2001 Masters Tournament Final Round Broadcast

the final round of the Masters is underway and the gladiatorial arrival of Tiger Woods at the first tee about 1 hour ago up ahead Cabrera at the first hole this is what we've seen so far the 31 year old from Cordoba Argentina knocks it stiff at 1 meanwhile Woods drove it wildly starting this day one shot in front of Phil Mickelson had to punch it under the limbs no chance of holding this shot and it runs through the green his pitch was long he had this putt for an opening par so he gives my way right at the 1st Mickelson had it about 12 feet for birdie and missed they would both birdie the second but up ahead David Duval trying to join the chase that has a birdie at the 5th Nichols Oh leader at this time for par at the 4th his first mistake he would make that one coming back for a bogey minutes later devolve at the 6th for another birdie to move to it then one [Applause] at the 5th Mickelson trying to regain the stroke he had lost at the 4th this for birdie joining woods at 12-under it's a leaderboard if you followed all closely it's almost hard to believe they have all peaked at this time it's Woods and Mickelson sharing the lead as they head to the 6th Duval has only one back Jim Furyk making a big charge he's at 10 with Cabrera Ernie Els just a short putt at the 5th from inside a three feet to drop a stroke no Sunday charge from Jose Maria Olazabal a two-time winner here Fred Couples coming back today was 68 we're live at the seventh with Duval the tie the lead has not had a par today and it remains that way Duvall makes it a three-way tie five birdies for Duval offsetting two bogeys and he joins the battle at 12-under par to the 60 Mickelson has the honor that's an 8-iron [Applause] after that shaky start bogey at the first birdie at the 2nd he just made a remarkable down and two from the back bunker for par at the 5th this to an 8-iron Woods Mickelson and Duval all meeting at 12-under par meeting at the Masters and the final round what a day we have straight ahead here in Augusta just after his golden years in golf Bobby Jones sought a new triumph to build the ultimate course and club one that embodied his personality and touch already he had traveled the world conquering the impossible the Grand Slam of 1930 a feat so special it demanded a celebration reserved for heroes Augusta National Golf Club is Bobby Jones lasting triumph a place where other legends have been confirmed at the Masters [Applause] [Applause] through the tapestry of time one champion is now poised to link his achievements with Jones most hallowed record the Grand Slam there it is [Applause] wit you and 97 with Tiger Woods breakthrough victory at the Masters that given his sense of history one day even golf's most sacred records would be challenged four years later he's on the precipice of his most stunning achievement one round from holding all four major titles a round that will take place on golf's Grand the stage with the one player who has stood up to him in the past Tiger Woods with his relentless attack on history versus phil Mickelson's unquenchable thirst to emerge from Tiger Shadow for his first major today golf takes a step into the future with its foundation and history right at the heart of it all at the Masters from the Augusta National Golf Club in Augusta Georgia CBS sports proudly presents the Masters Augusta National's beauty is in full bloom and amid the blossoming azaleas towering Pines well the games of three of the best players in the world have also peaked at the appropriate time and there are others who should not be overlooked it's Sunday at the Masters at this national treasure where as the lyrics flow your dog woods and pines play on my mind like a saw and we go back live to the sixth Tiger looking at this putt from just inside 20 feet for birdie this three-way battle has the makings of that epic Battle of 1975 here Nicholas Miller and Weiskopf will see if the back nine can unfold anything like that today just one birdie for tiger that was it the second that was from within two feet and this one he's got in the way some three feet for par moments ago Mickelson and this one trust me can get away from you very fast Woods is still away and Ken Venturi is out of the tower at 13 right now will be joining me at 18 shortly but Kenny to see the name of Duvall get there so quickly alongside woods and Mickelson it's just stunning isn't it it's amazing Jimmy is because it's all in the wood and in the pipe this is if you can't put here don't even bother playing here to help Jim and Sam starting from 1993 of the eight winners five of them that won in the last in those years never had a three-putt green in 72 holes Vijay Singh had three last year Mark O'Meara when he won he only had one and Nick Faldo when he won he only had one but olazábal none Tiger Woods didn't have any and Crenshaw olazábal and Langer nothing Mickelson for par Wow he's been prone to a mistake that does not count as a three-putt bogey because he was putting from off the fringe but got a piece of the left edge of the cup yes Jimmy but he still hasn't finished he came out here kidding it in advance of Tiger and instead of going to the practice range at first he headed to the putting green he spent 30 minutes in the early afternoon just working on putting drills well he does it all the time he puts a ball around about four feet outside of the putting green the hole all around the circle and he doesn't leave until he makes a hundred in a row well we've seen him miss a couple from about that distance now in the last two days yesterday at the 8th he had a three-putt bogey so woods and Duvall are the co-leaders ahead of the seventh Calcavecchia yeah look out mark Calcavecchia now is just too bad woods at 12 Duvall heading to the par-5 8th has joined him Nicholson has gone bogey birdie bogey on that four five six stretch Furyk Cabrera Calcavecchia all just two back hello friends Jim Nantz from Butler cabin where later today the green jacket will be awarded to the winner we have just a plethora of possibilities here including Tigers quest for a fourth straight major championship and Phil Mickelson going after that elusive first major title what a day it would be for Phil would be the biggest day of his career or perhaps even and how Cabrera will become the first South American to win at Augusta and then there's David Duval who has openly stated there's a destiny he feels to his play this weekend at the Masters others DiMarco Furyk Calcavecchia well they're all trying to close fast and one a day we should have here in the final round of the Masters let me show you the pairings here in the last day Cabrera with mediate they were off at 2:25 local time Cabrera who had the lead yesterday for about a half an hour before a double bogey mistake at the 15th eles with Duval Calcavecchia with Chris DiMarco and the final group went off at 2:55 Tiger with Phil who birdied the last two holes yesterday to get into that last group we spoke with Mickelson before he teed off today about that I've been looking forward to today and I'm anxious for the opportunity to play in the last group and I knew going in yesterday it into 1718 I need to birdie those holes to pull within a shot of Tiger and I was fortunate enough to do that and so I'm looking forward to today and our commentators today the CBS crew with Peter Kostis at 10:00 Bobby Clampett down at Amen Corner former tulo amateur here at the Masters Ken venturi the best finish ever by an amateur at masters history has never been topped he was second in 1956 bill Macatee David Feherty and Verne Lundquist at the par-3 16th Peter osterhaus who had the 54-hole lead here in 73 he's at 17 and Dick Enberg will be joining us here in Butler cabin with his own perspective on this special year at the Masters at the 8th David Duval it's an uphill second shot 550 yard par 5 he was holding on as if he'd hooked it and it was slightly left but the mounding around the green helping Duvall this time and he has that lengthy putt it's a very slippery putt for an eagle without a par today a couple of bogeys there rest birdies a remarkable run two putts from there would be four birdies in a row back to the 7th Tiger on the tee with driver just 55 yards left to the hole here yesterday doesn't seem concerned with that one hey there he should be that this is the tightest par 4 on the golf course he's driven right out of the chute of trees on the upslope moments ago on the 9th Kirk Triplett look at this he started it more than six feet outside the whole funnel effect right into the back of the pack triplet on a three birdie tear through these seven eight and nine to get to 9-under back to seven Mickelson also with driver interest look at that one that's also right down the middle and extremely long you can see the difference between these two players on fatigue very little seventh playing pretty much straight downwind today will go to 12 and Jim Furyk after an opening 9:30 to his tee shot to the capricious par-3 12th looking right and that found the water so Furyk who was at 10-under par and that perhaps a harbinger of things to come the 12th hole so volatile in the final round Tiger Woods David Duval deadlocked at 12-under final round of the Masters see be a sports proudly presents the Masters and out of the seventh Tigers second shot just a little flip up the hill the downwind aspect here doesn't help the flag is right on the front it's nicely done and it's impossible to get it in short of the hole here unless you sit the fact on that hill an extremely fast downhill putt for Tiger and earlier this was phil Mickelson's second shot just sand wedges nice contact there not one maybe a little unfortunate you could see it took a big hard skidding first bunts Mickelson also with his work cut out at 7 to make birdie this is the next hole the par-5 8th two good hits for David Duval uphill all the way about 70 feet uphill from the tee to the green at number 8 in contrast to the second the long par 5 downhill all the way most of all to the 12th after the drop Jim Furyk his third to the par 3 taking it back about 80 yards that had a chance so Furyk will have 15 feet remaining for bogey and Kenny you cannot go at this flag I don't suggestion unless it's absolutely necessary and they're gambling but if you're anywhere close to the lead take the center of the green Bobby Tate and now you see it develop words tied at 12-under Duvall 8th ranked player in the world he slipped he was number one for a while overtaken by Tiger the 8 the toughest part 5 on the course not a single eagle here this week each other par-5 has been equaled so this could be the first Eagle of the week but realistically wants a to partner very slick here the tea party could see the speed a lengthy putt more than 50 feet and the routine tap-in takes him to 13-under 1 ahead of Tiger who has a birdie chance back at number 7 still without a par in his car today for Duvall six birdies two bogeys back to the seventh and Phil Mickelson with a very slippery downhill attempt here this to tie Tiger at least for the present a tiger a little closer his own chance beautiful and he has bounced back time and time again this week showed tremendous courage look exhausted yesterday walking up the last and he says he wants this one desperately David have you ever seen so many peaks and valleys on the green with this man no you know what strikes me Kenny is that even his misses and he said a few short misses he's