at
the interaction of the Fields, on the structure of the body of the Man,
through the Soul of the Man. Through what the Soul of the Physicality
creates in the Physical Matter direction. So we see, we go from Plasma
to Matter content and the rest. This is how it should be. This is how the Totality
will refer to all of us. We all have set up,
we are setting up, and we have to understand,
that we, some of us like to be specialized in one point:
Nano coating. Different type of Nano coating.
What does the Nano coating gives? And, what kind of
next step will be? We don’t want to go into the GANS
production. We make expert in it. This is a Matter-State
of the Technology. Some of us who go
into the Plasma, and then, in that section,
we have the mixture of Plasma. This is the Chemistry
of the Science, New Science. Some of us go
to the next step. Look at the creation
of the … line of what we call, ‘Amino Acid’.
and the interaction with part of the creation,
of the structure of Life. This is the new Science of Biology
of the Plasma Technology. Some of us go to the next
step of the Science. Which is the interaction
of the Plasmas in Matter-State,
and GANS-State, and the condition of the
Amino Acid Plasma Fields. Which leads to the creation
of Physicality and Life. And Emotion,
and Soul So, now we have gone
into the next step because we’ve seen the effect of what
Plasma controls itself, dictates itself. What it produces,
and how it produces, now allows us, to look at
the Science of the Creation, in a totally fresh new angle. We have no Professors,
we have no Doctors. We have, we don’t give any PHDs,
and we don’t give, “You’re a housewife
you don’t understand.” “You’re a layman
you don’t understand.” With this Technology
all of us understand. According and in balance
to our own intelligence, and mainly, mainly through
the dogmas we have, with the knowledge
we gain from the past. Does it fit into
what we learned? Or we start fresh.
we look at it fresh, and we start a fresh
Cycle of Knowledge. So, what is important
for all of us? Because in the past two or three
weeks teachings and understanding, and elevation of the Souls and
inspiring you to understand. I have started bringing different
part of the Technology together. That you become all,
in the level of understanding. as you wish, to become the Da Vinci’s
of the Italia, the present time. In a way, that, with a fresh understanding
you do not get locked into one. You become expert in Nano but understand
the Nano materials you make. What consequences it has,
what cycle of Life it creates, What cycle of Plasma
Chemistry it creates. What kind of Soul the Nano material,
you made, leads to the creation of. These are all what is important
for us to understand. These are what I call, ‘The enlightenment
of the Knowledge of the present time’ So, as the present Scientists,
they have to be … a specialist in certain things.
With the new Knowledge. you don’t need to be
a specialist in one thing. As you understand the Totality,
you become a specialized in all aspects of the Knowledge.
And this is important. And this is what
we need to bring. This is what is important,
for all of us to understand. That, we do not
become narrow minded, because our narrow mindedness,
at this stage, at this time, at this … part of development of
the Technology of the Man, can lead and create
problem for us, in Space. Because, when we look at
the Totality, we see everything. Then, we don’t need to be
the Scientist of Chemistry, or physical part of the Plasma,
or the GANS, or whatever. But, we need to be the Scientist,
who understands the basic, the fundamental interaction
of the Plasmatic Fields, that it leads to creation
of the Matter-State. It leads to creation
of Amino Acid. It leads to us,
to create the Amino Acid. In Space, we can not go and
find a Zinc plate, a Copper plate, and find somewhere,
there is Oxygen, that we create CO2 and
we can create the Amino Acid on top of it,
that we can create a Soul. We have to understand,
how the interaction of the Fields, has led to creation
of that Amino Acid. So, in Space we decide,
what Amino Acid we produce from the interaction of
the Fields of our own Soul. in the dimension
of Physicality. Then, it comes to a point,
which we raised last week. We understood the creation of
the Soul through interaction of the Field Strength
of the Amino Acid. Now, how to feed it. The biggest problem,
as we said last week, and some of you understood.
And some, still trying to understand, is, how do I feed myself? We’ve taught this, all of it,
and it’s important, now, that we can go back
in comparison to the Physical Teaching, the Physical Matter,
or Matter-State of the Plasma and the Plasma free direction
of the Field interaction. What does this mean?
It means, if you look, if you understood? In the teaching of the
past few weeks we said that the Field-Strength
from the Soul of the Man, in the interaction with the
Field-Strength of the Planet, the Gravity, the Inertia and in a condition of the
Fields created by interaction of the Fields, between the Sun and the Earth,
leads to creation of the Soul of the Man and then the Soul itself
in interaction with these Elements. By radiating its
Fields and how they interact, leads to the creation of the
Physicality, which is a weaker part.” Weaker in a
Matter-State Field-Strength, compared to the Strength
of the Soul of the Man, but not compared to
the Soul of the Physicality, which is the
smaller of the same. Then, it should have
become very transparent for all of you
how you feed yourself. Goes back to the principle
of the teaching of the Foundation. “We are here to serve
and not to be served.” What does this mean?
This means a very, very, simple fact. When you have a Soul, which is
of a higher strength, all you need to do, you need to find a condition,
a position, where by giving from your Soul, lead to conversion of the
Fields, that in that process, the gradual Field becomes the food for
Physicality, conformation of the existence. So, if you go back to the other part
of the teachings we did, we always said, “the stronger Plasma,
the bigger Plasma, always feeds, gives to the lowest
strength and gives to the smaller, for them to elevate to the higher
level, that they become balanced.” That, the what I give
you take, what you take, what I don’t need
and I take what you don’t need. And, this process should have become
understood, it’s the process of feeding. This is how you feed,
this is how you absorb energy, from space of the environment,
when you are in deep Space. There are no cows, there are no
steaks, there are no kangaroos roast, and there are no beef burgers
and hamburgers and ketchup’s. But, you have to learn how you absorb
energy from the Space of the Universe. You can absorb
if you have somewhere to give to. This is the Ethos of the
understanding of a life in Universe. You can not just get, you have to be able
to give that you have a space to receive, and in that process, what you do not
need of the higher or lower order you give. So, to be able to feed the body of
the Man as any Entity, looking, ten legs, twenty arms, fourteen eyes
or whatever in one position. And no legs and a fish life in another,
or become the Totality of the Plasma, floating in the Space of the Universe,
all needs a point of feed, a point of giving. And in that process
of giving, what is the residual, become the food
to the Soul of the Man. Now you understand the
Ethos of the teaching of the Foundation. “We are here to serve
and not to be served.” Because, in Space you
cannot absorb if you cannot give. Because, there
is no flow through. And, in that process of
giving what comes to you to give, becomes the food,
for the Soul of the Man. It becomes, then in interaction
at the direction of the lower strength, the Physicality
of the Man. In fact, you give
from what you become, your food from Space
to create your own Physicality. If need be, if the interaction with the
environmental Field-Strength decided to be. You got to remember
something very, very interesting. There is a lot of teachings
in the present time, which is actually, … comes through the lack
of understanding, is that we say, “in this process of life,
we go on a DNA and RNA. There is a
physical DNA, a physical RNA, but, there is a
Planatarian RNA too. Which that dictates
what is needed on this Planet. All the time it says … DNA and RNA we have two kidneys one liver, we
have one processing, we have two eyes. But, you have to
understand that the information about the creation of
such a system is embedded in the structure of
the Soul of the RNA of this Planet. When you are born, when you are conceived
in the womb of your mother you see, they say this comes,
this is part of RNA to do with the gene, gene, this, that,
but they have not understood. There is a Field-Force effect
which has become part of the structure, of the Life on this Planet,
which is the RNA and DNA of this Planet. Which, in interaction in its
existence enforces life in the conditions that
we see, sensory
vision two eyes, sensory touch, disposal units these all have come
in a very good example of this is what we
see in the rivers. We see there is nowhere Life
and after rain in combination of time fish appears,
a life appears. Transmutation of the Field-Strengths
in conformation of the existence of the proposition, is the reason for the
Creation of new life in these conditions. Where, there has never been fish,
fish appears. because the
salinity of the water dictates the condition, reflection
of the RNA and DNA of the Planet to create
Life in these waters. Now that the Man becomes
educated, can understand more and unravel
what has been the ‘mystery’. You get a system,
you create a CO2 and a GANS of it and then the Fields of it, you put it in
a patch and then you put it on your body and it removes
pain or it reduces pain or in the knowledge of the
masters of this technology now you can create or remove
Entities from the body or introduce to. So, it’s the same, the Field-Transfer
in comparison to what it is in condition
of what you have created transfers the RNA DNA
and conformation of the new Life. So, in fact if we can replicate
every condition of this Planet on another Planet
anywhere in this Universe we can replicate Life,
the same as this. Because, they hear we have the atmosphere
of the Earth which replicates the fish we are part of Universal Ocean of Fields in balanced strength the same applies. In balanced strength we can replicate. There is a very big question. Was life ever transported
