2019 Louisiana farm to school conference

So a lot of people come to our conference
for sometimes specific questions, such as you know, what do I do in my plants turn
green or turn yellow in my garden? What do I do when the bugs are bad? Also some
people are looking just for curriculum to use in their classroom, but this
conference addresses the three different legs of Farm to School. So we have the
Local Food Procurement, we have the school gardens, and we have the education. Parts of it so people are getting more answers than they expected, as well as
new ideas and inspiration from meeting all the other people here. We’ve got to
start way down young children to be educated on where the food comes from
because they think it comes from the grocery store or drive up to the window.
That’s how I got that Fast Food Farm name because they connect. So we wanted
them to connect to farming to agriculture to where the food
comes from. We’ve allotted a lot of time to
networking at this conference, the lunch was over an hour long and I saw tons of
people speaking about new activities. I just heard of they’ve made great new
connections. They’re gonna definitely call that person afterwards and I’m
gonna try what they’re doing at their school garden. So this conference has
been a way for people to not only get answers to the problems that they have,
but to learn so much more about what they could do to be inspired to keep
moving their programs forward.

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