missed him with great confidence he's been no yippee looking tentative strokes I know that sounds a little strange but he's making a decent stroke and he's still committed and what boy does he want this when I talked to him this morning and he is just so intense it's very rare to ever see him leave a short putt short Woods not to tie Duvall oh what a fight we have on our hands this afternoon Duvall and woods tied for the lead Mickelson one behind to the 12th and Furyk desperately trying to make this bogey putt and what a save we've seen some wonderful saves at the 12th in the past reminiscent perhaps of Norman's amazing for in 99 let's go to 9 and Cabrera has this for birdie moves has is back to the hole just to firm and get a second after as he won his national open last week back down in Argentina Woods and Duvall share the lead with Mickelson won back the week got started on Thursday 8 o'clock in the morning was the tee time two legends met at number one Sam Snead Byron Nelson Lord Byron Nelson at age 89 announced it would be the final time he'd ever hit a shot at the Masters they were introduced by Augusta National Chairman Hoodie Johnson and now ladies and gentlemen the winner of 11 consecutive tournaments 18 in one year two times Masters champion Lord Byron Nelson [Applause] down the teeth the man purported to have the sweetest swing in golf three times Masters champion slammin Sammy Snead [Applause] let the tournament begin [Applause] going to the last round here was just a matter of could I get it going stand up there in the fairway Jackie how far do you think I'm three would go here and they didn't need three iron I met three for the hole and he's got a charge he's got a very very good chance not only relied on forever the love of one six masters forever I'd love it that was April 13th 1986 the day the bear came out of hibernation when he hit that second shot in the 15th you saw him walking toward the green pump fist it's one of Tiger Woods real early memories watching golf as a youngster one of his favorite memories growing up pick up the play over at the 8th with Peter osterhaus good idea of how the mounding can affect shots around this 8th green Calcavecchia are a little short of the pin and well to the right too bad he couldn't see lots of the puting circus in front of him and we'll have a look at a yellow Jasmine the 8th hole and look from above big bunker on the right-hand side it's about 35 yards long reaches about 275 from the tee so it's a pretty good carry for the average hitter the longer hitters pound away hope to hit it straight and then sharply hot bill on the second shot green tucked a little bit around to the left to be careful about the trees on the left side the green restored to its original design in 1979 by Baron Nelson plenty of mounds and we have a very challenging pin placement way back left behind the mounds so when players don't go for the green in two they have to be very careful about their layup way out to the right as to where Calcavecchia was would give a better line into this pin placement but still difficult to judge the distance with the green running away to the back left corner Calcavecchia even par today birdied the first birdied the seventh the short par-4 couple of bogeys much break from here and the mood he knew it was in moves to 11-under an OD machine once he gets going he goes was a fourth and fifth hurting him today to the 9th and this was earlier Cabrera had this putt coming back for par and that'll slide him to 9-under now down below in the fairway David Duval who shares the lead at 13-under from 131 cannot afford to make a mistake short here today Duvall started this day three back it has been a year nothing short of a disaster for Duvall a lost year up until the gust uh he had not even played in five weeks since Doral where he finished way back in the pack he'd been battling a recent wrist injury plus has been embroiled in the middle of the lawsuit involving his former and present manufacturer equipment manufacturers and who see there's a look at how the 8th is played fourth easiest hole so that means it's the most difficult of the par 5s lays pretty long going uphill all the way as I said the second hole 575 plays sharply downhill so reachable into more so than number eight there was about 30 yards wide Nicholson in the second cut now he has a good line into the green he's clear of those trees up on the top of the hill on the left side now in practice he would have picked out trees behind the green that give him a line into the center of the green Peter I think that's a good choice putting the iron back in the bag get himself a lofted fairway metal to get it up over the mounds and get the ball at least try to get two all the way back to the hole I think he's got more room once again spin higher the green is quite a bit wider than the front portion watching it closely thank you it's a good line and he is gonna get some help a little more speed and he would have gathered into the heart of the green long downhill chip shot testing the touch anything left coming up the hill catches those mounds goes down into the trees and the pine straw no Tiger he's in trouble off the tee here yesterday had a long third shot 260 uphill no problem for him it's a pretty steep hill falling back [Applause] he's almost on the ninth tee and he will have a more difficult shot than the one that faces Mickelson hidden high exactly been high but that far right not taking advantage of a long drive and we'll check the final round scores of Tiger Woods playing partners in a number of different major championships Baraka didn't do very well back in 97 when Tiger was setting the record we ran 80 Ernie ELLs not so good at Pebble Beach Duvall had trouble at the 8th 17th at st. Andrews Bob May played brilliantly to take Tiger two extra holes at the PGA so very often it's not only in the last round that Tigers playing companions struggle a lot of the time it's with the gallery a lot of hoopla so much who Derek masters respectable galleries will go to the 9th in traditional Sunday placement here Duval made birdie here last year as he contended charged with a 32 going out big birdie here at 98 when he finished a stroke out of a playoff but not today like Bobby Jones the man who built the Gustin national a Georgia Tech graduate david evolved registering his first par not until the ninth hole can you imagine that six birdies two bogeys that's 32 on the first nine sunday for the second straight year over to ten i'm he'll cabrera out of the second cut that was earlier well-positioned he will have a cross green putt for his birdie back to eight they've trudged up the hill it really is a sharp climb for the second portion of this par 5 numbers one and two in the world Nicholson overtook tiger in the last round at the Tour Championship in Atlanta last year and weren't playing together admittedly he also beat Tiger in La Jolla earlier in the earth stop Tigers streak of six in a row so he has the talent and this is very interesting no player has ever shot four rounds in the 60s Mickelson 67 69 69 so lots of opportunities for history to be made today whether it's slams consecutive or otherwise four rounds in the 60s very often you will have a day of strong winds at Augusta National as soon as you get a strong wind with these tight pin placements and very fast greens players have trouble we haven't had a particularly difficult day they've been testing playing conditions enough breeze to confuse the players on the tricky water holes but not the strong winds to knock the average score up to the mid-70s best of all to the 10th and on the tee David Duval 10th hole for two and 85 yards historically the most difficult hole here a gust national but David Duval Smith under par in this hole for his career well-positioned but not very long back to eight we saw a very intense Tiger Woods strolling back to where his ball is on the side of the forward tee at the 9th coming out of the second cut does not help here it looks as if it's going to be as SuperDuper straight up in the air special one that got Mickelson into trouble at 14 yesterday well I'm holding my breath I don't know about everyone else the players have not spent as many hours practicing this shot as Tiger are quite likely to hit this ball maybe two feet or a hundred yards he wants to hit at about 25 and then roll 30 or 40 feet I don't recommend the average player to go it looks scary doesn't it Ken it's next to impossible watch this but you know he's practiced it he works so hard on his game usually under the watchful eye of Butch Harmon and that's a very good shot just 7-under par for the par 5 so far this week it was a lot more under par when he won in 1997 and he gave us 12 of 13 under par that year you'd usually expect Tiger to met get most of his birdies at the par 5s he's battled a bit this week by his standards now Mickelson the choice of club dictate a little bit by that the contours because he want to carry a little further and take some slope out of play there's a ridge that divides the front two-thirds of the screen in the back left corner nine masters appearance has finished a third those were rich downhill the rest of the way [Applause] it's far enough the light that will be holding our breath Mickelson with his power only 6-under par for the par fives 14 par fives they're all reachable for these boys not as many under par as you would expect to the 9th Mark Calcavecchia only 2 back this is the player who set the all-time 72-hole tournament scoring record at phoenix earlier this season he can get hot in a hurry as he said I can gain confidence after just 1 or 2 consecutive shots I'm ready to go let's go back to the 8th hole Tiger I just loves the cut and thrust of the final day Duval 13 under through the 9th Nicholson with an excellent chance to go to 13 under Tiger would love to move to 14 it's slightly uphill a putt then he could hit little more firmly than many of the eight foot as you get at Augusta National it really was a very good shot from that lush grass downhill controlling the the distance and the spin that's very beautiful it's really carrying into that extraordinary win at Pebble Beach phenomenal cutting at the British Open at st. Andrews and a lovely stroke there now it's getting the to the time when missed at three and four footers are going to be very costly indeed we go to the 10th a look from behind the green David Duval set to play on its way from a hundred and eighty three yards well done I'm Hal Cabrera she putted for his part here and ten back to eight they're gonna break taps it in good birdie for Mickelson Tyga one ahead of Duval and Mickelson a shoot out the water back nine the second night at Augusta National anything can happen the sixty-fifth masters will be historic will tiger woods capture the fourth major fold all four professional majors at the same time after finishing fifth at last year's masters here's a little refresher on Tigers major momentum he's earned this chance to claim ownership of all four majors at one time the US Open at Pebble Beach last June with a record shattering 15 stroke win then the British Open by eight strokes at historic st. Andrews the Claret Jug added to his major collection and then to Valhalla and the PGA Championship in a riveting playoff win over Bob May at 24 years of age dominating golf three consecutive nature's and at such a relatively young age for five major titles Jack Nicklaus and Bobby Jones with for 25 years old or