onto this Planet the same way? Are we a copy are
we part of duplication? Maybe? But due to interaction
of the Fields of this Planet it has its own
characteristics as well. It has it’s own
dimensions as well. It has
it’s own structure. We are all human but
if we are in part of the world we’ll become blue eyes
and blond hair and the other we are black eyes
and brown hairs because the condition
of the environment has dictated. Not the
entirety of the Man. So, this is important for
us to understand this is for us… Just one
second please. Its our little boy wants
to be part of the teaching … In this process we have to understand… we have to be open minded, we have to be to be clear enough
about the Totality of the knowledge and not be restricted into what we
think we cannot understand. If Man stays open minded,
in a way be open to give from his Soul, even to his enemies,
the enemies will change too. If you give the same to your friends
they change too. If you give to any environment –
unconditionally, they change too, if the intention of giving is to serve. And is the same across this Planet, across the Universe. This is what if you understand you can
receive the energy of a certain Fields, which is not available on this Planet,
from another position in the Universe. If you understand the absorption of
energy from the space of the Fields, of the ocean of
the Plasmas of the Universe. In the teaching last week, in a very open
way, we explained that the Soul of the Man receives majority of its Fields from
the depth of the Universe, from the depth of the Planet,
of the higher strength of it. Is not that it absorbs very little anything which is at the strength of
itself, it will absorb as it needs from the dimensions of the Universe. It doesn’t take the lowest and
it doesn’t take the medium or doesn’t take higher than itself, it takes what it needs from the space of
Universe it transfers that energy as a Plasma
into the dimension of the Physicality. And then it leaves it
to the brain of the Man or what we call, the ‘transition part’
of the life, for it to decide, what this energy is going
to manifest itself as a end product. As we said,
“It’s like a dough.” “Once you made it dough from
then you decide is it going to be a cake. a bread, a cookie, is it
going to be an arm, a leg and a liver? According to what is needed? Otherwise, it’s the same dough it’s the same
Field-Strength from the Soul of the Man/ This is what is ha…
has to be understood by all of us. Then we become the
scientist of the Universe. No restriction becoming
physicist, chemist, biologist, plasma specialist,
heart surgeon or a farmer. Because, you understand the
operation of the Soul right across. The whole, entire understanding. Now we understand the Totality. Now we have to be open minded,
to understand the Totality. The point which we decide, “that’s
our limit, this is where we want to be.” there is nothing wrong with it. Is the pleasure of the Soul of the Man to
serve at that strength, at that point. It is for all of us to understand. Is for all of us
to be aware of the Totality. But, choose which part of it we want to
be with or work with or function through. This is the key. This is the process
we need to understand. So, in so many ways, even
if I stop the talk today you have, should have, must have, at least had
an insight in how to feed yourself. in Space… you need a second entity
to be able, by the confirmation of it, to be able to receive that
you can give. In the mythology and into the history of
the Man we call it, ‘Adam and Eve’. By giving part of itself as we say,
“In the history of Man”, Adam created Eve, not only to confirm
the conformation of his Physicality, but to confirm he can Love. Which is giving. Which confirms, “I exist.” Adam did not create
Eve for a Physicality of life. Adam created Eve for confirmation of,
“I exist.” “I can be a giver,
by giving I lead to the creation.” To the creation of symbolic, a women, but in reality confirmation of my own existence, that, “I can exist, but I need confirmation of my existence.” “I can Love, but I need
to have something to Love,” something that can
Love me back to confirm, “I am a giver.” In a way, the process of what we see
is hidden in the mysteries of whatever, is in fact, the story of life in Space. It’s what we call, ‘existence’. What we call, ‘feeding oneself,
that through feeding, we need to feed another. That what is come to us
becomes our food. As long as is us,
there’ll be no existence. As long as there is a Lover for us
to give to we confirm our existence, “I made Man in the image of Myself.” “I needed to create an image
for me to love, that by Loving it,
I can receive back five, to confirm my existence.” This becomes very clear,
how in Space we can create the condition of existence,
any point in the Universe. Because, we receive
the same Field-Strength, but according to the condition
of environment we find ourselves and our Soul decides to appear itself, Then we allow the Field-Strength
of that environment to be created, that it leads to the
conformation of our existence, “we are Adam anywhere in the Universe.
It’s our destination, it’s our Wish to create what,
Eve at the point of the destination of the manifestation.” And, this is the secret of Life,
this is the way you will exist in Space. No one dies in Space. Just because we have seen here
on this Planet, if we don’t have air we die. If your not in the water we die,
we need to be a fish in the water. But if fact. if you live
through the Soul of the being, you can live in the water, you can Live in the fish. You can live in the sea, you can live
in depths of magma of this Planet. Or, you can live at the higher levels,
100’s of degrees below, temperatures the Man
has made for himself. This is the beauty
of us to understand the Totality. And these teachings
are for this purpose. To open the horizon of
understanding and the fear of the Man from what has become a fear,
but it doesn’t actually exist. If Man leaves this Planet,
through the existence of his Soul and understand that
it’s the Soul which dictates his manifestation at
any point in the Universe, according to the Fields
which he releases in interaction with the
Fields of the environment it likes to appear itself to,
then Man had become free. Man has become part of Universal Community,
because the Universe is One Community. It’s very much, in a larger scale
in the teachings that we have started. One Nation, One Planet, One Soul,
One Universe is all the same. It’s for the Man to decide,
would like to be a physicist, a chemist, biologist, a farmer,
or, a candle stick maker. Otherwise in essence, all have Souls,
all exist, and they decide in what dimension they want to exist
and manifest themselves as. Now you understand. Now you can see it’s the Soul of the Man,
once we understand it, that becomes the creation of the manifestation of the Soul
of the Physicality which in interaction with the Field environment
of the existence leads to the manifestation
of the physical life, in that environment. And sometimes, you have part of which fits,
and the other part which does not. Then we’ll see a mixture
of the manifestations, which this become very, very,
frequent for the Man of Space. We see Entities with the Creation
of the Soul we can feel, but the Physicality,
is not there, or we see the Physicality
but we can not see the Soul, in the dimension
which we are looking for, but in fact if we look in another strength
and dimension, we find Life existence. Then, we decide we want to match that,
or we want to reach that level of Soul to be able to manifest ourselves
at their level. What we call,
‘We become the Lover, and we change everything to fit
that we match with our Lover’. Which means we become the givers. We give up, and we give to the level
that compared to them, we become manifest to them
but not necessarily to the others. Those of you who enter the dimension
of GANS technology in the Amino Acid level and then the Fields
beyond the Amino Acid level, you start feeling,
you start seeing in the dimension, because now you feed the Soul,
you learn how to, and then you will see it,
and you become interaction, and you will interact
with new dimensions. For a lot of you,
confirmation of the existence of their Soul through the water and GANS
of the body of the Man, has been a problem, where we see when the egg
and the sperm come together and create this what you call
the ‘center’, the ‘essence’. In the teachings of the past
we had this, those who came as the masters
and developed it, and then they could not understand it,
but they had to wait for it that it’s the right time for to come.
They have recorded it. Then, what you see in these recordings
of the teachings over past 4 or 5 years, is what now you can relate to. Creation of twin Souls,
what we call “Beautiful people.” Creation of twin Souls of us,
one of our Physicality, and one of our total essence,
and the interaction with each other. I’ve asked our team in the background
for past week to look, and find all the recordings,
and it’s about 5 or 6 minute of it, Sandor has found it,
and has put it together. Rick or Sandor, if any of you would like,
just watch these. It’s a very simple ?criteria? in it. This is part of the teaching of the past
at that time could not make sense, Now we can make sense for it …
We’ve got a feedback here? (RC) Yeah we’re getting an echo
… Sandor. (SK) I was muted, the echo is not from me. (MK) Okay. So can we,
I can hear myself back, somebody’s is open channel. So if you would like to play this,
and we listen to it, it’s about 6 minutes of it,
and then look how, that void, that cavity,
that Soul, through the interaction of
one or two elements have created it, and have been created it
and then you see the interaction of mixture of GANSes
which leads to creation of different what they call …
‘Principal Matters’ in the center. Would you like to play this please?
(SK) Yes I will start to play it and from the half of it it’s no sound so it’s
possible to give explanations if you want to. (MK) Okay, carry on please. (Video sound MK) You have tested
your reactors, you increase the speed, you reduce the speed, you..
(RC) Turn your volume down Sandor. (Video sound MK) …
(MK) Sandor you have to turn your volume down. (RC) Turn your volume down a bit there.
thank you. (MK) Okay, carry on please.
