2019 CDL General Knowledge Exam Questions & Answers Study Review

19 thoughts on “2019 CDL General Knowledge Exam Questions & Answers Study Review”

  1. How many total written exams that needs to take to get a CDL license? Is there a diferent written exam other than the DMV CDL permit?

  2. Thanks man ill be retaking my CDL permit test soon hahaha. These videos have really helped me improve.

  3. Thank You!!! I'm sitting at the DMV right now and I wanted to say tha l you! Passed my test and your vids were a great help!!!!!

  4. Barry you mention a 3 strikes in a comment, in one of this strikes there is an air brake questions or this is another examn?

  5. What may rust around the wheel nuts mean, lemme read that again, what may possibly, what may or what does, wait a minute….. 21:10

  6. I'm training on my pre trip and skills test as well as my airbreak test on how many can you miss on all three and if you fail do you have to take everything all over in California

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