younger he goes for number six today let's go back to the 9th number six overall number four in a row and here he is at the 9th with the one-shot lead [Applause] he's been respectful of other people's opinions but he says my mind it would be the Grand Slam and some of around here have pointed out there's been a lot of concern about what it isn't instead of what it is it would be an incredible achievement Calcavecchia moment ago had this for birdie on the green at 9:00 he had the birdie walk going amazing thing about this game though now the guy who wins this tournament will hit it somewhere around 270 some odd times and it can come down just as fractions of inches let's go to the 10th where David Duval eying about a ten-foot putt for birdie here it would be his seventh birdie of the day as I said earlier he has played this hole brilliantly in his career David trying to replace a lack of tournament preparation with incredible mental determination I mean he has been so focused this week for birdie to tie the lead seven birdies one part two bogeys David Duval is on fire 5-under par so far through 10 holes today tonight and this was earlier on the tee [Applause] holds on for a while but he flirted with the trees on that left side but cut the corner superb play there Carolina cherry the ninth hole and Mickelson has found the bottom of the hill Ken Venturi that's what you desire here exactly on four hundred and thirty yards it's a sloping toe from left to right which makes it difficult to drive once you get to the bottom of the hill two bunkers on the left side really do not come into play and the one thing on this green don't leave it short if you have to be wrong be long it is a sucker pin as Anna Kenney through the years you've seen this mistake a number of times that's the one when you could putting too much spin on it and comes down it will almost go all the way down to that crosswalk what I was taught 1:06 just want to talk 1:7 for those who maybe don't follow golf closely the rest of the year this is a debate about the Grand Slam because it's not in the same calendar year but nonetheless no one has ever come close to doing what Tigers attempting to do here win for all four professional majors hold all titles at one time a tiger slam would be the appropriate name of it look out watch how far back this will keep going well that slowed down pretty fast this time you know in 96 when father won this is where we since started that Greg Norman put so much spin on this shot here he drew it all the way back to the crosswalk and made bogey where he was looking trying to make birdie and that's where it all started now Mickelson just inside 100 yards 99 yards is all that's what you have to do Jimmy oh it's not as close as he's would like but but you have to be past that play especially if you put a lot of spin on the ball that would cause for an arm shot and take the spin out of it depend on candy through the gears kitty this is not an easy birdie hole with this pin position but the guys who have birdied this hole on Sunday and gone on the wind and David Duval has already done that remember that he's already birdied the 9th as well now actually Duval made par there today so we'll see if maybe Mickelson will make a run at that little twist that happens too often over 211 and Duval on a tear 11 the 455 yard par-4 very long for long hitting Duval pin tucked in his traditional placement on the left side bringing the regular water hazards so much into play and you don't need to tell Brad facts and then he just made quadruple bogey 8 here just missing the green to the right so much can happen at Amen Corner tonight Kenny what about the options for this shot right here for Tiger this is a lofted shot here Jimmy has to get it up over the the ridge there because the the hole today is cut back 36 feet from the front but there's about half of that that you can't use anymore right about where he's walking now he that's where he's looking at he'd like to land that I don't think you'll see that big swing I think you'll see just a 3/4 and just trying to check this thing put some spin on it and carry it just over the rise it's not what he was looking for a gym he's a big swing to that putt coming back to the par Kenny he talked about 96 the Faldo norman battle look how much farther back that went than Tiger Woods one player who did that birdie up there near the leaderboard as you see Norman's putt that year in 96 we have seen Calcavecchia make a charge here with 35 become close himself the making birdie Kurt Triplett had one but he's leveled off at 9-under on the other side so many things can happen Ernie Els was saying last night after his round that he feels if you're anywhere within four shots going to the second nine you're in the game else by the way is five back right now this putt has a pretty good break good and Jimmy I'd say this that that this is if you look at budgets you can charge this is one you have to like this is all speed right here Nicholson's brilliance and fertile imagination has certainly been displayed so many times in his career but sometimes I think Kenny it's clouded his judgment too and led to some questionable decision making he's for birdie here look at the speed look at the speed and he barely took the head cover off no court decisions to this point a miscue though back at the 5th hole or sixth hole by Mickelson you know that Tiger Woods was taking a good look at that break take a look at that speed for sure from where he's putty let's go first to the 10th from the right hand second cut mark Calcavecchia 214 yards [Applause] now and well-played from that position kept it below the hole hole what moves to the left it doesn't favor his left to right ball flight let's go back to 9 penny watching the top three contenders here Tiger Duval Phil what do you see do you see a look perhaps and Duval that that says something that you don't see in the other two right now well the vault was way behind that I don't mean way behind but he got on a row and once she stopped making those birdies he just keeps going after it and he's zoned in and he is not looking right or left he's looking right at that flag this way Park Boys it what a save from in front of the green first 9 34 for Tiger a wild tee shot of one cost him a stroke there but other than that three birdies Jimmy I wasn't gonna see more excitement than I'll tell you what if you want to see a good show just put him on the back 9 of Augusta and put these three players together yeah I just can't wait to watch it Kenny I was talking about Nicholson sometimes perhaps his decision-making clouded by his own brilliance and own ability to pull off shots his judgment on this set at 9 don't you feel will be the key for him it's been his downfall because look what he did yesterday at 14 but he'll know what he's healed know very well what he has to do Jim alright 34 also for Mickelson and Dick Enberg this sets up as we know that you know the old saying here is it all begins on the second nine Sunday at the Masters and I don't think it's ever been more true than than what we're gonna have here today what's vibrating it's vibrating when you think about the history we're talking about and and the fact that there are men who are the best players not to have won the major Mickelson and Duvall we're looking for the green jacket and now they go to the second nine cool tiger woods accomplished something that has never been achieved in the history of this game for professional titles at the same time 211 and the second shot at David Duval is underway after a huge Drive only 137 and Duvall making the smart play right of the hole and that'll drop back even though it's some 40 feet short it's up the hill and where the pin is located today that is critical you must be below the flagstick here at 11 let's go to 10 birdie putt Mark Calcavecchia solid par good recovery from an errant tee shot mark holds the second nine scoring record of 29 on the second nine did that in 1992 so look out for him if he keeps that confidence with his putter now back on the tee Tiger Woods will be going with the 3-wood and should Tiger win today it will be golf's greatest moment what that's been solid 2-under par 34 on the first nine he starts his journey on the second nine [Applause] but if Phil Mickelson or David Duval were to win perhaps golf's next great rivalry will be born both players wanting this so badly Mickelson going with the driver he's looking dangerously down the left side that catches the trees oh and what a great break it comes out he will be in the second cut you'll have a slightly obstructed line toward the hole but it could have been a whole lot worse Phil Mickelson at 13 under par trailing David Duval and Tiger Woods by one second nine in Augusta about to begin Levin was playing in the good old Scottish mist and I say to my caddie say have a look at this what do you think and he gets down behind uncle all looks a bit of a blur to me Garvey spits but there was a beggar awfully for that and I got over the putz I just just relax think we just relax there there and yes believe it and it's still the sweetest part where they hit my life final day at the Masters today's extraordinary afternoon boils down to the second nine with Tiger Woods Stanford David Duval Georgia Tech Phil Mickelson Arizona State three great collegians battling for this coveted title and Tiger Woods so much more at stake for him an incredible place in the history of this game now 211 last year the most difficult hole at Augusta bar four and David Duvall his place to second shot well below the hole some forty feet seven birdies in his first 10 holes and what a run for the man who shot 59 two years ago at the Bob Hope he's known to be able to get it going but what surprised me most about Duvall having played so poorly this year he said he came in here with much more confidence about his ball striking than last year he finished third here last year and many were surprised at that he's playing with Ernie Els and holes 10 through 12 this week Duval has pretty well owned Amen Corner except for the 13th he struggled there well you might expect that you just can't hit it three or four feet past the hole and leave yourself that putt coming back it's so quick you could really put it in the water that 10 Tiger Woods getting ready to play a second shot from 186 yards yes normally we say the second 9:00 Sunday afternoon is where this tournament begins but in reality the anticipation for this started last August at Valhalla maude mud on the ball slides it all the way to the back but a pretty good bounce because we've seen balls roll all the way through the green and down into the pine straw so a bad break for Tiger Woods in the 10th fairway a good break for Phil Mickelson his ball going through the trees down the left side now the question is will the second cut affect his ability to spin the ball he definitely has to start this toward the bunker on the right and then try to work it away a little bit toward the right side of the green Peter this shot it really is a lot easier for a a left-hander absolutely Kenny he's got 182 yards left that's a cut swing well he asked for it to cut but he didn't so that bunker shot is no bargain but I know he could be a whole lot worse off than what he is right now 211 and Duval makes four first leg of Amen Corner successful 11 now has just replaced 12 as the most difficult hole today only two birdies at the 11th and one of the great Watson golf for