(Video sound MK) what I call the Principle.. You have tested your reactors, you increase
the speed, you reduce the speed, now for the first time
some of you have seen a … what I call the Principle Core
in the center of your cores. We have seen the last time the …
showing of a column core, … center core in the past … week
we have seen … (inaudible) … with double cores … … Center Core.
And I was asked to explain, I explained this to Elya what it means.
You reach new understanding, you will absorb new things
and we explain it as you reach it. The double core we see with,
with the Vitor is because you have
the mixture of two elements, and the two elements
Gravitational-Magnetic Field, due to the mixture you have used,
there is a most most probably there is some.. Sorry about this
it’s the mascot of the Foundation, he gives a bunch,
he has to confirm. … So, the, the Plasm… the material,
there is some material, there is a separation
between the two bubbles. One belongs to the CO2, and one, one core
belongs to the … what you call Copper Oxide. So they have created
their own … central core, but because of the way your material
it mix together in the core, they have a line of connection
between each other. This is a Field connection.
And that’s why you have two twin centers. You will see in time,
light within these cores. Because the Plasmas will interact
by layering inside each other, and that interface as I explained
about the creation of Matter in the Plasma with the Gravitational-Magnetic Field
of different … strength. Now, in a coming time as you mix materials,
you will see you create light within these … what you call, ‘center Plasmas’. These center principles,
because they will radiate different Fields, and in attraction and reduction
from their environment, then you will start seeing light in this,
they become like … light bulbs. The interaction will come from inside. You don’t get a light as it’s outside,
as a light bulb you see, the light inside will come from
the same structure of Plasma. And then, you will start understanding
how you can control these … what I call, the ‘centralized Plasmas’
to create different Matters. This … double Plasma separation
you’ve seen, is the beginning of your understanding
of the Creation of Life. If you can mix and control the CO2 and the GANS
in a specific order in your reactors, I show you in the future how to do it. Then you create one reactor and
the two Plasmas will merge inside each other, and as they have
different strength Fields, they interact and you will see
the light inside the bulb. (MK) What we see here,
is the center Plasma which is created, or we call it the Soul, and this goes
back to nearly three years ago’s teaching. You see again a bubble, in the center,
which holds in that position. Exactly like the Soul of the Man. It’s the interaction of the cells,
Magnetic-Gravitational Fields of the Amino Acids, which have turned to,
from egg and sperm together, which has led to creation
of this center point. So, is the same with this.
This is how for the first time you can see the creation of what we call
the Principle Matter, what we call “the Soul of the Man.”
What we call “the beginning of life.” If we allow this Field
to transfer, then we can find, matter of Physicality
within, at the point of reduction of it. These, are not empty spaces,
these are created by, pull and push of the Fields
of different Strengths. If you freeze the picture,
you can see the ball, the little light, the little
bubble in the center. That is totally created out
of the Field-Strength, interaction of the Fields
of the Matter inside. This is what we said
few weeks ago. “When we find this video,
you can see it clearly.” If you create a Condition of the,
mixture of Amino Acids, mixture of the Field-Strength,
you will see Structure of the Life. Maybe, feel it as a Field-Strength,
maybe feel it as Totality as what it is. This what you see, as a single
light right in the center, or two bubbles,
right in the center. Is not there, when you start rotating in
certain speed, the Field separation create. This goes back to a lot of theories
that the people say, “There is a hollow center
in every Planet.” Yes, there could be, from the interaction.
You see this is a very, very clear. You see the Soul,
right in the center. This is done by Knowledge Seekers. This is done by those who have
experimented GANSes, in different ways, and, how they have developed
and how they see. It’s, important for all of us,
to understand this. Because then
you understand, there is a Soul within the Structure
of the body of the Man. Which was seeded from the original…
platform of the Amino Acids which created it. It just adds to it, layer by layer,
as time goes. As what he absorbs
from the Universe, what he absorbs from
the environment of the Universe. We don’t need to put
more GANS in it. It just creates a balance
condition of Fields, and then, from then on
is more powerful, that, in the future
when the Man looks, you will see Fields which
go beyond this System. In the body of the Man, we call it,
the ‘Aura’ of the Man. It’s created the same.
This system with that bubble, change of the size of the bubble will create
different Auras round, around this ball. (SK) I remember… Sorry
(MK) Pardon, (SK) I remember in 2014, Mr Keshe tau…
taught us, when we started to make such a Spinning Reactors with GANS, that, the
creation of the Plasma shall … be done slowly, gradiently and at the beginning
we should not turn, our Reactors with 2000 rpm but we have to start
very slowly, and within maybe one, two weeks, to reach
200 rpm only. To let … to allow time for Plasma
to build up exactly like … last week, you said the example
with the Marathon Runner. Who if it’s very fast … he cannot pick
… any water which is offered to drink, but who runs at the right speed …
can pick all the bottles. (MK) You still run the Marathon.
(SK) [chuckles] (MK) You have more bottles,
heavier to run. (SK) Not running, just I put together the
old teachings with the newer teachings. (MK) Thank you very much. Now we see, if there was a doubt in those
of you about the creation of the… Principal Matter, in the center
of the GANS liquid. When you try,
the Amino Acid. When this center is created… you feel the Emotion
of the Man. But learn, that the GANS, the Amino Acid
GANS, has to be of different… materials, different Strengths, for you to have or
be able to absorb or observe or feel part of the elements. If the Field created at center point, is
not at the Strength that you physically might feel, or
Emotionally accept, it’s just another ball. It could fit, in the Strength
of your dog, feeling and he starts crying
or run, or laugh. Or it runs at amount of the fish,
that you find him to walk, swim rapidly, or turn upside down and swim, because
… that’s what the thing creates. So, we have to put aside all the
restrictions which we made for ourselves, to be able to confirm
that we understand. If we accept and
understand the Totality, then you understand,
Life, Emotion, Intention. can be… developed. Exists in every Strength
and Dimension, and every point of this Planet
and in the Universe. This is what I said, and if you, listen
to part of this … 44th Teaching, if I remember correctly, we refer,
to the Existence of the Soul at that time. It’s just a touch, mentioned. But now you understand, we had the
knowledge even three years ago but if we would have told you this,
it would have shocked you. It’s … there is a link, listen to it. Go
back and listen, it’s a very, very touch. I touch about the
Soul of the Man. The Creation of the Soul,
in these Systems. Because, at that time,
we could not explain you’re all in the nursery of the
knowledge, and, teaching you… would you like to switch off
please, Sandor. … teaching you … about …
we can see your page, would you like to shut down,
please? Then, would have been…
(SK) Yes Rick was sharing… (RC) Sorry, I was trying to share
because we were getting a, a very big echo happening
through Sandor’s system so… I was trying to share the same video
image, but if you don’t need it anymore … then we’ll put on our regular
background. (MK) just put the regular background please.
