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  1. Eagerly waiting for book three. Perhaps not his masterpiece but the best writing this year so far. "Freedom" is fantastic but" IQ 84" is indespensible. A must for the "desert island".

  2. Still waiting for book 3. I guess 25 Oct. in Japan, maybe USA…
    So…Gabriel Alvarez Martinez (translator in spanish) please work hard. 🙂

  3. I have never heard of a BOOK with a film trailer!!! How unusual. But then, author Haruki Murakami can never be described as "usual" or "typical". Haven't heard of Haruki Murakami? Well, then you are in for a real treat. He's a genius, a master storyteller, in many languages – it's that simple.

  4. I remember there was a Murakami site with this music playing on the background too. Can anyone tell me more about the music? (artist,name)
    Love it:-)

  5. Haruki, it seems has done it again and yes I liked Wild Sheep Chase and Hard – Boiled Wonderland and the End of the World but felt very weird after reading them. I want to reserve a First Edition of 1Q84, and have wondered what Haruki has been doing with himself lately. The enigma continues…

  6. My first book trailer ever. I recommend Sam Anderson's review in the New York Times. It just makes you want to start reading the book at once.

  7. In Seoul last year you'd see people reading 1Q84 in the subways, in cafes, or carrying one of the three volumes in the streets. It was everywhere. Now that people have finished the last volume, I hardly see half as many readers at all.

  8. I read the first chapter online and am hooked; Haruki Murakami's writing is completely and utterly engaging, can't wait to get the book and continue……..

  9. The English translation was released only six days ago – it'll take weeks before copies hit the Philippines. Excited to read it!

  10. @sctaber56 Really? .. They're everywhere now. Especially on the Bloomsbury website. 🙂 I Love the idea behind them. Super great 🙂

  11. @Cloakedsoar 🙁 .. the library didn't have the first and the second so I've started on the third book, but it's mind blowing. The author really got to me with his writing (makes me want to learn Japanese so I can really enjoy his books to the core). I hope I haven't ruined it by starting on the third book?

  12. @Chickaruka It's a linear story. If you read the third book there isn't much reason for you to read the first two, plot-wise. So yes; in that sense, you will have "ruined it."

  13. @scrapeape Oh Well ^^… I don't really mind. ^^ I'll still read the two first books when I get the chance. There are also the other books which I can't wait to read, Norwegian wood and South of the border, West of the sun. ^^ I don't see why it should be a waste that I read the third book. lol.. I've done that quite a lot of times with linear story lines, and still ended up liking the first books. Thanks for the 'heads up' anyway 🙂

  14. @Chickaruka You'll definitely still get a lot out of them in terms of side plots, dialog, and Murakami's excellent prose, and a lot of stuff that gets referenced or resolved in book 3 will be fleshed out. When I was a kid, I'd often read the last chapter or last couple pages of a book to see if I was gonna like how it turned out, and if I did I'd go back and read the rest. Strange habit.

  15. I´m about to finish the second book and I´m loving it in a weird way, this is easily, in my opinion, the second best novel by Murakami, the first one my favorite Sputnik sweetheart, I´ve already read the windup bird chronicle and kafka on the shore, both are amazing but 1Q84 is so different

  16. When a movie trailer comes out, millions of people watch. When a book trailer comes out, it's only a couple thousand. So, so sad. Especially since this book is amazing.

  17. I just finished reading the whole book. Murakami is an amazing story teller and although 1Q84 has quite a few lose ends, this book is quite an interesting journey.

  18. Just finished the book last night. It's like a thousand pagesssss. You can see urself pausing from time to time and think about our past & present lives. Even if we all have our daily set routine, still random situations in life occur, and these are the things that play a significant role on how we mature on our logical reasonings.

  19. I think they're becoming more popular. Check out mine for Lexus Sam, a suspense novel that goes off the beaten path; definitely influenced by my love for Murakami's stories.

  20. The Lexus Sam trailer — for anyone who wants to check out more in a similar vein /watch?v=3w84myEhuVM

  21. You mind sharing those loose ends? I saw a few, but I think all of them are intentional and fit perfectly in the context. I could've missed a few.

  22. The Little People are scary creatures. Just thinking about them makes me want to curl up into a ball and cover myself with thick blankets.

  23. I would say that this is my favorite book of Haruki Murakami.. aahhh,, such a nice novel.. Even though some people said disappointing things about this novel, it is still my favorite book. They just don't know what they are talking about..

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