David Duval and Ernie Els [Applause] and with a large scoreboard immediately behind the 11th green the moans and groans of the gallery here is common today is the sounds of the Cardinals in the dog woods and the loudest groan goes to Duvall after he made birdie at the 10th to get to 14-under Bobby it looks like there's not much of the swirling winds down there today very calm right now Kenny as we move back up the fairway and Mark Calcavecchia second shot now who likes to take the ball left or right and I left swinger and that's good for 11 but that'll be unbearably difficult chip shot that's where facts and made his 8 from pitched it in the water from there but the 12 today if it's traditional back-right hole location 162 yards Duval on the tee and the shot here take it right over the bunker that's the line Duval's got it and a splendid shot how often have we talked about that about it Kenny that Trek where you have to hit it isn't it there's no doubt you can we can't win it here but you can lose it and let's take a look at Golden Bell named after the forsythia that has already bloomed out in March what a glorious par 3 today 162 yards this hole has been ranked the most difficult at Augusta more than any other hole the Tim where Phil Mickelson would be tested he is 5 for 5 getting it up and down from bunkers this week that's well done well done so Phil Mickelson will have a short three feet left with his par 4 at 10 what's your tee shot that could have ended up anywhere 216 and here is toe shiozawa for birdie this was a moment ago at the par 3 delicate little downhill putt and is zawa 5-under on today's round and on the first page of the leaderboard the 18 and last year's winner Vijay Singh for birdie and what a nice way to end your reign we will be seeing Vijay in the butler cabin waited today along with the chairman Judy Johnson for the presentation of the green jacket at 69 for Singh today back to the 10th where Tiger surveying this putt tricky ones gonna move on to the right did you stop for a moment thank Tiger Woods nine holes away from what so many marvelous players in history could never accomplish sours and speed holding Nelson Nicklaus Palmer player Watson none of them you know he is fooled by that break that may be as bad a Miss read as I've ever seen from Tiger Woods fooled by that the front left location and so often the case here at Augusta it comes down to the putts six feet for Tiger maybe three feet for Phil Mickelson while he lines it up let's go to 11 and the chip shot effort of Mark Calcavecchia good-looking shot whoa it's still rolling he can't believe it back to Tim and a part of the putt that's very difficult to read for Tiger this does not move left as much as it appears it will he's such a good putter that you have to give him credit one of the things that required if a good putter should be a good leader of the Greens going for his fourth major but let's add in the players championship the Canadian Open the world series of golf he owns all those titles as well [Applause] oh well phone Tiger Woods saves a fart the 10th hole remains of minus 14 a solid to underperformance through the first 10 holes now Phil Mickelson normally when he's had problems with the short putts he pulls them to the right this week he's been aggressive and most misses have come to the left Idina however he answers the challenge phil mickelson escapes with a four at the 10th hole stays at minus 13 let's go to David Duval at 12 the quietest corner Amen Corner the 12th green and I don't know what distracted Duval his bid for birdie and Duvall his best finish right here in 98 in a major so difficult to judge the pace of these greens that are noticeably quicker today than in the previous three rounds what a start for David Duval I love this demeanor not a lot of reaction very businesslike even cute it's par so far part 11 and 12 for Duval only his third part of the round in earlier mark Calcavecchia back at the 11th recall missed the green wide right and that second 10 footer for par for Kent who holds the suck at 9 record along with David Toms for the 29 he shot 19 years ago and back on the tee at the 11th hole leader Tiger Woods a big advantage for a big drive here especially to today's in Plitt position what that's an excellent shape down the right side that'll open up the hole cut to the day to the left I like that angle with today's hole location and now Mickelson great resiliency all week 19 birdies in his first three rounds [Applause] then like it already had a difficult time getting his weight off his left foot there and it hit a tree we understand so Mickelson in trouble five victories for Mickelson in his last 14 months compared to woods 11 victories in 15 months but it was Mickelson who has answered the challenge of woods more than any other player and let's go to 15 and Jim Furyk who made a charge yesterday only to fall back playing nicely again today that for birdie to go – 11 back to 12 and Mark Calcavecchia on the tee at the par 3 trailing by 3 still no time to go at the fly ho ho dangerous so close that ball literally four to five feet away from being wet at five balls in the water today the 13 david evolved trying to take it around the corner and he has to play 13 14 15 s got to be a couple under that's fine they had a very good shape so he is looking right now at least play the next three holes in at least three under par Tiger Woods and David Duval are tied at 14 under par Mickelson in trouble at the 11th hole only one shot back but it still got a lot of golf left shaping up as a great finish now those who have followed golf have been waiting for these three to meet at some point and they admit on golf Grand the stage woods Duvall Mickelson trying to settle things here for the green jacket and Duvall has reached the critical point in his round a real mental hurdle he'll try to overcome the 13th hole go back a year ago his second shot 178 yards he attempted a 5-iron after backing off of it several times and then yesterday dangerous front 10 just heavy enough from that rocky beach he was able to make a saving v but it's a key point coming up for Duval the first let's head to the 11th author Herbert Warren wind coin the 11th 12th and 13th Amen Corner back in 1958 and it begins with the second shot Phil Mickelson just wants to make sure buddy that makes no worse than five if he does make five you're exactly right Kenny and that not even anywhere close to the green some 40 yards short of the green difficult to know exactly what he was thinking about there I can't believe he wouldn't wasn't attempting to at least run the ball up on the green well the only thing with those mountains you see right there to the left part of your screen those things kick to the left and that could run you right down the water it can kick off there I think he was taking the safest route he can go I think you're right Kenny and now Tiger Woods just 149 just a perfect angle but Kenny still here you need to be about 15 feet right of the hole if you're not you pulled it oh and he's pulled it right at the hole look out was that any good and that's what I mean by perfect angle and Alistair McKenzie designed this course he designed it for angles and a stone-faced Tiger Woods makes his march up to the green and since 1946 only two players have ever birdied the 11th hole in the final round and won the Masters Tiger one of them and the other the great Nicklaus and let's take a look again in the second shot from a hundred and forty nine yards unbelievable and Steve Williams his caddie throws him the putter and now Tiger makes his march up to the 11th green and will move up ahead to the par-3 12 or earlier mark Calcavecchia his bid for birdie no drastic miss Reed went on to make his par and now Tiger again it's mounted a challenge but Tiger Woods had a streak of 19 consecutive tournaments that he held the lead or was tied for the lead going into the final round and won but that streak was broken last year at the Tour Championship by his playing opponent today Phil Mickelson it was at the very first hole where Mickelson made birdie and made the statement let's go to 16 and this was earlier this is Jim Furyk long and right and had his most treacherous downhill second shot bought gathers speed as it nears the hole and go back to 11 and now Mickelson we call it about 70 yards a lot of green to work with Bobby this is almost a must for him to make para he'll we'll go back to shots of woods it's exactly right Kenny you really can't hit to pass the hole here either oh what a shot right where he wanted to leave it seven feet putting right up the hole to 13 David the Vols second shot cuts from 198 yards did he makin another mistake here he took the real fat side of the green brother that's a smart play he was trying to go a little bit from left to right but the hanging line with the ball above his feet he had no he had last year's in mind and yesterday's shot in mind and he took the safest route he could do it I'd like to be closer than that if he was about 15 feet to the to the right of that they would have caught that slope and left himself in good shape but two putts for birdie he's playing very smart he hasn't changed expression much today he just looks the same just zeroed in 16 and Furyk to save his three gained one at the par-5 15th gave one back at the par-3 16th 10 under well the shot of the day to this point Tigers second to the 11th to take the one-shot lead over David Duval who faces a critical putt for birdie at the 13th and Mickelson is now three behind with a bogey at the 11th always eager with a strong showing here shirring 14th position at 7-under with Brad Faxon still out there 47 players and all made the cut here which fell Friday night at +1 back to the 12th in a very difficult bunker shot for Tiger Woods deceptively quick as it hits the green well done I don't have to tell you what happens if you're a little aggressive there 2:13 it's a must birdie putt for Duvall and must it's not a disappointing five right here hmm boy did he need for he remained at 14 under par one behind woods but would still has to place 13 and try to get up and down and 2 at number 12 Bobby so they take the walk over the bridge Ernie else right there David Duval let's go back to 12 Mickelson for birdie oh what an effort that was superb Mickelson 100 in his round today he's never shot better than 71 in the final round at the Masters he said this year he felt more prepared to win a major than any other year before everything in his life he says is leading up to it no excuses except a very strong adversary arguably the strongest anyone will ever see in the game of golf and what a challenge here seven feet that's a difficult putt to read it's one that you get it at the hole it breaks sharply right you hit a little above the hole and it tends to stay there he's been very successful at this length Robbie he takes a good look reads it well it takes his time gathers himself and trusts when he reads the line he trusts it that's the main thing what you have to do in your putt exactly right Kenny only three things that matter executing executing and execute [Applause] pictures set now what we might have predicted so Tigers second consecutive bogey at the 12th on the weekend and suddenly Duvall and woods tied at 14 under par let's go to 13 Calcavecchia is fourth shot from 109 yards that'll come back just a little bit but not much but he was in the war in fact that's what he could do he couldn't get around the