2020 Indiana Teacher of the Year – Surprise Announcement

Alright, boys and girls. We are here for a very special surprise. When those doors open and Ms. Pourcho walks
into the gym, I want everyone to cheer and clap really loudly to let her know how excited
we are for her. It is quite a task to become Indiana’s Teacher
of the Year when you consider that we have 79,000 teachers to select from, and there
are a lot of teachers who are very very deserving. This year for 2020, to serve us for next year,
please give a round of applause for our 2020 Indiana Teacher of the Year, Ms. Katie Pourcho. Hello kid artists! I said, hello kid artists. Hello Ms. Pourcho! You guys really surprised me. Did you guys all keep this secret? I can’t believe it, oh my goodness. First graders, we learned about the word ‘symbol’. Can I hear you say the word ‘symbol’? Symbol! A ‘symbol’ we learned is a picture that says
something without words. This thing right here that is happening right
now, this crazy celebration time, it is a ‘symbol’ of what a great school you have,
what a great team of people you have here, from Ms. Sandy and Ms. Vicki who helps clean
the art room and the hallways, and Ms. Ronda, who helps give you guys food for lunch and
breakfast, to your classroom teachers, to Ms. Styers who got me into this predicament,
who creates beautiful bulletin boards, Mis, Kay who for some reason wears white pants
to art class, to our wonderful secretaries, and our principals. This thing right here is a symbol of all of
our teamwork together because we cooperate, don’t we? Thank you guys so much, and thanks for keeping
that secret, that was a big thing to keep. Thank you. Ms. Pourcho! Ms. Pourcho! Ms. Pourcho! Ms. Pourcho! Ms. Pourcho! Ms. Pourcho! Ms. Pourcho!

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