(RC) Okay. (MK) So you understand, the knowledge was
there, even four years ago. But, the students were not ready
to sit for the exam of Life. So, in so many ways, is not something
that we have come up with. Now, you are ready for. You are understanding more,
that you can develop, the rest. You can understand and explain and expose,
different beauties of the knowledge, according to your understanding. The knowledge has been there. Around 40th, 35 to
about 55 Teachings, if you go and listen
to some parts of it, it literally, tells you the same thing
as what I’ve been telling you, in a Dimension, in a Direction,
of the Soul of the Man. Now you can connect. It is for us and
is my Wish. “That none of those who listen,
or work around the Foundation, ever put a rule down,
this is how it has to be”. The minute you have
put a rule down, it means you have stopped
understanding any further. We give you, the CO2 box,
and we give a power supply. There is no instruction that it has to be
at one volt and zero point one amp. At one volt, zero point one amp,
depending on the Copper Plate you have, and the Zinc Plate
you have, or, on the Zinc Plate Nano coated
and the plain Zinc Plate, you create a specific energy Plasma,
according what and how, the Plasma of the Copper was created
inside the Matter State of it. And, my Copper, for my experiment,
comes from Africa. Your Copper, from your experiment,
comes from Asia. As I always say, “Just because the guy
has a mustache, he’s not your uncle”. Each uncle, has different beauty
and different attribute. Would you like to play with
the uncle who’s joyful? Or would you like to play with
a uncle who’s a jumper and takes you to do a high jump? This is what
we have to understand. This is what
we have to elevate and… promote to give through
our own Soul to the others to reach the
elevation of our Soul. In a very simple way, I have taught you today
exactly how to feed yourself. If you are those who want
not to have with Physicality. Try and you achieve it. The very first time I declared
my position to Caroline. She said,
“What are you doing here?” I said “I’ve come here
to enjoy the pleasures of Physicality
and understand Man.” She said, “Isn’t the whole, like this
anywhere in the Universe, other things?” I said “No, here we can taste, we
can smell, we can enjoy the Physicality.” Until we don’t go through
the process to understand why Man commits so much
crime for these Physicalities. We cannot
take Man out of it. And it’s taken me years to understand it,
to see the weakness and the strength. To be able to see why Man kills,
why Man fall in love, why Man becomes
physical to another. And, once we understand this… then we can… merge it, we can elevate
the Soul of the Physical Man, to understand a Dimension
which is above Physicality. But how can I teach,
if I haven’t tasted myself. How can I can I tell you,
how delicious a cookie is… till I don’t eat it, or I don’t
make it myself, that I can taste it. Many messengers of the past,
as I said, “I will not make the same mistakes unless I decide
that it’s not a mistake.” “Made the physical mistake of
getting involved in Physicality.” But… Their Soul was given the message
to deliver the message of the Soul. They converted it into
the physical Dimension Strength. Not the message
which came to them. We have
to decide, What is acceptable at
the point of manifestation? And what is the condition
of the manifestation, at the point we want
to manifest ourselves? But, we still carry
the Ethos that we have to be at the
level of the giver, at the level
of the receiver, at the level of being
both at the same time. To give… and in giving
understanding there is a need to receive
that I can give more. If you keep on
taking water out of a cup, spoon by spoon, there will be soon,
not left in the cup. Unless you
put additional in. So is the same with
the Soul of the Man. A Soul.. A beginning… What you call the ‘Principle Matter’,
what you call the ‘Black Hole’ or whatever. Needs to receive, otherwise, it’ll have nothing
left to give, in time to come. But, in receiving, there is a interaction with the Field,
which come in, with those which go out. And the difference
creates a light. At same time,
is so much taking, and, that we
cannot see the giving. Read the paper,
The Creation of Black Hole
. If you understand
that principle, you have understood
the Essence of the Creation. The paper,
The Creation of Black Hole
, is the backbone
of understanding the Creation
in the Universe. Is not if you are narrow minded,
that you’re looking at object of… Entity, then
you’ll get stuck. But, if you understand
the essence of that paper, then you understand
the Totality of the Creation. That’s why it was written
as one of the first papers. Because, that paper
explains everything in the Life
of the Creation. That where I example give,
when the energy goes in, you see a light. That light if it’s created,
means, comes out slow, it’s the beginning of the
Creation of Life, it’s giving, but we
do not see. Now you understand
and you can see how we go from the present
teaching of the Soul, to the physical Dimension
of the teaching of the past. And this makes it…
Life easy for all of you. Because now you
can relate to everything. Your Creation. You being
the Creator. You have to be a just
and a correct Creator. That in what you Create, does not
end up by mistake, to demise of yourself. Unless, this was
your intention. The only apple between
the Creator and the Created, is the Wish,
a condition, which the
environment Creates. That, you have
to work with it. Now, I hope it’s been
made much more clearer. Then it comes to,
how do we communicate, with each other, that what
we need and what we receive? In the language of the Man,
we use the voice, and signs,
and letters. But what is, and
how the Souls interact? How do you understand
the feeling of a Soul? We know the Emotion
of joy and laughter. We know the Emotion
of sadness. But go back,
“I made the Man in the image of Myself.” So does your Soul,
feels the pain of the loss. Or the joy of gaining by
others from what they give. “What I give
for it to exist.” The Emotion of
the Soul of the Man, to lead to the condition
of interaction and creation of the Physicality
of the Soul of the Man. Is the Essence of the creation
in the physical Matter Dimension. In the physical Matter Dimension
we speak about the weight and the mass. But, we never considered
that the weight and the mass, are from the interaction of the
Fields of Entity on it’s own, itself. Or, in interaction with the Fields of
the environment of the Entity, by itself? But then, again, according to the
Inertia Gravitational-Magnetic Fields, not the Mass Gravitational Field
of the center. There is a big
difference, because we only can manifest
Fields of the given strength, if that Field, is within
the structure of the Planet. If an element which is in Space and
we don’t have it, we cannot absorb it. And because we can’t absorb it,
we cannot create it’s physical condition. We cannot create
Copper on this planet, if within the structure of the Gravitational-
Magnetic Field of this Planet, part of it,
Copper doesn’t exist. It has to have that Field-Strength,
that it can absorb it. And then by absorbing it in, then,
according to the Field Strength of the environment, come, transfers it
into the Matter State of the Copper. We see it as a
Matter of Copper. So shall be the presence of Man,
confirmation of the existence of the Man, according to the environment which it
manifest itself in the physical Dimension. If… Physicality is part of
the Inertia of that Entity. Otherwise
it cannot do. And this is important
for us to understand. Otherwise, we miss the whole
process of Creation, creating and, at the same time, being able
to feed what we have created. You can not create a Life in a Soul
Physical level, if you can not feed it. So, it has to be at the Strength that you can support, you
can feed, you can give Life to and that is what has to be. This is what we need
to understand. This is part of our work. This is part of the Totality of
understanding the whole Creation, not part of it. This is exact understanding of it. How we want to manifest,
the way we want manifest, where we want to manifest and has to be one condition only,
the intention to give and not to take
from the environment. If we enter a Dimension to
take from a environment we are back to what we do,
we have on this Planet. We become takers of packages because we have no
confidence in ourselves that we are the givers,
we are the Lovers. It’s in part of the writing of
Bahá’u’lláh bless his name he says “One should not Love his Nation
but has to Love the whole of Humanity.” And some Governments, some
people who wanted to use us, as we see,
they are not Nation Lovers but it doesn’t say that
they’re the World Lovers. And loving the World
means creating Peace. We have played with the words. We have played with the
understanding of the words the way it suits us. In Space, you play
with these things you play with the fire
of the Soul of the Man. Which means the Soul will not allow
and with it, it demises itself. Because, these don’t exist in
the level of the Soul of the Man. What you got to understand
is very simple… if the Gravitational-Magnetic Field of
the Copper did not exist in the Copper it could not exist in
the body of the Man. The Elements which
are not part of this Planet are not in the physical Strength
of the body of the Man either but they exist in the Soul of the Man. The Soul of the Man
carries the full Spectrum of the Field-Strength
of the Universe. But, in this condition,
in this position as a physical Entity of the body
of the Man, manifests itself as a Man. If, if the Strength is in
a condition level of the Fish you manifest yourself
as a Fish, or the Amino Acid of a Tree,
for a Plant. In so many ways, if you understand
the Totality of understanding the teaching goes back to what I said,
“When I teach… I teach every living
thing on this Planet.” And Man thinks
teaching is only for Man because he can hear
the voice as a Man. But we teach as a Soul,
so we elevate the Totality. And those who understand
they become part of the process. Then, you want to see how the Fish
feels, in the cage you have built him and you want him to live, you become part of
the Soul of the Fish. You feel his pain and his
condition and then, we change. We had a very recent case,
in Accra. The fishery has
a huge problem. They put five meter by
five meter tank, mesh… and they put so many Fish in it and then they leave it in
the rivers or in the ocean and they want to catch
or they want to grow the Fish. But the Fish, 80 % of them don’t want the
en-cagement, they don’t want the prison. So, they create a cancer to kill themselves
not to face this imprisonment. Under the Fishermen, looses 80, 85 %
of his Fish growth to this condition. They don’t understand. They call it there is a
disease which the Fish gets. I explained to the ministry, “You have
to understand the Soul of the Fish.” “It does not want to be captured.” It does not want to be free to
this guy next to him who stinks and the other one is too fat,
“I want to go where I…” Or, we have a condition to elevate
the Soul that, “I’m happy with what it is. I accept the condition that
through my Soul I can give abstraction to the guy who’s smells
and the guy who’s too fat that we’re all happy
to get together. And when you add you
understand the Emotion of the Fish comes from the Strength
of the certain type of Zinc that it give’s him
that pleasant satisfaction you find the Fish change. And they said “Oh, they found the
Technology that it can change the Fish it doesn’t get the disease.” No, we have understood the Essence
of the Creation of the Soul of the Fish not finding a cure for
the Physicality of the Fish. The father gets cancer of the prostate
because of the conflict with the son. The mother gets the breast cancer because
of the adulterous Life of the husband. Now you understand. Do we do a prostate
cancer chemo therapy? And then, still
the father dies because the pain of the
Emotion with the son is too big. Or do we elevate the Soul of
the father and the son to the level the Physicality of the father sees
no reason for destruction of the body it’s a misunderstanding. Or do we teach the man,”Would
you like to live adulterous Life because it leads to
the cancer of your wife and the loss of the
mother of your children?” Or do we teach the woman, if you are
correct man does not need to look outside? Elevation of the Soul of the two to
fall in Love to understand is the point. Not the Physicality of the adultery
or the cancer of the breast. This is what
we have to understand. This is where the next
level of what you call, ‘application of the health
of the system’ comes in. Understanding what
leads to the condition. Not, the condition is there how we
can eradicate it or we can change it. Because, the present tablets tries
to interact on a physical Matter level. Nobody has made GANS
or Plasma of the disease that you can give
and you can elevate. The new dynamic systems do. Is for the first time we manage
to go into the next level. And the present doctors
have a huge problem with it because they don’t understand it. Because they all been taught
at the Matter-State and tablets and pharmaceuticals,
check in the bank. The process of the change comes
from the total understanding of Totality and not all of us
are capable to do that. Because we have too many other
things in Physicality we are tied up. So, try to understand. Try to expand your knowledge
but, do not take side, because that taking side or limitation,
can become your demise in Space. Learn the Knowledge in its Totality,
at least hear it. You don’t need to understand it, because
when the time comes, you will understand. It’s the same as
the balls we showed. This was there, four years ago
but you were not ready. As I said, “I’m the Master of teaching,
and I know how to teach, who to teach”. Some of you are quick,
you understand fast. Last week, the week before when I start
explaining about mixing of the Amino Acids and the… in the core, I received
a text from my Armenjan, it says, “Didn’t I tell that
three years ago, it can be done?” I said, “You were too fast, the rest were
not ready, I had to slow you down”. This is, some of us get enlightened
ahead of the others, but the others will catch up, but the
problem is not that those catch up, We are a live Entity, we are Humans in
the body of physical Human, we create new Souls. The teaching has to be for those too
and the ones which these Souls create and those after and the rest. It’s not just us these teaching for us. The teaching is for
the future generations that, they understand more and more from
earlier age, earlier time of inception that we need to teach the Soul of the Man
not the Physicality of the Man in the cages of
the schools of the Man. If you teach the Soul of the Man
the Totality of the knowledge, you don’t need to put him in the
classrooms of today and torture him, by a teacher, who himself
is ignorant to Totality. So, creates bunch of ignorant children by the
education and pragma’s of his own life. We give pure Souls
the bunch of… whatever you want to call them. Who have no knowledge, but they
are there to confirm their Existence. As I said, “There are no Schools in the
Universe what we see here”. This is the teaching of the Physicality,
the torture of the Physicality in the confinement of bunch of people, who
themselves have no understanding of the Totality.