trees that's the best he could do leave himself 109 yards and you can't let 13 14 and 15 get away from you now on the tee Phil Mickelson to behind the wall and woods I said take it off from a little bit from right to left off those two big pine trees to be cut it enough oh yes he did he has been very good at his tee shots here at 13 all week been long and his debt will not be a very long yardage to get at that flight and the one thing has to do there forget the flag be a little bit left up and let it feed down there again now Tiger Woods Guinea he has struggled the first three days keeping this shot in the fairways long every time well he's so long Jim is that is that you have to turn it and he drives right through the fairway things we could never do before but he tries to take it off from right to left and the one thing he doesn't want to do is over draw it and usually at that time he leaves it out to the right a little bit that's huge that's really big we thought Mickelson was big put it right by it he will have nothing into this green let's go to 14 David Duval on the tee this short time ago Duval now co-leader with Tiger Woods it's over into the second cut on the right side and now live and David heard the cheers from the patrons for Tigers tee shot just down the hill at the 13th see the hole today is cut to the right side very difficult 14th green Go Go that was beautifully done it did go and that is a very makable birdie putt ahead to 18 this is Toshi Izawa from japan runner up this year at Riviera was for a closing birdie par will give him 67 low round of the day to this point 13 dr vecchio trying to make five after a poor tee shot so that he'll have to settle for six he'll drop one here at the easy 13th hole for these players you take a nice look at the Hogan bridge and Tiger Woods at 14 under par tied with David Duval but Tiger Woods now gonna play 13 after a long tee shot as you look down the list we still got a lot of holes left to play it was almost like I was afraid that I wasn't going to win and that motivated me to do some of the things that I did here comes on the green approximately 3b no Silvana magnificent shop by Arnold Palmer I never found anything but birdies particularly in a situation like that our dough father is the master [Applause] Phil Mickelson second shot from a hanging light is not an easy shot for a left-hander he's a hundred and ninety five yards be conservative don't get aggressive yet trying to make a cook [Applause] he'll take that from that lie for a left-hander that's not an easy shot that he had now Tiger Woods is 182 yards the hole is 70 feet from the front on the left-hand side but only 35 feet if you go right at the flag you only have 35 feet of green to work with good play well done in that position you just can't fire at that flag it's not worth it here's what we look like at the Isaiah you hold the 13th hole 485 yards dogleg par-5 he off just behind the 12th green that Creek right there does not come into play but right about as you get to this turn you try to make it go from right to left and you begin a good look at the green with the four bunkers two in the back two on the side Creek passes the right side right in the front and then down the entire left hand side of the fairway the hole today cut 70 feet from the front Tiger has eagled or birdied the 13th hole in 17 of 25 rounds I'd even think it would be better than that with his length but let's go forward to 14 Duval for birdie this for the outright lead and the David took bogey at the 14th yesterday has to settle for par after a fine approach the back of his mind probably assuming the tiger was going to make birdie at the 13th 17 Jim Furyk was in the front bunker missed the fairway to the right found the bunker in front and it was a very difficult shot missing that one for a par was a battle between Izawa and Furyk see who could get to the clubhouse first in double-figures zawa a lovely 67 Rick drops a shot at 17 back at 13 I looking at who's gonna be first to putt I'm I would make me think Mickelson I'm not sure it's just so close they they were looking at each other their 13th hole produced 107 birdies feel garry's well under the par 5 but Tiger Woods will be first to putt defin come up the hill this putt is a little bit slower than you know these greens have been fast but this putt coming up this hill is a little bit slower and having not seen many people or very few ever get it to the hole well Tiger Woods pacing around to get his but Mickelson is just taking a really good look testing the stroke he's watching the two they both know how important it is right now anything I could remember Tiger making Eagle in his victory year of 97 one late Friday afternoon taking the lead with that Eagle for the first time in his career to custom and he would later say that he had studied this green with old films and video clips of previous masters and memorized every break on this green there are some subtle breaks or breaks that you can see but it doesn't happen and you got to trust you know there's a spot behind this hole that you swear it has to go left and it goes dead straight at this putt here from well I say good 35 almost 40 feet it's just slightly uphill a little slower than normal putts he's been having if we've seen that all day long you just can't believe how slow that is yes tiger it is slow it's still a good lag in his position where he's standing now you just can't be aggressive you just don't want to leave yourself hey three four footer to get up and down on to Phil Mickelson was watching that speed very much let's go to 15 quickly and a critical tee shot I'm hard on the right-hand side that's in great shape for Duvall he would go eight he will be going at it from there back to the 13th Mickelson after a long look is over the ball misses it on the low side can't believe how much that's going to turn on him there comfortably we say they'll both make for any you were the captain to these top three contenders when you led the u.s. to victory at the Presidents Cup and I remember you remarking afterwards that you felt it was close that Mickelson was close thought it would be this year that he'd win his first major I still think so I still think so he's the only person I've ever done that to make a 30-footer and look embarrassed Tiger for his tap-in they go to 15 under par take the lead by himself going to 14 there's Tigers read reaction when he hit the first putt thinking he had the eagle on line thinks he's got a good shape watch Oh No how can it be short I hit it hard enough but I like those easy birdies though Tiger and he makes his way to the 14th tee Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson as they approach the 14th tee and will go right there with Vern I mean Bill McAtee I'm sorry but that's all right Kenny quite a setting huge scoreboard mementos ovation for our final piece of the day at the 14th green this is a very difficult putt from Mark Calcavecchia that will gather speed hard to get that anywhere near the hole Calcavecchia at minus 10 suddenly five behind tiger and four behind Phil Mickelson on the tee at the 14th [Applause] perfectly placed billet 13 under Duvall 14 and Tiger at minus 15 so Tiger has played this 14th this week confident hasn't even watch it set up and very nicely to go at this whole location the 14th at Augusta National Chinese fir comes up a gentle slope from Amen Corner 405 yards it's like dogleg to the left we've said before the only hole at Augusta National without a bunker second shot is into the largest green on the course and the hole today is cut to the right side Bobby Jones loved Scottish links courses so I'm working with dr. Mackenzie and the design of Augusta National two holes were set up his links type holes here at 14 also at five soon I'll mark Calcavecchia to salvage his par so second consecutive bogey for Calcavecchia disappointing day today runner-up 1988 that's the scene ahead at the 15th David Duval weights 5-under today David Duval who said that it was disappointing a year ago and he was short on Sunday at 13 to take himself out of contention he said the real heartbreaker was in 1998 when he was awaiting the playoff of Mark O'Meara O'Meara made that just tremendous birdie putt at the 18th to win it said that took a while to get over maybe I'm still not over taking dead aim from 200 yards the toll would usually be long [Applause] not a bad miss that's a horrible chip shot right there not too many easy ones around this 15th green house one of them already in the first round hearted in the second birdie again in the third he'll be looking for three here it's finished in the top half dozen his last three attempts here at Augusta will go to 18 Jim Furyk at 18 third shot start it out on fire with 32 on the first nine bogeys at 16 and 17 the railing his hopes back to 14 Tiger 127 yards away 115 weed white at 15 location just hangs putt just beyond the ridge you look for some front that 14th second shot for tiger used to backstop use the bed stop I'm on the hill just a bit have you're encouraging more [Applause] but can often this will be a tough putt but certainly it's a makable putt big swing from right to left for Tiger up coming and now Mickelson [Applause] steps back a gust of wind Jesus actually picked up a bit in the last few minutes aggressive will Mickelson be too back and that's what Tiger wanted to do so Mickelson about twelve feet away for birdie to get within one of tiger [Applause] YUM a three-way battle for the green jacket at Augusta with tanker Woods leading by one David Duval you would have to think of birdie opportunity and 15 Mickelson can make his move now on this closing stretch his form has certainly been true on holes 13 through 18 this week and let's go to 15 David follow with a chance here to grab the lead on his own at least for a moment just waiting for the 16th green and the players accepting their applause as they walk on Duvall will throw this one all the way to the surface there's the 16th green just about 90 yards between the two a little bit of an upslope here he'll want to throw this all the way over land it on the green let's get a couple of times gave it every chance so simple tap in and we will tie Tiger Woods Duvall as I mentioned in the top half dozen in the last three masters tournaments wants a win desperately as do all of these men in the final few groups might well go ahead and clean that one up so Tiger will see on the scoreboard back on 14 I will change the number and when he makes his way to the 15th tee before he hits this pub he knows no David a large break as you see from right to left and that had a wonderful chance was at 14 the tiger made the birdie in 1997 that got him to 18 under went under set the scoring record at that mark the tiger knows yet that Duvall's at 15 with him now Mickelson Tiger waits Phil has studied this from every possible angle seen this but quite a bit today it will move just a bit right to left the kid was in one [Applause] and you can't believe he was short very disappointing disappointing par for Mickelson to remain at minus 13 meanwhile Tiger has already headed toward the 15th tee there he is trying to journey into a part of history where no one has ventured before 4 holes left on Sunday at the Masters what a remarkable day 18 earlier Furyk for par closes with 69 37 on the second nine however he's tied for fifth 16 and what a splendid setting as David Duval takes the tee and inevitably one thinks back to the