2019 READING WRAP UP! Books I Read in 2019, Goodreads Year in Books, and Reading Highlights!

Hey, my name is Troy and welcome back to my
booktube channel. So today I am very excited to present my very
first video. And I know some of you are wondering, like:
“Troy, what are you doing! I thought your launch and your first video
would be on January 1st, 2020, when you said it would.” Well, you actually are right. This is not my booktube launch. This is just a video for when I do launch
and push this channel across all my social media, that people have multiple videos to
watch. So, today we are going to be doing a 2019,
full reading wrap up. You heard me, 2019 full reading wrap up. So going through like every single book I
read, how many pages I read in total, going through my “goodreads year in books”, and
just highlighting some very specific book memories. I am so excited to do this. I actually am feeling a little bit under the
weather today, but I do have some hot chocolate here with me and I do also have an Uncrustable. You know, we’re just gonna get it done. We’re gonna get the filming done, and we’re
gonna have an overall, a really productive day! So, let’s start out with my “goodreads year
in books”. So now we’re going to be going into my goodreads. This is my profile right here. Make sure, if you want to friend me on goodreads
it’s Troy_Reads. If you don’t know what goodreads is, it is
basically a social media platform for the book nerds out there, just like me. So you can basically just log your book progress,
you can track books, you can find books. You can interact with the whole book community
and it is amazing. So, as you can see, my year, 2019 in books. I read 28,155 pages. Guys, that is a lot of pages, that’s like
500 pages per week, which you know, I’m fine with. I would like to get that number over 30,000
some year, but you know, I’m pretty happy with that number. It is almost 30,000 pages, and that really
makes me happy. And across 68 books, again, 68 books in a
year, that’s more than 1 a week. So, what else could I ask for really? Right, let’s get into more of the statistic
part of this. So, the shortest book I read in 2019 was Night
by Elie Wiesel and–or Wiesel. This was actually for a school book that we
actually recently read in school and for ELA class. And it was basically about the Holocaust,
and this memoir of this young boy going through the Holocaust. It was very good, but it was short. But I think that actually increased the effectivity
of the book. And then we have the longest book, which you
know I’m more interested in, which is the 984 pages of Kingdom of Ash. I was so disappointed that it didn’t actually
reach 1000. Like, I want to read a book that’s over 1000
pages. But you know, 984 is a lot. Sometimes I despair when reading a really
long book because it’s like: “I want to read as much books as possible”, but you know I
also have this obsession with you know wanting to read you know, the most pages as possible. At the beginning of the year I was searching
for “the longest pages”, “how long is the longest series in the world?” I was like really trying to find the longest
book. And the average length that I read was 414
pages, which is great, but I do want to up that average up a little bit because 414 is
not the most impressive. Then we got the popularity, so. Most popular, 5,942,000 and 155 people also
read The Hunger Games. That’s a lot of people, to read a book. I think this is only goodreads stuff because
I’m sure that this book was read more than that. One of the books that I had said that it had
36 million readers so I don’t know how we’re gonna trust this. But the least popular one was The Treasure
of Capric by Brandon M. Wilborn and I just want to say this author was so sweet and nice
and sent me actually a paperback after I had left a review of the digital edition that
I got for free. And I mean, it was actually a pretty good
book, so I want to see this number go up. My average rating for 2019 was 4.6. So that’s my ratings. I didn’t rate a lot of books low, I had a
lot of high books. And I do get sent a lot of books because of
this rating, I feel. Because, you know, I’m not actually that prone
to give a book a bad stars rating. So I have 4.6 stars as my average. I usually vary between 4 and 5, but usually
my ratings are 5 stars because I only try to read books that I will enjoy. Highest rated books on goodreads that I read
this year was an ARC sent to me digitally that I could read for free. And it was Snow Mercy by Wendy Meadows. Uhh, I don’t know why it has that high of
an average because I mean, it was sorta good, sorta not good. I probably must have rated it 4 stars. I don’t know really why it has that high of
an average to be honest. Now, let’s look at the first review of the
year, and that was on The Last Olympian by Rick Riordan. I remember that I was reading the Percy Jackson
series for the first time at the start of the year. And, here is my review. I really liked this book! I feel like it had a good pace, which is really
my #1 thing that I look for in the book, alongside how the plot is set up. I feel as if the plot had a nice structure
to it, where we just started to get into the action, the final battle, and then the falling
action and resolutions. Rick Riordan really did a nice job with this
book, and it was very pleasant to read. That was an absolute, horrible review of a
book. I think I was just trying to flex, you know,
“Oh, I know about plot!” Whatever, but like, that’s just not a good
review. Um, but I don’t think my last review was good
either, but you know, at least a paragraph. At least I kind of, you know, summed up what
the book is. But if I’m going to do a professional review,
