26 thoughts on “20 Must Know Spanish Verbs For 2019 – Learn Spanish Lessons you won’t forget”

  1. If you learn Spanish, you reduce your IQ and your standards culturally and intellectually. It is a proven fact! . That's why most Spanish speaking countries can't improve themselves and are trying to barge in into countries already developed—like the libtard USA…who seems hell-bent in changing the National Anthem into the "Star Spangled Banana."

    Hispanics can't turn themselves into any of the fast developing countries in Asia…because of their Sub-Saharan ultra-low IQ, that's why they're content to invade the USA and turn it into another Banana Turd World Republic.

    Then they can shout to the whole world—"SURRENDER IN THE NAME OF THE REPUBLIC OF SAN BANANA-DOR!!"

  2. I love your video
    Thanks for posting
    But please record with higher volume
    It’s low volume when listen w headsets on

  3. This is very well done and easy to understand. Esto está muy bien hecho y es fácil de entender. Muchas Gracias

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