How can they teach? How can allow an illiterate, teach
Graduate PHDs and claim to be a Doctor. This is the point which I refer to before.
We have to teach the Soul of our children. That, through
the elevation of the Soul, when they see the knowledge of
Man on Earth, they understand it here. When they see the knowledge of the…
Man in another point of Universe, they can understand
how to fit. And when they see
another Life of Universe, according to their knowledge
of Strength of their Soul, they can appreciate the beauty
of the new Life they come across. We should take the Schools into the Soul,
by us who understand, rather than giving to
hand of ignorants, that, they create more damaged Souls,
in the hand of the future Cycles. Any questions? (RC) Thank you Mr … excuse me.
Thank you Mr Keshe, I’ll just remind the attendees they can raise their hand
and we’ll get you in as a Panelist in order to speak. And we had, someone come in as a Panelist,
they have their hand up… Who was it? (MK) Hello,
(GM) That was me. I, I believe I, I, that was me.
(RC) Okay. (GM) Good morning (MK) I have a unstable, I have
unstable network, it tells me. So, I hear beep, beep, beep, beep. Can you start again please? (GM) Yes, Good morning Mr Keshe,
this is Gatua. (MK) Good morning Dr Gatua. (GM) The … I have a question about
collection of GANS because currently we collect … not GANS,
but CO2, I, I mean … Amino Acids. We collect Amino Acids and not
remove the Salt, we don’t wash them. Is this the right way to use the Amino
Acid in the rotating cores? (MK) You have to wash.
You have to wash your Amino Acid. (GM) Okay, thank you very much Mr Keshe.
(MK) Some Salt of Amino Acid created on the … let’s say, Potassium
or Sodium, Potassium Is of different Strength, so you have to
take the physical level of it out, that it becomes, the Matter,
what you call, the GANS level of the Plasma of the Amino Acid
which is of the Strength of that Salt. But you don’t need the Physicality of
the Salt with it, when you carry it. (GM) Thank you
very much Mr Keshe. (MK) Thank you indeed. I have to leave around about
eleven thirty, quarter to twelve today, I have to go to some manner
… meetings … In so many ways, as a Human Race,
we have conditioned ourselves. We have pushed ourselves,
to limit our own understanding. And nobody else has. It’s us who decides, “I want to become a
Physicist or a Doctor or a Farmer, because this is what I’m expected to,
or what I understand better of.” But, it’s good to be a Farmer but understand
the work of the medicine of vegetables, is the same as, Human Being and
understanding the Essence of it can give me the same.
Doesn’t matter, I’m a Farmer or a Doctor, because I understand the pain of my,
what I grow as a vertical people. We have not grown that much
to even understand that we need, the same as we have,
what we call ‘Animal Doctors’, to create Plant Doctors, to understand
the Emotional illness of the Plant. In pharmaceutical levels, we create
things to change it the way we want it, but do we ask the Soul of the Plant
“Is this what you’re happy with?” Or, “What are the consequences, when I
change you by forcing conditions on you?” We have Doctors for Humans,
we have Vets for the animals, but we have never created those
who understand the Knowledge, of the Physicality of the Plants. That’s how ignorant we are. Because
they’re are so educated ahead of us, that we don’t want to show,
we are ignorant of the knowledge. As I said once to one
of our medical guys, or in one of
the Medical Teachings, on the Health aspects
of the whole Technology. “What are you going to do, if I bring an
Entity from Planet Zeus in front?” Because, he has never created children
by not teaching them from the Soul level and he’s taught them from the
Soul level and they understand. We have no Prostate Cancer. But, it tells you, something to you,
according to Physicality must be a prostate but sorry the guy hasn’t got a prostate
to have a prostate Cancer, but to you, it looks, why? Because, you haven’t understood,
the process of the interaction of the Physicality of the Emotion
of the Soul of the Man, in comparison to the Soul of the Entity
from Planet Zeus. And the only way you can do, is to be
a Lover, a giver. Don’t ask questions. I give every thing you need,
as a Patient in front of me. Take what it is,
what you do need. In what comes back from it,
it tells you the Source of the problem. Not what you’re trying to give to him,
because the prescription of the pharmaceutical office
paid me to do. The… process of healing in Universe, is
through giving to the Soul of the Entity not the Force of the
Physicality of Entity, it’s the condition of the Man’s
level of understanding. And, this is the Key, this is how
all of us become Man of Space. Because we understand,
what is the Matter Condition of Physicality of our Life,
it belongs to us. We have to educate ourselves to understand
the level of the Soul of another. Then, we become educated in
the World of Universal community. Any other question? (RC) … Yes Mark Erb had a question
here. Mark do you want to go ahead? (ME) Yes, are there some clues about
how it is to, I know give from the Soul of the Physicality or from the higher
level … or higher level central Soul, so as to enable them to merge,
or us to be able to … contain the Soul of Physicality in
the higher level central Soul in Space? (MK) The… not really.
You have to feel it. … You want to teach yourself,
I hope, I presume. You have a Lover, you have a wife,
you have a children. When you lie next to them,
try to feel their needs, and, usually you’ll find out,
they are takers, they are 99% takers. Very few are givers,
and it disturbs you. You get up and you leave the bed
because you are there to give but they want to take more than you can give
and that is not acceptable to you. We have to feel their Emotion. This is what angers me a lot and
puts me to silence a lot of times. That, I see they’re takers and pretend to
be givers and they talk as they’re givers. Deception by Physicality of the Man, but
seeing the Truth through the Soul of the Man. You, there is no method,
you feel it, you understand it. The only method is
trusting one’s Soul. There are many thieves of Baghdad,
across the Universe and especially in the Race of the Man.
And they call it, ‘I love you’, through the Love of Man
or deception of the Physicality. (ME) So trust I will know,
if give equals take. Thank you. (MK) You just give,
don’t ever take. You see there is a lot of things
we don’t understand. There are stages of what I call,
‘a stroke’, brain hemorrhage. If you have, or you follow people who
had a brain hemorrhage in a young age, you see different effects. If you have a stroke or brain hemorrhage,
in ages of … let’s say, 18, 20, 22, 25 and it’s at a point that so much
information is created in the brain that is going down to the Physicality
and the Physicality stops receiving and giving more in the Emotion, you see stroke in a upper part of
the spinal cord just at the point of interaction of the Field of the brain,
with the physical part or the interaction of what we call the ‘Soul of the Man’,
physical Soul of the Life. There leads, usually, to paralysis, heavy paralysis,
wheelchair bound and the rest. If you have a stroke, around the age of 40,
anything between 35 to 45, you get a different stroke,
different behaviour of stroke. And it changes due to position
and understanding. You might not see, and in some,
in the ones past 42, 45, you see some sort of physical damages
stroke but there is a hidden Emotion damage stroke,
that we’re not aware of. But you can analyze it.