I will, you know, do a quick blurb of, you know, my overall feelings on the book. Then I like to do a summary of the book, an
original summary. Then I like to go in to my in-depth review. Now it’s time to go into my 2019 books, and
I’ll walk you through kind of my process. So during the start of the year, I finished
up the last book of Percy Jackson as you can see over here. And then I finished the Inheritance Cycle,
and uh the Christopher Paolini book for the dragons. So these three books over here. I did Brisingr, then Inheritance, and then
I had to get the spin-off book because the series was so good. This was actually my top 3rd favorite fantasy
series and I discovered that this year, and so that’s awesome. And then launched into another good series,
another good re-read. Um, from the Throne of Glass series. So I read the Assasin’s Blade, Throne of Glass,
in order for these first few books for the Throne of Glass series by Sarah J. Maas. Then I read, uh, the next few books of the
Sarah J. Maas’s series. I finished it, and that’s where the longest
book, you know, came in. Then at the time of reading this, I was actually
reading The Omnivore’s Dilemma for school. This is where my reading got really jumbled
up. I read the first 3 of the Mortal Instruments,
so that’s City of Bones, City of Ashes, and then City of Glass. Then I started on the next series which was
Clockwork Angel, then I was doing my spring break reading vlog on my other channel, so
I ended up reading Charlie and the Chocolate Factory, the first book of Nemesis, the second
two books of the…Infernal Devices series by Cassandra Clare. Then these two books, Star Wars Jedi, The
Tale of Despereaux. And then I read the Hunger Games, like, very
quickly. Then I read the Stranded, like, 6 books by
Jeff Probst. Then I started to get back into the Cassandra
Clare Shadowhunter books. Uh, I also read The Treasure of Capric that
no one has read, and then some digital ARCS, A Mighty Long Way which I’ve been reading
for school, The Shadowhunter’s Codex which goes along with the Cassandra Clare Shadowhunter’s,
like a spin off. The Life Siphon, which was actually pretty
good um advanced reader copy that was sent to me. And then I read Catwoman by Sarah J. Maas
because I have to read all of Sarah J. Maas books. And then I had Turtles All the Way Down by
John Green, and then more Shadowhunters books. But you can just see how messy that month
was, and then I went into Keeper of the Lost Cities, Keeper of the Lost Cities: Exile,
Everblaze. I also went into the last book of the Mortal
Instruments series, the second book in that Nemesis series I was talking about, Caraval. Then the third book in the Nemesis series,
Chrysalis, Land of Stories, Giver, Unwanteds, Wonder, The Witches, Time Cat, uh…Lodestar. I was doing a read-a-thon with a goodreads
group and I was reading a bunch of random stuff. Then I was reading Lord of the Flies in school,
in August for ELA. And then I was continuing on with the uh,
you know, the Keeper of the Lost Cities series, Lodestar, Nightfall, and Flashback before
the Legacy launch. And then I went into the Hadley Academy that
someone sent to me, for no odd reason. These two books were for school, Night and
To Kill a Mockingbird, which To Kill a Mockingbird was actually really good for a school book. Then Legacy came out, so we read Legacy. And then The Beckoning Shadow was also sent
to me, I don’t know why. A Court of Thorns and Roses, which oh my gosh,
I have a review gonna come, it’s–it’s a really good book. Magnus Chase, I read that, and A Long Walk
to Water. Those are all the books I read this year,
wow, that was actually a really long list! I read a lot of good books, I read a lot this
year, and I’m so happy to, you know, have read all this! It was a great, great reading year. I never had a book where I was like distinctively
like: “no, I hate it!” Alright, let’s look at my last review of the
year, which was Night, the book that I was reading in school, right before we got out
for break. So, 5 amazing eye-opening stars. This was a book that we had to read for school,
but I always end up enjoying them! And this one I specifically enjoyed. I never realized how horrific and traumatic
the events of WW2 were, and this was again, very eye-opening. I like the language a little bit more of this
review but it wasn’t, again, detailed. I don’t like to review my school books, you
know, I’ll do a quick review, but like, I don’t want to put myself through more treacherous
efforts to review a book that I read in school. So you know, it was a really good book, and
I didn’t really want to review it, so that’s kinda it. And for my reading challenge, I read 68 out
of–I wanted to read 75 books. 75 books is too much. So that wraps up my goodreads portion, let’s
get on to the reading highlights! So, now we’re going to be going over my reading
highlights. We’re just going to be going over some memories
that I had of some good reading memories! So the first would be Eragon series. Only the second half of the series was read
in 2019. My book love kinda came after I finished this
series. So it’s the Eragon series, the Inheritance
Cycle by Christopher Paolini. I mean, his series was by far one of the best
series that I own, and in the top 5 fantasy series video that’s coming out in January. You will see that this is ranked #3 on my
top 5 fantasy series. This is just such a good series, and I remember
while reading it the series is so descriptive. In that the world, the magic system, you know,
the world building , the descriptive language of the environment–it’s all so much and I
just love how adventurous this book is, I just, it’s so good. I mean, I can’t even explain it to you. I found this book, and I just…I, I don”t
