2018 NSW International Community Engagement Award – Joint Education Providers Winner

The University of Newcastle Language Centre’s Student Experience Passport was designed to break down barriers, and facilitate meaningful connections with the community – through activities that help international students adapt, to a new campus and city, foster friendships, and improve their English. The passport then empowers students to further explore the attractions and and opportunities of Newcastle, and its surrounds. The Student Passport is a small booklet. It’s like the perfect guide which encourages students to go outside to develop their English – not only study English in a classroom – to go outside and explore the environment and meet new people. The passport really really helpful for me and the passport makes me a good feeling, and the high motivation. The Student Passport helped me to overcome my homesickness because I met so many people and and other students. from different countries – and I have a lot of new friends. I really like, you know the talking – with people who are different country, different backgrounds. You encourage yourself to meet new people, and improve your English at the same time.

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