2 fun new ways to learn English vocabulary

24 thoughts on “2 fun new ways to learn English vocabulary”

  1. thank you James u are so great.. actually u are a legend in teaching, i've got a question for u and i hope u can do a video about it in the near future
    i'm wondering how many vocabularies we should know to understand daily conversations and to express ourselves as non native english speakers?

  2. I am student at Marmara university facullty of Medicine and my department is %100 English I improved my English by watching video and now I can understand lessons in English so thank you 🙏 engvid I will be able to become a doctor 🥼

  3. Well…the first is hard ..the second …how we can word connection to each others? I think is is also hard to remember this buz we need to remember all the example in the sentence to know what this word mean 😅😂🙃

  4. I came to look for ideas for mere beginners but I got captivated by this guy, you are awesome man, I am a part time teacher but if I could have half of your abilities i'd make an impact in my students' english learning lives!

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  6. Am I the only one feeling a little creepy when he talked to the worm? Anyone here know the story? I guess he's just trying to be fun..?

  7. Finally to see you on youtube. biiiiiiig fan from China. really appreaciate all your videos abt English learning

  8. it's pretty interesting that I actually came here to learn ways to teach vocabs, but I have truthfully learnt doing poetries… awesome

  9. im new here ! n i love with how you teach us more easy n smart idea comes done subscribe your channel 👍 malaysia 😁

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