It brings a lot of anger, it brings people who forget dimensions
and positions, forgetting faces. Anger by misbehavior of the youth
because we don’t understand. It’s something, “I been good, and
I’ve done good, why I’m in this position?” And this is huge, world of science
has never studied it. But the people who have a stroke around
the age of 40, you’ll find out, anger, shortness of time, “there’s not
enough time, in midlife I’ve been hit, I might not have time.” So,
they tend to jump in conversations, not letting you finish your sentence,
“because I don’t have time, I want to say what I have to say because
if the next stroke comes, I’m gone, I can’t say
what I want to say.” At the same time, it brings a shortness of
understanding in the younger generation because they are wasting time,
there is no time, “I’ve had it at age of 40, I can die,
so I don’t have time for nonsense.” We see behavioral and
sometimes physical changes. If you have a stroke, in 50’s and 60’s
because you have had the time, you already accept it. Psychologically,
about 50, 55 we accept we lived our lives. So, the stroke creates a massive physical
disabilities on the body of the Man. usually on the left side, because it hits
you in the direction of the heart, Emotion. Or, what do you do,
hits you on the right side it depends on the level of the Emotion
and the position of the heart. But, in that process,
a man goes calm and quiet, because he already accepted demise
to be around the corner but now goes without …
Physicality damage. So, even if you look
and understand world of science, has never looked
into the Emotion of the Man in respect to the stroke, which means
separation of the not wanting to exist in the physical dimension but the force
of the Emotion of the Soul of the Man, “I have not finished yet, there is
something to do, something to learn.” None of medical research, ever looks into
the stroke through the Soul of the Man. And, what condition of the Emotion
it creates within the body of the Man. It’s a lot for us to learn. We haven’t
even mastered this part of our lives yet. We have to become aware
of our own physical Life. We have to be…
we have to be part of it. We have to understand the work of the Soul
of the Man with the Physicality of the Man. Why do we become forgetful,
why do we become agitated? Why we become part of total
lack of understanding and not remembering part of it, when
we have a stroke around 40, 45? And why the same condition in the latterly
age, becomes part of the acceptance? “I was ready to die but
now he has come I go quiet, even though I have anger,
what it happened.” And why, at a youth, at a young age,
we see such a stroke that the Physicality does not respond to
the Emotion of the Soul. Why do we see
Alzheimer’s in certain ages? Why do we see ALS, with different affects,
at different ages, exactly like the stroke? And do we have to blame them
for what it is there? Or, are we the Creator of the condition
that they got there, but we say, “It’s their problem, not ours”? There is a lot now to analyze, everything
in a further addition to the knowledge. What we have learned up to now
in our sciences, are not wrong but now we have to put some right
and some understand the reason in interaction with the Soul of the Man,
and Soul of the Physicality, which leads to the Physical
condition we see. Then we become
the Physicians of the Universe. And every single one of us has to
become the Physician of the Universe because otherwise
we will not be able to exist. We are not training
bunch of Space Doctors. We are training
bunch of… Souls who understand the work of the Soul of
the Entity, not the Physicality of the Entity. We study these because
we have to understand it. We have to add to
the present knowledge, that the process of change comes
in a deeper way, in a faster way, and understanding in a way
otherwise, we can not do. Any other question? (RC) … Yes we have question
from Krasimir, he says, “Mr Keshe, you said that the Soul
has the essence of all elements. Does the Souls of other Galaxies
have those attributes? Which leads to
the next question. Are all Souls the same
in their internal structure? (MK) Yes.
(RC) Or are there different nations of Souls? (MK) No,
all are the same. That’s why you can manifest yourself
in the shape of another being, or in the
environment of that being. You don’t go and import it,
it’s already within you. You decide at what
strength to expose. That’s why, go back to the original
teachings, all the time I refer to, You manifest yourself, at a point of the
environmental condition Field-Strength, and that condition tells you,
“You want 20 arms and 16 legs.” It doesn’t mean that you couldn’t
have it on Earth but it’s not applicable, you try to be a,
what you call it, ‘centipede’ with hundreds of legs
trying to run in on, on, on what you call it, to do a cooking
and shopping and everything else. More than two
is too much. But, in that Space you need it, because, it allows you
to function in certain way, that is necessary
for that environment. But, it meant
you already had it, but if you come to Earth
and you try to copy that, 14 legs or 16 legs and 20 arms,
it doesn’t work, you’ll be falling
all over yourself. And would it be able
to carry the weight of it? So, we carry all that which
all the Souls in the Universe carry, the full spectrum
of the Field-Strength, and they manifest themselves
according to the point of manifestation. That’s why I keep on saying
from teachings, long time, “There are many of us, which
are not us, from this Planet.” But they behave
and they look. This Saturday, this Saturday, Sunday,
Monday is the, what they call the ‘Christmas’ for the path
of those, who have chosen to find a way through the name of,
bless his name, Christ. He Wish a very happy Christmas, And, when you look at Christmas, look at
the Essence of the Soul of the Christ, not churches and the books and the crosses
which are put there to deceive Man. Then, you might hear
the voice of the Christ, in the Essence of his Soul. Try to free yourself
from attachments, to things which has no need
for attachment to, through the physical dimension
of the Physicality of the Man. But through the Soul of the Man
understand it. Then you’ll find out
living becomes very easy, You can walk away from those
who have the wrong intention, and let them live within
the structure themselves till they receive from you enough
that they elevate their Souls. They call you ‘your lovers’
but in fact they are not, they’re the lover of their own Physicality
to confirm their meager existence. We don’t preach, we enlighten you to see
the Totality and that’s the purpose. When you see it,
you understand it, nobody can abuse you
and nothing is magic. Any other question? (YM) Hi, Mr Keshe, hi everyone. (MK) Yes Paul.
Good morning. (YM) Yes Mr Keshe I have some question, and my question is about … one specific
case we have in Togo about the death. We have our national roads, and … we have
a big hole somewhere, and the road pass
by mountain, the mountain and the
place name is Aledjo. There we have
lot of accidents, more than … one to two million
person dead there by accidents. And then, in the midnight,
there are a lot of things going there. We see or we have
observed there, what you call, the ‘Life’ we see the death
making like they are still in the Life, they have … what you call
they have the light, they make dance, they play the tamtam, they make
a dance … those are crying, and when you are on the road,
at the midnight, you can see, the lights of a group
of some person coming, when they are near to you like,
ten, ten meter, they disappear and then you see them again
in the background, walking and a going
on the… on the roads. So, how we can explain
this kind of phenomena? (MK) You have to understand
what has happened there, what’s the condition,
and what is the position of it? We have many places
in different part of the World, who because of the configuration
of the Gravitational-Magnetic Fields they affect us
in a certain ways, and they create
certain conditions. And, you have to understand,
what strength created, in that condition,
in that environment, which affects, what part of the
Essence of the Creation of the Man? What does it elevate
what does it reach? We have a scientist,
who worked with us, in Italy, and she used to be with us,
for sometime, couple of years ago, and she told me,
“Since I start using GANS, I lose time, in the same area,
when I travel.” “I travel for half an hour and
it looks just now and I’m there. I’m not supposed to be, and
it happens in the same area and I always think about
my husband who died.” And she was, she used to
adore her husband. Nowhere else she loses time
except in this stretch of road, What, that part has a memory,
what she has in that part, we don’t know
because we were not there, when the two Souls traveled that, that
stretch, they used to travel frequently, “Was so painful, I don’t want to
remember” or “Touches the Emotion, which is left when we past, and is part
of me which doesn’t want to remember.” We see many people
going to places and searching, for cure from this disease or that disease
because they’ve reached that area. The Pilgrimage in
Spain and … in France. They believe in it, and through
the belief, they create the Fields, which creates that
condition of the Emotion, for that disease
or whatever they call it, But they don’t see themselves, by changing the Emotion have changed
the Strength of the interaction of the Physicality at that point.
Nothing else. What you call ‘the cure’, ‘the magic’
comes by Man understanding because of my expectation
accepting certain Field of Strength. Now I have that, in that Strength
cancer of this, can not exist or depression of this,
can not exist. We have to educate ourselves,
why? Why there are these
places that People go to or they believe these
things happens here? Because we have to see what
does that Environment fits into. Why you go to some houses
and it’s totally… you can not be there? You walk into … There is a – what do you call
it, ‘store’ that you can go in and you see all the
staff are stressed, three, four floors
you see it, you feel it. “Nothing is done.
