48 thoughts on “2005 Masters Tournament Final Round Broadcast”

  1. Tiger bogeys 17 and 18 allowing DiMarco back in the game, then proceeds to hit 3 perfect golf shots to win the first playoff hole. What a recovery!

  2. 3:54:39 – If you look behind Tiger's caddie there are two guys, one wearing a yellow shirt and one a pink shirt. Watch them during that replay.. lol. I cracked up laughing

    EDIT: Lol, the announcers mention it at 4:28:00 .. haha

  3. 3:54:37 to 3:54:49
    Someone help me. I canโ€™t stop watching these 12 seconds on a loop. Every single person is fascinating to watch.

  4. Listening in the comments again about a person of color I bet he didn't say anything about Sergio spitting in the cup hole or other outrageous performances.

  5. 4:20:18 With the match on the line at the 18th hole, commentator Lanny Watkins points out how Chris DiMarco (and his long shadow from the afternoon sun) is walking around in and out of Tiger's sight line as Tiger is lining up his putt to win the match. Total distraction gamesmanship from DiMarco. He should be standing still on the edge of the green until Tiger putts; he will have plenty of time afterwards to access and line up his own putt – no need to be simultaneously doing it while Tiger is preparing to putt. Cheap move..

  6. 40:08 one of THE most iconic scenes/shots in all of sports in my opinion. Tiger standing there like the king he was at the time waiting patiently.

  7. I was 14, outside playing basketball with my cousin during the chip on 16. My dad ran out and got us. I've been hooked on Tiger ever since. And I'm back after the win

  8. This was the best live broadcast of any event i ever watched. Has brought tears to my eyes at moments, awesome, awesome, awesome…

  9. Can we just give props to the Masters on their excellent transition into the Internet era? Excellent live streaming broadcasts in HD online during the tournament, and FULL broadcasts in HD on youtube for prior years…. Well done.. Absolutely well done.

  10. 29:21. He hit that drive farther than anyone this year at the 2019 masters.. And that is with 05 tech compared to todays advanced tech golf clubs. Unbelievable the power he had.

  11. It's funny watching this. The players Tiger competed with and defeated were from almost a generation ago. Now he's winning against the next generation.

  12. 3:54:26 I hope that guy with the camera has great shots to put in either a museum, or in his house.

  13. Lol @ poor Chris DiMarcos face falling all the way off after tiger holed that chip on 16.๐Ÿ˜ข๐Ÿ˜‚

  14. That shot on 16 was a shot for the ages!!!!! just INCREDIBLE!!!!! i mean you can't make this stuff up! who else, but TIGER could pull off a shot like that?

  15. Love the guy at 3:54:42 that Tiger mentioned in his press conference this week. Spikes his hat on the ground and nearly falls down in excitement.

  16. 4:29:50 Masters champion 3 wood … perfection
    4:35:10 Masters champion 8 iron … that sound
    4:39:38 Masters champion putt … beyond clutch
    Possibly the best 3 consecutive golf shots ever at the Augusta National

  17. Kudos to Chris dimarco to battling tiger to the end. Especially the way tiger birdied the first 2 holes. If he was like most, whom have wilted right away , it would have been an 8 shot lead and cruise control for tiger woods.

  18. When Tiger was absent, till he got his 80th win, there were 119 Tour winners. Not all of them were repeat winners. To think that Tiger during his time, has cut short a lot of players ability to get their wins in the process. With the upcoming talent as well, who are just as athletic young guns who can overpower a lot of courses now, wins will be hard to get. But hitting the ball far, doesn't equate into hitting it straight all the time, and how they can get out of trouble. Tiger is the ultimate all around game player and like most majors, you need to have all things clicking at the same time to win. Goodluck on your strive to 19 Majors Tiger, we're cheering for you!

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