20 Difficult Riddles You Can Solve If You Think Outside The Box 🤔

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48 thoughts on “20 Difficult Riddles You Can Solve If You Think Outside The Box 🤔”

  1. 07:08 – Who is going to die? 😯
    Awesome set of crime riddles and picture puzzles: https://youtu.be/uE8Jvwp5HfU

  2. That was dumb 13:15 the gitlrl with one hand on the rope should have the less chance of survival. But I still kinda get it.

  3. But he’ll freeze to death without the clothes he is literally walking on top of ice it’s way to cold to take em off he’s a goner fam

  4. On 7:23 the guy. With the knife at the window will DIE….. THAT IS WHAT I THINK and at 12:25 the women in black hair will die because the dude right behind the yellowed hair has a knife and ready to kill

  5. this is stupid…this is designed to make dumb people feel smart and special…thats not a good thing!

  6. In the last show goiing to Diego in the back round a guay IS fiting with anotaré guay that has so this mg Shari in his hand

  7. It’s just stupid how u put a Pittie and a shark into ,,Who’s going to die?“…. They COULD kill u, but they wont is you behave right :/

  8. There are two shadows of two men in the background. Sometimes you have to pay attention to other things not just the main men that they show. You gotta look around so the person who is going to die is one of the men in the window.

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