2018 NHL All-Star Skills Competition: Save Streak

so we turn to the goaltender's and the shooters in this event it's a new competition five goaltender's will face the players from a single division and the competition is to see which goaltender can made the most consecutive saves well guess that five or six would be really good wouldn't it against these shooters so it's the Central Division of John Klingberg up against Henrik Lundqvist and the goaltender's I noticed when they came out on the ice at about 7 o'clock tonight didn't have much of a warm-up no they didn't and they didn't prior to this this is almost like the end of warm-up for Henrik Lundqvist is that's part of his routine is that his players come in and do a rapid-fire shoot up there's Raiden shins that's two in a row for the king when you tell me when you've been sitting around how difficult is it to dial it in right now and get your energy as a goaltender while Uncas is about as competitive as you can ever have I have never seen a goalie want to take breakaways and warm up I didn't want to take him at the end of practice and the style for Lundqvist is a pretty good one as he's given up one yes before that's a pretty darn good start but this is hard for the village no shots no warm-up and all you're thinking is don't blow groin don't pour it in don't put yourself in a bad spot I think the shooters know that the goaltender is not really warm as well I always say for the teams that our plays are bad to start a period you can see offensively the team drivers at first the players haven't been all that sharp here early on either so he gets to start another streak now I was kind of expecting the players to kind of go back crazy to some different moves there's no skin in the game for the forwards spinner Amma's and all kinds of meat then question [Applause] every shooter from the Central Division gets a shot at Henrik Lundqvist and the streak can't end on a save it has to be a goal so they would start over again after the captain is the last shooter and here is PK the last shooter on his tomb from the Central Division maybe you do something a little unique [Applause] you called it and so they have to keep shooting until this streak comes to an end the latest stream and they start right back at the beginning in the same order and as soon as a goal is scored now Henrik will be finished most of these guys I wouldn't think lungfish has a book on it they don't play in his conference division they're all new to him I think Len burgers had a breakthrough on pepper now the guys are trying to get a little fancy but I know he's warmed up now so they're going after it here's a guy that he does know though from Philadelphia days is Brayden Schenn Street up to five and he has ten overall saves which could be a tie breaker later [Applause] that's not bad don't you think gladden 5 in a row it's hard to you know we've seen in games where you get to that 10th 11 shooter but often there's matching goals you're not often do you get a save all the way around and all kinds of smiles for Lundqvist can read his mind I'm done the night is over for me there's just too many good players out here next it'll be Conner Ella buck of the Winnipeg Jets and he'll go against the Pacific Division and watching it all from his place on the bench his Montreal Canadiens goaltender Carey Price who joins us as he did last year first off how did you manage to elude this competition I got some pole around here know some guys who knows some guys what do you think in this new competition looks like Henrik was pretty tired without was finished uh yeah well he's probably one of the best at it he's got a real great timing so you got a little bit of help from a couple of guys who do trying to do too much now Kerry you probably have a book on almost every player but is it difficult if you don't ever get a dowdy on a breakaway to know what he likes to do yeah for sure the guys that you kind of know their habits you try not to try not to lean towards them because you don't want to look foolish when you start start guessing what they're doing is the key not to bite on any kind of a quick move like this be as patient as you can yeah for sure you're always taught as a kid to be patient it's hard it's hard in today's game because the because the players have such good stick handling capabilities what do you find more difficult a guy coming in with speed or that change of speed it's bit of both a lot of guys are are good at are good at doing both you know you know you just try and time yourself as best as possible and trying to take up as much net as possible some guys some guys you know are shooters some guys you know might make a move now in the area of shootouts is there a lot of video that goes on with you guys regards to knowing what what guys like yeah a little bit you know like you said there's some guys that you know see very often maybe maybe they're good practice but today's game not very many not very many games go to shootouts anymore who's the best carry in your mind player yep you know SIDS really good he's got he's got a real quick release he's got he's got good moves good edges too we were mentioning that Henrik Lundqvist finishes his warm-up on game days with some breakaways where do you practice it we practice it practice we don't practice it very often and it's a little light usually do it at the end of practice so it's a little bit different than a game because the ice conditions yeah you've got some bad ice don't you who's of your teammates who's the most difficult paul Byron's been pretty good this year he's got some speed he's got pretty quick hands so I gotta ask you about that save you made against Tampa because we're here that one on on Andre palate and Tyler Johnson were you channeling your