2019 Green Strides Tour at Issaquah Middle School

I wanted to give a big heartfelt welcome
to our colleagues from the US Department of Education for the today’s
Green Strides Tour. We’re very excited about this. We’re in Issaquah because Issaquah was a US Department of Education Green Ribbon Schools district sustainability awardee. You’ve got documented
sustainable practices and we want to come here and learn about your
facilities, practices, what you’re doing in terms of environmental learning,
health and wellness and and how you’re reducing environmental impact. We did the
Green Team assembly, which was a big hit and we got a lot of good video clips in
there and we got a lot of good messages out We also did a garden. We
made a garden over there Developed a program that builds student scientific
skills and reasoning while helping to address an issue that’s really relevant
for this community. I got to show the community great ways to help animals and where to look out for animals. We switched over to reusable silverware in all
of our elementary schools Just keep up the great work.
It’s so wonderful to see this kind of work and to to share it with the rest of
your community and educate others.

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