2018 KIDS COUNT Data Book: Investing Early in our Kids’ Education

HI, I’m Dr. Sam, and I need to tell you something very important. The Kids Count Data Book says that less than half of Arkansas 3- and 4-year-olds are in preschool. But I have a prescription that can help! We know that early childhood education is very important. Learning begins before kids reach kindergarten, and by age three, 85% of a child’s core brain structure is formed. For a long time, Arkansas hasn’t been putting enough money into early childhood education. Because of this, many families don’t have affordable, high-quality early childhood programs. Kids in these families are behind before they even get started. But, we have a prescription that can help! If Arkansas lawmakers put more funding into our early childhood education, we’d have more engaged students now and a stronger workforce down the road. Investing early is one of the smartest, most cost-effective, bipartisan ways to improve education and economic outcomes for our state. Investing early is smart. Please help us be even smarter.

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