championship many would argue is the the best ever held here 26 years ago 1976 and the significance of this par 3 16th hold then as Jack Nicklaus battled Tom Weiskopf and Johnny Miller it was here at the 16th that Nicolas hold a 40 foot putt for what proved to be the winning margin of one stroke the ball with Ernie Els else has now gone to minus 10 Tiger Woods resting before his tee shot at 15 and now Ernie else who has gotten it to minus-10 first deployed thank your pardon – nine whole is accessible back left but that's going back right and now David Duval seven iron [Applause] what a difficult downhill chip he's going to have now I think devolves in the state of shock we go to 15 and the tea shot has to keep it right of the trees every time he does that absolutely amazing how he can stop his swing like that normal people would have just continued and flinch out of it it's all the way to the toughest back swing pulls it up right there absolutely amazing and that was a stare that would stop a clock David that's not hard to do when you bunt the ball but when you swing that hard that's difficult in your rod County and that's perfect who knows for at the very worst here is what he needs and Duvall we heard the applause and his Tiger hit his tee shot from behind here tiger unaware that Duval in trouble of course and one of the great scenes in golf the roar from this area swells up and is heard all over this golf course when David Duval has birdied the 16th hole once out of 21 attempts here and Verne I'd have to say he's not looking good right now in earlier at 15 Mickelson's tee shot again a little anxious not one down the left-hand side and that'll be tree trouble back to 16 and they've evolved from the side this is downhill all the way [Applause] co-leader with Tiger Woods but thinking three now he's got to be so careful here can you get it asked to join he has a pet a little bump and run he'll take almost his cutting grip get it started over there and all he wants to do is get it over the fringe and let the roll take care of it now he's hit the ridge I think this is gonna be really good he's gonna love it that shows you how fast it's how far by the did ring but that was a superb shot we've got about eight feet coming back up the hill but given the delicate difficulty I think the satisfaction is enormous right now he can even allow himself a smile [Applause] Earnie else this one's got about eight feet of break [Applause] twice a US Open champion and we work a record reported to score at 10-under par he had birdied 15th so Ernie five back now back to 50 and Mickelson you're not in a position to go for it really but in no mood to lay up this is gonna be interesting he's gotta hit a huge cut from here and it'll be further complicated by the fact he's just in the edge of the second cut can't get as much spin on it he's played the cut shot beautifully all week here David I gotta believe that this got to be a layup at least he takes big numbers out of it and he can make you know he can still make four as well as he pitches the ball and he still keeps himself in contention well he lost behind Ernie else makes par at 16 and that look like a long Club Kenny 212 yards for a huge cut that's a superb shot from there I know it didn't make it on the putting surface but that really is just about as good as he could hope for not a difficult bunker shot he figured it was time to gamble David I believe all the tee shot here so critical on Tiger has put in absolutely the garden spot there's only a hundred and eighty eight yards and the flag and the deeper portion of the green here this is a real opportunity little into the breeze what there is not much Iran so a chance now to separate himself setting up a little left magnificent short of the hole 25 feet a little right-to-left that for Eagle and the atmosphere done around this green not so heavily charged a real sense that something special might happen to 16 David Duval to save par problems off the tee Duval with a four and he heads to the 750 having lost momentarily one stroke Tiger Woods with a splendid opportunity for Eagle at the 15th and he leads by one in the final round of the Masters in Augusta there they are lined up one two three each separated by a shot but it's about to break open larger than that with Tiger a good look at Eagle at the 15th and Duvall from an unsavory position behind the 16th unable to make par at par-3 similar to what had happened to him in fact in 98 when he made a critical bogey was way to losing out by 1 – Mark O'Meara David Feherty well Jim over at the 15th Phil Mickelson just eyeing this one obviously he's gonna try and make this the giant scoreboard behind the bleachers here both these players see the Duval has fallen to 14 under Mickelson would be 15 should he make this never dues and the patrons have been turning around and watching the numbers all day long absorbed by this battle and a very courageous and aggressive shot there from behind the trees from phil mickelson enormous risk reward factor [Applause] I'm not even waiting for the applause to subside he was gonna have a run at it and he's watching it very closely also as it rolls by this concentration has been phenomenal this week he really has put in an effort and he gets out of the sand very quickly here he knows the ball is going too quick he wants to get right behind it and get an idea of that break in the way back Tiger and I with a really a realistic chance 25 feet up the hill a little right-to-left but with Mickelson for a putt with who has a putt not that would get him to 14-under Duval also at 14 under two putts for Tiger gets him to 16 Kenny not sure just how aggressive he can afford to be with this one you don't get this good without being smart to say the least well you know you have to know when to be aggressive but he's coming uphill it's almost like the same one that were where he hits the putt they're slower coming up that hill and and and this is really as you said a very very makable putt again the roar from 16 behind mr. Marco makes a birdie Tigers eyes did not move [Applause] searching for the final piece of a jigsaw that has never been completed stay up stay up well a little more energetic than I was expecting so he loved a little work left to do Mickelson in the meantime still alive still kicking how's it up the hill here from about ten or eleven feet it's just a hint of left to right in it this decline within one of the lead at least temporarily Kenny he really has to make this one he has no choice David if he doesn't make this he can he just sit back and watch unless there's a miracle in it but if there was a must putt you're looking at it right now he's still there and what a study of determination he has been this week no I missed about three three and a half feet which is about three feet longer than he really wanted just about left-center [Applause] and historic Sunday afternoon at the Masters woods Duvall and Mickelson all of them still in it you haven't seen much of this this week didn't look like a bad stroke but this is Augusta you throw anything less than perfection at it and it'll throw it right back now how much would a great tee shot here at 16 named Phil Mickelson who would have dreamt there might be a three-putt 217 well we find a very difficult pin placement directly behind the front bunker David Duval only a hundred and forty yards to go but wind behind just on the fairway that makes a difference and that's very good take the bumper out of clay he has an excellent chance it's a right-to-left putt for a birdie super shot the bogey at 16 behind him an excellent play to 16th and on the team I feel missing seven I hole-high but it's going to stay up on the ridge and Ken he has left himself a really difficult but he'd walk off there right now with a three and never ask another question that's when I felt Vern you have to gamble where he is right there he had to makes up and go at that pin tiger woods with an 8-iron now he will get a little bit of gathered from the village and he's left himself about 35 feet uphill well it is said that the walk-up and the 18 that Augusta with a championship in hand as the greatest stroll in golf this walk to the 16th green is a splendid second in 1986 when Jack Nicklaus won his sixth green jacket Phil Mickelson was a 15 year old watching on television and he said it was watching Jack make this stroll before he birdied the hole that instilled in him an intense desire to win the championship and will this be a march of history for Tiger Woods [Applause] no better place to be on this Sunday afternoon now then can there's a matter of work to be done and Phil Mickelson with this really tough putt well the difference is you saw out there Vern was about only two three feet difference where if he if Mickelson had come down the hill he would have had a good make up a putt where Tiger Woods is going now this one here you want to talk about difficult putts on this golf course you're looking to one right here he's standing almost where he has to put this this thing has got to have something like a 20 foot break now that's right just does get it on its way it's really well done we go to 17 a huge putt for David Duval at the 17th this would be is ninth birdie of the day downhill right-to-left could have tied Tiger misses a great opportunity there's an excellent second shot there a few shots closer than that throughout the day dangerous pin placement less than 18 inches left it's still taking his time wait a while before the birdie putt Ernie Els was in trouble over the green pitch back into the front bunker as to set for Park I'm behind talking to himself back to 16 Tiger Woods 35 feet uphill for birdie you come up short [Applause] so he will maintain his one-shot edge over David Duval but first he'll mark and give way to Phil Mickelson now see what Phil can do with his attempt to salvage par on this hole and left-to-right break first of all now Mickelson with bogeys at the 16th [Applause] Tiger Woods still the leader with two holes to play in the final round of Augusta he gets his three at the 16th but watch his reaction with his bid for birdie we go to 18 David Duval and it's a must ready for David Duval he has no other number in mind except may try to make three and he's off to a good start and he can do that from there boy those are two costed buggies with six names amazing the two challengers the two attempting to be the streak Buster's yesterday at 17 Nicholson this is how he closed his third round birdie at 17 it step back a couple of times he knew the importance of this one to get in the final group and let's go back to 17 the Eisenhower tree that huge loblolly pine up the left-hand side not a problem for Tiger with his power can pull the ball and still clear the tree didn't miss the fairway in the first round if he's down the left again it's in the fairway with this pin placement that's a mistake can't control the approach as well as he would like we're gonna see more battles between these three players Nicholson's thirty years old Duvall 29 Tiger 25 they're gonna be playing some great golf for a number of years one of the more difficult fairways to hit trees left and right about 30 yards wide wind has been behind today they've been some shortest second shots I'm in the fairway as Mickelson has done essential he'll be able to attack from there Tiger may well have to be careful 15 14 13 – very interesting par fours to go there it is [Applause] to have him there on 18 green to