2019 Florida K-12 legislative roundup

the 2019 Florida legislative session
came to an end yesterday and only a day overtime which is remarkable considering
the level of dysfunction or deeply compromised Tallahassee politicians tell
blatant lies during debate for example Hialeah garden senator Manny Diaz jr.
after unsuccessfully trying for days to retro actively change referendum
language overwhelmingly approved by his own district claimed miami-dade County
Public Schools had deceived the public into approving a referendum to raise
public school teacher salaries the truth is that the MDC PS superintendent took a
town hall tour of the whole district consistently making the case for why the
school board would not be sharing any of the millet which charter school teachers
in fact the Senators multi Pulitzer prize-winning hometown newspaper
published several articles in the lead-up to the election with headlines
like charter schools aren’t included in ballot measure describing how académica
the Senators own employer was distributing fliers urging parents to
vote no but the dysfunction doesn’t end in the Senate the houses own education
chair was trying to make the case for why public dollars should be used to
fund private school vouchers quote if it’s a failing school I trust parents
not to send their children there even after admitting that private and
religious schools are not even graded by the state Mount Dora representative
Jennifer Sullivan’s vacuous response to a valid question speaks volumes about
the real intent of school choice which is an ideology driven legislative agenda
to steadily erode the public school system by shifting money and students
into private sector education often in religious schools there’s a few more
headlines from this past week the death sentence for Florida’s public schools
that’s the Tampa Bay Times from the Orlando Sentinel Florida Legislature
stick it to public education as usual from the Washington Post
Florida’s charter school sector is a real mess and from this morning’s herald
teachers with guns only make sense to makers who have lost their minds so to
recap this legislative session Tallahassee politicians passed a k-12
education budget that still below pre-recession levels they gave all the
capital outlay funding to corporate charters to build and maintain privately
held assets not one dime of locally collected property taxes to build a new
community public school or to renovate an existing one or to buy a single
computer and to add insult to injury they opened the probability that the
next kid to be shot in a school will be by a teacher happy teacher appreciation

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  1. Crooked Republicans taking money from poor community schools and giving to their charter school employers

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