20 Easy Cooking Tricks from Master Chefs

20 cooking tricks from the most prominent chefs we can all agree that cooking is an art I mean have you seen the stuff they do on MasterChef just like every other form of art there are certain rules that we should follow in the kitchen in this video bright side will tell you about 20 little-known tricks of the trade that will make your dishes even tastier and worthy of the world's best restaurants 20 chili peppers if you love Chili Peppers but don't want tears rolling down your cheeks every time you eat them we'll let you in on a little secret before you add the Chili Peppers to a dish take out the seeds and veins from the inside they're exactly what give the pepper its spicy kick don't forget to rinse the peppers in cold water to make sure everything is gone now your safe to eat them the spiciness will disappear but the taste will stay the same 19 crispy potatoes making crispy potatoes doesn't necessarily mean that you have to fry them in oil which makes the food more harmful to your health you can get the same effect just by powdering your potatoes with flour and baking them in the oven try this and tell us how much you like them in the comment section below plus your heart will thank you 18 healthy desserts if you love desserts well who doesn't but you also value being in good shape you can replace heavy cream with whipped egg whites it's not going to be as sweet but it'll still be really yummy 17 cold water versus hot water if you're not sure whether or not to put vegetables in boiling or cold water there is a simple tip that you should keep in mind the vegetables that grow underground require cold water and those that grow above ground need hot water for example you should put your potatoes in cold water and what about corn you got it hot water 16 whipping egg whites sometimes when you're whipping egg whites it's hard to tell when to stop so here's a simple tip flip the bowl upside down to check the consistency if it's ready the substance should stay in the bowl and if not ready you've got yourself a mess to clean up sorry but we warned you fifteen baked beats do you like your salads with beets so do we so next time you want to add beets to a salad it's better to bake them in aluminum foil rather than boil them the thing is baked beets contain more vitamins and retain more taste in color so your salad won't just look better but it'll also be more delicious 14 cutting onions this is not a simple task but there is a way to make it faster and easier first cut the onion in half and trim off the tip and the root next make some horizontal cuts and follow with some lengthwise ones the number of cuts you make depends on the size of the cubes you need finally slice the onion crosswise and you're done 13 dressing a salad if you want the perfect salad never forget this rule always dress your salad only after adding salt otherwise the oil in the dressing won't let the salt dissolve completely so you'll actually have to chew bits of salt and that doesn't sound very appetizing does it twelve making pasta the worst thing that can happen when cooking pasta is when it sticks together the trick to prevent this is quite simple use as much water as possible you should take at least 34 ounces of water for four ounces of pasta this ratio will get you the best results making dough the secret to making the perfect dough for sweet pastries is as easy as one-two-three the weight of flour should equal the weight of sugar you're adding the same goes for the eggs and butter their weight should be the same two so we recommend getting a kitchen scale ASAP if you still don't have one ten soft mashed potatoes preparing creamy and smooth mashed potatoes isn't as easy as it seems however there is a trick that very few people know about just pour in some milk and add a little baking soda to the tip of the knife then whip it whip it good for about two minutes nine juicy citrus fruits you can get juicier citrus fruits by placing them in hot water or heating them up in the microwave and tightly rolling them in your hand so when life gives you lemons make juicier lemons no okay eight checking oil we're not talking about your car's oil of course although you should check that too from time to time if you're not sure whether or not you're cooking oil is hot enough to fry something grab a wooden stick if you see bubbles forming around the stick it means it's time to throw in those french fries or are you more of an onion rings kind of person seven great rice ah the age-old battle of cooking rice so that it doesn't turn into a goopy mess to keep your rice from sticking together fry it in a pan with a bit of vegetable oil later add some water to boil you can also add a clove of garlic to give it a little aroma and remove it after the rice is cooked voila no more sticky pasty rice six pasta with sauce if you like your pasta with sauce you should never ever add oil to the water you might not know but the oil won't let the sauce saturate the pasta with its taste so it'll just feel like you're eating two different foods kind of sitting there together on one plate five juicy tomatoes if you want to cut a tomato without making a juicy mess there's a way to cut the tomatoes flesh without cutting into the liquidy part if you look at the surface you can see little veins that separate the seeds from the tomatoes wall cut along those and enjoy juicier tomatoes and a clean hassle-free kitchen for rolling dough whether you've done it yourself or you've seen it on TV pretty much everyone knows that the cooking surface should be sprinkled with flour before rolling pie dough however if you're making something sweet you can replace the flour with cocoa powder why because it will create an appetizing aroma but won't affect the taste at all it's like culinary magic like this video if you agree that smell is sometimes just as important as taste 3 making meatballs to make meatballs even more mouth-watering chop up some onions and heat them up in a splash of vegetable oil then grind them together with the meat it'll both enhance the taste and completely eliminate the chance of finding raw onions in your cooked meatballs don't get us wrong there's nothing bad about raw onion but when the dish is cooked you want all the ingredients to be cooked to making steak every chef has their own secret to preparing the perfect steak but there is one thing that absolutely everyone agrees on the frying pan should be smoking hot no not like supermodel smoking-hot we mean very hot and smoking this will allow you to actually fry the meat instead of boiling it how long you decide to fry is up to you speaking of which how do you like your steak rare medium or well-done one great butter of course butter is a great thing maybe not for your heart but for your taste buds oh yeah but did you know that you can grate butter when making pastry dough you can grate frozen butter straight into the dough this little trick distributes the butter faster and more evenly plus you don't have to wait for the butter to warm up this will save you a lot of time so that you can start eating sooner do you have your own cooking secrets share them in the comment section below like this video and share it with your food loving friends and don't forget to click subscribe to join us on the bright side of life you