hug them because it meant so much for me to have him there that's what made that term was so much more special back on a beautiful spring day in Augusta we heard Tiger talking about how meaningful it was for his father to be behind the 18th green that incredible day in 97 his father is in Augusta this week he's been staying though at the private home that was rented for the week has not come out to the competition wanted to be a distraction his father is here in Augusta his mother has been in his gallery all week if he wins it would be his second green jacket the youngest to win a second green jacket Jack Nicklaus in 1965 and the record will still belong to the golden bear by a little less than two months tiger 25 years three months and a week I think back to when he was here as an amateur five years ago a year before he won by that astonishing 12 shots he missed the cut as an amateur and they even Duval now with the most critical shot he is faced all day 101 yards has to put it behind the hole and draw it back don't come up short you said backdrop put some spin on it and see if we can draw it back to the hole gonna like this yard walk back that's the game plan right there then he's in the game or that will test your nerves right there what that means and just set it up on the scoreboard and all of a sudden now the stage is set seventeen it will pick us some great drive and earn forty to the pin talking to it four yards of green over the bunker and that's a pretty good spot a good angle from where to attack for a birdie right to left putt they've got to stop the ball very quickly and maybe questions in Tigers mind whether he can stop his shot from the second cut as well as that scene in time and time again hit shots to the right portions of the green to give himself the best putts take nasty long putts out of play he on the pin it's the safe play started right if he gets a too far right it can run off the front right corner of the green doesn't stop yet so a challenge still can it's been exciting to watch that there what if we have seen it all today Billy if you got the spin but not the direction howdy miss the fairway here's how you feel or what you do this is your own makeup whether he puts this or hits it a little bump and run with about a six or seven iron or maybe using the three metal I don't know but but this is where you have to look at the lye and you have to weigh the whole thing the plusses and minuses so there's another decision for people on their feet for the final twosome hole is cut to this front bunker an idea of the slope slightly uphill in the fringe and the first part of the green for Tiger we haven't seen this hole placement in the last three years twice on the back right corner where it was yesterday and when Jose Maria Olazabal won it was further to the left rather in the opening between the two bunkers so this unusual this was the same one when Tom Watson made a birdie putt back in 77 when he was battling Jack Nicklaus made a crucial birdie to win and Tiger looks as if he's got a chipping Club out tends to chip the ball with a low trajectory a little spin doesn't want to risk cutting over this the muta cross over seated with right could be a bit gluey going up the hill watch the trajectory and the spin he is there a lot of very very good shots maybe hasn't been rewarded as well as he might have been beautiful chipping mr. all-around game the power but also the finesse and the beautiful putting stroke so a certain part to 18 and here it is he's played his heart out today what an opportunity oh my gosh Wow I never I would have bet anything he makes that putt incredible oh what a disappointment thought all day and comes down to a three footer at the 18th and a misfire and he'll think about 16 17 and 18 for a long time because three great opportunities and never thought he'd missed that putt Jim seem a little quick to you yeah he takes a little bit longer than that to cut it but I think what it was that he was so sure seventeen Mickelson trying to make his third birdie of the week at the 17th it's been a tough hole one of the tougher holes on the course the last three years with the added length the 17th has been a real challenge this time it slips past as we said birdie birdie yesterday forced his way into the final twosome yesterday at 13 under run behind Duvall to behind Tiger Tiger would have recognized the groan from the 18th green cheer for a birdie thank you very much 15 under let's go up to the 18th hole tiger's reaction a moment ago on the chip at 17 thought I'd hold that devolves anguish at the 18th a putt you won't ever forget as long as you play this game those are the ones that haunt you and Mickelson knowing he had to make that one his only scenario now is birdie bogey birdie for Mickelson bogey for Woods well I can't get over the opportunity that developed bogan 16 have a wonderful opportunity for birdie at 17 and then the most probably one of the easiest putts you could get on the 18th green and never even hit the hole the one here is just shocking huh the one at 18 oh I still can't believe what I'm looking at and this I can't believe it it's it to me I would have said you know with all been and experience its in you know hard to win for Tiger to complete a feat that I don't even know what you can compare it to really as far as I'm concerned I don't know of anything in sports again compared with now golf I'm not talking exclusively exclusively go No [Applause] that was a confident look and he just held that finish he cheated on the right side of the teen area put a left-to-right move on it and couldn't walk it out there any better hmm I'm still I'm still thinking about Duvall's but you're not the only one I'll forget it probably about tomorrow but I know he won't now Mickelson you must find a way to make three and then hope the tiger makes some kind of mistake from a short yardage that one rattles around the pines and lands in the second cut well back [Applause] he had a putt to tie it let's call it outside of four feet he's declined an interview David Duval 67 and a heartache here in Augusta today Tyger just one para way from a second green jacket but more significantly the greatest achievement in modern golf four straight major championships holding all four titles at once I mentioned his father's been in Augusta all week he'd been contemplating whether or not he would come out here today watch the first part of it back at his house here in Augusta unable to help wise really walk up and down the hills here at Augusta but he awaits a second hug [Applause] you know Tigers teashop right around that corner here at the 18th known as Holly it's an uphill dogleg to the right coming out of a chute you should see on the left-hand side of the fairway the two bunkers to the front part of that first bunker is 255 yards to the front part of the second one is 269 yards you want to take it off from left to right leaving yourself an uphill second shot bunker on the right sometimes comes into play but the one you have to watch today is the bunker in front Nicholson got entangled there at the corner of the dogleg the pines [Applause] I get you move back to their show Nicholson will be a hundred and thirty six yards to the hole we described it as David Duval did his shot hit it behind the hole put some spin on it and try to bring it back don't try to bring it in short of this hole put it behind it and draw it back staring it down that will come back but not as far he put any spin on it but it'll be back there it'll be just about twice the length of David Duval's perfect now Tiger Woods only a 78 yards to the hole she's a spinner coming in once it's been it's on right back down I don't know if we get quite as far well that should be enough to do it keep lex for another green jacket I like the position I like the way it looks here comes the salute to an achievement that's about to be completed unlike anything this sport has ever seen [Applause] [Applause] Earl and gatita Tigers just a little outside of Nicholson I don't expect this putt to be going very fast to me he could make in this would be the rapturous reaction you would expect and Nicholson still has a putt for a share of second this really doesn't have much of a break to it to see it looks like it should go a little bit from right to left it's pretty straight but it'll be all speed that's for sure we've known for eight months that this is going to be approached is the week the tiger slam ever since he defeated Bob May in that three-hole playoff in Valhalla a streak that started at Pebble Beach at a place to start some kind of new configuration of a slam started the thing of where the stand is dirty pebble pebble beach San San Jose Augusta [Applause] there it is as grand as it gets what a way to cap it off perfect speed perfect line and Tiger has his slam something I never dreamt that I would ever see well the thought that anyone could ever do I think it's the greatest feat I've ever known in almost horse [Applause] now Mickelson has to gather himself because if he could make this hill tie for second would Duvall and pick himself up a nice check but he'll pick him up the silver medal has runner up to fight off the challenges of the two that most people thought were the likely challengers not talking just this week or this year for the last several years to his greatness into his perch sheriff second just like Duval's but you know had he made that putt he would have become the first player in masters history to shoot four rounds in the 60s and he still what the one that's still went on you're absolutely right it was something I enjoyed watching Jimmy I really enjoyed this entire back nine and then tournament and seeing these three players it doesn't get any better than it what an honored it was to be here historic day then again it belongs to tiger fagor you've got someone waiting for you back here at the scorer's trailer [Applause] that's a familiar look I will say that sir woods that man had some vision when talking an incredible vision years ago [Applause] let's take another look at this what a way to end it that's that left no doubt look at this speed centre hello it's the only way you can end it that's right and that's the way it should be [Applause] their reaction that looks like and I told you he's told a lot of people in advance of some what most people thought were wild and impossible things that his son would one day achieve people who say it's impossible or those who are never tried but I thought I'd never I've never said see this I thought only in three like Hogan did at that time was unbelievable to own all four at the same time just to me is one of the greatest feats I've ever seen again this is a young man who is only 25 not even in what is considered to be the prime of a golf professionals career and someone who as a youngster grew up with a encyclopedic memory of all of Jack Nicklaus accomplishments and now he has done something we always thought that the one goal of his that he wanted to attain when it was all over was Jack's 18 professional majors and though that's still the long-term goal but this is something that even the great Jack Nicklaus never accomplished nor could anyone before him when I look at the signing the scorecard one person comes into my mind Roberto de vincennes oh just because you have to be so careful that's right a closing birdie to a round of 68 and two young guns gave it an incredible fight to the end stumbles at 16 though by Duvall and