We’re just here.” Even they tell you
not to buy from here. It’s a strange condition. I’ve been to places like this. And you go to another
branch of the same company and they “sell you sand to the”, what you
called “to the Arabs”, same products. Because the Environment
I looked, recently I looked at one. And I, I concluded there is so
much asbestos is used in this building that it creates the Fields and this is why
we don’t like asbestos. Asbestos Field-Strength
is partially the same as the Emotion of the
depression of the Man Strength. That’s why it affect us.
No other reason. Then when it affect us, the
Physicality change comes after it. It’s the Soul which is changed to the
Field-Strength from this Emotion part which comes from
the Soul part of the Man that it creates this condition. We have Knowledge Seekers
who work with Lead they can tell you very, very easy. You put, you create GANS of Lead, you feel depressed,
creates a depression. Because its combination
at a Field-Strength is the Field-Strength of
the depression of the Man. That’s all it is. What in Emotion we
call ‘creation of Depression’. Drives her crazy,
drives Animals crazy. Don’t ever make
Lead GANS. Because, if the part of
the substance of the GANS is at the level of the Emotion
of depression, you feel it. People, some People…
in research they tell you. “I feel sad, I don’t want
to have it anywhere near.” Why? Because depression in the body of
the Man comes from when you take more and that Strength of taking
more that you don’t give is at the length and Strength
of the Fields of the Lead some of the atomic structure Magnetic-Gravitational
Field-Strength of Lead. That’s all.
Understand it. Don’t become,
just because. Any other question? Anybody enlighten us?
Carry on. (HB) Good morning Mr Keshe.
This is Herbert from Austria. Good morning everybody.
Can you hear me? (MK) Yes. (HB) Ja. I have the following
question or a thought which came into my
mind in the last days. Can we compare the process … where the Plants through
the process of photosynthesis transform, for example,
different Minerals from the lower Strength of Matter-Strength
into GANS or Plasma-Strength which is a higher Strength. Can we compare this
with the … GANS process? Where we also transform the
Matter-State of Copper, Zinc and Iron into the higher Strength
of, of the GANS and Plasma. So that we can… could say, that also the
GANS process is a kind of photosynthesis? (MK) No.
(HB) Is my understanding right? (MK) No.
(HB) Okay. (MK) But depends what
you call ‘photosynthesis’? We understand, it’s just very much
… the explanation of osmosis effect they use in
the water cleaning. What is the process? What Magnetic-Gravitational Field
changes that it creates the condition? Start looking everything at a Field-
Strength and then you can understand and maybe elevate it or change it to what
you want to because you can add to it. Because you know
you are the Creator. There is no wishing,
is understanding. What is that process? What does it accommodate? That you call it ‘photosynthesis’ and
somebody else call it something else. And it had no name two hundred years
ago but People understood and used it. (HB) … mmmm
(MK) Very hard, huh? (HB) Ja … So, doesn’t the plants
through this … ups … Na, how to call it – receiving Field Energy from
the Sun, from the environment … transforming the, the Minerals
into, into organic Minerals and this organic Minerals we
call it – ja is, is easier for the, for the body to, to receive
or, or accept than the … (MK) Okay, can I, can I…
I’m gonna stop you there. Because I have a
reason to stop you. (HB) Okay. (MK) Just go back in past
couple of sentences you said. “It changes the Mineral into…”
carry on. (HB) Into, into or… organic …
which is called organic Minerals … (MK) Okay. What’s a – okay, stop, stop. What’s a difference, what’s a difference between the Matter Mineral
and a organic Mineral? (HB) … For my understanding
it’s a higher Strength of, of Minerals … where… which the body can
easier absorb and work with. (MK) Could it be lower or
can we define it generally? There is a process that we can change
the Matter Elements into Mineral Elements. And then there is a process where we can change the
Mineral Elements Field-Strength that it can fit into the Field-
Strength of the Emotion of the Man for a given Field-Strength. So, what you’re explaining,
a process that, we can add Fields into that allows
a given filter Strength to be released, that it can be accepted
by the Plant. A Plant doesn’t change
a given Mineral to a, what you call ‘biological’,
whatever, level, if it doesn’t have a need for it or
it doesn’t create a Field-Strength of it. Why? How can you change the
Matter-State into a Mineral-State? How can you change a
sugar lump into sweet water? You create an environment
of the water that it allows the same
molecules to be much freer but in fact the sugar is still there. If you dry the water or evaporate the
water you have the sugar back again. So, the process of what you explain
is the creation of the Field-Strength that it allows Matter-State,
which is a lower, to change into a freer Dimension
of the same Field-Strength. You create a new condition.
That’s all it is. You create a new Gravitational-
Magnetic Field-Strength condition, that it allows a Matter-State to change. And if Man understands what
you just brought on the table which you speak so freely about and is written in so many
books about understanding, is the Field-Strength,
not just a word then you can change
the Mineral of, let’s say, whatever, to that
level, understanding level of the Emotion of the Man. And then, through it to add to in
that Strength the Soul of the Man, be it on the physical part Soul,
or the total Soul, Soul of the Man. Now we understand more. You as scientist of the Technology
should be able to explain it and show it. And it becomes so easy that ordinary
Man on the street understand. It’s not a term used by scientist. Then they says, “What?” (HB) Thank you for explanation.
I need to think about it. (MK) Now, it needs a lot of
understanding not thinking. (HB) Ja, ja, ja. Thank you.
(MK) Thank you very much. (MK) Any other question? (RC) … We have Klaus,
Klaus Dieter has … had his hand up. Klaus you want to go ahead? (KB) Yes. I can [inaudible] but …
I have only to add something for Herbert. … This is a kind of transmutation
from the elements in the … a little bit higher state. As we all know,
we have so much different configurations also in the Oxygen … the Hydrogen.
We, we call them Oxygen or Hydrogen, but there are different …
configurations in it. And we have to look a little bit deeper
into this and then we come to aware that is all the same game. There’s only
… a little bit … at a level of this. That what I to add. Thank you. And if we want, … we can … go together
when … Mr Keshe … drop out from the teaching, we can together
in this Universal connection Field, and feel this how we can
… to come more and more trust Entities that it’s real when we …
make a conscious choice. Then all the things, all the reality
around us and in us is changing. Thanks. (MK) Thank you very much. (RC) Okay, we have Djigbani,
I believe he’s from Togo. Djigbani can you speak there? (DP) Yes Sir.
Hello Mr Keshe. Djigbani from Togo. I want to ask question
about Soul level. (MK) Yeah? (DP) … in my practice,
when I give like … somebody feel pains
and I say my, my Soul level I can give health for that person. I made one observation, and not like the good minute,
like … one minute, two minute, I feel this pain,
my physical level. and then after I don’t find the,
the feeling. And the destination person
have this illness finished. My action is to know that.
How I feel it? Because I don’t wish
or how to explain it? Thank you Mr Keshe. (MK) I don’t understand
what you’re trying to explain. (DP) My question is that, … in a Soul level explanation we can, by our Soul level
help other person to not feel pain. When one person come and say that
“Oh I have … this pain” I say, “Okay. I can by my Soul level raise
this person to not feel this pain.” When I practice it, I feel small time the pain that,
that person feel it, and after that they’ll not feel it,
in my physical level. I want to understand it. (MK) I still don’t understand
what you’re trying to ask me. (DP) Okay … You say in our one teaching
you say if we want to … take Soul level, you will practice
you have the destination Soul, your physical Soul, and the what you want to practice.
For example, One time I was teaching, and one student
said that she have stomach ache. And in a few minutes she can not
listen what I was teaching. And I come her to ask the question,
what happened? She say, she have stomach ache, and I say, “I raise by you
my Soul to your Soul,” not to dominate you,
but to let you … out the pain. You cannot feel it.
And then she said me, automatically I missed, “I have this pain, now goes,
it’s not my pain that I have in my brain.” Few minutes she said
she don’t feel again pain. “Pain finished.” But, now me I feel this pain small,
small time like two minutes. And after that I don’t feel the pain. And this don’t,
don’t feel again this pain. My question is that, by giving in Soul level, is it automatically
that I will feel the pain by intervention to another person
to let the pain goes out? (MK) Maybe, maybe not? Maybe, you want the desire of Emotion
that she stays in a classroom that you can share the knowledge
and she doesn’t miss any? I’ve seen this happening
people instantaneously coming up with a pain,
and you don’t understand it, but if you stand back
and analyze how it happened, when it happened,
and the reason it happened? Then you see
it was made through Emotion. I’ve stood this, many, many times,
one very recently. I was witness to sudden rise of pain.