know but I got into complete and utter book obsession. And, it is crazy to me just how much this
whole past year, um after I have finished the series. It’s just been book nostalgia, over book nostalgia,
over book nostalgia of this book. Because this adventure was truly truly amazing. I, I’ve never had such a good adventure book
and I remember just snuggling up, cozy, this is such an adventurous read and I honestly
could not love it more. It’s just…one of those memories where it’s
just like, you’re reading it, you’re reading it all day, you know you’re reading it in
different locations, and it’s just such a good book to take with you everywhere and
I rememberer actually bringing one of these books to Mexico, and out of the country on
my first trip. And just this will always hold, you know a
special place in my heart, and I’m so glad I got to read, you know, most of it in 2019. Now, the next very specific memory involved
these three books that I’m ’bout to reveal…so, they are Legacy, another copy of Legacy, another
copy of Legacy. So I’ve got 3 copies of Legacy. This book has been very special and is probably
the most important bookish memory for, you know, 2019. Because, as some of you, or most of you know,
that I do have another YouTube channel that I’m running right now, which is the KotLC
Fanbase, I’m a co-owner of that. And we make hundreds of videos on this series
and I mean, it’s incredible that we get a new book because we have to wait a whole year,
you know, for each book to come out and we’re just making videos, making videos on these
books. And…you know, this will always hold a special
place in my heart. And this series is just so good so I had a
great time reading it. And I have the most interesting memories of
reading it, like reading in the bathtub with blankets and stuff…I transformed a bathtub
into a reading spot, and just kinda how I read it, staying up late til like 2:00 am. Like those are some really interesting memories
but the main memory about this book was the tour. We got to go to a book signing of Shannon
Messenger and you know, we got to meet Shannon Messenger, but more importantly, we got to
meet fans of our other YouTube channel. There was a lot of people who came up to us,
knew us, wanted to take pictures with us, it was incredible, and we got to sign books! Like this is such an important series in my
life and I’m just so glad I had to have this amazing tour experience, and this book signing. It’s, it was incredible. And then, a sort of recent memory is A Court
of Thorns and Roses. I was really not expecting for this to blow
me away. I mean, this book blew me away. I was like, scared because I thought this
book was going to be my favorite book ever. This book, had me reading all the time, it
had me obsessed with the characters, and the plot. It was so good, especially with the second
half. The first half might be like bland, a little
bit bland, but the second half was, you know, moving, it was emotional. It was desperate, it had such a great atmosphere
and it had a fight in the main character. And I just remember, you know, reading, snuggling
up in the covers and reading up ’til like late late late, at night. And this book got me into reading late. Like got me going past my “bedtime” or whatever
and just reading until I fell asleep. Like this truly, truly changed my whole reading
perception, and I’m actually currently reading the next book in the series right now which
is A Court of Mist and Fury. And again, it’s not, probably not as good
as the first one but I am staying up late to read it. It is so good, the plot is so good. I just don’t know how Sarah J. Maas does it
but her writing is entrancing. And so those are kinda all the book memories
I have. They’re not like very specific, but like I
just wanted to share three distinct books or series that had a big impact on my reading
perception. So I think that wraps up all the content I
wanted to talk about, 2019 was a great reading year. Probably one of the best reading years ever. This has been an incredible, incredible year
and I’m just so grateful. And you know, I really want to know your thoughts,
so comment what your book year was? And we’ll get into the outro! So, I hope you learned a lot more about the
books I read in 2019, some specific memories that I have of reading these books. I had a great year with reading, I don’t know
how 2020 will be able to beat it but I did just get a lot of books in an order from BookOutlet. They’re all like books that I’m you know,
really excited for. And it’s gonna be a good year I feel like
in reading for 2020. And I’m so excited to take you guys with me
on this adventure through 2020, so that I think in itself will be great, you know make
my reading year even better. So I hope you enjoyed this video, I had such
a fun time making it. Make sure to leave a like on this video if
you did like it, those really help me. Make sure to comment down below, have you
read any of the specific books I mentioned or what was your reading year like? I would really love to know. What were some specific memeories that you
had while reading this year, that you would like to share. I would love to, you know, hear what you guys
have to say and I’d love to respond to you! Also make sure to subscribe, subscribe, subscribe
to my channel to get more content from me. That would mean the world to me as my launch
day is officially coming for this channel and ooh I’m so excited but so nervous as well. It’s beyond crazy that I will actually start
releasing my videos that I’ve made over the last few months. And make sure to hit the notification bell,
to you know, be notified when I actually upload these videos. So I think that wraps up this video. So I will see you, on January 1st, for the
big booktube launch, see you guys!