Mickelson and and we didn't see Earl Woods at the hava or st. Andrews or Pebble Beach but he was here for the 4th well he may not be there but he's never far away as you said what a great sight he had because but you think about thinking about this said about Tiger Woods about watching the movies in the tapes of golf courses and knowing about and learn about a where he's going to go that's wonderful in one way but to make it happen it's just we just witnessed a miracle and there more to come it's the only thing you can think again when he was an amateur here for the last time five years back he played practice rounds here with Jack and Artie he said there are two ways to learn this course you have to listen to the guys who have played it and you have to go through the diabolical experience of playing it's a five-year sense he's worked on two green jackets the top 16 and ties here rewarded with an invitation to next year's masters and one player Rocco Mediate made it at 7-under with a chip-in birdie at the 18th those at 7-under or better finished in that top 16 category let's go down to Bill McAtee all right Jim thank you very much fulfill yet had some chances coming in starting with the birdie opportunity at the 14th well yes and and I should have known that that putt was uphill I saw that Tom Kyte left it short and 86 I knew it was a little bit slower and I just didn't trust that it was uphill and left it short right in the heart and I missed some crucial pots throughout the day and I didn't feel I was putting poorly but I just missed some big ones the tee shot on 16 after pulling within one was just a poor one I had to put it down the lower ledge and then to miss that part but was a killer so when you look back on this would be a case of not being aggressive enough perhaps not not winning the Masters and rather than letting Tiger win it or do you think this was just Tigers destiny well he certainly played well and shot the lowest score in one the way I look at it is I've got some issues with my own game I made four bogeys again today I've made two doubles the last couple of days and I'm just throwing shots away left and right and to try to compete against Tiger it's just not cutting it I think that I've been able to do it in the past and be somewhat successful but at this level I've got to eliminate eliminate those mistakes I feel thank you very much let's send you back up to Jim Nantz boy was that forthright he looks inward no excuses from Phil Mickelson well the bogeys that he made today for them and two double bogeys the other day Friday and Saturday had just just made too many mistakes to keep on top of things we did try to capture a moment there with David Duval after his round he declined Steve Williams celebrates those two have teamed up for four straight majors the tiger slam is complete Dickon Burke coming up plus the green jacket presentation in the butler cabin what a day in Augusta the Masters Tiger Woods champion 2001 great fight from David evolve and Phil Mickelson and so the sixty-fifth masters tournament is officially written into its illustrious history and what a day it's been win or lose it was about Tiger and to follow him was to take a memorable trip it's hardly an easy walk this determined March through history stalking it's very core Tiger Woods 25 boldly taking aim at the heretofore impossible were the world's best in a team effort to deny 255 this afternoon we were allowed to anticipate that this day might bring inspiration with all history certainly a momentous time to lend strength to its significance champions here never forgotten would bear witness each marveling at the possibilities of this day they have earned their deserted place in history and with it the right to fully admire such accomplishment and it's all part of tradition at the Masters you touch it you feel it arousing our cheers 56 years ago he authored the impossible 11 consecutive titles lordly to be remembered to be reminded honored here with a monument that announces his character and contribution that to be embraced by any special fan then a memorable Thursday morning Lord Byron Nelson age 89 with 88 year-old Sam Snead addressed masters opening ceremony it will be Nelson's last he says this has become the most difficult thing he's ever had to do but he still does it well and Sneed swing is still senior sweet he plans to return to celebrate history and then a moment to help us all feel the meaning of masters golf in its tradition like any interested spectator two-time champion Tom Watson became what we all are a fan respecting greatness and tradition and wanting to take home evidence of being here can you imagine to win the Masters and realize every young golfers dream a victory here as sure as a place in the history of this sport in that spirit each year Augusta salutes its champions all are invited to return no place in golf embraces the past quite so well this year 28 of them Masters champions were here here for young golfers as more than a gentle reminder of what golfing greatness is all about and lending power to this day I want to be sure there are interruptions there are modest breaks and traditions rhythm the unconventional but there was also the traditional expression that honors the game dating back to another time often we witness the doffing of the capita rounds and a public display reflecting regard for the game respect for fellow competitor no questions asked a gentleman's gesture not to hide beneath even in disappointing times but to offer an openly sincere meaning to the handshake it's a traditional touch of class and it fits the moment and this place and we owe it to the game not to forget and so we'd off our cap to salute this historic accomplishment on this day all four of golf's majors are now in his possession at 25 he now is history his place not only secured it's cemented in silver Tiger Woods now marches were the greatest in all of sport and oh my we got to take the walk with him thank you Dick Enberg it was indeed a powerful day here in Augusta and the top 16 and ties again are granted the return invitation next year here you can see mark Calcavecchia shears forth with Izawa a strong 67 today Furyk in Elle's Bernhard Langer was 69 and he'll Cabrera who actually held the lead at one point in the third round for about a half an hour until a mistake at the 15th easing her and again mediate with a chip-in birdie at the 18th to finish in the top 16 an incredible day can't say it enough and it's time for the presentation of the green jacket let's go to the bumper captain good evening i'm hootie johnson chairman of Augusta National Golf Club and we sure hope you enjoyed the Masters Tournament first I want to thank our television viewers from all across America and around the world in a hundred and ninety countries with their loyal support of the Masters Tournament we're very very grateful I'm here in historic but the cabin with my good friend Jim Nantz Judy and in just a few moments we'll be joined by our 2001 champion Tiger Woods and with him will be last year's champion Vijay Singh who will present him with his green jacket and Jim I believe they are coming in now congratulations Tiger thanks man we couldn't be more pleased DJ let's sit down a minute and know Jim's gonna have some questions tiger but first I'd like to congratulate you on winning four straight majors and we are so pleased that you made history here to Gus thank you very much thanks well Tiger you can rattle off all the great names in the history of the game Jack Nicklaus you're so thoroughly comprehensively aware of his records you've done something that hogan Nelson Snead Nicholas Palmer player Watson no one ever did how how does that hit you how do I put that into words oh right now it's it's hard to explain it's like it's an eerie calm Necedah Dan what I wanted to accomplish and if it feels great but it's I don't really feel ecstatic yet because it hasn't sunk in you know I just I was grinding all day watching the board with David making a move and Phil in my group playing well I mean I was so so endowed that I kind of forgot what I was the whole thing was all about well being out there with David charging and nickels right there with you what made the difference in the end where did you feel like you hit the critical shot must been that great second putt hit on 15 [Laughter] interesting there 11 second shot I think I think the tee shot on us on 13 we got me settled because I've been working on that shot for a couple months nice high sweep just pretending just getting ready for that one occasion when I might need it on 13th and lo and behold I had to pull it out had to get it down there to try and make three and I put it down there rip it down around the corner and it was in perfect shape listen we've talked history before you have an incredibly keen sense of history why don't you tell us about the tiger slam and where it ranks and in the history of this game well I think I don't think it's just right for me to to comment on that I will say this is that it will probably go down as one of the top moments and in our sport and I'm very proud of you know the accomplishments I've been able to having in my short career I've been very lucky I've had some good breaks I've had some good things happen to me and that's some wonderful people supporting me and encouraging me to to accomplish things I've been to accomplish and you birdie the final hole just for a little extra exclamation point and mom and dad are back there waiting for you what did that mean to have them back there well the putt ironically enough I kept reading the putt I said well my buddy Marco made it so you know I can go ahead and just roll it down there and you know hopefully it'll go in and went in and to see you know mom and dad there it was pretty special it you know it probably wasn't as special was in 97 because of dads heart surgery in 97 but nonetheless without those two people obviously wouldn't be here you know but I just know where I would have been to succeed and have accomplishments available to have oh it's time to put on a green jacket for a second time yeah AJ know that hope it's Tiger because he's an adorable good ngratulations thank you very much thank city thank speech well there it is remember the date of April the 8th 2001 and Tiger Woods found his own definition of greatness for which there is no peer the Tigers savvy is complete for days where he did seem to have that incredible air of calmness and serenity with every step he made around Augusta National a cocoon of concentration not letting any distraction in and it amounts to another green jacket and four straight major championships no one's ever done it with four professional majors in a row

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  4. This was the last Masters before the substantial lengthening of Augusta, then referred as "Tiger-proofing" the course. The changes were controversial then, and as expected many players poo-pooed the idea. But boy, were they necessary! 13th played 485 yds! And 7,9,14,17,18 would be too short today, drive and wedge for most, not just for bombers. Anyway, Tiger won the following year too.

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    Els: 71
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    Singh: 62
    Love: 36
    Couples: 62
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    Duval: 20
    S.Garcai: 33

    Spieth: 14
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