It’s so physical to the person, and then they say, “Hey why?” And they come up
with all the excuses for it. And then you say, “no”. Because I was there,
I was witness to it, what it is. Why do we manifest pain? Is that pain in given part of our body
which we manifest, is a part of the insecurity
of not receiving enough Emotion? That with it we want to confirm it? I’ve, I’ve seen this very recently,
extremely recently. That out of nowhere,
people come up with pain. And in a specific condition which means
has a Emotional side with it. And then, if you explain it to them,
they understand that you understood why the pain was there
which was really felt as a pain. But, it was a pain of the Emotion
at the level of the Soul of the Physicality. Not the physical pain as a pain. If you get poisoned or you get
hit on the head, you feel a pain, because of the physical interaction,
but these kind of pain, it means feel what I can.
If you eat the wrong food you have that, that something, it’s not,
you still have to understand why it does that. But, in other ways it means I have
the same strength as you have in feeling, and I want you to be here that I want for you
to receive the knowledge I give you. So, I take your pain, I become part of it
that you don’t feel it. You become the path,
in a way, if you look at it. You transfer the energy to yourself, and we do it because we are
Emotionally connected we do it. And it’s very, very common.
We do it with our children, a lot of us do it. If you have a child and he’s in pain
you says, “let me put my hand there, and I can take the pain away”.
And the child says, “Yes papa it’s gone”. You become that path
but a path of Emotion. You transfer the fears of the Emotion energy
through the body of the Man. One thing is strange with you, is you speak
from Togo and you’re so clear, and Paul speaks from Togo
and we have problem. You two better talk to each other
and use your system. Thank you very much.
Anything else? (DP) Okay. Thank you Mr Keshe. Now I understand
very well, thank you, thank you. (MK) Thank you indeed.
(DP) Paul have to try to speak again, what happen
in our talking. (MK) Thank you very much indeed.
Is there any other question anywhere else? (YM) Hello Mr Keshe. Hello Mr Keshe.
(MK) Yes Paul. (YM) Yes, we have gotten
one line of internet now, and we are all speaking
from this center. We have ticket for, so now I think
the problem connection is solved. (MK) So, thank you very much,
thank you indeed. Rick, are there any other questions in the
background or shall we call it a day? (RC) Well, we do have a question
from Hassan, and he put it in the Q&A,
I just promoted him to a panelist, so he can ask it … in person.
It is relevant, he talks about … the work he has done to, well I should
allow him to ask his question actually. Basically he’s interested
in … this discomfort he feels, when people see him as unique, because
of his view point has been changed, and so on. He doesn’t
consider himself unique, but that others have forgotten
the power of their own Souls. So, it’s suffice to say, let’s see, Hassan
can you, are you able to speak there yet? Let’s see, oh, I still have to allow him again.
Let’s try that again. Hello Hassan,
are you there yet? (MK) Start taking children to the park,
they say, “Are we there yet?” “No we haven’t arrived yet.”
(RC) [chuckles] (RC) Hassan, you’re in as a panelist.
I’ll unmute you and see if you can speak, right now, it might not be
a good time, but I’ll try. Hello? Can you hear us? Hello Hassan. He might have trouble
with his microphone or something. (MK) Okay we can always hear him
next week. Anything else? (RC) I could read what he wrote here,
maybe that would be relevant. Let me briefly go through.
He says, “Since I embraced the Ethos
of the Keshe Foundation, and started to detach from
the Physicality by giving away to people, whatever I have which they need,
they are like surprised, and more often I can say
“choked” by my actions. They always tell me, “you’re unique,
nobody is like that nowadays.” But each time I hear those kind of words,
I feel a lot of joy because I know, we are many working
on that path of serving. But I feel myself not wanting
to be greater for whatever I make. All this leads me to understand that
lots of Souls are lacking of real Love. My wish is that we all master the knowledge
and get enlightened to attain every Soul, which is lacking of Love.
What I want to know is: Why am I feeling
that discomfort of uniqueness? And how to push people
so that they can be enlightened? And know I am not unique,
we are all equal by Soul. Some have just forgotten
the power of their Souls. And, he continues,
Am I taking from their Souls, by not being able
to enlighten them? Or am I giving to Souls
which are not ready to receive, and that makes me feel discomfort
with them, seeing me unique? (MK) I don’t know.
I’m not in the environment you are in. And depends how, what you see
in this process of giving. Are you seeing that you look generous,
and this gives you a pleasure to be, because now you are part of?
Or does do you need to give, in a physical dimension, where in the
level of Soul, you can give more. Just depends on how we see it and,
how we perceive ourselves. And what actually gives us
the satisfaction to exist. It’s a very, very, very personal. And
depends on what gives you conformation, and what you are happy with to do. (RC) Okay, fair enough. Did you
want to ends things now Mr Keshe? Is that, I know you have
another meeting or two as well. (MK) I have to go somewhere else.
Yes, in general what we got to learn, in teachings are very compact. We don’t go
in the four or five hours of teachings, but, usually what I’ve tried to do,
in past few weeks, past few months, is the first twenty minutes,
half an hour of teaching, is so much condensed,
it needs a lot of understanding. We explained about the Soul, how the Soul,
and where the Soul is and we explained
how you can feed your Soul, that you can live
in the span of the Universe. In a way, when we are, let’s say,
left alone and free in Space, the physical dimension
existence according to the Kelvin temperature of minus
bla, bla, bla… has no relevance
on the Soul of the Man. When you fall in the volcanic magma,
magma does not take the Soul of the Man. It takes the physical condition of the Man.
The Soul of the Man is free. This is what we have to understand.
And when we understand this, makes us, Man of Space. It brings us in the dimension
of Physicality of the Universe. Dimension of existence of the Universe.
And the Universal Community. Is not when we say, we gonna take you
to Universal Community, as they said, a lot of UFO’s will come,
bunch of aliens come out and say, “Oh we are here. Would you like
to see twenty tails or whatever?” No! Is to elevate the Man
to see the Truth about the Creation, and the Soul of the Man in
the dimension of the Soul of the Universe. To understand, “I am, part of,
I belong and understand the Totality.” Those of you who are sightseers,
you’re quite welcome to UFOs. Those are,
who are Universal seers, enter the Soul of the Universe
through the Soul of the Man. There’s a big difference. And to a lot of you
is just a word spoken. But those of you understand,
will take the path, will see the Universe, through the
Universal Strength of the Creation, not through the dimension
of the Physicality of the Man. As I said many times, “I’m ashamed
to be in the body of the Man.” Because it has too much… too much restrictions,
and too much things, which forces it to do wrong,
because of its physical existence. What has gone wrong on this Planet,
we have never understood, but there’s something inside in the grain
of the Soul of the Physicality, which has caused this problem. Why Man has become
so self-centered? Why Man has become so much
that he is everything? And the beauty of it is,
all the Man feel the same. So, there must be really something need
adjusting in the total Soul of the Man, in conversion to the Emotion of the
physical side of the Soul of the Man. This is the problem. If you look at the teaching,
I give you many choices. Stay as you are,
you don’t need to be reach your Soul, whenever you need it, maybe
ten generations down the road, you already child,” Oh, I know this, but
where my great, great grandfather ten, … ten generations
before heard it.” You are given an option to become free
from physical detachment, but still be here. You are given an option to become
passengers of the physical life, the transportation,
what you call, ‘UFOs’. You are given in the teaching the option
to have the understanding of your Soul, that you become
passengers of the Universe. Then, you are given an option to
understand the Totality work of your Soul, that you understand
the work of the Creator, And every Man has the capability
to enter any of them. It’s you who have to decide. That’s what these teachings are coming
up to and they are there. We taught you
the physical condition. A lot of you still have a problem
with the flight system. But, if you look at it,
I have said it many times, “You are on a UFO
called ‘Earth’, and you don’t see yourself
inside the ship, how it’s traveling.” How do you expect to be able
to travel inside this thing? While yourself have never understood
how the thing you have been passenger of
is traveling. It’s not my teaching, it’s your
lack of understanding of the Totality. But, I have taught you
everything. Try to understand the essence,
and choose the point of comfort. Not choose the point, “I want
to be seen because it’s fashionable.” There are no catwalks of fashion
in the span of Universe. You can go
with the naked Soul of the Man. You decide
the manifestation of the Man, in Physicality of the time,
position and … place. This is what these teachings are leading to.
For you to see a Totality. Thank you very much,
thank you very much for today. And hopefully
we’ll learn more next time. (RC) Very good.
Thank you Mr Keshe. And that brings to a close
the 203rd Knowledge Seekers Workshop for Thursday, December 21st, 2017
Happy holidays for all those who observe those holidays, and I think
Flint’s going to take us out with our, with some music and our two hundred
Knowledge Seekers workshops video. Okay, bye everybody. See you next
week for another installment, the 204th Knowledge Seekers Workshop. Subtitles by the Amara.org community

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