2. Mustering sheep into yards

Music Now that you’ve gathered the sheep into a herd, make sure that everybody knows what their positions are. Moving the sheep at a good steady pace like a walk is far better for the sheep and you than running because when the sheep arrive at the yards they’ll be far more relaxed and easier to handle. To help you to do this have someone in the lead, they will set direction and help with the pace of the livestock. The person at the rear will use position and movement to help with direction and maintain a steady flow. When approaching gateways consider how you are going to set your gates. Ensure that the gates do not either cause injury or interrupt the flow of the livestock. The position of people when approaching gates needs to be such that not everybody is at the back of the flock or herd, someone needs to go up the front to influence the first four or five animals through the gateway and then step back in such a position using parallel movement to regulate the flow and pace of the livestock through the gate. Apply enough pressure to the sheep in the yard to create a leader. Once you have a leader, step back into position where you can use parallel movement to regulate the flow and pace of the sheep so that you can count them from yard to yard. It is important that you know how many sheep are in each section of the yard. That is how many sheep do I fit in the race, how many sheep do I fit in the force, this will help you work the sheep effectively and safely. Music .

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