inner Dominic hashing a little bit I was pretty desperate at the time you know obviously I wound up in a pretty bad spot after it glove save and just played some street hockey after that amazing what the body will do when you're competitive and when you're desperate right yeah Pecha Renee goes in goal next he stretches and Pekka will face the metropolitan division Terry what made you want to be a goaltender what was the attraction was that the equipment was it the position what made you say I'm gonna be a going oh well my dad probably had a well he did have a big influence on that he didn't necessarily want me to be a goaltender I just wanted to be like my dad you know he was drafted by the Flyers and you know as a young kid I always looked looked up to gold tenders and I played a little bit of both positions when I was a kid and I won't back up as a bully what other what other positions did you play when you played I was a defensive I think I thought I wanted to be a Bobby or as a defense burger pretty much fit play much defense of all the young kids you've seen and around your days of hockey how many goaltender's have said that their parents maybe didn't necessarily want them to be goalies when you first talked about you oh I'm sure there's probably a lot of parents that don't want their kids to be boys pretty much all in photo sporting goods store look at the price of pads I'm sure there's probably more parents that want the kids to be Bull Riders he would probably do that to me no I'm too big to be a great story pecker in a was second last pick in the 2004 draft he was a backup goaltender to Nick Backstrom forever and never got this played wily Nick got hurt Pecha got in goal and he arrived a bit later on the scene than some but he's been a terrific National Hockey League goaltender and I'm told that he's just an absolute wonderful teammate he's a very good guy I've got to meet him a few times and talk shop with him a little bit and he's definitely a very gifted athlete for the sizing is now what about the other players care is there anybody that stuck out here that you didn't know before this all-star and you've got to know a little bit pretty cool a lot of these guys yeah I think a lot of hockey players get along pretty well and we all have a pretty obviously a common interest we're all pretty pretty easygoing for the most part you compare goaltender notes with the other guys or is it too much of an individual sport or an individual position in the sport yeah we all have our own styles as goaltenders we we like to talk equipment more than for the stylet yeah and that certainly has revolutionized since you started hasn't it oh for sure VH skates and all kinds of yeah yeah the position itself has changed a lot over the years guys are really good at the butterfly position you know work around the posts have changed a lot and guys are getting bigger look how big that guy yeah how about this street have you ever seen have you had a shootout I'm trying to think of all the long shootouts in the league usually there's a couple of traded goals this is now 4:11 now this is the one that's gonna end it here watch trying to call one let's try though so it goes to 12 and it's number 12 Josh Bailey the New York Islanders against Pekka Rinne a lucky 13 I think right now you just gotta keep it simple and take a shot Enda page up a brain just dick have you ever had that happen Kerry you expect a fastball and a knuckleball comes to you those are the hardest ones to stop [Applause] that's a great streak that's going to be tough to beat yeah that's gonna be really tough to be back there any of the Nashville Predators 35 year old goaltender and one of the great teams in the NHL and he leads this new competition Kerry I heard somehow you got the whole night off here you're just relaxing and watching this enjoy the rest of the night thanks for spending some time with us thanks for having me I'm going to enjoy the rest of my agent Jerry price with the Montreal Canadiens and Pekka gives way to one of the acrobats in goal are you Carrie talked about all goal tenders all have very different styles and marc-andre flurry is very unique and Glen don't you think as active as he still is he's a much calmer goaltender now in there's no question yeah absolutely worried – I you know I love this this is a guy talk about facing adversity a couple playoff rounds down three to one he lost them he lost his starting job to a Thomas buffoon who was 40 years old and we did the playoff series where Murray took over and you kind of felt bad for the guy because he wasn't Stanley Cup champ and that brought it there and now talk about bounce-back and here is at the all-star game but that cinderella story of what's been so great in Las Vegas and even his story within this story is fantastic there's migratory flurry at his best he's a showman his knee and he loved not often they see the faces of these bull tenders with those math they always seem to be able to see those smiling teeth – the big smile in his mouth the two pads stacking around the world and a crossbar for Mike Greene of the Detroit Red Wings Marc got hurt early as you probably know what a concussion was out and watched for other goaltenders played for the Vegas Golden Knights before he came back and he's leading the way again with P K's brother Malcolm as his backup [Applause] Atlantic Division against marc-andre flurry he has a long ways to go to match Pekka Rinne a in this competition [Applause] stone Brad Martian and a little bit of a flare after knocked the puck up in the air and battled it out of the [Applause] here's Eric Carlson against my gun drain the swashbuckler [Applause] and history is up to five of all the things that the Vegas Gold Knights have done well having a goaltender like that