20 thoughts on “2019 READING WRAP UP! Books I Read in 2019, Goodreads Year in Books, and Reading Highlights!”

  1. My favorite books I have read this year is… Legacy, Dark Materials Series, Harry Potter, SquirrelFlight’s Hope, and The Lunar Chronicles.

  2. I am SO excited for the big book launch!!!!!! This is probably going to be one of my favorite channels! All those books sound really cool, and I might start Court of Thorns and Roses soon! I'm currently reading Aragon and I LOVE it!!!

    I think my biggest/best book memory from this year is when Legacy came out cause I think it was the first book that I can call mine! These videos are just super amazing and I now want to go make a reading book in my bathtub 😂😂😂!!! Hope you have an amazing day/night!!!

  3. Have you read the Rangers Apprentice series? I think you would like it. It’s a twelve book series, but the books are relatively short. It takes place in the kingdom or Araluen (I think that’s how you spell it) and it has a good balance of action, humor, and plot. It’s really cool how how you turned your bathtub into a reading spot lol.

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    Right now I am currently finishing up the 7th book of Harry Potter, but after that, I don't know what to read!! Do you have any book series suggestions?? I am sooo looking forward to 2020 and all of the new opertunities to come!! I hope that I have been good support throughout this year and I hope you have a good rest of the year!!

  5. My favorite books that I read this year was the Percy Jackson and the Olympians series. I just started reading the Keeper of the List Cities. It was so good! Now it's one of my favorite book series. 😀

  6. Wow you’ve read a lot! Since school is getting so busy it’s kinda hard to read as much as I want to. This year has been a really good reading year, though. This year I’ve read 2/3 of my all-time favorite series. Over the summer, I discovered Kotlc, and I read all of the books in a week and they were soooooooo amazing. Then I also tried The Darkest Minds series by Alexandra Bracken and it was sooooooooo good. My goodreads says I read 21 books but I know I definitely read more than that. I saw that you read Turtles All The Way Down and what did you think of it? I thought I would like John Green’s books because of all the hype about them but I’m sorry to say that Turtles All The Way Down was my least favorite book that I read this year. Thank you for putting so much time and effort into your channels!!

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  8. I read the entire keeper of the lost cities series in the span of two months and then had to wait another month or so for a legacy. My dad has been trying to convince me to read the Oregon series (the one with the dragon cover I don’t know if I spelled it right lol) Let me know how it is. I’ve been thinking of reading it

  9. Do you have any tips on how to enjoy books that you read for school that you didn’t particularly enjoy at first glance? I’m currently reading TKAM (to kill a mockingbird) for school and Im not going to lie not enjoying it. It really reflects on my work and I really want to find a way to enjoy reading it. Thanks in advance!

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