46 thoughts on “20 Easy Cooking Tricks from Master Chefs”

  1. Nice video, I'd suggest taking out the bits that call for the viewer to leave a comment. It comes off silly and takes away from your video.

  2. Seeds in peppers carry no capsaicin. That's how far I made it this video. Please don't waste your time like I did

  3. Thanks for some good advice. When exhaustion-depressed, a jolly, high-pitched voice is not what resonates with me, it takes me over the limit of energy so I can't listen and get it so well.

  4. Ewww why do people use salt? Leave salt off salad for the love of all that is healthy food.

  5. The horizontal cuts make no sense: the onion is already 'horizontally cut' by nature. This one is repeated by even the most skilled and classically trained chefs but does not stand up to examination, probably as classically trained chefs are taught by rote. BTW a beet can be cooked in a microwave, wrapped in kitchen paper, for 4 mins, or so and left to stand: perfect beet for salad.

  6. Why make horizontal cuts on an onion? It already has multiple layers so the horizontal cuts are completely unnecessary. I could understand horizontal cuts on a turnip or a potato but don’t even bother doing it with an onion. Oh and leave the root on so the onion stays together and only discard the root at the very end after all the cuts are made.

  7. When cooking a steak, cook it to just under how well you want it done, then wrap it in tinfoil and let it rest for a couple minutes. You will have a perfectly cooked steak that is the most tender and juicy you can get.
    When baking with baking soda use a bit of lemon juice or vinegar (unless the recipe already calls for it) as an acid is required to active the soda.
    Everything you bake/roast/broil should be baked at LEAST until there is a light golden tinge to it as this will bring out the flavors a lot more.

  8. Non-sticky short and medium grain rice is disgusting. It should stick together, especially if you are eating Far Eastern food. More mid-Asian cuisines, like Indian, long grain is better and does not stick as much but stuff like Uncle Ben's is both tasteless (literally) and a horrible side dish for any entree.

  9. Pouring oil into water while cooking pasta was recommended in Czechoslovakia in the 60s when our producers did not know how to produce it. Nowadays nobody does. The less in more developed countries, I guess.

  10. I already know this
    For get rid of tears in eyes whule cutting onions , eat something longer like chewing gum or anything

    But moreover i don't do this because i like to play drama before my family by showing them my tears

  11. Here is why British and American cakes are so disgustingly sweet… you can't stick as much sugar in as flour that's way too much sugar!

  12. 5:02 Exactly how you check your oil for Asian stir frys. Quick check for bubbles with a chop stick, and the wet part of the chopstick will also show you how deep the pan is.

  13. Tip #2 (make sure your steak-searing pan oil is smoking before you use it) … that is terrible advice. Yes, you absolutely should sear a steak before cooking it. But heating an oil to its smoke point only does 2 things: It makes the food taste terrible (I mean REALLY terrible where you'll probably just throw the food away), and smoking breaks the oil down into all sorts of nasty toxins that go directly into your food. The video tip should have stated the opposite: Make the oil hot, but make sure you don't get anywhere near the smoke point of the oil. Different cooking oils have different smoke points, which you can easily see by googling: smoke point of cooking oil

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