2019 Literacy and Photography Camp

hey guys it's Marvin young your kids already know who I am because they've spent the last two weeks with me learning about photography at the JCPS literacy and photography camp held here at Burnett Avenue Baptist Church it has been a learning experience for us all because I'm not really a teacher and the good thing about it is that we all were able to learn together shared with them on the first day that I learned started dabbling in photography when I was about their age of course back then we had film and we had flash cubes we didn't have iPads and iPhones and and digital cameras one of the first things I shared with the guys is a concept called the rule of thirds the rule of thirds is a rule of thumb or guideline which applies to the process of composing visual images such as designs films paintings and of course photographs after the rule of thirds we talked about the importance of standing very still and locking you're really locking your body so your images were sharp as possible again with an electronic device it's kind of hard to get an image to handhold this device and get a super sharp image in the low lighting situations that we had the guys also learned early on that photography is literally translated writing with light and we talked about how the different qualities of light could affect a picture either adversely or creatively out of the work that I do involves doing portraits these could be corporate headshots at corporate events they could be one-on-one sessions for various professionals and I employ a number of different lighting techniques so what we did during camp was create different lighting situations that involved either side lighting or a full-frontal lighting and we just kind of tried to work on the best way the best way to show our particular subject and that's again a major part of photography is casting your subject in a good light showing their best side and just making all the right moves whether it's communicating with your subject whether it's moving your lighting around so it's in just the right spot for them or whether it's just simply staying in there and and taking a picture and try not to agitate things so I want to leave as much time as possible to allow the guys to show you some of the works that they've created using their iPads using the rule of thirds using side lighting and using the other techniques in addition to their own creativity which they have a lot of during this year's literacy and photography camp I want to thank Jefferson County Public Schools for allowing me to be a part of this and I want to thank Burnett Avenue Baptist Church of which I am a member for holding us here it is very important that we impart into our youth especially especially our young black males that they can be anything they want to be thank you and good luck with the rest of the summer [Applause] without weren't in literacy and for talking free camp is what no matter what you chew you have to try to make it perfect it's harder free camp is about taking pitches and having fun at the same time take a picture you have to be very very still so your picture does not mess up the best part about this camp is where you make the picture right all right turn to the find a book what's the name of this book very good go ahead and open and turn to the title page Dorothea sees Dorothea soon so better put her right flip-flops at the end of it forever kids call her this she wants to mother whispers one thing I like about this kill is when the know that mr. young learn about photography and trying to take highlight and highlight it wait so the camera is set professional the chocolatiers use it's different from iPad in a phone camera and how not just anyone can become a professional photographer and the lower third the middle third the lower middle third we also take pictures of people who who jump up and they live bigger than a giant and everything that's why I learned a photography this is what I learned so no matter what you do don't give up about taking pictures you

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