with that kind of personality and a really good teammate I just think is a such an important part of their success as well well good chat with James Neal before the start of skills and he could not say enough great things about Las Vegas and the energy and the fact that they're all recognized he really wants to stay there doesn't he was a guy who played in some pretty good markets Pittsburgh not a bad market Nashville you don't get much more fan frenzy than that Dallas when he was there when he was getting started great market buffaloes Jack Eichel back to the beginning again it's gonna give Pekka a run for his money by the looks of it you know to close it off with with Neil I mean one of the great things he likes about Vegas is that the coach doesn't have a lot of video you know they do hardly go to video he think that this is great no video they're one of the team's that's not over coached yes they do their job and know what the other teams are like but they roll four lines they play fast way against it distinctively we've seen the shots by the Tampa Bay Lightning Kuchar off the slow one off the post and close off the bar and then that one off it out of the scope more aggressive this time for hope Mike green and blurry and he's too away from Pekka he's digging in is Nikola this guy's our competitor because they're not competitive they come all this way am i small win 25 grand [Applause] there's a new shot we see a lot of that this year where off-speed off-speed don't shoot it hard just shoot it accurately Austen wasn't quite as accurate as he wanted to be the lost art when you don't see that as much as you used to and there's a couple of good competitors smiling this is the big one here [Applause] and it's ongoing I mean this is remarkable absolutely Marco he said these are the best of the best we've got enough chicks in their tool bag that they can do whatever they want a lot of times you know where guys like to shoot and they don't care they'll beat you anyways you see that with proc Besser we see that with Austin napkins and that streak comes to an end but we do have a new leader just like the Vegas golden knights surprise everyone and our leaders in the National Hockey League so too is Marc Andre flurry of this skills competition when it looked like Beca Rene had it already locked up he takes the lead and a few words from his old teammates as Crosby gives them it's just some aggressive play some acrobatic motions and just a great job in gold by one of the game's great players the big cheer is for Aundre Vasilevsky is next after marc-andre flurry the Tampa Bay Lightning goaltender who's been the best performer in goal all season long in the National Hockey League and so even though it looked like 13 or 14 consecutive saves would be hard to beat can't say that he can't do it not you never not only got 20,000 fans that wanted to know what he had do they ever the lid will come off this place that he can get to 15 and he will face the Central Division they get a second chance to shoot John Klingberg starts it off and so does Vasilevsky with the save [Applause] it is a great story though when you look then Bishop here starter takes the team to the finals clearly Vasilevsky is 1b Bishop 1a and they both kind of became one a in 1a it was clear that there was one goalie to put the net and it is this guy the youngest starting goalie in the Nassau but you're still never really sure think he's going to be a great number one but until he starts to play and goes every second day you never know but he clearly embraced the challenge of being a number one goalie has been and you know it might help them to Jim I mean last year the disappointment of no playoffs but back in 15 he did jump in and the Stanley Cup Finals so he's had a little bit of a taste of that and you hope that the playoffs are where he can really continue it's been an amazing regular season I think Templars got their sights set on going long into the postseason I'm down at the pirate festival if that's what you want to call the thriller and Gasparilla I can't remember how Ronnie put it but there's a lot of sarsaparilla I'm telling you there was two sightings one and three actually one mr. bet that had a pirate hat on it was documented number two the cup was there and number three the crowd started chanting we want the cup and we are months away from finding a way to want the cup and they're thinking it already in this city Steven Stamkos said that the media day today this is a hockey town we're not surprised about this anymore it is a hockey town and here's where you need to save the last shooter here PK Subban he'll continue on skatin 10 miles before the shots are told [Applause] vasilevsky is finished and marc-andre Fleury is the first champion of the save streak 14 consecutive saves for the Vegas Golden Knights number one goaltender and here he is with David mark Andre flurry or the save streak champion 14 saves in a row you you were all business out there it seemed you were digging in once the number got higher and higher you know I got lucky with a few polls though so those are those nice and you know I just try to have a little fun and I'll try to keep the streak alive did you have a book on these guys no I think they're so talented so skills and all you see them in practice every day but you still don't know what they're gonna do it right so it's a it's just try to react on him your former teammate Sidney Crosby out tell me to say as you finish that event what did he say to you I said was good was good I didn't have to face him too big it's always weird though good thinking about it me always gonna do it they are the same way so I was gonna go play somebody else great competitor congratulations thank you

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